Children are involved in daily group time activities, which involve small groups and a wide choice of activities. The children have access to the whole playground and are supervised by Preschool and Primary staff.

There is no set morning tea or lunchtime. The children are encouraged to eat when they are hungry and rest when they are tired. Staff members prompt children to remember to eat and drink during the day.

Each child has a journal in which staff members document observations, anecdotes, photos and the child’s work. Parents are welcome to borrow and contribute to their child’s journal.

The Preschool, in conjunction with the Primary School, offers Preschool children:

  • Canteen on Mondays.
  • A specialist craft teacher.
  • A buddies session once a week with the oldest Primary class. This encourages interaction and the building of relationships.
  • The library upstairs where children may borrow books of interest. We have an honour system of borrowing and books need to be returned to the library box upstairs.

Preschool hours are; Monday to Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm.  All parents are encouraged to have their child at Preschool by 9.30am in time for morning meeting.


  • Staff members are available before and after school to talk with families.
  • Please come and make interview times for specific issues.
  • A weekly newsletter is printed to keep all families up to date.
  • A list of families at the Primary School and Preschool is updated regularly and is kept in a pigeon-hole in the office.
  • There is a notice board near the sign-on table with up to date information.
  • There is a blackboard near the lunch table where staff members note the activities in which the children were involved each day.
  • If there are any questions or concerns please come and talk to us. Clear communication is very important to how we work in preschool.

Decision making

The children are involved in making agreements around their play and behaviour, and as such the children are encouraged to take responsibility by being part of the decision making process. We give the children freedom yet have expectations of responsibility.

  • The children are involved in regular class meetings.
  • They are involved in making agreements rather than Preschool rules.
  • The children’s opinions are heard and acknowledged.
  • Children from the age of three are engaged in conflict resolution strategies that encourage them to speak with confidence and get their needs met.
  • The children are involved in the whole school meeting.

Preschool practicalities

What your child should bring

  • Please provide morning tea and lunch for your child.
  • Preschool children should have a change of clothes in their bag even though we do have some emergency spare clothes.
  • Preschool parents should provide a piece of fruit for the fruit bowl daily. This is cut up and shared with all the children.
  • We encourage you to send your children in old clothes so that creativity is not hampered by the need to keep clothes clean.

A few notes about maintenance

In the Primary school, families are expected to do ten hours of maintenance each term. This is also the case if your child is in Preschool five days per week. However, if your child attends for fewer days, fewer hours are expected. Laundry and other Preschool jobs count towards maintenance hours in the category of 'any other assistance'. (See Maintenance Policy in your Handbook or in the office.) If you decide not to do the maintenance hours, there is a levy each term, which is added to the fees for the following term.

To record your maintenance hours an honour system is in operation - please record your maintenance hours using the link that can be found on the website: There is also a 'maintenance communication' book in the office where you can make a note of things that you have noticed need fixing or attending to. (Ask Julianna in the office to show you where they are).

Key Points

  • Katrina, Preschool Director-
  • Lisa, Preschool Assistant
  • Michael, Preschool Assistant
  • Staff pupil ratio 1:8 pupils
  • Maximum daily number 25 pupils (aged 3-5 years)
  • Parents welcome to take part in daily activities
  • Minimum age is 3yrs old
  • Children attend from 2 to 5 days – parents choose days subject to availability
  • Enrolments are accepted all year round, if there are places available
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