Asked  what they thought people who hadn’t been here might need to know about Currambena Preschool, the preschool children collectively responded...

“Why don’t they just come and see it? We’ll take photos, I got to know where everything was and learned the Rainbow Snake song, you can make friends and play, come and have a look, you can play with dinosaurs, lego, friends, ponies, swing on the hammocks, and monkeybars, listen to music, read books, dress up, learn to draw a bird and how to make a sandwich, say sorry if people get hurt, learn how to solve problems, talk to each other and sort it out, learn how to get into a game, play puzzles and playdough with friends, make friends and meet them at the swings….”


We believe that play is an essential tool that encourages the children to learn. During the preschool day the children have the opportunity to play and experiment through a range of small group and individual activities and experiences which promote physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic development.


Our main focus in Preschool is on building relationships with children and families within the Currambena community. We teach the children conflict resolution skills and support them while they develop the skills to resolve conflicts, to speak up and say how they are feeling, to talk about what they need and to take responsibility for their own actions. The children develop self-confidence and positive self-esteem through participation in our indoor/outdoor program, which provides a mixture of fun, challenge and choice.

Parent participation

Preschool welcomes help from parents and their involvement is highly valued. There is a blackboard over the sink where we keep a note of jobs needing to be done in Preschool and a calendar over the desk where parents can sign up to help. Parents are welcome to volunteer their time and bring their expertise to share with the preschool children.

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