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Chaired by James and Ash (Jess’ class)

  • Chicken Coup by Vinnie – the final parts of the chicken coop will be dismantled on maintenance day this weekend.
  • Welcome to student teachers Arabella and Mia in Wendy’s class By Grace and Phoebe.
  • Hats by Josh – All of Wendy’s shared hats (Currambena caps) have gone missing. Please return them if you have accidentally taken them home.
  • Chris R. is going to Bunnings so let him know if there is anything needed for the school.

End of School Meeting

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Hello everyone,

Wow, what a week! It was action packed, full of extra curricula experiences that everyone seemed to enjoy!

On Monday we headed off to Kimberley playground for our first routine excursion for the year. We spent a beautiful morning there playing games and enjoying exploring the playground equipment. If your child attends preschool on a Monday, please ensure they arrive at 9am to provide the class with enough time to prepare for our departure to the park as close as possible to 9:30am.

We had Nyumbar Aboriginal Education spend the day with us on Wednesday. All the children were able to enjoy the Ngahri, dance program. We all took part in a cleansing ceremony, a teacher and child paint up and learnt some traditional and contemporary dances.

The drumming safari on Friday was another highlight of the preschool week, a unique experience for children to use a special African drum called a djembe. As the drumming safari was held on the basketball court the preschool children got to observe all the primary classes participating in this as well.

In Astronomy we continued to explore the layers of the earth. As the week was so action packed it did however take a back seat to the incursions that were on. We also rehearsed each day with Vinnie’s class and some of the buddies in Wendy’s class for children’s voices for reconciliation. Could everyone taking part in our performance at the Canopy please wear something that is read, black and/or yellow. Please also ensure you have returned the excursion form to allow your child to attend.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Stevie and her family for the donation of some great resources and to Kioto and her family for the lovely dolls. Thank you to Chris Price for coming in on Tuesday to sew with the children. The joy that the children are experiencing in bringing their own creations to life is priceless!


Katrina, Lisa and Abi

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Hi all,

We have spent some time consolidating our letter-sound knowledge with our first set of phonemes and camera words. The children looked at recreating the story of The Three Little Pigs and ordering the story.
We are also consolidating our whole number skills by displaying numbers in different ways. As well as developing our addition and subtraction strategies.

We had a lovely incursion from Nyumbar Dance Company this week, as well as an incredible drumming incursion at the end of the week. The children were enthralled with the dancing, language and ochre from Nyumbar’s Isaac and Des.

We are having lovely free play with our Unifex cubes in our room. The children have voted on saving their creations for one week and packing them away every Wednesday.

The children have been excitedly checking on our Silkworm Eggs for any updates. We will find that, with the colder weather, they may take longer to hatch.

Thanks to those who were able to attend our AGM on Thursday and the social on Friday.

A big thank you to the crew that came in for maintenance day!




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Dear families,

What a week! Beautiful weather, happy kids and lots of special activities to keep us very busy. A week filled with culture, dance and music which has perfectly complimented our learning theme of  ‘All Around the World”. Also, a new class name was voted on in class meeting “The Crazy Cats!”

On Wednesday, Dee and Isaac from Nyumbar Dance visited the school and shared some special stories and dances with the children. The children were super engaged and loved learning a little bit more about Aboriginal culture. Hearing the Yidaki was a highlight and coming together at the end of the day to perform together as a school was a wonderful feeling.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our African drumming session on Friday and I hope you all enjoyed some of the fun on Friday evening at the social.

There was also our usual learning in literacy stations with two focus sounds this week ( H h and J j). And in maths, we’ve been skipping counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to improve automaticity.

Amelia and I are in the beginning stages of planning an excursion for the group for our topic called ‘All Around The World’. We plan to spend a day being tourists in our own beautiful city, taking a ferry on the harbour, sketching the famous landmarks and visiting some special places in The Rocks (yes, even a lolly shop!) Stay tuned for more information on this.

Next week is Reconciliation Week so Amelia and I are planning to take our groups up to The Canopy to watch ‘Children’s Voices for Reconciliation’ on Thursday where Preschool, Vinnie’s and Wendy’s class will be performing. If you decide to drop by, we’ll see you there!

There are more than the usual number of photos for you to enjoy in this week’s newsletter entry, so from here, I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Happy weekend!


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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping yourselves well as there have been a few illnesses in the community. I was off class Tuesday and Wednesday this week and had the wonderful Amanda covering the group.

Unfortunately, I was not here on Wednesday when we had Nyumbar Dance come in for an incursion. We have had them in previous years and they are always fantastic. It is a great opportunity for the children to engage in Indigenous dance, song and traditions and be taught by Indigenous elders. The group is also fabulous at adapting their sessions for each age and stage and for bringing the whole school together at the end of the day for a community ceremony and dance.

Due to an African drumming incursion on Friday, our Thursday this week became a free Thursday! The children were fantastic at adapting to this change, I know I kept confusing myself and saying ‘since it is Friday today…’, but of course, the children were quick to tell me that in fact, it is free THURSDAY Amelia! This change meant that on Friday each class were able to have a session learning how to drum using a Djembe and learning a variety of beats and patterns on these drums. In the middle session, we did our PIP and Oceans lessons as per a usual Thursday.

It has been a lovely week engaging with cultures, traditions, music, and dance, which we will be able to explore in more detail next week during Reconciliation Week.

A lovely weekend to all!


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Short ‘n sweet…… It’s been a busy and fun week but it came with a lot of sickness and consequent absences. My already small group diminished in size most days. Some things we did do were to complete a written profile and character description of a fictional, child convict. We took information from some of the characters in episodes from “My Place” and their factual recounts of what life might have been like in Australia upon arrival. And then started the process of writing a letter to the family left behind in England. We looked at Multiplication in word problems and the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. We continued with our personal projects, Soundwaves spelling and Handwriting.

The Nyumbar First Nations company visited on Wednesday and we learnt dance steps to the sound of the Didgeridoo and had our faces painted in traditional symbols. From all accounts, the drumming workshop was a hit… literally! Thanks so much to Archana and Faith for assisting the group on Thursday and Friday while I was away unwell.

Next week is Reconcilliation week, so on Thursday, we will walk up to Lane Cove Plaza to watch Wendy’s, Vinnies and preschool perform at Voice for Reconcilliation.

And that is for this week.

Love, Sarah


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Almost mid-term already! The weeks are flying by!

This week and next, we have two Macquarie Uni student teachers with us. They are in their second year of study and this is their first prac. Arabella and Mia are both enjoying themselves hugely with our group and are certainly learning and helping hugely too in the classroom. Please say hello if you see them around.

Rehearsals are now daily for our performance at the Lane Cove Children’s Voices for Reconciliation event at The Canopy next Thursday, 30th May. It begins at 10:30 and usually goes for about 90 minutes. The Thursday guitar group is playing with preschool as well as with our group and we have Phoebe and Mabel giving short speeches as well. It’s always a very engaging community event. Please feel free to join us if you are free that morning.

Also in the lead-up to Reconciliation Week, we enjoyed a dance workshop with the Nyumbar Dancers on Wednesday. The whole school performed the farewell dance at the end of the day and the two indigenous teachers were wonderful with the children. A really good incursion for us all.

Looking forward to the Drumming workshops and social event on Friday. Hope to see lots of people here again for this.

It was wonderful to see so many parents at the AGM on Thursday night. Thank you to all those who nominated for a position on Council and congratulations to the four elected. It’s a great thing for us to have so many parents committed to Currambena’s philosophy and willing to be involved in this way. I hope it will be a rewarding experience and a productive year for the Council and the school.

In our classwork this week, we have been focusing on data collection and graphing, learning about chance through dice and coin tosses and graphing results of chance experiments. We have learned about two-way tables and line graphs and will continue this topic next week. In English, our new focus is on persuasive writing and plans have been made for pieces of writing which will be completed next week. Beware! Some are intended to persuade parents about important possible new acquisitions!

Plans are well underway for the ball and some decorations are being made in our craft sessions. We do need at least two parents to help out on the night as assistant chaperones/photographers. Please let your children know if you are interested in this so they can let the committee know.

Have a great week.


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Hello everyone,

Another busy week in preschool with lots happening!

I neglected to mention in last week’s newsletter that Chris Price (ex-Preschool teacher at Currambena) has started to come in on Tuesdays and sew with the children. The children are really mesmerised with the process, as many of the children have never seen or used a sewing machine. The children are keen to be involved with the process of being able to design what they would like to be made, choose the materials they would like to use and work with Chris on the sewing machine to bring their design to life. A huge thank you to Chris for providing this opportunity to the children.

On Wednesday we had our first visit to Lane Cove Library. Thank you to Isabel, Benji’s mum, for assisting us with this. The children were great at listening to the teachers’ instructions in walking safely to and from and the library, taking part in the story time with Chris the librarian and borrowing a book if they wished. In our astronomy unit we’ve begun looking at planet Earth and its different layers.

On Friday the children made a model of the Earth out of plasticine, a complex activity that we will continue next week to ensure everyone has the opportunity to create one. There’s lots of viruses currently about in preschool and at the wider community. We’ll be stepping up our hygiene controls, ensuring we clean and sanitise preschool daily. Families can assist us with this by keeping unwell children at home to ensure they get the rest and recovery they need as well as preventing illnesses from spreading.

Thank you to Jonathan, Joshua’s dad, Nate, Dash’s Dad and Jimmy, Stevie’s Dad, for removing a lot of the green waste from behind the classrooms and the chicken coop. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

We’re looking forward to an action-packed week 4 in preschool, so rest up everyone!

Love Katrina, Lisa and Abi

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Hi all,

This week we spent time looking at the stories “Henny Penny” and “Wishy Washy”. We rewrote the stories with pictures and ordered them from beginning to end. Then we reread them to an adult or a friend making sure to use the repetitive phrase.

In Maths this week we have been practising playing with blocks and using different strategies to work out subtraction questions. We have looked at counting backwards from the larger number and modelling by taking away blocks.

Our phonics activities and lessons are going well. We are practising blending the first two sounds and then adding the third sound. Our next step is working on blending three letter words in our head.

We have been practising our singing with preschool, we are rehearsing for the upcoming Voices for Reconciliation at the Canopy. It has been wonderful watching them grow in confidence as they memorise all the words and actions to the songs.

Next Wednesday we have a dance incursion with Nyumbar dance group and we have a special drumming incursion on Friday as well, with a social afterwards.

We may join preschool on Monday for a walk to Kimberly Playground – we will see how we go.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and see you soon.


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