As you may know, Currambena is a member of ADEC, the Australasian Democratic Schools Community and also participates in IDEC, the International Democratic Education Conference which is held each year somewhere in the world. There are also other local DECs including EUDEC (Europe) APDEC (Asia Pacific) and a number of similar organisations in the USA.

This worldwide community facilitates connection between educators and schools where students are encouraged to participate in decisions and develop self-efficacy in a range of ways… in their learning and the governance of their schools or learning facilities. In some schools, students make all the decisions with minimal adult input… in others the balance is different with more adult involvement as at Currambena.

This year, ADEC is holding a conference in WA, hosted by Kerry Street School. Parents and families are warmly invited to come along!
It is over a weekend, 21st and 22nd September.

IDEC is being held in Taiwan this year from 20th to 28th July. Jess is going to represent Currambena there along with Cecelia who is a past Currambena teacher and also past president of ADEC.

Any parents, especially Council members, who feel passionate about the type of education Currambena offers would enjoy these conferences enormously! Highly recommended.

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CHAIRPEOPLE: Scarlett and Tt

1. Handball court by Hazel.
Hazel asked for an opinion vote about the new paint on the handball court, who likes it and who doesn’t. There was discussion about it being too bright and also slippery. The point was made that children had painted the lines and letters that were there before and nobody knew it was going to be done. It was not brought to School Meeting as a topic to be voted upon by the children who use the court.
After the discussion, the opinion vote was that most people like the basketball court painting but most people do not like the handball court. Classes might discuss what could be done about it.

2. Voting by Wendy.
Wendy spoke about how important it is for every person at School Meeting to always make their own decision about a vote independently of their friends or teachers. Every single person has the right to vote for what they believe is best, even if nobody else agrees.

3. Tea towels by Wendy.
Eden’s mum, Laura, is organising a 2024 tea towel and everyone will be able to draw a picture and write their name to be included in this.

4. Printouts by Oce and Sophie.
Oce asked why her class is only allowed to have one print-out on a Friday and some other classes get more. She is going to ask her teacher about this.

5. Missing money by Amelia.
Money has been going missing from lockers and bags outside Amelia’s room. If you know anything about this or have any suggestions for stopping it from happening please speak to Amelia.

6. Material scissors by Crafty.
Chris asked if anyone knew where the material scissors box was. He said that most of the eraser pens have been wrecked or lost and asked if the elders in the Craft room for sustaining could please make sure the younger children know where to put things.

7. Introduction by Olivia.
Olivia introduced two visitors who were spending the morning seeing how Currambena works. They are going to set up a school in Barbados.

8. Yoga by Vinnie.
A parent, Di, has offered to run a yoga session from 9 am to 9:30 on Thursdays and Vinnie asked who would be interested.

Meeting adjourned. Preschoolers first. Wendy’s group stayed to help tidy up.

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Hello everyone,

Our week wasn’t as busy as the last couple, though still action-packed as every day in preschool tends to be.

The Purple Hearts (Vinnie’s class) joined us on Monday for a morning of fun and frivolity at Kimberley Playground, we spent time with them again on Wednesday as we headed down to their class to watch the latest episode of Playschool starring our very own Abi! The children have been having a great time with Bec on a Monday during Drama. This week we created a time machine and headed way back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Obviously, the children were very taken with this as some of the imaginative games we learnt in Drama were played in preschool in the afternoon. We’ve also had Michael return to preschool for a couple of days. We were all thrilled to have him assist us while Abi was off rehearsing for her upcoming performance at Vivid.

Our unit of work involving Astronomy has almost come to an end. This week we have been learning about the cooling of the Earth and how once it cooled life and weather, and soil started to form through the breaking down of rocks.

In craft we spent time revisiting collages and in Spanish we continued to learn the names of different fruits and vegetables.

Performances on the preschool stage have re-emerged as an interest and there continues to be a huge amount of time creating with the gym mats. The children are now being turned into vehicles and being used to race around the preschool. We’ve spent some time reflecting on Reconciliation Week, particularly the speech and smoking ceremony by Harry Whiting as the children had posed many questions to me regarding what he was saying and why his mother was taken away at birth from her mother.

Lastly a warm welcome to Anna Swan who’ll be joining the preschool week on a full-time basis from Tuesday.

Wishing everyone a restful long weekend!

Love Katrina, Lisa, and Abi.

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Hi all,

We are travelling well at school. The children have been enjoying some shared time with the preschool – we watched the wonderful Abi Tucker’s latest episode with Play School. We also walked up to Kimberly Playground and spent time playing on the equipment and the swings. It was wonderful seeing the children playing together.

Sadly, even with our research and purchase of a heat mat to support our Silk Worms; they have all died. We tried leaving signs and asking the cleaners to leave the Heat Mat plugged in, however, it didn’t work. We have agreed to hold off on new Silk Worms while the weather is still cold. We will revisit our class pet options next term.

We are excited to have Dee, offering some Yoga classes Thursday morning from 9 am. The majority of our class will join with some teachers and children from other classes showing interest too.

We have introduced some new camera words and another set of sounds into our phonics activities. We will begin blending our sounds and words to read sentences this coming week. In the craft room this last week we have been doing some Tie Dye T-shirts as well as some collages. We have begun looking at groups of objects and making equal and unequal groups.

We will have a short week next week. I hope you have a restful break and see you Tuesday!




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Everyone in the school started their new sports choices this week and I was lucky enough to take a beautiful sunny winter walk down to St Aidan’s Church Hall with a group of very excited children, for their first jazz dance lesson. Basketball was a huge success as was yoga and the usual ‘games at school’, and Susan ran a small group through their fitness strides in a circuit set-up.

In English, we have been learning about coordinating conjunctions that are used to groooowww sentences. We have discussed the sometimes subtle differences in meaning between words such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘or’. In maths we have explored fractions and some of the children have used their knowledge to make bookmarks by folding and decorating paper in parts.

Thursday was of course a highlight, with so many of the children coming to school with costumes and jewellery from their family heritage. They all did a wonderful job getting up in from of their peers and then the parents to explain the significance of the clothing and the connection to their roots.

A gorgeous way to bring us all together in the classroom.

Warm wishes,

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Hi everyone,

This week the children have continued to learn about navigation, directions and mapping. On Monday using grid paper, the children drew a treasure map or a map of a chosen area such as their neighbourhood or even Currambena. Afterwards, they had to use some of the language we learnt last week to write directions for a friend to journey from one point to a specific object or landmark.

On Thursday as part of our unit of work ‘All Around the World’, Jess’ and my class dressed up and spoke about a particular outfit or item from their family’s cultural background. Jess and I were so pleased to see some of the beautiful costumes that the children wore or brought in as well as some significant objects or instruments. A lot of our children are still getting used to talking in front of a large group and I was so proud to see almost everyone get up and speak about their culture, whether they brought something in or not! It was a really lovely afternoon to share with one another and learn more about other cultures or countries. It was also fantastic to have so many of you there for the end-of-day parade, I know the children were so excited to have you all included!

I hope you all have a very restful long weekend.

Amelia x

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Hello everybody,

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far. How nice that we get an extra day!

We’ve had another lovely time this week embedding ourselves in The Dreamtime/ Dreaming. We’ve been looking at episodes from another series produced by ABC called “Dust Echoes” These are animated Dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, based on traditional stories of love, loyalty, duty to Country and Aboriginal custom and law. We focused this week on an episode called “The Mimis”. It’s the story of a young man who believes he is a disappointment to his father. He is taken by little friendly creatures (Happy Spirits), the Mimis, who teach him to be happy and joyful. His father then finds him, and there is a joyful realisation that his father loves him. The main theme of the story is about relationships and identity. After watching, we made our own little ‘Happy Spirits’ out of sticks, cloth, twine, shells and leaves and then wrote about them., creating a story behind their making.

Also this week we looked more at The Fact Family in Multiplication and Division and labelled the names and properties of 2D shapes. We completed another unit in our Soundwaves Spelling which focused on the sounds ‘l’ and ‘ll’ as in ‘lizard’ and ‘bell’.  PE choices changed this week and our room was transformed into a Yoga studio. Meggan Brummer (Josh Shave’s mum from Wendys) came and instructed nearly 18 children through sun salutations and meditation. It was a lovely morning.

Next week is a short one obviously and there will be a Summerhill Day on Wednesday, so a couple of things to look forward to.

That’s us for this week.

Love, Sarah


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Looks as if we’re in for some more wet days! Very different weather from this time last week when we sat in full sun at The Canopy!

This week has been full as always. In English, we revised the features of persuasive writing and started learning about different types of debates, which, of course, use the same linguistic strategies orally rather than in written form. We will be holding both parliamentary and formal debates in class over the coming weeks. Spelling lists, handwriting practice, and spelling textbooks are also continuing as usual with Unit 12 being completed this week.

In Maths, we’ve moved on to fractions, representing fractions in different ways (as part of a whole, part of a group, in words, on a number line) and will continue into decimals and percentages in the coming weeks. Unit 12 in Maths textbooks is also being completed this week.

In our Topic work, we have been completing science investigations and experiments (saturated saline solutions and creating a fire extinguisher) and have had one last demonstration (see photo of Elephant’s Toothpaste!) before we move on to Geography. The group has voted that they want to learn about other countries first so we’ll be into world geography by this time next week! Mini PIPs are due this week and Term 2 PIPs are due on Monday 17th so that we have plenty of time for presentations. This term, an artwork is going to form part of each presentation.

We have our Year 6/7 night coming up on Friday 14th at 6 pm. This is an opportunity for children going to high school next year (and their parents) to hear about the experiences of the children who left for high school last year. We will have a fairly formal start to the evening and ask the Year 7 students to tell us about their first six months of high school and answer questions. Then we will have supper and a chance to chat informally. Please bring a plate of finger food to share. Some of last year’s leavers have visited already this year and it is always lovely to see them. Eitan was here on Friday and reported that high school is fine… teachers are good, plenty of friends, and not too much homework. He is at Killara High School and his advice is, when you get to high school, make sure you get homework done!

On 18th June, we will be spending the day at Synergy, the Lane Cove Youth Centre. More details later but please return the form regarding permission for photos.

Preparations for our class Ball on 21st June are well underway this week, with decorations being made and supplies of drinks purchased using the money collected. The Ball Committee members, as in all committees I suspect, are learning a lot about working closely with others and making consensus decisions wherever possible! It is always such an interesting process and fabulous learning opportunities arise…. budgeting, cooperating, leading, planning, and organising. All with only minimal support from me!

So a very full and fun few weeks ahead!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone. A great opportunity to catch up on some rest.


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Hello everyone,

Firstly, a huge thank you to Gina and everyone that took part in maintenance day last week. We were blown away with how amazing the school looked on Monday.

We’ve had another fun filled and super busy week in preschool. There were some exhausted preschool people by the end of it, and that’s just the teachers!

On Monday we headed off to Kimberley Playground for a morning of physical exertion, fun and exploration. It’s always really fulfilling for us to witness the children being considerate of each other, helping push one another on the swings, independently taking turns on the equipment and following the instructions from teachers to ensure everyone is safe.

On Wednesday we were off again to explore the wider Lane Cove community with our fortnightly visit to Lane Cove Library. It’s wonderful to see how engaged everyone is during story time and how keen they are in exploring the library.

Thursday was a huge day! The children had been eagerly waiting to hit The Canopy stage to perform for 2024 Children’s Voices for Reconciliation. The children were fantastic, confidently and eagerly wanting to get on the stage to perform. It wasn’t however the actual performance that was the highlight of this experience, it was all the little things we did along the way that led us to performing! We were able to work and reconnect with many of the children in Vinnie’s class (last year’s preschool people), spend time learning new songs, come together as a group and spend time with the Elders of the school and Wendy, who played the guitar for us. A massive thank you to Wendy and her class in supporting us in our performance. Thank you also to Orlando, Kioto’s Dad and Noni, Arthur’s Mum, for assisting us in walking to and from The Canopy. Thank you also to Zahra, Liam’s Mum for accompanying us and for getting everyone water for the end of the performance. It was an unseasonably hot day and we needed to sit and wait for such us a long time with the sun beating down on us! The preschool children were amazing, Lisa, Abi and I couldn’t have been prouder!

In our unit of work on astronomy we’ve continued to focus on planet Earth. We’ve looked at how the molecular cloud of stardust and star gas turned into the Sun, though, luckily, threw off enough energy to form the planets in our solar system, forming gas super giants and rock planets. We’ve focused in on our earth, a rock planet, and spent time returning rocks back to dust.

We were all very excited to have Michael return to preschool on Friday to do some casual work for us. We look forward to him spending a little time with us over the coming weeks to provide me with some much-needed administration time as I begin enrolling new families into preschool for 2025.

Lastly, many thanks to Nate for all his work around the school and to Jonathan and Kirsten and all the other parents in primary who worked on disassembling the rotting chicken coop.

That’s all for this week!


Katrina, Lisa and Abi

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Hi all,

Our Silk Worms have hatched! We are feeding them everyday with fresh Mulberry leaves, big thanks to Zac for bringing leaves in from his walk to school. We have posters identifying different types of leaves that they will eat. They don’t drink water and need the moisture from fresh leaves of a Mulberry tree.

The children did a spectacular job performing on Thursday morning. Even though we had a surprise sun blast and sat in the hot sun waiting for our turn to perform.

I was off class most of this week doing interviews for new school families for 2025. I had pleasant updates from Sarah D and Anika who covered for me while I was gone.

We are swapping to a new sports choice next week. I will be on Basketball with Nate.

I hope you have had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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