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Hello everyone,

It seems the children are getting into the groove of becoming a preschool community. It can be tricky for some children to make the transition into preschool of a morning though it isn’t taking everyone long to settle in.  It’s lovely to see the group embracing each other through lots of group dramatic games, music and movement activities and group games,  where everyone is welcome to join.

This week has been a busy one, we’ve celebrated Chinese New Year, with the children decorating preschool using the beautiful decorations that Jasper’s Mum donated, made our own lanterns and read many stories around this celebration. On Tuesday it was National Apology Day, we discussed how many, many years ago the people that were in charge of running our country made some bad choices and many Aboriginal families were hurt and became very sad. It was Carnivale on Wednesday, with Carolina teaching the children about this celebration that occurs in many Spanish speaking countries.

We had our first Buddies session on Tuesday. We kept it informal as we didn’t want to overwhelm anyone. It was gorgeous to see how many preschool children were keen to spend time with the Elders of the school. There are a few confirmed buddies already! Next week we’ll sit everyone down to give children the opportunity to choose a buddy if they wish.

On Friday we celebrated Michael and his amazing contribution to preschool over the last 13 plus years. We all went to school meeting so he could say goodbye to everyone at school. We had a lovely whole school sing along that the preschool children really enjoyed. Michael has been an amazing preschool teacher and will be sorely missed by everyone at Currambena.

Lastly a reminder that all children need to bring either a legionnaire or broad brimmed hat each and every day they come to preschool. Also please help us help your child by ensuring all their belongings are labelled.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Lisa, Jenny, Abi and for the last time Michael.

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Hi all,

This week we spent some time making new class agreements.

We are hoping to collect some frog eggs and have started setting up a special enclosure for them. We have come with agreements to make sure they are safe in our room. So, we voted we will keep our hands off their home and always walk inside the classroom. We also agreed to try keep our voices down in the classroom when we get our eggs.

We have also learnt about our Early Warning Signs. This week we learnt what feelings in our body might be early warning sounds that something is not quite right. These might be butterflies in our tummies, lumps in our throats, goose bumps, or even a headache. When we feel these things, we have practised saying Stop! at an appropriate level (louder than our talking voice) and then Go and Tell (go and tell a safe adult). Next up in our child protection will be drawing five safe adults.

This Tuesday was the anniversary of the Apology from Kevin Rudd to First Nations people for the harmful policies and impact on Stolen Generations. At school on Tuesday, we watched the apology and listened to an age-appropriate story book “Stories for Simon” by Lisa Miranda Sarzin. Afterwards we completed a mindful drawing activity on “we think, we hear, we see”.

Swimming was a great success this Tuesday. Thanks to the parents for helping. The kids had so much fun splashing around the pool. If you are free to come with us Tuesday – it would be great to have another adult swimming in the pool so some of the children can go slightly further into the pool. I think the pool rule is children under 6 within arm’s reach, so we could send groups of three or four deeper with one adult when the children are ready.

Thanks for the beautiful photos of your children. If you haven’t yet, please send me a photo of your child as a baby for our series of lessons on History.

I hope you have had a fun weekend and look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Hello Everyone,

This week we’ve continued making agreements and becoming familiar with new ways that make our classroom function well. The children had a very good class meeting on Wednesday in which they demonstrated a good sense of ownership and responsibility. We’ve had a lot of fun singing and dancing together this week with the children being very polite in tolerating my dreadful guitar skills! I’ve used our dancing  times as an opportunity to talk about how when we move our bodies around other people, it’s important we don’t lose control. We are still responsible for where our arms and legs land and need to be careful that nobody is accidentally knocked. Block play has continued to be popular in the classroom along with craft, book making and reading.

Tuesday was the anniversary of the apology that Kevin Rudd made on behalf of the government for past policies, particularly in relation to the Stolen Generation. We watched the apology that Kevin Rudd gave in parliament and then read a book called Sorry Day by Coral Vass and Dub Lefler. After this we reflected on why it is important to say sorry before we recorded our ideas in pictures and words.

Thursday was Valentine’s day and some of the children took the opportunity to write some heart warming love letters to their families. I hope they made you all smile…

In English we have looked at types of sentences, whilst in maths we have continued consolidating our knowledge of place value.

We continued learning about ants on Thursday including by searching for them in the playground and we continued our explorations into weather by exploring the water cycle. I was very impressed with the level of knowledge that some children had in relation to the various states of water and the way water moves around our planet.


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Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and have been keeping cool in this humid weather!

It has been a very full-on week with The Breakfast Burritos as we have begun to settle into our routine and rhythm as a group.

Some highlights for the week include:

  • Exploring our rights and responsibilities in friendship. We created a class display and made friendship seesaw showing how our relationships can sometimes be up and sometimes be down and aren’t always balanced.
  • The Year 2′s started working more on their PIPs. We are all settled into groups and have chosen our topics, and begun listing the things we know about our topic, and the things we want to know.
  • We begun our introduction into rain in our integrated unit ‘Wacky Weather’ with Jess’ class. We spoke about where rain comes from, how clouds are made, how old water is, we wondered what water is new, and where rain goes. We created an interactive water cycle with paper plates and a spinning arm to show its continuing movement from water, to water vapour, to ice, to rain and back around again!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you next week!


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We’ve had a nice and varied week this week with quite a heavy focus on our academics.

Monday, we visited Lane Cove library where it was good to see the majority of children borrow some books. On Tuesday, 13th it was the anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s (2008) formal Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples, particularly the Stolen Generations. We had a discussion about what this meant after listening to part of his speech and a story called “Sorry Day”. We learnt more about what responsibilities we each have to our own personal growth and learning. And discussed what Rights and Responsibilities we have in the school and our community. We then listed these things to recognise the difference between the two.

We started on our new Handwriting book and completed another unit in our Soundwaves spelling with the focus on sounds “b and bb” in words. We made time for a couple of silent reading sessions and began a spelling assessment task, so I can gauge where they are all at with their spelling. For our Maths study we have looked at counting patterns where we recognised the sequence in order to count on. This has helped us understand more about what the ‘difference’ between numbers means. Also, using dice we made different 4 digit numbers and recorded them on a number line from the smallest to largest. We then expanded them into 1000′s, 100′s, 10′s and 1′s to understand the concept of Place Value.

Friday, the children spent some time in the morning completing unfinished tasks and writing a farewell message to Michael. It was lovely to spend time at school meeting singing songs and sending him off. We will ALL miss him so very much but we understand it is time for him to do something new. Farewell Michael may the next adventure in your life be as special as the one you leave. But of course we know we will see you again.

Love, Sarah

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Hi everyone.

We are having a fun week as you will see from the photos! Swimming in the morning on Tuesdays is working very well and the children are all doing some laps and stroke work before having time to play in the leisure pool. Back at school, there is quite a lot of interest in board games, perhaps triggered by the arrival of two copies of a game called Disaster Strikes. It was developed by a 14 year old NZ student who followed through with a school project designing a game, sourcing funding and actually producing the game. I helped to fund the development and received two copies of the finished product. It is an excellent teaching tool about natural disasters!

In English, we have started writing imaginative stories and summarising plot, characters and setting before starting the story. There is much enthusiasm about this from some of us!

In Maths, we are continuing to look at ways numbers are represented, partitioning large numbers in different ways. We have also begun textbooks, in both maths and spelling.

Science has begun with a discussion about different branches of science and voting about what we’d like to learn about this term. I am hoping we will be able to go on related excursions during the term.

I hope you will all have received the exemption forms. Please return these as soon as possible.

I also need the double sided form returned for camp please. Two forms went home this week, the white one to be returned to me with all details please. The yellow one is for you to keep to assist with packing. I still need drivers to help us get both there and back so please email if you are able to help either Wednesday or Friday… or both!
Camp details are:
Wednesday, 28th to Friday 1st March
Castle Mountain site which is part of Outdoor Adventure Camps on Webb’s Creek near Wiseman’s Ferry.
Cost will be $382 this year. This covers all activities, guides, accommodation and meals.
Activities will include flying fox, canoeing, abseiling, raft building, archery, mud run and various team challenges. I’ll be showing the children some photos from last year and sorting out cabins in the coming weeks.

Hope to see many of you at Michael’s farewell on Friday night.


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Dear Currambena community,
In 2006, a former Currambena student, Patrick Price formed a charity called The Centre for Learning & Children Rights after a trip to Nepal. This was to support a new way of educating young people in Nepal. With a group of Nepali teachers,colleagues & supporters in Australia, Heartland Academy in Kathmandu Nepal was established to educate mainly marginalised groups & young women. Now Heartland has 500 students from Pre-school to Year 12, a second small school in remote Nepal, a Women’s College & a Women’s Health Centre focusing on Cervical Cancer screening & early treatment. Through our fundraising events & donors we have been able to build,resource & train teachers to deliver a more democratic & participatory model of education to enhance our young people’s lives.
So we invite you to come our next Trivia Night to raise funds for our ongoing work. or email Chris Price – for more details.

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Preschool for 2024, we’re sure it’s going to be a fantastic year!

A warm welcome to Jenny Gerber, our new diploma-trained preschool assistant and to Abi Tucker, who will be spending the term and perhaps longer in preschool.

Firstly, a huge thank you to Sido, Oce and TT’s Mum in primary, for sourcing quotes and overseeing the painting of preschool during the school holidays. It was a last-minute rush to get it finished, with the painters still painting into the evening the day before the school year started. Thank you to Michael and Lisa for coming in during their annual leave to assist me in packing up the entire preschool, moving onto the veranda for a couple of weeks and then moving it back into preschool the afternoon of coordination day. It was a mad scramble, but the results are well worth it. Many thanks to Lisa for choosing the colours, her skills and background in interior design are a testament to the amazing results and the tranquil and beautiful transformation of the preschool.

Most of this year’s new children and their families have now joined us in preschool. A big warm welcome to you all. We’ll have a couple of new children and their families joining us over the coming weeks. The start of the preschool year is always huge with a thousand things to do that help everyone in developing a sense of ownership and belonging at Currambena.

We’ve been busily preparing for the year ahead this week, taking children’s photos to make name cards, journals, and wall photos. We’re providing lots of opportunities for free play as well as using the teachable moment to provide a few group experiences to discuss preschool agreements and most importantly to get to know each other. We started group times on Thursday, with this now embedded into our program as a daily occurrence.

Seems we have some very confident and capable new young people joining us in preschool. Currambena is such a huge place when you start preschool which can be overwhelming. Many of the new children are taking it in their stride, and so keen to explore the wider environment. Providing a safe environment for all children is important to us so we’ve been teaching all the new children about our play agreements. We’ve also been blessed with some amazing preschool Elders who’ve been so fantastic in welcoming and helping the new children find their way.

Thank you to everyone for attending the parent information evening on Thursday. We hope you found it informative and were able to gain a deeper insight into preschool and Currambena.

We’re feeling very positive and looking forward to continuing to get to know each other and coming together as a community of learners in preschool.


Katrina, Michael. Lisa, Jenny and Abi


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Hi all,

It was wonderful seeing you all Thursday evening for our info night.

For those who couldn’t make it, we covered some general information for the rest of the term:

  • Mondays – we will cover most of our content. Depending on the weather we may also walk to the park in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Tuesdays – we will walk up to the pool around 1:20 and walk back to school for 3:00 pm end of the day.
  • Wednesdays – we have craft with Chris, please pack enclosed shoes. We also have Spanish with Carolina.
  • Thursdays – craft again.
  • Fridays – free Friday, please pack one dollar for ice blocks.

We are now up to day 8 of school. The children are excitedly counting each day as we go up to 100. This is when we will celebrate our 100 days of learning with a class party!

This week we have been playing lots of games, doing some craft activities and making class agreements. The children have also enjoyed listening to lots of storybooks. We are trying to read at least 5 picture books a day. During these beginning days of school, we will focus on recognising rhyming words in stories and moving on to counting syllables. We are also doing lots of singing and practising chants and nursery rhymes.

Some more reminders for next week:

  • Please remember to pack a wide-brim hat and apply a morning layer of sunscreen on your children as the UV index has been quite high.
  • If you have the time and are keen to be our class’s parent representative, please send me an email.
  • If you are free Monday afternoon from 1:15-3 we will aim to walk to Kimberly Playground. As well as Tuesday afternoon 1:15-3 for our walk to the Lane Cove Pool.

For our activities around History next week – would you please send me a photo of your child as a baby?

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to another wonderful week.




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