My time at Currambena started off in preschool when I was three years old. My teachers were Michael, Chris and Katrina. I was close friends with Claudia, Stuthi, Olive, Maya, Jana and Lani.
I specifically remember going to the park on Dorrit Street at least once a week.
I also remember running around chasing Soren and Cooper around the building, which is now preschool. They would take the blades of big grass and run around playing games with Olive, Claudia and the boys.
Apparently I was also close friends with the chickens, patting them constantly.

Kindergarten was cut off for me, because I left to move to Lane Cove Public School, midway through Term 1.
I remember, on my first day of being in Sue’s class, Maya turned up in a plaid dress that looked a little bit like a school dress. She then said, ‘Do I look like a schoolgirl’?
I do not remember any other memories from kindergarten, since I transferred schools.

Year 6
I moved back to Currambena from Lane Cove for year 6 and I am very happy that I have Wendy as a teacher. She is much better than the teachers at Lane Cove.
In Term, I was friends with Zali, Imogen, Sophie and Claudia and most of us shared a cabin with Alex for Little River camp. In Term 2, I became close friends with Alex and we spent a lot of time together. For Canberra, I was in a room with Alex and Claudia.
In Term 3 I became friends with Aminese (Amy) and Sun (Skye). We went to the trampoline park and that was really fun.
Term 4 is now and we had the play, we did Criminal Activity for our performance and I played Sandy, a really dumb murderer.
I am very excited for Jervis Bay camp. I am going in a tent with Aminese, Sun, and Imogen.
I am going to Riverside Girls next year for high school and I am excited for all of the opportunities high school will give. I am very sad to leave my friends.
Goodbye Currambena.

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Hello everyone,

The preschool children gave a wonderful performance on Friday evening. They were so courageous in getting up on stage performing in front of a huge audience, we were so proud of everyone. We’ve been talking to the children about how they are feeling after the concert, there’s a general consensus that they felt “really happy and proud.”

Now that the concert is over, we’ve started to prepare for the Preschool Thank You Afternoon Tea. This is a gorgeous event where the children invite all the special people in their lives that have helped them throughout the year. The children decide what the menu will be, make all the food and serve the afternoon tea to their guests. This week the children have been making the invitations and have started to plan what they will make to serve at the event. Please keep a look out for the invitation to this in your child’s bag if they forget to give it to you.

Preschool took great delight in participating in Summerhill Day on Wednesday. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children in preschool to spend some time working alongside older children in primary. Children took part in Spanish games, beading and jewellery making and capture the flag. A special event for everyone to be involved in, also a great transitional experience for the preschool children that will be moving into primary at Currambena next year.

The Department of Education has sent all families in preschool a box of 5 RAHT tests. As COVID cases are increasing rapidly at the moment we ask that should your child display any cold or flu like symptoms you not only keep them at home where they can rest and recover from their illness, you also use the RAHTS to test for COVID. We’ll ensure we notify all families in preschool if we have any confirmed cases.

Thank you to all the families that took part in the maintenance day on Sunday. We really appreciate the time and energy you contributed to helping maintain our beautiful school. Thank you to Annie. Jasper’s Mum in primary for the donation of toys and games and to Vince and Noni, Arthur’s parents for the huge wooden Jenga and outdoor game.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa

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Hi everyone,

It has been another huge week and it’s not long now before the school year comes to an end. I’ve noticed the children are getting a lot more tired (even napping during the day, haha! Some days I feel like doing the same…) so we’ll all do our best to keep getting a good night’s sleep so that we can make it to the finish line .. Wednesday December 14th. If you could help with getting kids to bed extra early at home, that would be wonderful. I’ve also been trying to be a bit more aware of hats and to encourage more people to remember to bring hats from home and wear them when outside so it would be great if you could reinforce that message as well as we come into summer. We have suncream easily accessible too.

Summer Hill Day on Wednesday was a great success. I really enjoyed running a paper planes session as it was a great lesson in resilience – some of the designs / tutorials we followed were so hard for me to follow too (!!) but we persevered. There has been a lot of paper plane making recently in class so it was good to go with that clear interest.

Routine has been a little disrupted this week but that is to be expected this time of year. It’s great seeing everyone cope well with changes. Thanks to Archana and Meg and Abi for being great supports to the children and me with different things happening. Abi made kites on Tuesday with the class, it was perfect for a windy day and such a fun impromptu craft activity. We have kept morning routine consistent each day and some camera word and sounds checks. It was fun to have Jess’ class join in on Thursday morning.

In writing we had another fun session applying our writing skills and using our imaginations to do some creative writing inspired by a picture and a short conversation. It’s lovely how excited the kids get when they get to decide exactly how the story goes. We also had a fun afternoon tea on Monday, thank you so much parents for coming in so we could cook for you and persuade you to eat our different healthy fruit treats and survey and graph the results. It was great as you were an authentic audience – even if many kids mainly were just excited to eat the food on display, haha. Thank you again.

In maths we’ve been looking at graphs – we had a fun activity combining with Jess’ class who are also looking at graphs and data at the moment – to survey the class and present the results in a picture graph. We’ve also been looking at halves, cutting out and drawing shapes in half (2 equal parts) or not a half (unequal parts) and halving even numbers of quantities of objects.

The children found out their classes for next year on Thursday. Here is a note from me about leaving …

Dear parents and families,

As you would have heard at the beginning of the week, I will not be working at Currambena in 2023. I have a UK youth mobility visa and a one way ticket to Paris leaving a few days after Christmas!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked at Currambena. While it’s only been one year – too short I know – it’s made an impact on me so thank you. I will miss the gorgeous Diamonds children, the close-knit community, the generosity of parents contributing their time and skills, the unique leadership structure, the emphasis on collaboration rather than comparison or competition and testing, the amazing physical classroom and playground spaces, the dedicated staff…. and more :)

While it’s sad to say bye, I’m excited for a new adventure and to broaden my horizons. I’ve wanted to travel and work abroad for a long time. Now is the best time as the pandemic is finally easing and after 4 years teaching 5 to 8 year olds I’m ready for (first a rest, haha!) then a change and new career experiences and contexts.

I’m very proud of the progress that the Diamonds group has made in their first year of primary school. It’s been wonderful to spend my workdays with such a cohesive group of children who play so well together. A highlight has been witnessing the impressive growth each child has made in building foundational skills in reading. I know all the children will continue to grow and be nourished along their Currambena journey. I am sorry I won’t be able to teach the incoming lovely preschoolers but they are very lucky to be in Vinnie’s capable hands and are well prepared for the transition thanks to the hard work of Katrina, Leesa and Michael and other preschool staff.

Please keep in touch!

Lots of love, Emma

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Wow, what a night!!! I do hope you enjoyed the plays and performances at our school’s concert last Friday. There is always such a come down and fatigue following the weeks of preparation leading up to it. So now what…. well we shake, rattle and roll towards the end of the year with probably a bit of crawling!!!

These last couple of weeks we have been placing an emphasis on our handwriting practice. I have been writing sentences on the whiteboard which the children copy, as we talk about the letter formation. Their previous weeks scribing has been quite eye opening and provided a visual of writing to reflect upon and improve. The process is not met with enjoyment or great excitement but I explain it is a important skill worth having ie. to be able to ‘write well’.

The children are making progress with their confidence and ability in the pool, and are improving on their strength, to be able to swim laps consistently without too much stopping along the way.

We had a gorgeous Summerhill day on Wednesday with a range of activities for the children to choose from. These included: Pickleball, slime making, beading, colouring, bush walking, pancakes, vietnamese rolls, coconut balls and burrito making, finger knitting, paper and balsa wood planes, woodwork, capture the flag, drama games and futsal. It was a beautiful day with the usual Summerhill flurry and vibe.

Probably the most exciting thing happening (for some) is camp for the elders next week. Myself and Vinnie will escort the year 3/4 group to Mowbray Park in Picton. Amelia will be the teacher who will take care of the remaining crew at school and I will plan some fun activities for them to do while we are away.

That’s it folks. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Congratulations to all the performers last Friday night. It was such a celebration for the children to perform on the stage at Norths again and it was lovely to see how much they all enjoyed it. I was so proud of my group, who made the decisions about plot and characters, wrote the script, learned lines and actions – all in the space of six short weeks! They were all very focussed and involved the entire creative process and the level of cooperation within the group was amazing.

We have had some feedback about the presence of guns in the plays. In our case, the group voted that they wanted a murder mystery plot and then we had so many actors wanting large parts, we ended up with several of the murders … and not much mystery! We apologise to anyone was who was upset by this, especially since we have a school agreement about no gun games. Permission for the guns in the plays was given by School Meeting but it is definitely a topic for further discussion. Our play was intended to be a comedy and the actors certainly enjoyed the comedy in their lines.

In class this week, we have been finishing off some loose ends. In English, we have discussed formal and informal language and where these might be used. We have written letters in formal language, some of which were very funny indeed.

In Maths, we have revised division and other number operations and are continuing to work on textbooks. Unit 29 needs to be completed this week and Unit 28 “excellented”.

We have started our Kris Kringle for this year. There are letterboxes, some more elaborate than others, on many desks and a central post box on my desk which is emptied regularly. We have yet to finalise details about how much can be spent on the final present to be brought in on the last day of term.

We are also trying to get everything organised for camp. I hope you have all seen the note I sent home about the camp itself and the list of what to bring. I have also emailed a list of jobs for adults and a list of drivers and numbers of car seats. Please check this list and email if any details are incorrect.

Summerhill Day yesterday was great fun. It was brilliant to see quite a few activities run by children from our group. Both the Drama session run by Sophie and Immie and the Capture the Flag game run by Alex and Safi both had plenty of participants who all looked as if they were enjoying themselves greatly! We also had craft sessions run by Perry, Asher and Eitan and a drawing session by Xav.

PIPs are being finished off this week and presentations will be next week… we are really squeezing things in with our Ice Skating date change to Wednesday to accommodate the high school orientations.

I almost forgot to say thank you to the Maintenance people who must have worked very hard in our room removing spider webs and cleaning windows. The gardens look fabulous too so thank you so much to the team!

I hope you are all having good weeks!


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Hello everyone,

The children are feeling a little apprehensive, though mostly excited about the end of year concert on Friday. We’ve being doing lots of deep breathing exercises and having discussions about how people might be feeling about performing. We know how capable all the children are and look forward to seeing them all beaming brightly on the stage. The end of year concert is a great opportunity for the children to take part in a special Currambena community event, even if they decide not to join preschool on the stage, though we hope they do – it’s a lovely celebration of a great year at school.

Our days seem to be flying by at the moment, with so many different things happening. As the weather warms up, well, on some days anyway, the mud kitchen has been a buzz of activity. There’s a huge amount of experimentation with water and different mediums, dirt, sand, tan bark, leaves and occasional craft material from the making table. This week the mud kitchen has been a restaurant, a place to make magic potions as well as to observe the strawberries and sunflowers growing. There’s lots of watering of the passionfruit vine as the children eagerly and hopefully wait for the passionfruit to grow.

We continue to have group discussions about the end of the year and what will happen next year. We’ve been discussing who will continue in preschool, who will move onto primary at Currambena and who will go to other schools. It’s great to see how comfortable everyone is feeling about the transition.

Preschool received notification this week from the NSW Department of Education that NSW Health is seeing several indicators that a new COVID-19 wave has begun. Shortly preschool will be receiving a supply of RAHT kits for all children enrolled in preschool (up to 5 for each child). We’ll distribute these to families as soon as we receive them. Please keep unwell children at home where they can get the rest they need and not spread illnesses to others.

A big thank you to Sido, Oce’s Mum, Gina and the many other Currambena parents for all their hard work of late around Currambena. Thank you to the washing fairies for the clean laundry and to Bianca, Gerard’s Mum, for the donation of Frozen dolls that have quickly become a much-loved addition to the construction area.

We look forward to seeing you all at the concert on Friday!

Michael, Lisa & Katrina


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Wow, what a week!

The first experience of a Currambena concert both for me and the Diamonds (out of lockdown)! It’s wonderful seeing how the community comes together and everyone helps to get it all ready – Meg and Chris have been working so hard, and all the parents at this school are amazing! Thanks for all your help, we appreciate it so much!

We really hope you enjoy our performance. Everyone is really excited, and it will be a great experience for the kids!! We’ve had a lot of fun practising our dances, recording the script and getting costumes ready.

Other than concert prep, we had a lovely time swimming on Tuesday, we’ve spent some time on Morning Routine, activating background knowledge to help understand stories we read, looking at what is a half (2 equal parts) and looking at picture graphs in maths. In writing we’ve made some amazing persuasive posters and would like to invite you to read them on Monday afternoon at our class fruit stall (21 November, 2.30pm!)

Hope to see you there on Monday and looking forward to seeing you at the concert!

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Hello Everyone,
It has been a busy week of cutting, sewing, painting and attaching. A few hot glue gun blisters along the way but nothing a band-aid didn’t fix. Props and costumes are now ready to go!

We’ve spent lots of time running our lines and practicing our moves. We’re all very excited and a little bit nervous but we know we can do difficult things and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s friendly face in the audience.

Jess x

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