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Hello and welcome back/to Currambena!!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the new Educational Coordinator at Currambena. I hope to meet all of you in the next few weeks and can’t wait to sink my teeth into this role. Along with Daniel (Business Manager), Mikee (Administrator) and Wendy (Coordinator on Thursdays), I will be in the office and always reachable via email ( Come in and say hi if you are around either in the office or playground. And speaking of playground, doesn’t it look amazing? A huge thank you to Gina and everyone who helped with maintenance over the holidays. If any of you are looking for ways to get involved, please watch out for the maintenance update in the newsletter or speak to Gina (mum of Louie in Caetano’s and Evie in Wendy’s class), Daniel (  or I in the office. We particularly need some help in the library and with Sustaining Currambena jobs on Friday mornings and would love your help if you can spare some time.

A few parents have been asking about bringing dogs into our playground so I thought it might be better if I remind everyone at the same time. Dogs are very welcome in our playground and we ask that you bring your dog in on a leash which is held by an adult. We also ask that you take care that your dog does not jump or become aggressive as we have some little (and big) people around that may be nervous around dogs. Lastly, please be mindful that we have chickens roaming around and they will not be safe if dogs are off leash and chased.

As you are all hopefully aware by now, invoices have now been sent out for Term 1. Unfortunately, the Government has made some small changes to how invoices need to be presented and this has caused some delay. We have also been made aware that details on how to pay have also not been included for some families. For this, please accept our apologies, we are working at fixing all these glitches. I ask that you please let me know in person or via email if you haven’t received your invoice yet or if you need the details on how to pay. As a result, we will be extending our due by date to balance this lateness out. Usually, we ask that fees be paid by the end of week 3 of term, we will be asking that fees now be paid by the end of week 4 of the term, 26 February 2023.

On Monday 13th of February, we are holding our Parent Information Evening. This will start at 6.30 pm and will be a great opportunity to get to know the staff and other community members. It is also an important way of learning about all things Currambena and what this year will look like for you and your children. Just a heads up, this evening is only for parents so that we can all focus on the meeting and discussions.  More information to come next week.

That’s enough from me for the time being. Be sure to say hello when you see me around!

From Olivia.

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A warm welcome and welcome back to everyone in preschool. We’ve had a great start to the year with the general vibe of preschool being beautiful, it’s been hard to believe that we’ve been at capacity on many days as we’ve had such a calm and relaxed atmosphere both inside and out.

Typically starting preschool for many children is known as the “honeymoon period,” children may initially separate easily from parents in the morning when they first begin preschool though, when they realise it’s a regular event, may not be so happy when saying goodbye. Settling into preschool is a very individual thing, so please don’t hesitate to come in and chat to us if you have any concerns.

Many of the Elders (children who have been in preschool a year or longer) have been embracing their role and guiding the new children as they settle into preschool. Everyone is getting used to the new dynamic of preschool as new friendships are formed and old friendships are re-established. We’ve had lots of visits from children in Vinnie’s class as well as many of the children in preschool are really eager to explore the wider Currambena environment.

We haven’t started formal group times as yet, as we are allowing time for children to settle in. We’ll begin when they are feeling comfortable as a group. We have however provided children with the opportunity to participate in spontaneous group games which many of them have been joining in or wanting to observe.

Thank you to all the preschool families that cleaned and laundered preschool equipment. It is very much appreciated. Thank you also to everyone that took part in the maintenance days just before school started. We really appreciate your efforts as we know how much digging and moving of tan bark and soil was done.

Lastly, there will be a preschool information night on Monday 13th February 2023. This will start on the decking with all teachers being introduced to all families before we break off into our preschool classroom. We’ll be discussing the preschool year. How we document children’s learning, our curriculum, the transition from preschool into primary at Currambena and the process involved as well as many other things. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet other parents. This is for all parents in preschool not just the new families. We are hoping as many parents as possible can come. It will start at 6:30pm and should be finished by 7:30pm.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa.


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Hello everyone!
It has been a wonderful week getting to know your children. It is great to see them settling into the new routines and handling the transition to school very well.

This week the children were: listening to instructions for longer periods of time, going to the craft room and going up to the library with Carolina for Spanish. During inside time we have been playing lots of ‘getting to know each other’ games and doing lots of craft activities. We have begun our ‘Morning Routine’ learning each day this week. Some of the activities in Morning Routine include looking at numbers, sounds, days of the week, the date and the weather.

Other things we did this week were building classroom agreements, park/walking agreements and setting up routines for the term. Everyone was able to follow our walking agreements on the way to the park on Wednesday morning and we had a fun time playing there.

On Wednesday the children voted in our class meeting to be called “The Unicorns”. We made a class poster you can see above the lockers, and soon we will cover the diamond at the back of the room with a unicorn.

Next Monday we will go for another walk to the park in the morning, to prepare for swimming on Tuesday. On Tuesday can you please send your child to school in their swimming costume. They will need a hat and a swimming bag to carry their towel and water, as well as optional extras like goggles. Shoes that are easier to get off and on are best for swimming on Tuesday. When we finish swimming, the children will dry off the best they can and then put their clothes over their swimmers for the walk back to school.
At swimming Meg and I will be in the shallows to support the children. On Tuesday we will only be in the very shallow part of the leisure pool.

It is so great to see the children having a great time playing in the morning. Just a reminder to come to school by 9:00. If you are running later than 9:00, can you please send me an email. If your child is away, can you please email me too.
It is

All the best,

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Dear Families,

We’ve had a brilliant start to the term with the children settling in very well during their first week. We’ve played lots of getting to know each other games, sung along to my very amateurish guitar skills, painted self-portraits, drawn and written about our hopes and dreams and started our very first story of 2023 in our new story writing book. Some children based their writings on inspiration from a very funny book we read together called “Queen Victoria’s Underpants”. We’ve also practised some counting and explored Cuisenaire rods in maths, which the children delighted in lining up and stacking.

The children seemed to really enjoy Spanish this week with the focus on learning through drama (thank you Carolina), and the younger children particularly have enjoyed their longer craft session on a Wednesday afternoon.

In class meeting the children gave me a list of new toys and games they’d like in the classroom which I will do my best to fit into our classroom budget, so stand by for that excitement! The children also voted to give themselves a very kooky class name… “The Whipped Cream on Creepers Head”. I’m not sure if I’ll last long with that tongue twister but for the moment we are enjoying our little class mascot that we created on the computer together and posted on our classroom door.

Next week I’m looking forward to our first swimming session and you should have all received an email outlining details about this, so please let me know if that didn’t arrive in your inbox. We will also get stuck into some of the other items on our timetable including an introduction to literacy/maths stations on Monday and Tuesday, personal interest projects for the older children and our shared integrated learning with Sarah’s class.

The children seem to be managing their fatigue quite well but watch out over the next few weeks when their stamina will be tested. Please talk to me if you think your child is not managing.

Have a fab weekend,


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And……. we’re offfffff!!!!!!

Welcome back everyone, I hope this sees you well rested and rejuvenated. It was so lovely to watch the children walk into the classroom on Tuesday morning with an air like they owned the space. I am feeling so excited about the term and year ahead, and having the opportunity to work more closely with Jess and her group. We have already had a discussion (with the children) in regards to what they would like to learn and have formulated a topic based on “Time Travel”. Things will inevitably evolve over the coming weeks, as the cogs slowly start to pick up momentum and turn.

So, what have we been up to so far this week? Well, we organised lockers and book boxes and a few workbooks were handed out. We did a little writing and some drawings of each other and read a book called “Tilda tries again” – which was about pushing through challenges. The children drew something they would like to be able to do but can’t do yet and then drew themselves doing it! We made some agreements and decided on the space and class group we would like to create. A maths assessment was completed on knowledge of numbers, and myself and Meg began the process of assessing children’s reading.

On Wednesday, we made an interesting discovery in the classroom requiring urgent attention. Thankyou, to Meg for taking care of the Daddy Long leg breeding program which was thriving in the skylight and across our roof. As interesting as it was the nest did need to be eradicated, as tiny babies scaffolded their way down onto heads and furniture causing some distress. The children all gathered as an audience to watch while some supported the ladder so Meg could climb. This sparked an interest and discussion about spiders which we will pursue as a mini project with Jess’ class. We will split our groups into “Insects” and “Arachnids” and research the wonderful world of these tiny critters.

There will be some things done differently this year and to start off…….

  • SWIMMING will be every Tuesday but in the morning! Along with Jess’ group we will leave school just after 9:30am and return just in time for morning tea. I have always found it a nice way to start the day and get the children into the water when they are feeling (morning) fresh! We will start this from next Tuesday, 7th.
  • LANE COVE LIBRARY: Every 3rd Monday afternoon we will visit the library. It would be wonderful if you could sign your child up as a member before Monday, 20th when we have our 1st visit. I am pretty sure you can do this online at:
  • HOME READERS: As this is the 1st year (for me) teaching this combination of ages and stage level I will be talking to Jess in regards to the children taking readers home. Please bare with me on this as I would like to go over last year’s assessments and read with each individual to gauge where they are. However, if you DO NOT have books at home which your child enjoys listening to or can read themselves come see me and we can sort something out. Until we have a system in place, the best thing you can be doing is to read to them each and every day.

You may be aware that your child is showing signs of feeling fatigued. This is to be expected. Until the routine and newness starts to settle I forsee the next couple of weeks may be a challenge for some. In saying this the group (as a whole) is doing an AMAZING job with everything I have thrown at them thus far. There are additional responsibilities my class takes on – like fish and chook care at the end of each day. Please let me know if you have any concerns and need to talk. My door is always open.

Have a nice weekend.

Sarah x



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After week 1, I can happily say that it has been a pure joy to teach my group. This week we got to know one another, went on a scavenger hunt, polished up on our Spanish, enjoyed craft, started exploring different games, such as Articulate, and began editing our writing.

The students have participated in some activities whereby they have got to know one another and have found out all about their teacher. They learn that Caetano is Brazilian, enjoys football and snowboarding, loves Brazilian food and has two lovely chihuahuas named Sarah and Sammy.

Our first Class Meeting will be held next Monday where we look forward to discussing agreements and ensuring this class works for us in a safe and happy manner.

The photos below show a PDHPE lesson we did where the students had to name different feelings and emotions. Then they organised them into positive and negative feelings before ranking them into how powerful they are. Lots of rich discussions were had where we agreed, disagreed, chopped and changed our minds. We learnt that it’s important to be able to name our feelings and be specific so that others understand how we feel. This helps us to better understand ourselves. Next week, we will be learning how different emotions and feelings contribute to how we feel, especially if we become angry.

On a personal note, I have simply loved my first week at Currambena. The students, teachers and parents have helped me feel unbelievably welcome and I truly appreciate it.

Until next time…

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Hi everyone.

Welcome to 2023!

What a delight it has been this week to see all the children again and have parents popping in to say hello after the long break.

We’ve had a wonderful first week back and the group seems to be settling in quite quickly, sharing the space well and getting used to the new faces and new routines.

Today we had Meg helping us and everyone now has their textbooks for the year. Next week, unit one will need to be completed in both Spelling and Maths textbooks. Some children also have cursive writing practice books to work on for confidence and fluency.

We welcomed Caetano to the school this week, taking over from Vinnie and we are also welcoming Olivia in her new role as Coordinator, which she will be sharing with me over the coming months. It is lovely to be working with both of them.

Please make sure you can come to the whole school parent meeting on Monday 13th February. We’ll also split into class groups for discussion about our year.

Other important dates for your diaries are Wednesday 8th March to Friday 10th March when our group will be going to camp at Little River in the Hawkesbury River valley. This is always a fun camp and I hope everyone will be able to come along.

The cost will be around $370 per child. More details next week, I hope. Meg will be coming with us as the other teacher, and we will need drivers to get there and back please so let me know if you can help. We’ll be leaving school at 9:30 on that Wednesday and it’s about 90 minutes away. We’ll need to leave Little River at about 1pm to get comfortably back to school by 3pm Friday.

Please feel free to come and chat with me if there’s anything you want me to know about your children. It’s great for the children to know we are working as a team to help them learn the best ways they can.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 13th if not before.

With love,

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Hello everyone,

Well, this is it, the last newsletter for 2022! How incredibly fortunate we’ve been to have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful preschool community this year. We’re so proud of each child and how far they’ve come.

It’s been a fruitful year with the preschool taking part in many wonderful events including Sculpture Week, Summerhill Days, music incursions, music week, Children’s Voices for Reconciliation, Lane Cove Library visits, Kimberley Playground routine excursion……. the list of events could go on and on. The children’s agency has been reflected in how confidently they chair morning meetings, their ability to share knock, knock jokes with each other and the end of day activity that the children are so independent in running. It’s been great to see children find their voice and confidently use it in all aspects of their day with us.

The children ran a fantastic thank you afternoon tea last Thursday and then another very successful Afternoon Tea for their buddies in Wendy’s class on Tuesday. The preparation, practice and anticipation in the lead-up to these events have been a great experience for all involved. The event itself was a wonderful celebration of what community is and how capable and competent the youngest members of our special Currambena community are.

Thank you to everyone that has supported preschool throughout the year. The attendance at maintenance days, the washing, the end of term cleaning and all the input into preschool has been greatly appreciated. For those families finishing in preschool this year please remember that your child’s Storypark can still be accessed by you and added to for free for as long as you like.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas break and a prosperous New Year. For those families leaving Currambena, as your child makes their transition to primary in school within the wider community we wish you well, we’ll miss your child and your family, though, know you’ll take a piece of Currambena in your hearts. For those of you returning to preschool, we look forward to spending another fun-filled year with your families. For those heading off to primary in Vinnie’s class, we feel honoured to be able to continue to watch your children grow and develop as they continue their journey through our very special school.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa

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