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Hi Everyone,

Business as usual in the office with not much to say this week. The most pertinent information will be in the Currambena calendar page

Wednesday was particularly busy with play-group happening, a bunch of families arriving for our first back to regular Information Morning, the interviews for preschool families applying for entry into Jess’s class next year being conducted by Jess and Leesa, and Carolina upstairs in the library teaching Spanish. Phew! The school was really buzzing and it seemed every room in the school was fully occupied.



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Hello everyone,

After what may have been the last blast of Summer on Monday, the cooler weather seems to have hit us for the remainder of the week. The rain has led to lots of busy indoor play in preschool as well as lots of fantastic exploration in the rain!

We had the first information morning for both preschool and primary since COVID-19 on Wednesday this week. I was out of preschool for the morning and returned a few hours later, it was a wet day, so almost everyone was playing inside, it was noisy and chaotic, though I was struck by how comfortable and relaxed all the children are and what great connections they have formed with each other in such a short amount of time.

Everyone was engaged in some sort if activity… a group of children were using the rainbow snake as a tightrope, someone was riding their bike on the basketball court in the rain (they had rain clothes on so it was okay) there was a group of children drawing at the writing table and children were coming and going with their parents as they were attending interviews for primary.

All of this made me realise how fortunate I am and what a wonderful environment Currambena is to be a part of. We also had a visit from our NSW Department of Health partner on Friday last week. They meet with me to assist the preschool in its implementation of active play and healthy eating which is a big part of the national quality standards our preschool comes under. They were struck by the relaxed atmosphere, the ability for activity that children are constantly provided, and how embedded many of our practices are when it comes to healthy eating and physical activity.

The preschool children who attend on a Monday have particularly been enjoying the canteen over the past two weeks. It’s been amazing to see how fiercely independent the children are with the ordering and payment of morning tea and lunch. Please remember that if you want you child to order from canteen please leave a few dollars for them. Everyone in preschool has a special pocket in preschool in which they can store their money. That also goes for ice blocks on Friday. Remember the money raised from ice blocks goes to a child that Wendy’s class sponsors in Chad.

For those families that may have younger children, a reminder that playgroup is up and running again on a Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:00am. It’s a fantastic way for younger siblings to get a taste of Currambena before they begin in preschool.

That’s it for this week!

“Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by: instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen how to learn.”
Lois Malaguizzi

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We’ve been a busy bunch this week, developing our ideas around human movement and play. Twisting, twirling, flicking, slapping, punching and kicking are all words that we can use to describe movement and we had fun exploring these in the playground on Monday.

In maths, we’re developing our understanding of length by noticing the importance of alignment when comparing objects and measuring the entire distance between each end. We have used books, blocks, chairs, pillows and many other objects to measure length in the classroom and, like scientists do, we have drawn our observations in labelled diagram.

The children are getting a good grip of how to develop their drawings for science and maths into diagrams by adding labels, arrows, numbers and other clarifying features. It’s fun to see the progress in this space.


The weather this week has kept us mostly inside and although I have been at school and been in touch with the classroom, I thank Yumi and Sarah for guiding the children through most their learning these last few days.

Literacy stations have been particularly smooth this week with the children demonstrating a good capacity for independent work and an increase in the time that they can focus on a single activity. If you are interested in helping out for literacy stations, there is still some time available on a Tuesday that I would love some volunteers.

Next week I intend to do some work with the children on protective behaviours. These lessons will include the importance of feelings, early warning signs in a child’s body, safe and unsafe secrets, private parts and trusted adults. If you have any concerns regarding these themes, please get in touch so we can discuss.

Love Jess xx

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Dear Parents,

Gosh – what a wet week! I have certainly been grateful for our warm, spacious, light-filled classroom this week as we’ve been spending more time indoors than usual to stay dry. The rain has put a slight dent in our plans for outdoor science investigations on Forces, but we’ve found plenty to explore and enjoy inside. The children were very engaged with our experiment on friction and we will soon begin to look at how forces are used in simple machines such as the axle, pulley, screw, lever, wedge and inclined plane. We will be seeing a show next week at school about forces and movement which I feel confident will inspire the children as they choose topics for an individual or small group investigative science project which they’ll be working on for the remainder of the term.

We have begun a sequence of learning experiences around personal safety and protective behaviours. We started by talking about and naming feelings and thinking about times when we’ve felt safe or unsafe. We then talked about listening to our bodies and identifying the various ‘Early Warning Signs’ that tell us when we are feeling unsafe and perhaps need to seek out a trusted adult to talk to. This led us to revise a concept many of the children were familiar with, which is their ‘Safety Network’, consisting of five adults in their lives they can talk to when they are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. Kitty’s mum Cathy suggested an excellent text on these topics called ‘MY BODY! What I say GOES!’ by Jayneen Sanders, which then lead me to discover a number of other great texts we will read together. Thanks Cathy!

I’ll be conducting parent teacher meetings and sending out reports towards the end of this term. The meetings will be held in the classroom and I look forward to chatting with you all about your child’s progress and setting some goals for the remainder of the year. A reminder that these meetings are just for grown ups, so care will need to be organised for your child while the meeting is in progress. I have shared a document with you all today where you can put your names next to a time that suits you. The document can also be accessed here.

Have a terrific weekend and may the force be with you!


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Hello everyone!

Firstly, I’d just like to say a massive “thank you” to Vinnie for being here and taking such wonderful care of the group while I was away. It’s not easy to step into somebody else’s (already) established classroom but it sounds like they all had a lovely time together: investigating gravity, forces and friction; learning new songs & dance; beginning to practise times tables were a few of the things which filled their days. And it is soooooo lovely to be back!!!!! It was a much needed restful and productive time for me.

Now, onward and upwards……… This week we had a discussion about things happening this term. As you are aware the ‘whole school events’ now has its own page but I have also included a run down here:

  • From next week, we have a Pre-School parent who is a professional Hip Hop artist passing on his knowledge in this form of dance. We will have 3 sessions where we will (hopefully) be busting some cool moves and learning new steps. This was met with many shrills of excitement, so should be a lot of fun!
  • Also next week, we have a Science show visiting which will focus on ‘forces’.
  • In week 5 is Wendy’s concert.
  • The 26th, May is Reconciliation Day! On this day, Lane Cove Council holds an annual event in the plaza for the local schools to perform for the public. Wendy’s class will be performing and we will go along to support them on this occasion. This year, it will be held at The Canopy.
  • For the remaining 6 weeks of term we will hone our skills with a ball & racquet, learning tennis. This was a program we ran last year and received a positive response from the majority of children who participated.
  • Of course there will be a Summer Hill Day. And there will be a whole school sausage sizzle down at Tambourine Bay in the last week of Term.
  • Together with Leesa’s group we will be having a Movie Night at school. Traditionally, this is something our 2 classes have done which is a lovely opportunity for the children to get together outside of school hours. We have set Friday, 4th June as the date. Finer details will come however, it will entail the children staying after school to play, prepare and eat dinner together and then watch a movie. Pick-up time is 7:30 pm.

Aside from our literacy and numeracy concepts, I am still in conversation with the group about a topic we might focus on for the remainder of term but we should have something locked in by next week. So watch this space!

On Tuesday, we had someone from the Commonwealth Bank come and talk to us about Money and the importance of smart saving. So we have been looking at Australian currency and thought about a few things:  “How much money is a lot of money? What’s a good thing to spend money on? How much money do you need to have? and What would you do with a million dollars?”  It was an interesting discussion which led us to think about what you would do once you have all that you need: Buy all the things you want? Give to those who are in need? Invest? were some of the thoughts which were shared.

Also on Tuesday, we had a lovely afternoon session which included a meditation/relaxation. Feedback from the children was wonderful and they all responded with how relaxed they felt, so this will definitely be something we will do more often.

Next week, we have 2 student teachers who will be joining us for their first practical experience. They will be here for a 10 day block.

An important reminder is needed that school starts at 9 am!!! There are still quite a number of children who are dribbling in well past that time. Your cooperation with this is appreciated.

Phew! I think that’s it for this week.

Love, Sarah


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Hi Everyone,

Many activities have happened this week including a Financial Literacy workshop. This session was about budgeting money and the different advertising, businesses use to convince people to buy their goods and services. It was a great session and the children were very engaged in the activities and discussions.

During Science sessions, the children have been exploring gravity, friction and how forces affect the movement of objects around them. Next week we will be attending a Science incursion on these concepts.

We’ve now moved on to Patterns in Mathematics and exploring different number patterns that can occur. The children have had the opportunity to come up with their own number patterns and describe the pattern rule for given questions.

We’re focusing on persuasive writing and looking at the different language features included. The children will choose a topic of passion to write a persuasive text for in the coming weeks.

Next Tuesday morning our class with Wendy’s will be going bushwalking. Could all children please have appropriate footwear, a hat and a drink bottle. This should be an enjoyable morning, as the children will be showing me the magic bridge and other features along the way, as I’ve never been bushwalking around Lane Cove.

Thank you to Vinnie for taking the class from Tuesday afternoon until Friday afternoon this week. Also thank you to Vidya who washed the children’s white shirts ready for Craft.

Please make sure you read the whole school important information and dates in the newsletter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leesa x

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Hi everyone. Lovely to see some rain after all the beautiful, sunny, dry days!

We’re having a great week in our room with seedlings sprouting, singing almost every day, afternoon tea brought in for us and fun games of Wink or Point Murder at the end of the day. We’ve had pillow and wrestling games (with much discussion about safety agreements), quiet reading times and an interesting session about money and entrepreneurship from a bank educator.

As well as this, we’re reviewing the short film “Whale” and starting to write scripts for our own short films, completing spelling and maths text book units (Unit 8 this week) and completing some maths activities in the area of chance and probability. We’re also practising times tables as usual!

This week we achieved our fastest ever time getting to the right place when the fire drill bell rang!

We’re also adding the third layer to our rainforest art projects this week and working on PIPs, which all seem to be going really well.

Buddies went well on Tuesday, in spite of the rain. The children really look forward to this time each week and the relationships with preschool buddies are blossoming. Because of the drizzle on the day, half of the group brought their buddies down to our room to play which was good fun for everyone.

In Class Meeting, we voted to take turns bringing afternoon tea for the group. I hope this won’t create too much added stress for families! Fruit is a wonderful easy option and has no plastic… if you’re careful. We also voted to trial having plastic-free Wednesdays which was pretty successful yesterday! And yesterday, we discussed holding a stall to raise money to help children from a small country school to go on their excursion to Canberra later this year. The connection is through the Australian Children’s Music Foundation and the children are keen to help. The stall is planned for lunchtime on Wednesday 12th May (next week!) so please start collecting toys and books that could be donated for sale. There will be games and food stalls and more!

Next week, we have Hip Hop dance starting on Monday, a bushwalk on Tuesday morning to take Leesa to see the Magic Bridge and a Science Show (optional for our group) on Tuesday afternoon. Then we have the Year 6/7 Night on Friday. This is an opportunity for our group to hear how last year’s Year 6 Leavers are going at their respective high schools, especially for our current Year 6 to ask their questions and hear advice! Starts at 5:30. Children need to be accompanied by an adult and please bring some finger food to share.

I will be away next Monday keeping some unavoidable appointments and Vinnie will be teaching the group for the day. We also have two new student teachers from Macquarie Uni beginning a two week prac with us next week.

Please remember to nominate for Council if you are interested in being part of the Currambena board of directors. It comes with important responsibilities in governance and is a fabulous way to find out how the school works and to give back to the community.

Please make sure to read the whole school dates and notices at the beginning of the Newsletter.

Have a great week.


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School Meeting 30/4/21

Chaired by Ruth and Ariel

1.Library Agreements by Leesa

Leesa reminded the meeting about the library agreements, which are that the library is a quiet space to read, walking only and to put away any books that you’ve been reading.

2. Canteen by Leesa

A reminder that canteen is back on Mondays.

3. Outside by Cooper

A reminder to put away sports equipment and personal belongings after morning tea and lunch.

4. Nuts by Josh

Josh wanted the meeting to clarify the agreement around nuts.

5. Fish by Josh

Sarah’s class have lost a fish, if anyone knows anything about it could you please see Vinnie.

6. Mini Concert by Wendy

Wendy informed the meeting that there will be a mini concert on Tuesday in week 5 and that if you want to perform please see Wendy with details.

7. Sustaining by Wendy

Wendy reminded the meeting that all green bins and tools need to be returned to where they belong at the end of sustaining. Also if you finish your sustaining job early to help with another job.

8. School Agreements by Wendy

Wendy read some important school agreements to remind the meeting of them.

9. Lolly wrappers by Perry and Harper

Lolly and chocolate wrappers have been found at the top playground. A reminder that our school agreement is no lollies or chocolate at school.

10. Hats by Lily

The hat agreement was discussed and a vote occurred about wearing hats outside. The meeting voted no to having to wear a hat outside.

11. Charity by Wes

Wes informed the meeting that he is collecting beanies, socks and gloves to give to homeless people on the street. A box for the donations will be located out the front of the office.

Meeting adjourned.

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We’ve had great success with the number of parents who have volunteered for this term – just a few slots left if you’re interested.
Thank you so much to those who have signed up! This week we have Penny and Natania preparing this delicious menu for our kids.
Apologies for the misprint in menu prices last week.  – Judy (  0404037842 )






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