Currambena functions as a cooperative venture of parents, teachers and children. Parent's support and energy enhance the life of the school in many ways. 

You can participate as a parent by providing support in the classroom with activities such as reading, maths or other areas where you have particular skills to share, or by helping on excursions and camps.  

Parents may like to consider being involved in School Council or its sub-committees and teams. These comprise a range of groups such as the Community Liason Committee (CLC), the IT committee, the marketing team and the gardening team.  

Adding your name to the canteen roster is a great way to participate in school life and children really enjoy assisting their parents with the serving of lunch and morning tea. 

Becoming involved in one of the many school socials or cafes is another way to meet people and be involved with the community.  

Help required for socials, excursions, and various other aspects of community life, are often requested through the weekly school newsletter, so don't forget to read your newsletter to stay in touch with whats going on.

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