The canteen aims to provide a nutritious and delicious morning tea and lunch for the children at Currambena. Canteen operates on each Monday of the school term. It is run by parent volunteers.

The canteen is not run to make a profit, but aims to cover the costs incurred in providing the meals and other items.

Morning tea usually includes fruit, yoghurt, a warm savoury option, a sweet treat and juice or milk. Lunch is a hot meal with a choice of a meat or a vegetarian dish. The meals are all home-made and the ingredients can be confirmed if your children have any other allergy concerns.

The menu is either emailed to parents on the weekend or included in the newsletter so families can see what is available and discuss this with their child.

The children enjoy the variety offered by the canteen and also have the opportunity to develop some money handling skills in a supportive environment.

Parent volunteers enjoy their day at canteen as they have the opportunity to be involved with other parents and can observe their child and his/her friends at play. Any hours spent in preparing or serving in the canteen can count towards maintenance hours. Your children love to have you at school for the day.

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