Our teachers base their programming on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus, but have the flexibility to adapt and interpret the curriculum to fit Currambena’s philosophy, individual student needs and their own teaching styles. The children also have input to the implementation of the curriculum.

The school is registered by the NESA following an inspection process, which last occurred in May 2023, when the school's registration was renewed for 1 January 2024 through to 31 December 2028.

The NSW Board of Studies provides syllabus documents in 6 key learning areas;

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society & its Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Creative & Performing Arts
  • Health, Physical Education & Personal Development

These are available for perusal – check with your child’s class teacher.

The NESA Protective Behaviours Curriculum, including the sex education program, is also implemented throughout the school. This is complemented by studies in communication and conflict resolution undertaken in all classes and the preschool. The scope of these programs is explained at the parent meetings in Term 1.

Assessment and homework


Continuous individual assessment replaces formal testing at Currambena. The particular arrangements for each class will be outlined and discussed at the parent-teacher meeting at the commencement of the year and with the students.

Formal interviews are organised once a year by the primary teachers. For preschoolers a formal meeting can be arranged between teachers and parents before the child moves on to primary school. Additional informal interviews can be organised at any time in both the Preschool and primary school.In the first term of each year, teachers will run a parent-teacher meeting to discuss the program for the year.

At these meetings, parents can gain further understanding of the school philosophy and how it will be implemented in their child’s class. This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the issue of classroom support and parent involvement, and to nominate a class parent representative for the year.


Each class considers the issue of homework and it is negotiated by children, parents and the teacher. This will be discussed further with the students and at the parent – teacher meeting at the commencement of the year.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The children at Currambena have a wide variety of projects and activities available to them in the art and craft room. At the beginning of each term class groups choose three projects they would like to work on for the duration of the term. The choices comprise a range of activities such as ceramics, painting, woodwork, sewing, sculpture or papier-mache, dip-candling, beading, jewellery making, clay work and mosaics,  just to name a few!

The children work in a large studio space with dedicated work areas housing equipment such as  a kiln, pottery wheel, wood working benches, sewing tools, a mac computer for computer graphic and animation work,  as well as painting, sculpture and craft tools and materials.

Every Friday at Currambena is Free Choice Friday. On those days the children are free to choose from multiple art and craft activities or projects. Often small groups of children form together depending on the projects they choose, with older children offering assistance to the curious younger children with guidance, often discussing how things are made. This natural cooperation mutually benefits the younger children as well as the older ones taking on the role of leaders and demonstrators.

The Art room is run by Chris Rochester who completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) at the National Art School in 1999. Since then he has been a practising artist who has had numerous exhibitions.


Performing arts

Currambena’s philosophy is aimed at stimulating and following a child's imagination, and using that inspiration to engage the child in learning. We hope to create a life-long love of learning and believe that arts, craft, music, role-play and performances are integral to enjoying learning.


Currambena employs a part-time musician who holds vocal workshops in each class weekly, incorporating body and vocal warm ups as well as simple songs from around the world.

Currambena is also privileged to have teachers who have had musical training. Interested students attend guitar and piano lessons from these teachers after school hours, without having to leave the safety of the school. Often, our children entertain the community with their musical skills at various gatherings such as school meetings, Currambena socials and cafes, and at the Children’s Voices for Reconciliation program at Lane Cove Plaza.

Music tends to be played in the classrooms and outside, too. There is a music room in the main building with a variety of musical instruments that children can choose from.


The major “performance” of each year is the Currambena concert, put on by the children for the parents and relatives.

The children play a major role in the design, production and direction of these performances.

It is a fabulous learning experience – with the process being as important as the end product.

Other minor productions occur during the year at various events.




In keeping with our philosophy, the school does not organise competitive sports days or events, either within the school or on an inter-school basis. However, the physical development of the child is integral to our education program and physical education activities are encouraged and arranged by each classroom teacher. Children contribute to the planning of the PE program and activities are undertaken at the school, at local parks and at annual camps for older children.

 Primary students usually swim at our local pool once a week in summer so it is very important that children are water-safe by 5 years of age. Children have the freedom to develop confidence and gross motor skills at their own pace using the facilities in the school grounds, including climbing the trees that are designated as safe.

 When team games such as soccer are played within school PE programs, the emphasis is on learning skills, fair play and having fun.

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