We are the oldest group at Currambena, Years 5 and 6, and we usually have 20 to 22 kids in our group aged between 9 and 12 years old.We learn all the usual subjects in the Primary school curriculum… and we do some extra things which are very important to us!



What We Do In Wendy’s Class

Here at Currambena we love personal interest projects. We choose a different topic each term. Your word limit goes up by 100 every term and if you’re in Year 6 your word minimum is 100 more to begin with. If you are doing your project with a partner, you have to double the word minimum. We use Prezi, Google docs, Powerpoint or posters to create our written PIP which we then present to the class at the end of term. Some recent topics include Shakespeare, Foo Fighters, Fast Foods, The Cat Family… and Non-Violence.  By Casey

If you are ten years old and in Wendy’s class then every Friday you can go up to the shops to get lunch. There are lots of agreements about going… walk safely, stay with your group, tell Wendy when you are leaving and when you return.  By Casey

The only reason you would have to take work home is when you haven’t completed something and you don’t want to do it in your free time. Otherwise there is no homework.  By Casey

The camps Wendy’s class go on are mostly long stay. On one of these camps it is three days. On another it is a week. They change from Little River and Canberra and then Jervis Bay for real camping in tents in Term 4. The kids really love these camps.     By Ewan

In Wendy’s class we have Buddies each week with Preschool. Our preschool children choose who they want as a Buddy and we have a special time each week to play with them. We also help them in the playground if they need it.

In our group we study a few different Languages at the moment. Our Language teacher supervises some and Wendy supervises others. We plan and run the small group lessons using internet and other resources. The languages include German, Polish, Afrikaans, Auslan and others.

We also have Self-Managed Learning time in our group where we choose what to work on depending on what we need. Everyone can do different things such as text books, working on PIPs, reading, playing games, drawing or anything else.

For PE we go swimming at Lane Cove pool in Term1 and Term 4. In the other terms we decide on sports or activities we want to do as a group. We have been rock climbing and trampolining and we have also done fitness activities at school.

We do a lot of fundraising for our sponsor child in Uganda and we participate in community events such as the Lane Cove Children’s Voices for Reconciliation.

Although we do not do exams here at Currambena, we do quite a bit of preparation for High School when we get to Year 6. We practise sitting exams and ruling margins and Wendy helps us make sure we feel confident that we know the things we’ll need for this transition. Currambena kids go to a wide range of High Schools including selective public schools, private high schools and local public high schools. Our ex-students usually love coming back to visit and telling us all about it!


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