Our group usually consists of about 20 children ranging in age from 10 to 12 years.

We do English, Maths, Science and Technology, Human Society in its Environment, Creative Arts and PE, Health, Personal Development… in other words, all the subjects that kids at other schools do.

What We Do In Wendy’s Class

Some things that are different about our group are:

  • We all do our own Personal Projects where we choose topics and conduct our own individual research into an area of interest to each of us. These are then presented to the group in different ways.
  • We go on some great camps, at least twice a year; the second one is usually a week long camp in tents with parent helpers and lots of fun.
  • Because we are the oldest kids in the school, we have a Buddy session with Preschool each week. Everyone who wants to, pairs up with a Preschool Buddy and we talk to and play with them each week.
  • Some of us are preparing to go to High School next year, so our teacher works with us, making sure we feel confident about what to expect when we get there and helping us to practice exam techniques for when we need them.
  • We participate in many community events such as Lane Cove Reconciliation Day, World Vision 40 Hour Famine, Clean-Up Australia Day, Jump Rope for Heart. We also sponsor a child in Uganda through World Vision and we hold regular fund-raising events for him.
  • When you turn ten in our group, you are allowed to go up to the shops in Lane Cove on Friday lunch time to buy lunch if you want to. We have to go in small groups and tell our teacher when we are leaving and when we return. We walk up, buy lunch and walk straight back. It is a privilege which carries a lot of responsibility and can be taken away if we are irresponsible in any way.
  • Like the other classes, we have Class Meeting each week and we participate in School Meeting each Friday. We make decisions and decide on consequences for inappropriate behaviour. The meetings decide on rules, or agreements for the class or school.
  • Each week we go out of the school for sport. During summer, we swim each week at Lane Cove Pool. In winter we use the oval at Pottery Green each week.
  • In our group, some of us choose to do homework, especially when we are older and getting ready to go to High School. Sometimes we will give ourselves homework to practice things we need to work on. If we do not complete our work during the day, we may take it home to finish it. We also often do Personal Projects at home, though there is time to do these at school if we want.
  • Each year, we write, rehearse and perform a play for our whole school concert. The whole class works on this together and we usually have great fun. It’s quite a production and we like to make our audience laugh.
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