Sarah’s class is made up of six to eight year olds. Here are some of the children’s thoughts about their class, some of the things they do and what they like about it.

In Sarah’s class the mornings usually start with a story, news or a whole class discussion. This time is also designated to teaching the planned literacy program.

After morning tea the children learn about numbers and new mathematical concepts are introduced. They also do silent reading where they have the opportunity to choose their own books within their level of ability.  This provides me with the chance to sit with those who may need more guidance.

The afternoon timetable is varied and involves craft; PE and a class meeting, each of these being held once a week. Additionally, at this time further attention can be given for individual learning and discovering of new information concerning specific topics of interest that arise throughout the term.

  • “I like "free Friday" it is terribly awesome! We get to chill out with our friends and stuff like that. Sometimes we have canteen and ice-blocks. Some Fridays we don't even have inside time. Our school has its own library and music room where we get to play musical instruments. Dog Radio on Fridays is always awesome. We dance and listen to dance music played by Wendy's class.”  Cameron
  • “My favourite days at Currambena would be Wednesdays and Fridays because on Wednesday in the morning we go to craft and it is totally awesome! We just get to build this cool stuff each time we go and every time i mostly do Balsa wood, silk screening, well, mostly everything. Fridays are "free Fridays" and I think that's great because we only get two inside times which ar school meeting and a morning session. My favourite room would definitely be the music room and I also like the work, it's cool! I hate holidays because i like school so much. Even though I'm in a new class this time i'm alreday peas in a pod with someone each day” Josh
  • “I like about Currambena when it's "free Friday" because we only have one inside time and I like the craft room, I mean the class room. I like it when we do easy worksheets and Maths, I like Maths and telling jokes!” Nicholas
  • “I like that you don't have to wear uniforms and that we have such nice teachers. I like the craft room and I like singing and that  you can go in after school care.” Kyla
  • “What I like about this school is, I like after school care and I like inside time and the fact that sometimes you can choose whatever you want to do and I like projects and I like singing” Xanthe
  • “I like it because it has "free Friday" which most schools don't have.” Mia
  • “I like EVERYTHING!!” Lucy
  • “I just like everything about Currambena. My favourite part is the work” Grace
  • “I like Sarah the best” Eloise
  • “I like the tree house. I like hula hooping and I like the top playground.” Scarlett
  • “I like my teacher Sarah, my friend Grace, the treehouse, spelling and doing projects” Alex
  • "I like how we don't have homework. We get more free time than other schools. We can climb trees and we can take our shoes off." Julia
  • "I like that there is free fun and craft and that we get to go to the swimming pool and the beach and excursions" Stanley
  • "I like how we don't have homework. We get more free time than other schools. We can climb trees and we can take our shoes off." Miranda
  • "I like CASP best because of the free food and bread time. There is no class or inside time in CASP." Liam
  • "Friday! The playgrounds are big and fun. We have our own library and grades share the classrooms" Tara
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