Our class is the first year of 'formal education'. We take on the challenges of reading writing, maths and learning to live in a community with all kinds of people.

The class does lots of other things too – going on excursions, cooking, science, caring for our Currambena creatures, going on bush walks, having tea ceremonies, and more…..

Here are some comments from the children which they think are important for new children to know when coming to Jess' class, and a bit about what they like -

  • “You need to know how to play and how to sort out problems.”
  • “You need to know how to write your name. You’ll start learning the alphabet, numbers and how to write.”
  • “You’ll need to know how to do things by yourself, but you’ll also learn this too.”
  • “You need to know the school rules.”
  • “You need to know how to behave when we are on the carpet or doing work so you and other people can learn.”
  • “You’ll start learning how to read!”
  • “There are class and school meetings. They can be long, but they are important.”
  • “You can make cool things in Craft.”
  • “You can make pack up time fun.”
  • “My favourite things are playing with my friends and when it’s my iPad day.”
  • “I like going up into the tree house.”
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