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Hello Currambena,

On Tuesday we had about 25 principals and senior administration staff visiting from a wide range of schools in Thailand. They were a gorgeous bunch with lots of questions about the school especially how our democracy works in a school environment.

Monday night after staff meeting we had  two hours of training in CPR. Our trainer Sinead was excellent.

School Parking- We have been getting mostly very positive feedback from parents. Lots of parents are for the first time enjoying being able to stop right outside the school and see their kids through the gate. It is now taking them around 5 minutes for drop off versus 20 minutes.


Art Café on the Deck Frid 22nd AugustRemember tomorrow  – it is  our wonderful art exhibition and Café.  We would also love people to bring a plate and if a couple of parents can come a little earlier to do the set-up for the café. This will contribute to maintenance hours. There will be a charge at the café.  All proceeds will be going to our new building project.

 Our Big Currambena Birthday celebration 45 years! Sat 6th September – please look out for more information in the newsletter and on posters around the school over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to be practising our songs! 

School phone – we are kindly requesting that you please remind your children that the school phone is not for organising afterschool play dates. 

Love Julianna

Happiness is not acquired: it does not consist in appearances. We each have to build it during every moment of our lives, working through our hearts.

-female elder in a Dogan village

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It has been wonderful to have some rain… and it was wonderful yesterday to have some dry weather too!
As always, we have been busy with a range of activities this week.

On Friday last week, many of the group were conscientiously ‘giving up’ something…. food, technology, speaking, furniture or a combination of these…. in order to raise money for World Vision’s work in Rwanda. The 40 Hour Famine booklet tells us that $40 can feed a family of 6 for one month… so please help the fund-raising effort by sponsoring some children!

This week we have had two speakers from aid organisations… Monique from World Vision spoke to us about Rwanda yesterday and on Tuesday my daughter, Anna, came to tell the group about UNICEF and their work in Myanmar and other places in the world. Since Anna is only in Sydney for three weeks, we were very lucky she was able to spare the time!

We have also been working well in our academic areas. In English, we have been reading aloud to the group, revising contractions, writing stories and persuasive texts and reading silently too. I Maths we are working on 2D shapes, especially types of triangles and constructions using protractors. Yusuf led a great session about angles in polygons yesterday… and convinced us we have almost no hope of winning a lottery… ever… by revising probability!

We have begun a Science unit which will include some chemistry experiments and some marine biology and we are completing art work for the ART CAFE THIS FRIDAY. There will be a gold coin donation asked for gallery entry and afternoon tea. Should be a fun afternoon! We are also writing songs for Miriam and some of these are going really well. Performances some time soon I hope!

Next week, we will be running the JUMP ROPE FOR HEART afternoon on Tuesday for PE for the school. Some of the group will demonstrate their skills and then there will be stations around the school for different skills practice and fun. PARENTS ARE WELCOME! Children can sign up  on line and sponsorship money goes to pay for the ropes and to support the Heart Foundation.
We also have the MS Readathon running at the moment! Sponsors required for that too!

And Darcy has his own fundraising event coming up on 12th September. More details soon!

As if all this wasn’t enough, we have CURRAMBENA’S 45TH BIRTHDAY PARTY ON SATURDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER! We are practising singing and I hope many of the children will be here on the day to sing at around 1 o’clock.

Thank you to the parents who have offered to drive us to Flipout! I have booked for Tuesday 9th September leaving school at 9:30 and returning by about 2pm. Drivers can jump too if they like at a cost of $14 for the two hour session. Children will need morning tea and lunch, a bottle water, comfortable clothing and socks.

We will also need drivers on Wednesday 17th September, in the last week of term because we have been invited to visit Kinma for the day. Kinma is the only other school like Currambena in Sydney and some of our Year 6 Students visited them earlier this year for their Friendship Seed Day. We will leave at 9:30 and spend the day with them at Terrey Hills. They will provide lunch for us and we’ll return to school by 3pm.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week! Love, Wendy

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School meeting 15/08/14
Chaired by Alice and Rhys from Blake’s Class
Soccer by Marley and Jonty.
Marley and Jonty asked whether they could book the basketball court from 12-1pm for a whole school game of soccer. The school voted that they could.
Nepal Stall by Chris
Chris price thanked the school for donating and purchasing items at the Nepal stall run by preschool. Preschool raised $271.70 for the Heartland school in Nepal.
Skipping Ropes by Bella
Bella reminded the school to return Wendy’s skipping ropes to her room not the PE shed.
40 hour famine by Lily
Lily would like to remind that the school that many students are starting the 40 famine to day. She asked the school to be respectful to the people things are giving up things and not to give them a hard time as they are raising money for a good cause.
Padlock by Sarah
Sara has found a padlock outside her classroom. If the padlock belongs to you could you please see Sarah after the meeting.
Art Café by Crafty Chris
Chris reminded the school about the upcoming art café and asked students to finish their works so they can be displayed.
Plastic Man by Louise
Louise told the school that Tim Silverwood from Take 3 would be showing a film and talking about the effect plastics are having on the Ocean.
Singing by Wendy
Wendy and Gus played guitar and lead the whole school in a sing-along of; The Currambena song, The Rainbow Snake and Rattling Bog.

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Hello Everyone,

The Art Café is on this Friday from 2-5pm. If your child does not attend on a Friday please do not let this deter you from attending, as everyone in the Currambena community is encouraged and very welcome to attend.  If you can support the art café by bringing in cakes, biscuits or slices it would be most appreciated.  There will be a charge at the café with funds raised on the afternoon going towards the new building. Prices are: $3.00 tea/coffee and a slice/biscuit/cake, $1.00 slice /biscuit only, $2.00 a piece of cake.

Our insect investigation with preschool children continues. Last week we asked the children what insects they were interested in learning more about and voted to see what was most popular. Worms, rhinoceros beetles, wasps and bees were amongst the best liked. We also discovered that we have many buddying entomologists that will be scaffolding their knowledge with others.

Stuthi’s mother Srividya conducted some science experiments at preschool this week. She showed us how different chemicals react with each other by making a volcano erupt using vinegar and bi carb soda, a bubble bomb and colour making using natural ingredients such as turmeric. The pre-schoolers were enthralled with these experiments. Thank you Srividya for sharing your science expertise with us.

In preparation for Currambena’s 45th Birthday celebrations we have been learning “The Currambena Song” at preschool. The words for this were published in last week’s newsletter if you want to sing it at home with your child!

Last Friday we joined Blake and Sue’s class in hearing from Tim (an environmentalist) about a campaign called “Take 3” The Champaign encourages people to pick up at least 3 pieces of litter when they are visiting public places such as parks and beaches to ensure they don’t end up going down drains and out to sea to cause damage and death to our sea life. It would be great if Currambena families showed their support in being sustainable by packing their child’s lunches in ”nude” lunch boxes and reduced the amount of packaging that they use. You can save heaps of money and packaging by buying popular lunch box items like rice crackers in large packets instead of small individual ones and avoid the use of plastic lunch bags and plastic wrap that take many years to biodegrade and could potentially end up causing devastation to our sea life. We had a number of pre-schoolers return to preschool straight after the talk to draw pictures and write stories about how we can look after our sea life and reuse and reduce litter.


Katrina, Chris & Michael

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Hello Currambena community
Tomorrow from 2-5pm we are having an Art Café. The School will be set up like a gallery displaying the children’s works and coffee and cake will be available for a donation. All money raised will go towards the Currambena building fund. If you would like to help with the Cafe or donate some baking please talk to Juliana.
During this wet week the Indians and the Diamonds have been creating comics for their projects. Initially we looked at how cartoon characters are drawn (with Tammy) then we looked at the way comic books are laid. We created our own comics then took them down to preschool and read them to the preschool staff and students.
We were unable to play Hockey this week due to the weather so we made up some passing games and played them inside.
Last Friday Tim Silverwood from Take 3 gave a presentation about the effect plastics are having on the ocean and environment. The children were very engaged and asked lots of intelligent questions.
In Maths this week the Indians have continued to work on area and are now very good at measuring the area of things, we are also reviewing numbers 11-50 . In English we have been looking at antonyms as well as the usual reading writing and editing.
In English the Diamonds have finished the alphabet and will be having a party to celebrate on Friday the 29/08 (next Friday). They have also been doing their usual routine of reading and story writing. In Maths they have been exploring area through lots of fun activities, reviewing subtraction and playing games.
From Blake, Sue and Nicola.

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What a wet, wet week!!!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone that made it to our “Story Reading” afternoon last Thursday. As you may have gleamed the children were extremely excited to have you in our class room and share their ‘creative’ efforts. It was a big event for us all so to have the audience we did was most important to them.

Due to the weather, we didn’t make it to Lane Cove Library on Monday but John (librarian) kindly renewed all the children’s books for another 3 weeks! Also on Monday, we had a discussion about “Rock and Water” and shared experiences of the different activities we have done, so far. The children’s response to what they thought it was all about was spot on: teamwork and working together, problem solving, feeling powerful, supporting each other, listening, being mindful and calm, self restraint and control and challenging ourselves, with our minds and bodies. We then talked about the importance of ‘giving a compliment’ and how it makes you feel to get nice feedback from someone. So, I set the children the task of writing to someone in the class and thinking of something nice to say. They then shared their response with that person. It proved to be quite a challenge for some to think about someone that isn’t in their friendship group.

Our excursion to Kimbriki and North Narrabeen beach on Tuesday was an “adventure”. The weather was wet and wild but it didn’t dampen the experience we had. If you haven’t been to Kimbriki (in Terry Hills) it’s well worth a visit. It is an amazing educational resource centre on the topic: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We had a tour around the site and looked at all the materials brought in to be recycled or reused. We saw how plastic is processed and visited the Eco Garden (in between down pours). Peter Rutherford who supervises this area spoke to us about the importance of us all becoming Ecologists and “taking care of everywhere I go”. We then ventured down to the beach and were surprised to NOT find very much rubbish to collect but what we did we placed in the correct rubbish bins at the top of the beach. The children had a run and a play, until……. downpour!! It was then time to come back to school anyway. All in all it was a very successful day to coincide with our topic on “plastics”.

In Maths at the moment we have moved on from measuring length and are now measuring perimeter, next it will be area!

Bakers Needed for Cafe: Don’t forget that this Friday is the art exhibition/café so we will be needing cakes/biscuits/slices for this event. We will be asking for a gold coin donation for tea/coffee etc. etc which will go towards the building fund. The children will be selecting 1 piece of artwork for the main exhibition space (in Sue’s room) and then each classroom will be open for viewing with other artwork the children would like to have on display.

Thank you to Robyn for coming in and doing reading last Friday.

Next week on Tuesday we will be doing “hockey” for PE with Susan (Matthew’s mum). For this, the children will need “runners” or “sneakers” a water bottle and hat. On the Thursday and Friday I will be away on a course and Tammy will be here with the children.

That’s all for this week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love, Sarah.




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Hi Everyone,

We have had another busy time since the last newsletter. On Friday we had Tim from Take 3 come in and do a presentation and workshop all about plastic in our oceans. The main idea behind it is we should all try to take 3 pieces of litter we find in public places and put them in the bin. This prevents them ending up in the ocean. Despite it being on a Friday, the children seemed to get a lot from the incursion. Also on Friday, Chris had organised for lots of artists to come in and help the children finish off a lot of pieces of art work that have been started over the last few weeks; silicone moulds, plaster casts, jewellery, sculptures and spray painting.

On Tuesday this week we went on an excursion to Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. We had a tour of the site and saw lots of things that had been brought to Kimbriki to be recycled or shredded and put into a landfill. It was interesting seeing the quantities of materials that were there, listening to how they are processed and realising that so much ‘waste’ can be reused or turned into something else. We also visited the Eco-garden there. We learnt all about worms and their role in creating soil – natural recyclers, how putting food waste into the bin causes lots of problems in landfills and our responsibility in looking after our planet and everywhere we go. It was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. We followed that by a trip to North Narrabeen beach where we had our lunch, dodged the rain showers and had a wild run and play in the sand. Kimbriki do free gardening workshops on some Sundays and I have some flyers about that. If you are interested, please ask me for one.

In English, we have started working on persuasive writing with the end goal to write a letter asking for a ban or levy on plastic bags. In maths we have moved on to finding perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes.

The art cafe is tomorrow. There will be the official exhibition space up in Sue’s room where each child will have chosen 1 piece of art to exhibit in there. All other art work that they have done this term will be displayed in the different classrooms with other similar art work. The cafe is from 2pm til 5pm. If you can, please bake some sweet treats that can be sold to raise money for the school building project. Prices will be as follows:

$3.00 for tea/coffee and a slice/biscuit/cake, $1.00 slice for biscuit only and $2.00 for a piece of cake.

We are going on an excursion to Flip Out in Brookvale for sport on Thursday 11th September leaving school at 9.30am. We need drivers to take us so please sign up of the classroom door if you are able to volunteer. You will also be able to bounce for $10 if you’d like to!

Jump Rope For Heart is next Tuesday so there is a few more days for the children to collect sponsorship. As the 40 hour famine is now over, please make sure your child brings back their sponsor book and all the money they have collected and give it to Wendy.

That’s all for now.

Love Louise



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