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Hello Currambena,

My office location last week was fabulous! Jervis Bay is such a special place. The camp was very good and the whole team kids, parents and Wendy were a joy to be with.

A big thank-you to Mikee, Tracy and Shai for running a very efficient office while I was away. Having you three gorgeous people there left me with no worries and  so able to put all my energies to helping with the Jervis camp.

Thank-you all, for another great year at Currambena- all the teachers, Mikee, Tracy, Karen, CASP staff, the Build Team, and to all the kids and parents who are so much part of running the school and helping me with the myriads of things that need to be done from the office.

The last thank-you is to our School Council. We have a fabulous team of people who set the tone to an incredibly supportive and highly functional community. Your support is invaluable to the smooth running of my job in the office; thank-you again.


FRID 12th DEC Maintenance hours –last day to write in the book

Portrait & class photos are now ready and sitting in a blue basket on the desk in the office. Please remember to come and pick them up. The digital copies will be emailed out shortly.

Last Newsletter - this is it for 2014. There will be no newsletter next week on the last day.

SERIOUS CONCERN- please remember to phone and follow up with a phone call if you wish to have your child picked up from school or CASP  by someone who is not nominated on your signed permission form. For very obvious reason we cannot release a child until we have that permission. If you FORGET, this creates possible unpleasantness and chasing you down to confirm that the pick-up is OK is very time consuming and frustrating for the staff.

Love Julianna

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Hi Everyone,

This is the final newsletter of the year and what a year it has been! I think this has to be the fastest a year has ever passed!

This week we have been presenting projects and they have been brilliant. Each time the bar is raised and there is evidence of improvement and a real desire to do the best project they can. This term we have had Prezis, books written, posters and even a documentary. The projects are a wonderful way for the children to develop their skills such as: organisation, time management, internet research skills, paraphrasing, visual representation of understanding, oral presentation skills, audience engagement and autonomy. It is great to see the progress along this journey during their time in this class.

We are continuing to write our task for Hercules. We are snatching pockets of time here and there to work on it but making good progress. Considering the time of year, the children are working very hard on it and doing some excellent writing. Hopefully each child will have a mini-book finished by the end of the year.

We planned to have The Big Day Out at Tambourine Bay tomorrow. The weather is not looking good so we will be making a decision today as to whether we will go ahead. If we do please make sure your child is wearing sunscreen, brings morning tea, has swimmers on, brings a towel, hat and water bottle and wears suitable footwear for walking down through the bush. The track is likely to be slippery and muddy so sandshoes may be best. There is going to be a sausage sizzle for lunch. If we don’t go, there will still be a sausage sizzle at school.

Kris Kringle presents will be swapped on Wednesday 17th December. Please spend around $10 on your child’s gift for their person and they can be brought into school from now on.

We are still planning to go to Chinaman’s Beach on the last Thursday of term. I have a sign up sheet for drivers needed on the door. Please sign up if you are able to. This will be our class end of year party. If the weather is not going to be good, we will abort this plan and do a class based party instead- I’ll make a decision the day before.

After some concerns about the safety of making 2 minute noodles in school, we have decided that the making of noodles will no longer be allowed at school. Noodles will need to be prepared at home and brought to school in a thermos.

As this is the last newsletter of the year, I would like to thank all the parents for their help and support this year. Many of you have helped out by driving us places and supervising on excursions which is really appreciated. I would also like to thank Abby again for her input into the project Plastics in term 3. This class have been wonderful and it has been a privilege to teach your beautiful children. I am truly grateful to be a part of this school and community. Thank you for your part in making it what it is.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that you have excellent summer holidays with lots of well-deserved rest.

Lots of love, Louise



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This is the provisional program and running order. Please let me know if any details are wrong. Each item is quite short and the show will run without an interval. Audience must be seated by 10am. Performers should let Wendy know when they arrive at school that morning. Guitar players must bring guitars to Wendy for tuning by 9am.

1.Wendy’s guitar group… four songs
The Earth is our Mother
On Top of Spaghetti
Jamaica Farewell
Rock an’ Roll Music
2. Gillian (violin) Plesiosaurus
3. Phillip (piano) Pop goes the Weasel
4. Kamu (piano) When the Saints Go Marching In
5. Tess (singing) Six White Boomers
6. Alice (piano) Jungle
7. Michael’s Guitar Group
8. Bella (piano) Hiawatha
9. Rosie (piano) Ode to Joy
10. Tara (piano) Waltz Time
11. Hubert (guitar)
12. Finn (piano) French Lullaby
13. Liam (piano) Row, Row Row your Boat
14. Phillip G-M A Magic Trick
15. Alba (piano) Get Away
16. Annabelle (singing)
17. Heloise (piano) Let it Go!
18. Michael and Gus (guitar)

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Well, it was not the wettest but certainly the stormiest camp at Jervis Bay that I have ever experienced! We did have clear, fine mornings and it was warm but we had some serious rain… every night! Still, you can’t have resilient children without providing some challenges and all of the children coped fantastically. I feel very proud of them all. Thank you so very much to all the parents who helped in any way, from shopping, cooking or checking gear to coming along and camping with us! All the help was greatly appreciated.
I still have some unclaimed gear… camping chairs, cutlery and the odd sock or two. I also have some cleaning and sorting jobs still needing to be done so if you have time and energy for that, please ask me about it. Thanks to those who have been doing these jobs already.
(Unfortunately, some nits managed to migrate to some new heads during camp… please check and treat asap!)
The school has some camping gear which we need to give away too… two small blue Eskis, assorted tents and a Lilo with pump. If you or anyone you know would like any of it, please speak to me asap.

This week we are trying desperately to complete all the PIP presentations which are going very well. We are also completing revision pages in text books and tying up a few loose ends in academic areas.

I had a thoroughly delightful morning with the new class for 2015 on Tuesday morning. I feel sure we’re going to have a great time together next year. Many thanks to Shai who came in and worked with the Year 6 group for that morning, talking with them about their expectations of High School.

Today we had Chloe visiting for the morning and Josh for the day… ‘Slaves’ are very welcome at this time of the year when there is so much sorting and cleaning to be done! Most days are fine, with notice of course, but not the very last day, next Thursday 18th, because it’s good to have the group on its own for our final farewell to our Year 6 Leavers.

The week ahead is going to be busy! On Friday this week we have another Big Day Out at Tambourine Bay (weather permitting). There will be a sausage sizzle for lunch and a water slide again along with other activities. Fran’s school, Jarjum, will be joining us there and we’ll have School Meeting some time during the day. Please remind children to bring morning tea and shoes for the walk there. I will let the children walk up to the shops today, Thursday, to buy lunch (since we won’t be able to do this on Friday) but text book pages and folders will need to be done first.

On Monday is our in-house concert at 10am. See elsewhere in this Newsletter for the program. Children must bring their music/instrument and can come and practise before school on the keyboard if they wish. Should be fun.

Over the next week, there will be many things to take home so please make sure your children bring bags each day. The portfolios will also come home on the last day and will contain my end-of-year letter to each of the children. Make sure you read it with them….and keep it safe.
On the last day of term, we will have our Kris Kringle gift giving, Presents around $10 would be great. They should have the recipient’s name clearly on the outside of the wrapping please.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the “My Time at Currambena” pieces in the Newsletters this term. Today’s is from Marcus… and since it’s the last Newsletter for the year today, I want to wish our Year 6 Leavers all the very best for High School and thank them and their families for their contributions to Currambena over the years. They will all be missed! We hope they will stay in touch and visit us regularly.

Have a great week and a safe and relaxing holiday. Take care!
Love, Wendy

PS A friend of mine is moving to Sydney in January and is looking for a room or granny flat to rent somewhere near public transport. If you have a room to rent or know someone who does, could you please let me know? Thanks!

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Hello Everyone,

This is our last newsletter for the year. Which leads to the question. “Where has this year gone?” The last day of preschool and of school for everyone is next Thursday 18th December.  For those of you returning to preschool in 2015 our first day back will be Wednesday 28th January 2015 as it will be for those children commencing in Sue’s class.

This week has been busy for everyone as we welcomed the new children commencing preschool in 2015 to preschool during with our 3 orientation mornings. We also had the children moving on to Sue and Blake’s spend two mornings in their class. It was wonderful to see all the children excited and full of joyful stories regarding their visits on their return. Everyone was so excited to relay to us what he or she had been doing!

Over the last week we have continued to spent time talking to the children about the changes to preschool in 2015. Who is moving, who is staying and who will be joining preschool and how they are feeling about these changes. In group time we have been asking the children what they feel is important the new preschool children know about preschool. We have also spent time discussing what we have learnt about each other during our time in preschool together. Children have also been sharing interesting facts about themselves and then posing questions to each other to find out more information about each other. In craft we have been mapping the school, making two giant maps that we will be displaying and discussing with the new children during term 1 of 2015.

We have continued on with project work on space. Children have been given the opportunity to engage in experiences relating to Aboriginal astronomy, learning about how Aboriginals use to stars to find out when an Emu lays an egg and when sharks are in water they may wish to swim in.

This Friday is a “Whole School” big day out. If your child is enrolled and attends on a Friday they will need to be dropped off at Tambourine Bay Reserve and picked up from there at the end of the day.  Please pack a change of clothes, raincoats and or umbrellas. We will again be having a slip and slide so please pack your child’s swimmers, rashies, towels and hats and apply sunscreen if they wish to participate as we are sure most will want to.  We will be cooking a sausage sizzle so they won’t need lunch but please pack snacks and a water bottle for your child. Due to the dicey weather conditions we will contact all families in preschool Friday morning by email or mobile to let them know if we need to cancel the event. If it is cancelled it wil be a normal Friday at preschool.

For those of you that have children commencing in Sue’s class next year the parent information evening will be held next Monday 15th December at 6:00pm. To those of you leaving Currambena at the end of the year we wish you all the best, you will be missed!  Lastly to everyone we wish you a relaxing peaceful break.


Katrina, Chris and Michael.

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Dear Currambena Community
We would like to thank you for all the help you have given us this year in the pool, playground and classroom. It has been a pleasure teaching your children we are very pleased with all that they have achieved.
After much discussion the Currambena staff has decided that we are no longer willing to help children cook 2minute noodles at school. Children may still bring 2minute noodle but they must be precooked in a thermos.
On Monday afternoon we continued work on our projects about animals around Lane Cove. The children are researching and recording information about to the: species, size, habitat, diet, sex and actions of their chosen animals. The children came up with above list of information they wanted to know about their animals and are really interested in finding out the answers. We will finish these projects next week.
On Tuesday we had Orientation morning, where all the children spent the morning in the class they will be in next year. It was lovely working with the Quinkins and I am really looking forward to teaching them. Sue also had a fun morning on Tuesday and can’t wait to get started with her new class. Both Sue and I would like to thank the children who will be elders in our class next year. You all did an amazing job and demonstrated excellent leadership skills.
Tuesday afternoon was our last swimming session and it went really well. The children have made so much progress not only in the pool but in terms of road safety on the walk up as well. Thank you Jess (Alice’s mum) for coming along to help out.
This afternoon we are having our last class meeting and it is important to note how far the Indians and Quinkins have come in managing this integral part of Currambena democracy. Sue and I can now take a back seat and let the children run the meetings independently.
The Quinkins –  It has been a very busy week with two days of orientation which went very well. Our ‘elders’ did a fabulous job of showing the new children all the areas of our class and imparting valuable class lore. We have begun making a book on our interests and the things we don’t like (the children’s idea!). We took some photos of each child for the book as well.

We have some profiles on the wall near the kitchen that the children in preschool have done so we can start getting to know them. We have all done a self-portrait after discussing our feelings about next year (the new children to the class) and the year we have completed (this year’s children). They are up on the wall near the easel and the teachers’ chair. Some of this year’s children’s portraits have been put into their journals. I am in the process of finishing off the journals of the children going to Blake’s class. Please look out for them in your child’s locker or bag.

We have written thank you letters to Bronwen who has come to do reading and other varied help in our classes on a Friday. We have loved working with Bronwen. She has the knack of always being peaceful, happy and interested in each child.

We are going to make a thank you card for the cleaners and the lollipop lady next week.

We have also been revising number writing, doing assessments and talking about groups in Maths.

Thank you to everyone for trusting me with your unique and precious children, some of whom I have learnt, played and grown with for three years. Next year is going to be very exciting as we form a new group together and also working with Blake’s class for lots of the week will be wonderful.

Thank you to all the parents, teachers and others in the community who have offered support in my first year of primary teaching.

Thank you Blake and Nicola!! I have really loved working with you.

Goodbye to Amit and family. I hope your next adventure in life is happy, interesting and goes very well.

Thanks to everyone for washing and doing maintenance. Thanks to Lucas, Loreto and family for looking after the leaf insects in the holidays.

Happy holidays everyone!


The Indians - This week we have continued to look at shapes In Mathematics. On Monday we learnt about parallel, vertical and horizontal lines. On Tuesday we learnt about the proper names for 3d shapes and practiced drawing and making them out of plasticine. On Wednesday we learnt about the various faces and surfaces of 3d shapes (with Tammy). Today we are going to build slides and find out which shapes slide and which shapes roll.

In English we have completed our term four writing samples which show just how far we have come since term one. We all chose readers on Monday and practiced reading independently then discussing what we have read. We are also all working individually on our spelling lists, story typing and editing. The children’s typed story book will be ready to take home at the end of the term. I have guided the children in the creation of these stories and the editing process. The stories within this book are not perfect but accurately reflect your child’s ability to write, edit and type a story and they are very proud of them.


Have great Holiday
From Blake Sue and Nicola

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Thanks to everyone for weekend chicken care this year. There is still someone needed for this weekend so please put your name on the roster on our class door if you can do it or email me.

Huge thanks to John and the coop building team for the new coop this year. It works so well and is so easy to clean.

We still need people to look after the chickens in the holidays. As I have a chicken coop and a chicken at my house now I am able to take one or two of the chickens. (I want to treat the big old brown girl’s legs during the holidays). They can be split up into any configuration. All you need is somewhere secure for them to sleep at night, and somewhere to scratch about in during the day. A dustbin on its side with some straw makes a good nest box for laying eggs in. We have food and straw at school.

Please see me or email me if you’d like to look after some or all of the chickens.

Happy holidays!



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Term 4 week 9 Friday 5th of December 2015 Chaired by Gillian and Heidi from Sarah’s class

  • Videoing by Chris: Chris wanted to know if she could film school meeting to show Nepal again. The vote was yes.
  • Wallet by Claudia and Lexi: Claudia and Lexi found a wallet and wanted to know whose it was. Hubert of Blake’s class claimed it.
  • Ice blocks by Stanley: Stanley told the school that since Wendy’s class are on camp Louise’s are going to sell ice blocks for the day.
  • Presentation by Sue’s class: Sue’s class wanted to thank Sue for nurturing and teaching them, for such a lovely year. To say thank you they gave her a yearbook.
  • Visitor by Chris: Chris has been in touch with a lady in Brisbane who is studying democratic schools. Chris wanted to know if she could come over in February. The vote was yes.
  • Lost property by Heidi: Heidi reminded us all to please write names on our clothes and to check the lost property regularly.

Meeting adjourned, preschoolers first.

Written by Kyla and Camila.

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Dear Parents,

The Final Post!!

We had a lovely orientation morning on Tuesday. The elders welcomed the new children with open arms. It is set to be another wonderful group next year. The children are all doing brilliantly at presenting their projects to the class. With the majority using Prezi this term, we have had a visual feast of topics presented to us. To name a few: “Fairies”, “Leonardo Da Vinci”, “Sugar”, “Looney Tunes”, “Colour”, “Countries Around the World”, “Glass” and ”The Bermuda Triangle”. Choosing to present their projects through this program has boosted skills and confidence in the use of technology. This has been so great to see.

This Friday is “The Big Day Out” at Tambourine Bay, however, due to the unpredictable and wild weather we have been experiencing lately, we are going to make a call on Thursday, as to whether it will be safe to go or not. In the case that we do, the children will need to have the usual: walking shoes, swimmers/towels (for the water slide), lunch, morning tea, hat and sunscreen. Fran and the children from Jarjum will also be joining us.

Next week:

  • There will be a musical concert on Monday morning at 10am. Children who have been learning to play an instrument will perform a piece, in front of the school. All are welcome!
  • On Tuesday, for swimming, we will be practicing safety skills in the water and the children will be getting into the water in their clothes. They will be practicing ‘rescues’ with a device, treading water, moving through the water and back floating. Additional to their swimmers, they will need a change of clothes. Also, as this will be our last lesson for the year, the children voted they would like to buy an ice cream after swimming. They will need between $2 – $4 to do this.
  • On Wednesday, we will start the arduous task of clean-up!
  • On our last day, Thursday, the children voted to go to the beach (weather permitting) and Chinaman’s Beach was their choice. However, we will need drivers to get us there and back. If you are free this day, from 11:00am to 2:30pm please let me know. Failing this we will just stay at school and watch a movie! In the afternoon, we will share our Kris Kringle presents with each other and I will also be handing out the children’s portfolios for the year.

A couple of reminders:

  • The toilet in the main building is for adults only. Children may use the toilets in Sue’s room, the playground and preschool.
  • Quite a few children are bringing packets of 2 minute noodles to school and needing them to be heated. This requires supervision, and the teachers are not always available to do this. So we ask that they are cooked prior to coming to school and could be brought in a thermos. Your cooperation with this would be appreciated.
  • If your child will be away on holiday for more than 3 days, you need to fill out a form. Please see Julianna for this, prior to you leaving.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It really doesn’t seem that long ago when I was welcoming you all into the class and now, it’s goodbye! This has been a fabulous group of children to teach and each and every day I feel so blessed to be a part of the their lives. Success, development and growth is not possible without support, encouragement and guidance. So a massive, “thank you” to each and everyone of you for all the ways in which you have supported me and the children throughout this year. I look forward to seeing the families whose children will be elders with me next year and hope to see the rest of you ……..around! Lastly, an additional “thank you” to all the teachers, Julianna, Ruth and Nicola for a fabulous year!!!

School resumes on Wednesday, 28th January.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Love, Sarah


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