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Hello Community,

Many thanks to all those wonderful parents who organised and ran our whole school BBQ on Friday night.

Thank you for the great turnout for our AGM meeting. It was a very robust meeting and has given us much to think about. I am sure you have all read Rachel’s email to the community so please stay turned for further information.

Thank-you to our build team for being available to interested parents and kids for questions and discussion and for bringing in the wonderful model of our new classroom.


Term 2 SocialFriday 1st of July. Last day of Term 3-7pm. We will have more information in a couple of weeks.

School Fees are due today 26th May

Love Julianna

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Hello Everyone,

Our astronomy unit has continued in preschool this week as all our preschool families will know due to our daily updates in story park. Through these experiences we are not only providing opportunities for children to learn about physics we are also fostering children’s interest and ability in literacy, drawing and writing as well as providing children with the opportunity to come together as a whole group and smaller groups. Group work is a valuable experience for children as they learn they are an interdependent member of a community. “In fact, socialisation gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles. They are our building blocks.” (Warren Farrell)

In craft last week the children had the opportunity to make Beanie Boo houses and furniture as an extension of children’s ongoing interest in them. We have also provided group time experiences based on beanie boos involving discussions, mathematical and fine motor skills. There has been children that have continued to show great interest in making pets, especially dogs so they continued this interest in craft by making kennels. Currently children are making dogs out of egg cartons so please bring them to preschool if you have any empty ones.

I have been off sick with bronchitis this week. During my absence Stephanie has come in to play. Michael is leaving on Friday to attend a democratic school conference in Finland for the next couple of weeks. As many of you will already know Finland is at the forefront of education since implementing huge educational reforms 40 years ago. Michael will be visiting schools and preschools with Sue. We can’t wait for him to share what he has learnt from this trip when he returns. Stephanie will be with us on Friday and then for the following two weeks we will have a new teacher called “Kate” join us. Kate was to start with us earlier in the year though had to postpone her start date due to illness with a family member.

We are still in need of A4 paper that has been used on one side for our writing/drawing area in preschool. If anyone has access to a supply of this please bring it in. We also have a huge amount of items in our lost property collection so please take a look to see if any items belong to your child.

Thank you to Kiyanush for the donation of the toy “Dyson” vacuum cleaner. This is a popular addition to our home corner area. Thank you to everyone that has taken preschool washing home and laundered it.


Katrina, Chris and Michael


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Hello Everyone

We had a gorgeous music session with Peter Morgan, singing, dancing, acting and playing instruments. We learnt about Maori culture, learnt to say ‘hello’ in a variety of languages through song and were spellbound by Peter’s beautiful voice, enthusiasm and charm for an hour.

We also chaired School Meeting together, Hannah and Maya did it last week. Wendy’s class will do tomorrow as both Marius and Sue will be away, and then Marius will do it next week. Who will chair the meeting is still to be decided.

The Gilden Ninjas

In science with The Beanie Boos this week we learnt how the planets were formed – the dust planets and the gas planets. Earth is a dust planet formed by molecules of dust bumping and clumping together to form grains of sand, pebbles, boulders, rocks and then mountains. We pretended we were molecules and made a people planet by bumping and clumping and sticking together. It was a bit of a volatile and unstable planet prone to falling over and erupting with laughter if not lava.

This week we have been talking about the parts of our bodies, following up on an interest last week.

We have also talked about ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feelings in play with others, using the puppets to model play scenarios. We talked about how important it was ‘ to listen to your scary feelings’ (in the words of one child), as they can keep you safe when you’re not ready to do something or you’re not happy with a game. We also talked about how people also needed to listen and respect a friend who was saying ‘No’ to something. We all agreed ‘No means no and you have to stop’. You also have to not pressure someone who is saying ‘No’.

In Maths we have learnt about position in space geometry by playing lots of games and getting our bodies inside, between, next to, under, on top and outside things. We have also played games to learn which side is right and which is left.

We are doing ‘S’ this week – if we get time today!

In cooking we have been making quiches, rolling, cutting, counting, selecting our own customised ingredients and identifying our quiche with a pastry letter.

“Inside time in the bush” was beautiful. We decided to try to get to The Scary Tunnel, but didn’t quite make it there as we ran out of time. We are planning to leave on the dot of 9.30am next time and try to get there. We walked through beautiful ferns, trees and dappled shade. We identified moss, lichen and climbed rocks. We shared mandarins for morning tea while we heard people’s news. Did you know mandarins can sometimes be shared equally (when they have ten segments) but sometimes not as they can have nine or eleven segments?

I am off to Finland with Michael tomorrow!! My eyes, ears, heart and brain are tuned to absorb mode.  I will try to post things to the Currambena Facebook group.

Tammy is all ready to take over on Friday. She will be with us for two weeks until I get back on 14th June. The children are looking forward to Tammy’s time with them immensely. If your child is absent please email Nicola –

Thanks to Susan Hunt for looking after everyone so well yesterday, playing lots of games and helping build that fantastic tunnel fort!!

Please check your child’s hair on a regular basis. Head lice are still present.



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Hi everybody.

This year is speeding past so very fast! Week 5 already!

Our group was delighted with the Jump Rope Event last Friday. The weather was lovely and everyone seemed to be having heaps of fun, learning or practising new skills and getting some very high quality exercise. The healthy snacks and the water hydration station were much enjoyed as well! The team leaders are very pleased with the fundraising associated with the event so THANK YOU to those who have donated money to the Heart Foundation.

This week our special event is the Lane Cove Children’s Voices for Reconciliation event in the Plaza this morning. We have Scarlett and Kyla making speeches and the group is singing “Black Fella, White Fella” complete with guitars, percussion and harmonies! Should be fun!

We have been focusing on comprehension skills in English, making sure written answers are in full sentences and actually answer the question precisely. We have also been working on persuasive uses of language and some of us are becoming very skilled! We had a fabulous debate on Tuesday with our student teacher, Kiko, with the topic “That the voting age should be lowered to 10″! Some excellent arguments were presented on both sides!

In Maths, we are continuing our work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. along with revising and consolidating times tables memory.

PIPS are due on 10th June which a couple of weeks away.

Next week begins round 2 of PE for the term. Thank you so much to Ben for coming along to soccer each week and also to Susan who fixed the sprint ladder and came along last week and basically ran the PE session! Much appreciated! I can really see improvements in everyone’s skills over the four weeks.

It was lovely to see so many people enjoying the BBQ on Friday night last week before the AGM. Some very strong opinions emerged at the AGM itself and the election was postponed. It is sometimes difficult to know if the information you have is complete or even correct and in a large meeting like that, the democratic process which allows everyone a say can sometimes result in confusion and misunderstanding. Through it all, however, our first concerns are the welfare of the children and the on-going health of Currambena.

As I write the guitarists are practising and the room is buzzing with energy and excitement. Wish us luck for our performance this morning!

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Well, what a sad and upsetting week we all had last week. Not only did we bury our furry friend Greyster on Tuesday but our other beloved pet, Pepper, passed away on Thursday night. It was a shock for us all and we had expected to enjoy her company for quite a while longer. We buried her and had a ceremony on Tuesday where some poems were read and some thoughts shared. It was peaceful and respectful and the children handled themselves with maturity. We are now thinking about how lucky we were to have them in our lives and how lucky they were to have so many of us in their lives. It has been admirable to see how the children have supported each other and me through this very sad time. They have shown themselves to be highly compassionate, open and accepting individuals. How lucky we are to have such wonderful children in our school. Personally, I would like to thank those parents who supported me through the past two weeks. Your care, kindness and support made a big difference to me and I very much appreciate all of your actions.

Last Thursday we had Peter Morgan visit the school. He is a Maori man and he shared with us many aspects of traditional Maori life. There was singing, guitar, storytelling, face painting, role play, factual information along with some dressing up. We learnt a lot from him. Thank you Peter!

This week in maths we have moved on to division. We are looking at various different written strategies for dividing. We have discussed at length how knowing your times tables is the best tool for being good at division. The times table learning is still continuing. In English we read the story of The Mermaids and then we watched the animation of the story. The children then answered some tricky comprehension questions which linked the animation with Aboriginal culture. Our grammar focus this week was on the suffix -tion and how those letters say ‘shun’. We also looked at adjectives.

We are accompanying Wendy’s class to Voices for Reconciliation this morning up at the Plaza. Hopefully it will stay dry and we will be outside for it.

We are going to the Sydney Observatory for a workshop on dreamtime stories next Thursday. THANK YOU so much to those parents who have signed up on the classroom door to offer to drop us off and pick us up. We won’t be out of school for the whole day but please make sure your child brings a water bottle and some snacky food that they can bring with them. We will probably enjoy some play time outside after the workshop so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

It’s our turn at Lane Cove Library on Monday so this is just a reminder to bring in books for returning.

That’s all for this week.

Love Louise


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Hi Everybody!

Last Thursday, we had a fabulous time singing and dancing with Peter Morgan. He told us the meaning behind Maori tattoos and using face paint showed us some of the patterns. He brought with him a miniature model of a Maori boat, large enough for 3 of our smaller children to ride in and pretend they were paddling their way to land. Some girls donned traditional Maori dress and danced. Overall, it was a joyful way of learning about the Maori culture.

The children have started making their persuasive “Save Energy” posters and we hope to have them displayed on the front fence by the end of this week! Also last week, we had “Jump Rope for Heart”. Friday the playground was a buzz with skippers!! Children and Teachers, all jumping and skipping, practicing different skills and mastering already developed ones. Such a fabulous day! Thank you to Wendy’s class for organising this event.

This week, the children are completing their plan for their Dreamtime story and some are writing their first draft. In Maths, we looked at multiplying numbers with 0, 1, 10 and 100 and played a game that involved practicing multiplication by 2′s, 3′s, 5′s and 10′s. We also did reading in groups. On Thursday, as part of our Indigenous studies, we went up to Lane Cove Plaza to be part of Voices For Reconciliation.

The class had a vote to go on an outing to Tambourine Bay this term. Which we will do closer to the end of the term.

That’s all for this week!

Love, Sarah.

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