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Hello Currambena,

A Big Thank-you – to the very few trusty people who come to our maintenance day on Sunday. It is a locked in maintenance day the Sunday before school starts at the beginning of each term. As you can imagine with all our lovely trees the place does collect a lot of debri over the school break. We really do need a least a dozen people to help with this clean-up so our kids start back to a clean tidy school!

Thank-you to the community for allowing us to have our staff reflection day on Monday. All of us felt it was really worthwhile. Most of our day was spent reflecting and discussing with each on the last 6 months of challenges and highs in the classrooms and the school in general and how we are moving forward. We also spent time looking at building concepts and  recapping on conflict resolution strategies- something we can never stop learning, refining and searching for better lines of communication.

Afternoon café Friday 25th July – come and join the discussion around an underground classroom with playground on top! How on earth is that going to work? Come and see.


FEES- When you are paying the school fees which are due on 7th August please use your child’s surname as the reference. If you have not received an invoice please let me know now!

INFORMATION - parked cars over our Currambena driveway will be photographed and reported to the RTA. It is an offence to park across any driveway.

Parent responsibilities “It is my responsibility to read the guidelines and policies, the newsletter and notices in order to keep up with the school requirements and events”This is part of your enrolment agreement. I do get ever so slightly frustrated when someone tells me that they did not know the school fee due date, or when maintenance hours were due in the book or have not informed us that your emergency details have changed or ……..

Love Julianna

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Thanks to Simone, Leo and family for looking after all the chickens for the holidays.

Thanks to John for building a fence around the coop and a beautiful arched doorway.

We need some people to volunteer to care for the chickens on the weekends this term. The list is on the glass doors of The Legos room.



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Kite, Rian, Tyler and others were making French Knitting wool snakes. Here’s what happened…

Kite: “I’m making this long snake for the school and then I’m going to make a small snake for me.”

Rian: “You should give it to Julianna because she’s the boss of the school.”

Tyler: No she’s not the boss of the school, she’s the queen of the school.”

Kite: “No, she’s not the queen of the school, she’s the mother of the school”.

Kite turned his snake into a scarf for Julianna and gave it to her the next time he saw her.

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Welcome Back Everyone!

Term 3 is already jam packed full of lots of exciting and varied learning activities, for us all! Before I tell you what we’re up to: Parent/Teacher interviews will start from Tuesday of next week. I have stuck 2 sign-up sheets on our classroom door for you to put your name down. I am so looking forward to meeting with you all to discuss your child’s progress.

  • Next Monday we have the musician, Peter Morgan coming to the school. Peter is  Maori and will visit each class sharing his culture through music.
  • Starting on Tuesday of next week Abby (mum of Rory who is in Louise’s class) will be teaching the children about PLASTICS. Abby will be coming in each week for 4 weeks to teach us about the effect of plastics on the environment. We will also incorporate an art project using plastics and be visiting Kimbriki, which is a recycling and landfill site in Terry Hills.
  • We hope to organise a whole school excursion to Reverse Garbage this term to coincide with an Art Exhibition & Café happening on Friday, 22nd August.
  • Saturday, 6th September is Currambena’s 45th Birthday bash!
  • We also hope to have another visit from Jarjum and Fran one Friday during the term, date to be confirmed.
  • Our first visit to Lane Cove Library will be on Monday, 28th July.

I would like to suggest to the children that we run a charity stall sometime this term, so will keep you posted on their decision.

Our main English focus for this term will be Poetry and for Maths, Measurement!

For PE this term, each class will run their own program. However, we have 2 joint activities lined up for all classes to participate in together: “Jump Rope for Heart” and “Surf Skills”. The Surf Skills program includes 2 lessons and the first, being this term, will be at school. Next term, (when the weather is warmer) we head to the beach for the practical part. My children have said they would like to go trampolining and their other choices……… are to come!

Lastly, as you know the children have been working extremely hard on creating their own story book and we thought it would be nice to invite family and friends for an afternoon of reading! So, please put Thursday 14th August in your diary. It will be an afternoon event starting from approx. 2pm although I will confirm that time closer to the event.

That’s all for the week!

Love, Sarah

PS. Thankyou to Robyn for all the holiday washing!

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Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had lovely, restful holidays. The children were all very enthusiastic and full of joy yesterday which makes coming back to work so much easier!

We have a student in our class this term. Her name is Kate and she is a 4th year student from Notre Dame University. She is has lots of exciting ideas for the class and is very friendly. Come in and say hi to her if you get the chance. She will be in the class everyday.

We have a super busy term with so many visitors, incursions, excursions and whole school activities. Some dates for your diary:

21/07/14:  Peter Morgan; music and indigenous culture and Lane Cove Library

22/07/14:  Moses Aaron; story telling

23/07/14 onwards:  Abby (Rory’s mum) will be coming in to do a topic on plastics and the environment.

25/07/14:  Tree day; children can bring a tube stock tree home if they choose.

Week 3:  parent/teacher meetings will begin; please sign up on the classroom door.

6/07/14 – 7/07/14:  spray painting artists are coming in to work with the children.

11/07/14: Lane Cove Library

22/07/1:  Art exhibition and cafe at Currambena; celebration of the children’s art work and a fundraiser for the building fund.

26/07/14:  Jump Rope for Heart; skipping fund raiser.

1/09/14:  Lane Cove Library

8/09/14:  Anger Management evening talk.

16/09/14: school based surf life saving session (to be followed up with a beach based session in term 4)

That’s all for now.

Love Louise


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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to Currambena and to preschool for term 3.  It is amazing to see how much the preschool children have grown in just two weeks!

It has been lovely to watch the preschool children reconnect with each other, teachers and the preschool environment this week. Lots of excited children have been greeting each other and teachers in the morning before busily engaging in play.

At the end of last term we asked the children what they would like to learn about as well as reflecting on topics children had previously chosen at the end of term 1. Learning about various African animals was an interest of the majority of preschool children so we are beginning term 3 with an investigation into this. The children have already turned the giant wall into a savannah.

Next Monday 21st July Peter Morgan a Maori performer will be coming to preschool to preform for the children. The cost for this is $6.00.

There were lots of requests to also learn about angels and as there is currently an art exhibition at Lane Cove art gallery on angels. We will be taking the preschool children to see the art collection next Tuesday 22nd July this will be instead of visiting Dorritt St Park.

Thank you so much to all the parents that came in and completed maintenance tasks at the end of term 2. The preschool is sparkling! Thank you also to parents that took washing home over the break, there were loads of dress ups, puppets, cushion covers and table clothes that were taken home and brought back crisp and clean. Thank you also to families that attended the schools maintenance day at the end of the school holidays. The outdoor area looked amazing when we returned to school on Monday.

We currently need someone to fix the trampoline spring protector cover. The elastic that holds the cover in place needs replacing in some areas. If you are able to assist with this please let us know.

We have a busy term 3 planned. Below are dates for some of the planned events, you will be provided more information regarding these events closer to the dates.

  • Monday 21st July: Peter Morgan Incursion cost $6.00
  • Tuesday 22nd July: Lane Cove Art Gallery “Angels at Large” art exhibition visit
  • Monday 11th August: (tentative) Reverse Garbage Whole School excursion. Cost TBA
  • Friday 22nd August Art Café
  • Tuesday 26th August: Jump Rope for Heart
  • Tuesday 16th September Surf Lifesaving Incursion
  • Wednesday 13th August Nepal Stall run by preschool.


Katrina, Chris and Michael.

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It was lovely to see the kids yesterday and to hear about their holidays. Lots of exciting events, sleep-overs, travel, movies and much more! We had three children still away so we’ll look forward to seeing them soon too. A couple of children have obviously changed their sleeping patterns and were not quite awake until lunchtime! They are likely to be tired this week!

We have a CoFA student with us for the first two weeks of term. Her name is Monique and her favourite art medium is painting! Do come and introduce yourself and help make her welcome.

Because it’s a short week, we have decided to do just one of our text books for Friday. Today we had our first Languages session and we now have some new languages added to the array available. The groups completed their evaluations of their programs from last term and planned for the ten weeks of this term. Seven children are interested in learning Auslan, thanks again to Loreto for her input on this!

I will send an email with term dates and plans separately…it will be a busy term with some really fun events including the Currambena Art Cafe and the 45th Birthday Party! A few whole school things like the Jump Rope for Heart, MS Readathon and  Surf Lifesaving.. and a whole school excursion to Reverse Garbage… are all on for this term!

Towards the end of last term I lent money to a few members of the class for lunch…. I will remind them about this … and probably won’t lend again to those who have been tardy re-payers.

PARENT INTERVIEWS I will put a timetable on the door for interviews over the next couple of weeks. Please sign up asap. I would really like to complete all the interviews as soon as possible.

GUITAR AND PIANO STUDENTS Please check the interview timetable on the afternoon before your lesson to see if it will be on. If there is an interview booked at the time of your lesson then just keep practising! Lessons will get back to normal as soon as all the interviews are done.

Have a great week.                                Love,   Wendy


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Welcome back everyone!

Everyone was really glad to see each other yesterday. We have a term filled with exciting, creative events. Here is a list of term events-

21st July 2014 Peter Morgan  musical incursion. Our session is at 9.30am.

29th July 2014 Jump Rope for Heart talk for Primary School.

8th, 15th, 22nd August 2014 Artist incursions – spray painting and more.

11th August 2014 Possible whole school excursion to Reverse Garbage to create art works.

22nd August 2014 Whole School Art Café with art exhibition.

26th August 2014 Jump Rope for Heart Day.

8th September 2014 Talk on Anger Management for the school community.

16th September 2014 Whole School Surf Life Saving talk at school

We are in the process of writing reports. I will be holding mid-year interviews to discuss each child’s progress and go over the report in Week Three and Four. Please look out for a timetable on the glass doors and choose a time space to come and have a talk.

Blake is going to IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference) in Korea from 25th July – 5th August 2014. He will hold his interviews when he gets back. Tammy will be taking Blake’s class while he is away.

This week The Legos are doing some more number work, revising letters, sounds and how you write them, and beginning some work on empathy. It’s also our week for long craft.

The Indians will be finishing off their unit on volume and capacity.

Next week The Legos and The Indians are going bush walking at 11.30am on Tuesday morning. Please ensure your child wears appropriate footwear, brings a drink bottle and has a hat. If you have a pedometer at home please send it in as we would like to do some Maths measurement during our walk.

The Legos and The Indians are going to begin a group study of measurement next week as well. We will be looking at length.

Nicola, Blake and I have rearranged the room. We will trial our design over the next few weeks. The Legos have made a list of what kind of things they would like in the room. They are eager to have some cars in the construction area. If you have any cars you don’t need we’d love to have them to play with! Thanks to Nicola for the dolls’ houses for the construction area.

The Diamonds have voted to change their name to The Indians. I wonder what The Legos will do next? Will they decide on a name change too?

Thanks to everyone who made the school look neat, loved and clean at Maintenance Day. Thanks to Simone, Leo and family for caring for all five chickens all holiday, and to John for erecting a fence and arched door for the chicken coop.

Please keep checking for head lice!


Sue, Blake and Nicola.

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