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Hello Currambena,

The last week of term and we definitely have the smell of spring in the air. I was in NZ for the weekend for my Mum’s birthday and her gorgeous garden was intoxicatingly full of daffodils all shapes and colour!

A belated thank-you, to John and Rowena for the donation of the New BBQ for our 45th Reunion day. Having the two units cooking worked really well.

Thank-you to Blake, especially from our young netballers, for fixing our damaged basketball hoop. The giant shark slide was a bit close and so bent the brackets

MAINTENANCE book – is now closed for Term 3

FEES –   Term 4 Invoices will be posted out in the first week back at school in October

First week back in Term 4 I will be away but will see you all Monday 13th October. Mikee will be in the office.

Term 4 – School starts on Wednesday 8th October. Monday is a public holiday and Tuesday is Coordination Day

True dialogue assumes recognition of the Other in terms both of his identity and of his difference.

Alassane Ndaw 

Love Julianna

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Hi Everyone!

The final week has zipped around, this must be the fastest term in history! We have been so busy this term it will be fantastic for us all to have a well-deserved rest. We have finished presenting the personal projects and this term there have been some fabulous ones. I think many of the children did their best projects so far and the standards keep getting higher.

We have been doing a lot of maths work on volume and capacity and the children have been getting to grips with measuring both. The letters to the Minister of the Environment are nearly finished and will be sent off before the end of the week.

Surf Life Saving came in to educate us about how to stay safe at the beach and in the ocean. This will be followed up next term with an excursion to the beach where we’ll do some activities in the sea pool.

We have decided last minute to have  a class party on Friday. We also voted that we would do it in a plastic free way. Reuseable plastic such as tuppaware is completely fine but items with throw away plastic wrapping needs to be re-thought. We have signed up to bring some food to share and some children have offered to bring picnic blankets for us to sit on. We are going to go to the Secret Garden with Sarah’s class for a shared picnic, play and climb in some of the trees.

Kate, our student teacher will have her final day with us tomorrow. The class have loved having her young and exciting energy around and she will be missed. Thank you Kate for all your hard work, care and thoughtfulness this term!

I hope you all have a lovely, restful break and I look forward to seeing you all for the first day back on Wednesday 8th October.

Love Louise

Message from Kate: As term three draws to a close, unfortunately so does my internship at Currambena. I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff, kids, parents and most importantly Louise and The Fluffy Lollipops of Doom, for allowing me to have such an amazing experience! I have had such a fantastic term full of exploration and learning and I feel really privileged to be welcomed into Currambena. Happy holidays and I hope to be able to visit Currambena again soon!

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How the past ten weeks have flown! It has been such a busy and exciting term … and here we are in the last week.

We had a fabulous day yesterday visiting Kinma, meeting their Year 5/6 group, playing games and going with them on a bush walk to a waterfall. We then had a delicious taco lunch prepared by some of their parents. Altogether a lovely day. Thank you so very much to Carolyn, Mikee, Karen and Rebecca for driving us… and Sue for lending me her van.

Last week, we were all so proud of Darcy, Zac and Tom for completing their 5 km run and then organising the BBQ for the school. They raised over $400 for “Recognise”… and now it looks as if the referendum on recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution will be postponed! Let’s hope the money Darcy and Zac raised helps the cause.

PIP presentations continue and have been stunning! We have just a few left to see now and the quality has been so impressive. Text books, completing work and cleaning up the room are going to be the focus for the next two days.

On Friday, we will be asking School Meeting if we can watch a movie to celebrate the end of term. We are also discussing an end of term party for that day (which is also PJ/Onesy Day for our group!) either making our own pizza or buying pizza at Lane Cove.

FUNDRAISING MONEY all needs to be in this week, preferably today!!! I have different pots of money for all the charities we have raised money for this term… in fact I sent off a piece for the North Shore times about it yesterday! Currambena has raised around $3000 for different charities this term! Congratulations everyone!

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped our class… or Currambena as a whole… in any way at all over the course of the term… thanks to my terrific bunch of kids and also to the wonderful colleagues with whom I share each day!

Have a very happy, relaxing holiday! Stay safe… love, Wendy

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Hello Currambena Community
The last week of term is always very busy and exciting and this week has not been an exception.
On Tuesday morning we had an incursion by two lifesavers Steve and Monica, who taught us about beach safety. In November next term we will be visiting a beach and practicing the practical aspects of beach safety.
On Tuesday afternoon we went to the “Bomb Park” and practiced riding our bikes. The children were incredibly responsible about walking their bikes to the park and back and wearing helmets while riding at the park.
We are having an end of term party on Friday and have decided to make our own food. Yesterday we decided on a menu and today  we will go shopping then tomorrow we will cook and party! We are baking savoury and sweet muffins and scones, making fresh juice, roasting free range chooks, bbq-ing fish (which we will first scale and gut), baking wedges and making jelly.
This week the Indians have been practicing reading comprehension, writing stories, learning about the value of money and completing end of term assessments. We also now have a two Shadow Mountain Minnows as class pets which originally came from the school water feature. The Diamonds have been revisiting their pattern skills, making bracelets and learning about the short vowel sound of U.
Have a great holiday
From Blake, Sue and Nicola.

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Hello Everyone,

This is our last newsletter for the term. Preschool will finish Friday 19th September and resume Wednesday 8th October. If you are looking for something to do over the holidays you may wish to join other preschool families on holidays at The Yurt Farm. from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th October. If you would like to attend please RSVP by this Friday to

If you are after maintenance hours there are still plenty of jobs left on cleaning list that is located on the back double doors near the side veranda. We also need someone to visit Reverse Garbage over the holidays to pick up a few rolls of easel paper for preschool. Please let us know if you are able to do this.  Thank you to Monty, Helena’s Dad for fixing our outdoor wooden boards and making us a new puppet stand. Thank you all also to Cassandra, Safi’s Mum, for mending many of the children’s favourite and well-worn dress ups.

Over the last week we have been writing a new chicken agreement with the children. We have had a new addition to the chickens that has sparked the children’s interest. The chickens are everyone’s responsibility and as a community we want to ensure they are treated with kindness and respect and handled appropriately. We plan to take our new chicken agreement to school meeting on Friday to share it with the rest of the school. We have also been discussing the use of the water tap next to the sandpit as a couple of children were concerned with its use. The preschool children have decided to take the hose away from the tap for the time being. They have also decided to make a robot to turn the tap on and off for them.They will begin work on this in craft this week.

In-group time we have been asking children what they would like to learn about next term. They have compiled a huge list for us to work on. Chickens, planets, stars, Frozen, and dinosaurs are some of the topics included in the compilation.

We found a set of two keys, one of which is a security key behind the lounge cushions in the book area this week. If you are missing a couple of keys please let us know. The commitment form for Kindergarten at Currambena is due this Friday 19th September. There is still a couple of forms yet to be returned so please bring them in or email them to me by Friday so I can pass them on to Sue. Steps vision screening will be at preschool on Wednesday 15th October. Children need to be 4 or over to be eligible to be screened. If you wish to have your child screened please ensure you collect a permission form and return it either before or on the day. If your child does not come to preschool on a Wednesday we will allocate a time for them to attend on the day and let you know beforehand.

From next term we will be asking all children to pack all their belongings in their bags of an afternoon instead of their lockers and/or bags. To assist them with this all their belongings need to be clearly labelled with their names. Taking responsibility for your own belongings is an important life skill. It is important that all children have bags that are big enough for them to be able to pack their belongings in independently.

Wishing you all a restful holiday

Love Katrina, Chris & Michael

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School Meeting Minutes chaired by Bronte & Cedar (Sarah’s class)

  • “Fun Run” by Darcy & Zac a reminder that there will be a sausage sizzle for lunch, costing $2 and if you wanted to sponsor them you could do so when they return from their run.
  • Lost Property by Robyn. We had a vote that the lost property bucket would return to school meetings and clothes held up for claiming. At the end of next week ALL clothes not claimed will be taken to charity.
  • School Reflection and community lunch by Sarah. We had a vote that next term we would have a day where we cook and eat together.
  • Chocolate by Sylvie. Sylvie asked if she could bring “chocolate” in to the school as part of her project. The vote was “yes”.
  • Book by Rose. Rose has lost a Lane Cove Library book on “Flowers” and if anybody sees it could they please give it to her.
  • Craft White Out by Ferghus. Ferghus reminded people to please put the lids back on the white out in the craft room.
  • Fundraising by Wendy. Wendy wanted to let everyone know what a great job we have done with fundraising this term and she is going to write an article for the North Shore Times newspaper on our efforts.
  • Thankyou by Ewan &Phillip. Thankyou for your contribution to the stall on Thursday. They raised $325.25 for Syria.
  • Ice cream/Ice blocks by Wendy. We voted that we continue to have ice blocks on a Friday until an alternative is found and agreed upon. Due to Fridays now being Plastic Free, the sticks and the plastic from the wrapper will continue to be recycled.
  • Bank Accounts by Chris. Chris P said that Naomi (Ronan’s mum) asked if anyone would like her to set up saving accounts for the children as part of a savings program and fundraiser for the school. The majority vote was “yes”.
  • Basket Ball hoop by Blake. Blake requested that people do not swing from the hoops. He will repair the one damaged by the giant shark slide.
  • Water Feature by Alice. Alice reminded everyone NOT to put sand or anything in the water feature.
  • Rainy Days by Bella. Bella reminded us of ”rainy day” rules. You need an umbrella, raincoat and/or change of clothes.
  • Egg Agreements by Sue. It was voted that if you pick up an egg and it breaks you need to be responsible and pay for it.
  • Broken Bench by Blake. Blake asked that we don’t jump on the bench seat. Two slats were broken off and it is not the first time he has had to repair it.
  • Bikes by Blake. Blake asked if there was anyone that could lend his class a small sized bike and helmet for their PE to bring it in next Tuesday.
  • Henna by Kate. It was voted that Kate could do Henna painting and it would be happening in Louise’s class room from 1:30pm today!

Meeting adjourned.

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What a hype of activity this term has been!!!!!!!

We’ve explored the world of “plastics”, questioned it’s use and come up with ways we can help make a difference. We listened to speakers who taught us more about the effect we can have on our environment. We created amazing and very diverse art works and staged an art exhibition. We did fund raising activities such as MS Readathon and Jump Rope For Heart. We contributed to stalls raising money for Oxfam. We completed writing story books and hosted an afternoon of story reading. We went on excursions to Reverse Garbage, Kimbriki and Skyzone. We had parents come and teach us specific skills for PE and participated in games of hockey, soccer and boxing! We got together with the whole school to practice well known songs for Currambena’s birthday celebration and learnt new ones with Miriam. We picked up a few more words in Italian, baked and ate Italian bread. We had visitors such as Peter Morgan come and teach us about Maori culture and the Hakka and Bev from Sydney Wildlife. She brought with her some native animals and told us how important it is to preserve our local environment. And……….. we excelled in our personal projects, working more independently, than ever! We learnt about various units of measurement and where we would use these units in real life situations. We had a strong focus on spelling and reading and showed growth and development in both these areas. We danced…. every day (well almost) in the last 3 weeks of term. We practiced our mandatory Fire Drill, Evacuation and Lock Down procedures. We listened to a presentation given on safety at the beach and in the surf. We had another visit from Fran and Jarjum. All the while, battling coughs, colds, ongoing tummy trouble and weather that challenged our psyche. And…… we made it!!! Holidays here we come.

I don’t think there is anything else to add, other than… Thank you! To all the parents who have contributed in and out of the class room, in so many ways, your attention and assistance is invaluable and I/we so appreciate it.

Oh, one more thing… we will be having a joint ‘end of term party’ with Louise’s class at the Secret Garden on Friday. The children have elected what they would like to bring and I am sure/hope they will inform you of this. Again, many thanks!

Have a very safe and happy holiday,

Love, Sarah.

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