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Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it’s the last week? This term has gone by in a flash; we have been so busy and worked so hard.

We performed our raindances yesterday and they went really well. I felt very proud of how much time, effort and enthusiasm they had put into the project. We voted not to perform to parents but I did film them so if you’d like to see your child’s, just ask.

In English we worked on sound effect poems; learning about onomatopoeia and why a poet might use particular words. We then began writing poems about the Big Day Out, the rats or the sleepover using some sound effect words.

In maths we have been studying data. We thought of different types of information we would like to find out and how we would collect that data. We have looked at tables, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.

Thank you to Scarlett’s and Nat’s families for looking after the rats during the holidays.

We are having a class picnic tomorrow so please bring some food for your child to share.

Have a lovely, restful break.

Love Louise

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Hello Currambena,

With sadness, but wishing her all the best we say good-bye to our lovely Lucy who is leaving us to return home to Germany. Lucy, we have loved your time with us and it is a huge thank-you from us all here at Currambena for all the energy and time you have given to our kids and the extra help to our teachers. We send you on your way with all our love for your next exciting journey. Let’s hope your trip to New Zealand will be days of crisp blue skies and sunshine!

Thank-you to all the helpers, participants and bearers of food for the lovely Autumn café last Friday. Judging by the weather this week it seems our café caught the last of our autumn days

During the school break we will be doing some maintenance work in the school.

- Repairs to the timber decking

- plumbing work at the preschool

 - prune and remove the deadwood from our trees. The Acacia Tree people will be here on the grounds Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th April . This is dangerous work and so we are requesting that NO PARENTS AND KIDS be in the school on those days or any day you see tree work being done. These dates could change if the weather is too wet for the days booked


Are you up to date with your FEES?

Friday 11th April is our last school day for the term

Tuesday 29th April is first day back for term 2

Love Julianna

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Have a fantastic, safe, happy and relaxing holiday!!

love from Sarah

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The Sydney Child Psychology Centre, based in Mosman, is offering social skills courses these holidays on topics such as listening skills, developing and maintaining friendships and anger management. If you think your child might benefit from something like this, have a look at their website at

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Hello Everyone,

What a busy week we have had. We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Sue and Blake’s classes to see the dinosaur habitats that they had created and to hear facts on various dinosaurs. We were made to feel very welcome and were able to investigate the many interesting projects and work the Legos and Diamonds have been involved in.  On Monday afternoon we were invited to hear a presentation on Dinosaurs that Rory in Louise’s class had put together, we again learnt someone fascinating facts on dinosaurs.

In preschool we have spent time using the sewing machine with the children this week.  The sewing machine has been fantastic in engaging children and extending on their interests. Children have designed and made cushions, stuffed toys and bedding for their cuddly toys and clothing for themselves.

Alex a ceramist again spent time in Preschool on Wednesday, working with the children in sculpting with clay. They have made a variety of things including coil pots, animals and dinosaurs. The dinosaur shadow puppet show has been extended this week to include a dinosaur landscape. We have also removed the dinosaur wall mural and begun an underwater landscape. In group time this week we have been asking the children what they would be interested in learning about next term. Whilst dinosaurs is a reoccurring interest there has also been interest in learning about sea life, animals, sports and fairies to name but a few of the topics the children have come up with in.

This week we bid a very sad farewell to Lucy. Lucy has been a valued member of preschool for the past 7 months. We have all been very impressed with her interactions with the children and her contribution to the preschool program. We will certainly miss her and wish her a safe journey back to Germany. We all hope she returns to Currambena to visit us all soon.

This is the last week of school. The school reopens on Tuesday 29th April. Monday 28th April is a pupil free coordination day. Vacation Care is running for several days during the holidays. Please see Colin or Alyson for dates if you are interested.

Thanks to everyone who has done jobs for our end of term clean up and also thanks to everyone who has done the washing this week. If anyone is able to source some rolls of paper to use on the easels from reverse garbage or anywhere else you may know of during the break it would be most appreciated.

Have a great break everyone!


Katrina, Chris, Michael and Lucy.

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We had a great time on Monday, thanks to Carolyn for organising it, participating in a Bikewise training day at Sydney Park. It was a really well designed course and I think all the children learned some new skills or information. I know I did! We were really lucky that the rain mostly kept away. Thank you to Carolyn for coming with us, too.

Many thanks to Blake for taking my group on Tuesday… and apologies to the piano and guitar students who had another cancelled lesson. I hope to make it up before the end of the week. Piano students please speak to me about it and guitar students please come along this afternoon if you can.

We are enjoying the PIP presentations this week and hope to have all of them completed by the end of the week. The topics are varied and interesting as usual! Congratulations to everyone who has done so well with their research and presentation.

On end of term Fridays, we often put in together as a group and buy pizzas for lunch. Any children who are not yet 10 can walk up with me and buy lunch… which might mean coming along to collect the pizzas! Please talk with your child and make sure they know that their text books and PIPs must be finished… as well as the usual end-of-term cleaning up… before this treat is available! Of course, they don’t have to buy pizza!

Please help your child to make time during the holidays for reading and times tables practice. We will be completing Division in Maths after the break and a solid knowledge of tables is a great help! If anyone wishes to take their text books home to get ahead, please feel free to do so… just remember to return them on the very first day of term 2!

Please also always remember to email when your child is away from school. We use the emails for our records. Early in the day is best but before 3pm is also helpful. I complete the on-line roll after school each day.

Congratulations to everyone for a great term… especially to Katrina for her first term at Currambena and to Sue for her first term in the Primary!!

Have a fantastic holiday everyone! Rest and keep safe and have heaps of fun!

Love, Wendy




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Thanks to everyone for weekend chicken care.

Thanks to John for working on the design and execution of the new chicken coop.

Thanks to Simone and Caroline for offering to look after the chickens for the holidays.

Happy Holidays everyone,


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Hello Everyone

It’s the last week of school! The first day back is Tuesday 29th April 2014.

This week we have all been doing some assessments – maths, children’s self assessment of the two projects done this term and an english assessment. We will also be doing some cleaning up and readying the classrooms for Term 2.

The Legos have been doing the letter “K” this week, talking about time and reflecting on the first term of school. We have also been looking at our journals. We have new drawing books as well, following on from the children’s constant interest in drawing. So our story writing books are for story writing with Nicola and I in class, and the drawing books are for whenever the urge to draw manifests itself!

The Diamonds have been doing assessment and goal setting, creating personal profiles and reviewing the term’s work.

We have planned an End-of-Term party for Friday, after we have finished the cleaning for the term. Please bring in a treat to share. Some children would like to dress up as well.

By the time you get this newsletter I will be in South Africa. Tammy will be taking the class for the last two days of term. Thanks to Nicola, Blake and everyone else who has facilitated these extra days with my friends and family. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Graeme and Tess for the very engaging talk on the differences between theories on dinosaurs between the present and twenty five years ago last Friday afternoon. There were lots of interesting questions and lateral thinking.

Huge thanks to Lucy for her valuable work with The Legos this term. We will miss you Lucy! All the best for your studies.

Thanks to Tess and family for looking after the Leaf Insects for the holidays.

Have a relaxing and peaceful holiday everyone.

Sue, Blake and Nicola.

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