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Hello Currambena,

Thank-you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, gorgeous hugs, the whole school singing happy birthday followed by cake and blowing out candles. It all happened again at staff meeting with champagne, more chocolate cake and birthday wishes. Thank-you again to everyone I am feeling very, very spoilt by our lovely Currambena community. One very observant child came to the conclusion that I am now 42!

School Visitors

On Monday we had 4 lovely women visiting from the Dignity for Children Foundation. Dignity operates from preschool through to secondary catering for 1000 urban poor children many of which are non- Malaysian so they do not qualify for government education. Their whole thinking and educational practise is very much in line with how we think here at Currambena. They were a most inspiring group of women and they are keen for one of us to go to their school to teach Conflict Resolution and to possibly have a teacher come to Currambena for practical training in democratic education.

Deck Repair – our timber deck is nearing the end of its days and is now needing constant tender care. We will be replacing it over the Xmas break. I have Hazel’s dad as a repairer but we need a couple more parents that could also be on standby. It is usually only one or two breaks at a time which only take about 15 minutes to replace. To call in our handyman only for this, is quite costly. So please anyone – that means mums too, if this is your thing and you need to clock up those maintenance hours come and chat to me.

Maintenance hours- these are due Wednesday 17th September. We will start counting up the hours after lunch 1pm so please be sure to have them written in the book BEFOREHAND!


Friday Art Exhibit was a fabulous display of some wonderful creative work. Over the last six weeks Chris has had six different artists come and work with the children in spray painting, mould casting, silicon and fimo jewellery, casting in resin and a whole day with Gawaa at reverse garbage gallery sculpturing art from recyclables A big thank-you to all the artists and all those who were involved in “the making it all happen”.

Thank-you to all our bakers extraordinaire! We managed to raise $378.50 to add to our building fund.

Our Big Currambena Birthday celebration 45 years! Sat 6th September – we really need more names down on the  roster please! We have taken it off the notice board and put it on the easel outside the front door. Hope this makes it more accessible.

We are still looking for a large flat BBQ for cooking sausages and onions on mass- like you see sometimes outside Bunnings on a Saturday morning.  Don’t forget to be practising our songs!  Sorry I forgot to put one in last week.

                      At every level, the African is first and foremost a social being.

All stages of life are marked by meetings under the conversation tree,

where all are not just free but actually duty-bound to express themselves.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo

Love Julianna

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone that came to the art café last Friday. It was a wonderful event with some amazing art on display. It was great to see families that didn’t have their child at preschool on Friday come along and enjoy the event with the rest of the community.

This Friday is our first “plastic free Friday” At school meeting last week we voted that each Friday the community will not use plastic bags, cling wrap and the like, to reduce our impact on the environment. So please use your nude food containers and avoid the use of disposable plastics.

We have been busily practising songs that the school will be singing at Currambena’s 45th Birthday celebration on Saturday 6th August from 12-4pm.  There are lots of excited pre-schoolers who are very eager to attend and sing as part of the school so we hope you can make it.

In preschool, children have continued to investigate insects with a worm experiment, exploring the anatomy of various insects and sketching insects with chalk in craft with the assistance of crafty Chris. The preschool children are also currently conducting an experiment on tectonic plates, and their movement using soil.

We are currently missing a book we borrowed from Lane Cove library called “Crickets and Grasshoppers” by Ann Squire. If you could check at home if you have this book and let us know if you find it.

It would be greatly appreciated and assist each child with their independence, if all families could ensure that a spare change of clothes and a plastic bag (tied in a single knot) is kept in their child’s bag.  The spare clothes collection we keep at preschool has diminished to the point where we only have a couple of tops!  It would also be greatly appreciated if anyone that as borrowed spare clothes from preschool return them. Thank you to all the families that ensure their child has spare clothes packed in their cihild’s bag.

We have an incursion this Friday 29th August. Sydney wildlife will be coming to preschool to discuss what work the organisation carries out in regards to the protection and assistance of wild animals. They have asked for a gold coin from each child that attends.

Lastly thank you to everyone that has been taking our dirty washing and returning it clean and folded to preschool!


Katrina, Chris and Michael

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Here are the minutes from School Meeting. It was chaired by Charlie and Zoe.

1. Art Café by Blake. Blake reminded everyone the Art Cafe exhibition that day needed lots work to set it up and asked for everyone to help out.

2. Shoes by Bella. Bella asked the meeting if anyone had seen her sister, Blossom’s, mauve Ugg boots.

3. iPads by Zak. Zak reminded the meeting that you cannot use iPads that do not belong to your class, nor can you watch people use the iPad if it is not your turn on the iPad next.

4. Cars by Bella. Bella reminded people not to leave their cars in the sandpit.

5. Plastic Free Friday by Bronte and Rose. Bronte and Rose requested a vote to see if we could have each Friday as a ‘plastic free day’. The vote was ‘yes’. The meeting decided it was okay to reuse plastics and bring in reuseable plastic containers.

6. Plastic posters by Stan. Stan requested a vote to see if Louise’s class could put the plastic awareness posters they have made on the front fence in order to reach the wider community. The meeting voted ‘yes’.

7. Tap by Alice. Alice reminded everyone of the sandpit tap agreements which are not to run the hose pipe into the sandpit. You can use buckets  for water or fill the water tank with the hose pipe and pump the water by hand.

8. Keyboard by Marley. Marley asked if he could bring his keyboard into school even though its worth was more than $10.00. The meeting voted ‘yes’.

9. Currambena Birthday Party by Wendy. Wendy reminded the meeting that Currambena’s 45th Anniversary is to be held on Saturday 6th September 2014 from 12.00 – 4.00pm. The school community will be singing a few of their favourite songs. Everyone needs to know the words so there will be some singing practices in the next two weeks.

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Hello Everyone

The Art Café last week was a unique and amazing experience. Thanks to Crafty Chris and Blake for all the hard work, coordination and long hours spent organising it, and to all the artists who contributed to the children’s and adults’ learning, and to the children for responding with such enthusiasm.

Everyone has been excited about all the festivities happening this term – the Art Café, the School’s Birthday on 6th September, the birthdays that have been happening at  school and the Diamonds alphabet party.  There has a been a bit of Secret Birthday Business in The Indians and The Diamonds to celebrate Blake’s birthday yesterday.

The Indians and The Diamonds are having the Alphabet Party this Friday to celebrate The Diamonds completing their learning of the alphabet. In Class Meeting today The Diamonds voted that The Indians can be included in the celebration so Diamonds please bring some food to share if you want to join in. The party will take place at 12.30pm in The Diamonds Room. The children’s ideas are to dress up as something to do with a letter of the alphabet (it’s a choice) and to bring alphabet inspired party food to share. You can be as interpretive and creative as you like!

On Friday, at 10.30am,  Bev Young, from Sydney Wildlife, will be coming to talk about the care of backyard native animals. The cost for this is a donation of a gold coin to Sydney Wildlife. Please send this into school before or on Friday. Thanks!

There is a talk on Anger Management by a psychologist, Dr Fiona Martin, on Monday 8th September 2014 from 7.00 – 8.00pm. This is for parents to learn how they can support the appropriate expression of anger in their children, and how to express anger appropriately themselves.

We have planned an excursion to Climb-Fit rock climbing centre in St Leonards on Tuesday 9th September 2014. We will be leaving roundabout 9.30am and returning by about lunch time. We will be going there by private car so we will need drivers to take us there as well as grownups to belay for the children. Children will need to wear clothes suitable for climbing and sneakers. They need to bring food and drink for the day.

On Tuesday 16th September 2014 we will be having a Surf Lifesaving Talk in preparation for a Surf Lifesaving Beach Day on 18th November 2014.

This week the Indians have started working on Data in Maths, learning about the parts of a story and practising proofreading.

The Diamonds have been learning about vowels, doing subtraction in Maths and writing stories. The Diamonds were having a discussion about the word ‘subtraction’ and coming up with similar words like ‘taking away’. One Diamond who shall remain nameless  said “I know a good word for subtraction…it’s ‘stealing’. We all agreed the person understood the concept!

The Diamonds and The Indians started a project on Dragons last week. Rory, Jasper and Gus came to show us their stop-motion films using plasticine figures. We want to make some dragon movies using stop-motion. We have begun making plasticine dragons using a pipe cleaner skeleton.

In Sport we did Jump Rope for Heart skipping on Tuesday.

Have a happy weekend,

Sue, Blake and Nicola.


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The ART CAFE last Friday was a spectacular event… thank you so much to Chris R and Blake for their many hours of preparation… and congratulations to all the artists who exhibited their work. It was a pleasure to wander around and see the talent and skill on display. Thank you also to all the parents who brought cakes and helped with afternoon tea… and to Julianna for sharing her birthday with us!!

Last week we also had some performances in our group of the songs being written in small groups with Miriam. There are some great tunes, lyrics, voices and instrumental accompaniments making some highly enjoyable performances. Congratulations to those who have already completed their compositions. Creativity abounding!

Our PIPs for this term are due on Friday IE TOMORROW and so there is some busy editing and proof reading happening this week for some of us! The PIP topics are varied and fascinating as usual… Aircraft, Shakespeare, Big Cats, Dragons and “Recognise” to name just a few. I am looking forward to the presentations which will begin next week.

This week we have been constructing circles and learning some mathematical terms for transformations. We have also begun writing down some ideas for our play next term! No spoilers! We went to Lane Cove Library on Monday which most of us really enjoy. Yesterday we began a book “swap, read and review” activity that Annabelle suggested. We have many avid readers in the group so this should be great fun!

A great success of our week was the JUMP ROPE FOR HEART DAY on Tuesday. We provided some demonstrations for the rest of the school of various skipping sequences and then small groups or individuals set up stations around the school to teach skills and encourage skipping practice. It was fabulous to hear the discussion afterwards about successes for children learning new skills and participating in an afternoon of fun and fitness! Thank you to everyone who joined in … and especially to those who raised money for the Heart Foundation! Well done! I was particularly proud of my group for their teaching skills and their encouragement of each other and younger children too. So much learning and perseverance! And we were really lucky with the weather… the rain held off just long enough!

Tomorrow we have Bev from Sydney Wildlife coming with some native animals to speak to groups about Sydney wildlife. Please send a gold coin donation for this tomorrow if your child wants to attend. Our session will be from 11:30 till 12 ish.

Thank you to the parents who have offered to drive us to Flipout on Tuesday 9th September. We will need a few more helpers please… Our session will run from 10:30 till 12:30 so we’ll need to leave at about 9:15 and take lunch with us. We should be back by 2:15 I think.

We will also need some more helpers to get to Kinma on Wednesday 10th. We’ll be leaving school at 9:30 and return by 3 with lunch provided. Parents are welcome to stay with us for the day.

Some other important events coming up are:
Stall (organised by Ewan) for Oxfam on Friday 5th September
Currambena’s 45th birthday party on Saturday 6th September
Darcy and Zac’s Recognise Run and BBQ on Friday 12th September
Never a dull moment!!

Have a great week everyone. Love, Wendy

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Hi Everyone,

The Art Cafe on Friday was a great success. It was great to see so many of you there. The children’s art work looked fantastic and the cakes at the cafe were delicious. Thank you to all the people who baked!

What a wet week we’ve had! We did manage to get out and have a great afternoon of skipping on Tuesday for Jump Rope for Heart. We learnt lots of new skills and hopefully raised some money too.

In maths we have been learning about perimeter and area and in English we’ve been preparing to write a persuasive letter. We are planning to write to Anthony Roberts who is Lane Cove’s MP and ask him to try and do something about now many plastic bags are used in NSW. We would like the supermarkets to stop giving out free bags and help people to use reuseable bags.

I’m away at a conference today and tomorrow. It is all about creative and critical thinking. Hopefully there will be some useful stuff that I can bring back and use with my class.

Tomorrow we have Bev from Sydney Wildlife coming in. She is going to give a talk and is bringing some animals in to show us too – we are asking that each child bring a gold coin to contribute to this incursion, it is going to a very worthwhile cause.

On Monday, we are going up to the library. Please make sure your child brings in any books that need returning.

On Saturday 6th September it is Currambena’s 45th birthday party. There will be some guest speakers, cakes to buy, stalls and activities. It would be wonderful if you could all come.

That’s all for this week.

Love Louise

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Hello everyone!

Well the Art Exhibition/Cafe last Friday was a huge success with all children displaying their creative expertise in a variety of mediums. Thank you, to Crafty Chris and Blake who organised the artists who specialised in the different fields and shared their skill with the children. It was an extremely “rich” experience, for all!

We started our week with “Rock and Water” activities on Monday. I find this is a great way to get the children engaged, focused and ready for all other areas of learning. We also watched a small cartoon on Mindfulness which focused on how to control distracting thoughts. We then practiced this and had a lovely meditate for approx 5 mins. On Tuesday, we had a very physical day, despite the weather. In the morning, we had a skills lesson in Hockey with Susan (Matthew’s mum) and then the rains held off for just enough time for us all to “Jump Rope for Heart”. The afternoon began with Wendy’s class demonstrating different skipping skills. The children could then select particular skills they wanted to practice and the children from Wendy’s then assisted them to reach their goal. It was so wonderful to see them challenge themselves, persevere and jump!!

Unfortunately, Claudia was away sick this week so there was no Italian. However, it gave us an opportunity to complete some activities on Area and Perimeter. We also had a discussion about ‘what an Affirmation is’ and the impact it can have on one’s thoughts about themselves and life!  I asked the children to think of something they could apply to many areas, not just focusing on one particular. For example, some children said they wanted to be better at drawing and writing or be able to “catch a fish”. So instead of saying to yourself, I am a better writer/drawer/fisherman, say, I am having success in all I do or I can do it!

At last weeks school meeting, Rose and Bronte took a proposal to the school that we have “Plastic Free Fridays”. The majority vote was YES! So, the children are asking that their lunches be plastic free for this one day, every week. This does not include: lunch boxes or drink bottles or reusable containers. It does include: glad wrap, plastic bags and plastic food and drink wrappers. Please help support your child and the school with this decision, to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into the school.

On Friday, we will have a lady from Sydney Wildlife coming to talk to the children about Native animals and we are asking that each child bring a gold coin to contribute to this incursion, it is going to a very worthwhile cause.

It’s a short week for me this week as Louise and myself will be attending a 2 day conference on “creativity”. It’s at Luna Park so we are both looking forward to it. Tammy will be with the class while I am away. I think that’s about it. Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Sarah.

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