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Hello Currambena,

Wow! Already into our second week of term. This week has felt a little like fast forward. Monday was into school then a mad dash back home to take Chiko to the vet, return to school, staff meeting which then merged into a staff and build team meeting with Tim our architect. This then rocked right into council meeting. Due to the fact that this was so early into the term the content was not so much and we were all done by 7.30pm – a record finish for a Council meeting! Tuesday was catch up and Wednesday another fast day. Wendy, Tim and I left around 9.30am and drove down to Terry Hills to the Northern Beaches Christian School snapshot tour for an hour and a half. This is a really interesting school actively working on thinking outside the box with teaching, academic content and building structures which were our main interest. On our way back to Currambena we took Tim into Kinma and had a look at the design of their preschool and split level classrooms. Back at school Tim and I had a discussion concerning the latest email from the AIS and our ongoing application for the Building grant submission and the possible changes they are suggesting. We were then joined by the structural engineer who with Tim did a thorough look around the school in regards to practicalities of renovations to the upstairs of the main building and the preschool, Wendy, staffroom block. We will keep you posted on the outcome. The day finished with paying due accounts and answering priority emails. Today newsletter and more catch –up. Friday I will be here this week to assist with our Café and the discussions around our building designs. There is never a dull moment at Currambena which I love

Thank-you Mikee for coming in at short notice on Monday and managing the office. That left me with one less thing to be thinking about.


 TOMORROW – Afternoon café Friday 25th July – come and join the discussion around an underground classroom with playground on top!

 It would also be much appreciated if you have time to bake and bring something to share.

Kids Fruit and Veg tubs – don’t forget for tomorrow also. Kath has kindly offered to give $1.00 for each tub for our Building Fund. Every dollar counts!

Weekend/ Holiday Activities- if you are thinking of arranging a play date or get-together in the school grounds can you please be mindful about informing the office. Besides keeping all stake holders in the loop we need to be  covering security, WHS and public liability.  It would also be  preferable to know a a few days prior not 5 minutes before. Many thanks.

Love Julianna

PS Chiko has a disc issue in his back, is on an anti-inflammatory pain killer, is supposed to be very quiet with minimal activity, which he does not understand as he is feeling just great!!! Little Junkie.

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Hi Everyone,

We have started the term with a bang with so much going on. This week we were very lucky to join Wendy’s class to be involved in a performance workshop with Peter Morgan. He is Maori and brought with him a variety of drums, songs and stories to share his culture with the children. It was very enjoyable and interesting and some of the children even got their faces painted like the Maori warriors.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Moses Aaron who is a retired storyteller. He told us a variety of stories; a myth, an international story, a scary story and really disgusting story. The whole class were spell-bound by him throughout the session. Before each story the children had to answer a riddle or tricky question and the children were so switched on they had no problem with this. We all enjoyed the session and Moses said what gorgeous children they are.

On Wednesday, we had Abby, Rory’s mum, come in to start our class project on plastics. She had created little information booklets for each child and we talked about and sorted plastics. What we learnt so far is shocking; ask your child how long it takes for plastic to break down! Kate our student teacher is going to continue the project on plastics and Abby will return to do some creative art work linked to it later in the term. Thank you so much Abby!

We have been finishing off fractions and decimals this week. Next week we will start on chance. In sport we have decided to do soccer. Next week we will have a skipping session with Jump Rope for Heart in the lead up to getting sponsorship for skipping.

Parents’meetings start next week. Please sign up on the form on the classroom door if you haven’t already.

That’s all for this week.

Love Louise

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Chaired by Blossom and Elke

1. Respecting School property by Sue. Following a few instances of children disrespecting school property Julianna reminded everyone to treat school property with respect. If you see someone doing something destructive tell them to stop and then get an adult.

2. School Birthday fundraising by Sue. The school voted they would like to fund raise for the new building. Ideas were discussed for fundraising at the school’s 45th birthday celebration.

3. Mural by Sue. The school voted not to change the mural on the brick wall near the tree house.

4. Class chairing responsibilities by Sue. Sue reminded  the school that each class will set up and pack away Sue’s room for School Meeting when it is their class’ turn to chair the meeting.

5. Sydney Wildlife visit by Chris. The school voted they would like Bev from Sydney Wildlife to visit to talk about wild animals in Sydney.

6. Jarjum visit by Chris. The school voted that they would like Fran and Jarjum College to visit the school on a Free Friday again.

7. Water feature by Blake. Blake has fixed the water feature. Blake reminded  everyone to use the pump for water play in the sand pit. The pump needs priming with a bit of water in the top before use. Please don’t put sand in the water course as it leads to the fish pond and sand will not be good for the fish.

8. Art exhibition by Blake – The school voted to have an afternoon Café with an Art Exhibition on Friday 22nd August 2014.

9. Halo 4 by Philip. The school voted Philip could bring his Halo 4 book to school provided he used it for reading and looking at only – no weapon making or weapon play.

10. Plans by Noah. Noah will bring concrete plans for building a model ship to the meeting when he has formulated them.

11. Welcome by Louise. We welcomed Louise’s student, Kate.

12. Introduction by Zac. Zac introduced Wendy’s student, Monique.

13. Toilets by Jonty. Jonty reminded everyone to use the toilets appropriately and clean up any messes.

14. Name change by Kite. Kite informed everyone The Legos have changed their name to The Diamonds.

15. Stall by Tess. The school voted Tess and The Diamonds could hold a toy, book and cake stall on Friday 25th July 2014 to raise money to build a toilet at an orphanage school in Tanzania.

16. Lost property by Sue. Robyn asked that everyone check the lost property on the steps this week. Next week it will be brought to the school meeting to be claimed as before.

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We have had quite a few children away with various illnesses this past week…. tummy upsets and tonsillitis and colds. Please always remember to send me an email about absences as early as possible on the day of the absence. This helps enormously with our on-line roll keeping.

We do have everyone returned now from holidays though so that’s good! And our PARENT INTERVIEWS are going well. Please sign up for a time asap. I am hoping to complete all interviews by the end of next week.

There are some very beautiful and creative portraits underway thanks to  inspiration from our CoFA student, Monique. Some of these are stunning so make sure you get to see them. Art is going to be quite a feature for the next few weeks with the Art Cafe later in the term.

In English at the moment we are studying language patterns in speech and writing, considering the writing techniques in our shared book, Wicked,  and writing our own stories. Spelling continues in small groups and in text books.

In Maths out current topic is Probability… what is the chance of choosing a red jellybean or getting ten heads in a row tossing a coin? Thank you, Yusuf, for your session about this yesterday!

Buddies has begun well for the term and some new Buddy pairs have been formed. Craft, Music, PE (on Tuesday we did 7 Minute Workouts, skipping and hockey) are on again too and this week we will commence PIP plans for the term.

By the end of this week, everyone should have completed Unit 16 (or equivalent) in both text books…

JERVIS BAY We have booked Jervis Bay for December 1st to 5th for our annual camp but unfortunately we have not been able to get our usual site. Julianna and I have had lengthy discussions and I have spoken with the Booderee people and we have booked six large, adjacent sites at Greenpatch this year because the whole Bristol Point site has been booked by local high schools from 24th November. The new site is closer to the beach and may, in fact, be better…it’s just going to be different. Julianna or I will go down and check it out in the next few weeks.

CANBERRA IN 2015 This three day excursion, which we usually do every second year, is going to cost around $400 per student and I have to confirm this week that we will go. If anyone has any problems with this cost please speak to me asap…Families in Louise’s class who will be with us next year… please also feel free to let me know your thoughts.

GUITAR AND PIANO Parent interviews are going to continue to interrupt lessons over the next week or so … please check the timetable on my door on the afternoon before your lesson.

Have a great week everyone.     Love,  Wendy


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Hello Everyone,

It has been lovely to continue to watch children reconnect with each other since returning to preschool in term 3.  We have observed children initiate and interact with peers we have not previously seen them engage in play with in the last week and a half, which is a delight to behold! There is a great connection and feeling of togetherness in preschool, which is fantastic and rewarding to be a part of!

On Tuesday preschool walked up to Gallery Lane Cove to see the “Angels at Large” exhibition. Angels is a topic children had expressed interest in learning more about at the end of term 2, so the exhibition was a great opportunity to extend on this. We saw some very interesting paintings of a diverse range of angels. The children asked lots of questions as well as critiquing many of the works. We then walked to Pottery Green for a play and morning tea before heading back to preschool.

This week in buddy time we had a meeting to see who wanted to stay with their buddy and who wanted to have a new buddy to play with during this time. We had children wanting to stay with their buddy as well as children wanting to play with a new buddy. Children who previously didn’t want a buddy decided they would have one, while a couple decided they didn’t want a buddy and would prefer to play alongside others during this time.

In craft last week we looked at photos of African animals. We researched how big baby African animals were and with the assistance of Crafty Chris made a life size baby elephant, giraffe and hippopotamus which have been added to the main wall. We have continued to add to our African savannah mural this week, with meerkats, cheetahs and grasslands.

Shortly we will be placing up a sheet for parents to indicate the days they would like their child to attend preschool in 2015. The list will cover all days Monday to Friday and we ask that families promptly place their child’s name down next to the days they wish their child to attend. We will also be offering families to opportunity to arrange a time to have a formal or informal interview with us in regards to their child beginning primary school in 2015.

We have had confirmation that our whole school excursion to Reverse Garbage Marrickville will be held on Monday 11th August. The cost will be $12.00 per child. We will need a couple of parents to assist us on the day; your time will count towards maintenance hours. If you are able to assist us on the day please let us know.

As you already know Tania Carollo from Lane Cove speech pathology will be at Currambena next Friday 1st August. Tania will take the individual children being assessed to a quiet area to conduct the assessment. A written report based on this assessment will then be completed and provided to the parents. Should your child not attend on a Friday and you wish to have a screener completed on them you are welcome to bring them along. Please ensure the permission note and money is returned to preschool before the day to assist us with planning.


Katrina, Chris & Michael

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Hi Parents
This week has been very fun and interesting and there have been lots of combined class activities. On Monday we had a musical incursion with Peter Morgan. Peter told us stories about the Maori people of New Zealand then taught us some traditional songs and Te Rauparaha’s Haka Ka Mate. On Tuesday we all went to the ‘Bomb Park’ where we made paper planes, then used various parts of our bodies to measure how far they flew.
We have two craft teachers this week. Kath Ellis has been working with Crafty Chris to teach our children how to make rings and pendants using silicon and Fimo.
The Indians have been learning about length in mathematics. We have discussed the different types of units for measuring length and why they are needed. Next week we shall measure lots of different things including ourselves. In English the Indians have been reading and learning how to convert speech bubble dialogue into sentences with speech marks.
The Diamonds have also been learning about length in mathematics. They have gone round the school looking for things that are tall short or middle sized and measuring them with string. In English the Diamonds have been doing reading assessments, learning about the letter V and learning about electronic correspondence by writing an email to Oliver.
We are still missing several car seats! Could you please return any Currambena car seats that you have at home or in your cars.
There is a booking sheet on Sue’s door for her parent teacher interviews please sign up as soon as possible. I will be conducting my parent teacher interviews in weeks 5 and 6. I will put a sign up sheet on Sue’s door when I get back from IDEC on the 6th of August.
Tammy will be teaching the Indians while I am away. She will have access to my email account so please continue to send absent notes to the same email address.
Tess is having a stall this Friday at 12.30 to raise money so her former nanny can build a toilet for the school she is now working at in Tanzania. There will be toys, books and cakes for sale.

Have a great weekend,
From Blake, Sue and Nicola.

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Hello everyone!

Well we’ve got off to a racing start this term with all children settled and engaged from the get go! On Monday, we had a wonderful musician/singer, Peter Morgan come to visit the school. He shared songs, stories, musical instruments and dance, in the Maori way and he had the whole school performing the “Haka” at the end of the day! On Tuesday, Abby came and talked to us about “Plastics” and the impact it has on our environment. She brought to our attention how much plastic we use and got us thinking about things we could be doing to help and options we could be using instead. In Maths, we are completing our work on ”Fractions” from last term and we have looked at different styles of Poetry. Our class PE session this week was “Wrestling” which the children clearly enjoyed and were extremely supportive of each other, chanting both wrestlers names. All children have decided on their project topic for this term. They all have an expected word count for their projects this term but of course there is flexibility to extend.

This Friday, we will have a very spontaneous visit from Fran, her children and teachers from Jarjum. They will be hear to ‘hang out’ during the day. In the afternoon, there will be the “Build/Café”. This will provide you with an opportunity to engage in dialogue with the architects, ask any questions etc. etc. So please come along and bring CAKE to share!! Also on Friday, it is “Tree Day” and the council will be delivering approx. 60 shrubs to the school. They will be available for those that are interested (only one per family) to take home and plant.

I am really enjoying meeting with you at Parent/Teacher interviews to discuss your child’s progress. If you haven’t already signed up for a time, could you please do so, or email me if there are any problems with the final slots that are available.

Next week we will be going to Lane Cove Library.

A reminder re upcoming events:


  • Monday, 11th Whole School excursion to Reverse Garbage for a design and make art/craft day!
  • Thursday, 14th “Story Reading” afternoon starting at 2pm, in our class!
  • Friday, 15th we have a talk/film and workshop on “Plastics”. This will be presented to us by the founder of Take 3 which is a non-profit organisation that helps educate people on cleaning up the environment but specifically, our oceans!
  • Tuesday, 19th as part of our topic on “Plastics”: excursion to Kimbriki and Nth Narrabeen Beach.
  • Friday 22nd, Whole School Art Exhibition and Café.
  • Tuesday, 26th “Jump Rope for Heart” day!
  • Friday, 29th A visit from Sydney Wildlife.


  • Saturday, 6th “Spring Fair and 45 years of Currambena”
  • Monday, 8th – Friday 12th, Electricity Safety Week!
  • Thursday, 11th excursion to Skyzone for Trampolining!
  • Tuesday, 16th Surf Safety Skills visit to school.

I think that’s it!!!!

Love, Sarah.


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