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Hello Everyone!

This is our farewell week to our lovely Tui. Her last official day with us is on Friday though I hear she could be around doing a few casual days till baby is born. Many thanks to you, Tui for all your hard work, ready smile, loving relationships with our little ones and being so much part of our Currambena. You will be missed.

Thank-you to Ragna for our little Dwarf citrus trees. During the week Ragna drove out to Dural and managed to get a very good deal with the nursery for 5  x  little  trees, 2 x mandarins (imperial and emperor), 2 x oranges (valencia and washington) and 1 x lemonade.  She has now planted these along the wooden fence on your left when you walk in the gate and they look great!!


Can you please be talking to your children about deciduous shrubs and trees and explaining to them that they are not dead, just sleeping, so not to be breaking branches off. We now have quite a few of these plants here at Currambena as in fruiting trees, grapevines, wisteria etc some of them being quite small.


8th Sept Friday 3.00pm – 7.30pm Café, Art Exhibition & Light the Lantern social

October Friday 7.00pm…There could be a Currambena Ball looming on the horizon! So keep an eye on this space!

16th November Thursday  6pm –  CURRAMBENA CONCERT  at the North Sydney Leagues Club in Cammeray.

Cheers Julianna


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Our little scientists are still very busy after our trip to the Australian Museum yesterday.

More news next week….



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Hi everyone,

This week we went to the Science Festival at the Australian Museum. Thank you to Beth, Nicky and Di (Locky’s mum in Jess’ class) for coming with us and volunteering their time. We had a wonderful time. We saw lots and lots of science including: static electricity, forces, sound effects, 3D printing, virtual reality, nature, fake snow, exercise and fitness science, problem solving, coding and chemistry. We had a whole class game of tip in Hyde Park and generally had a great day as a group.

In maths this week we have been learning about perimeter and brushing up on our column addition skills. The first draft of all our quest stories have been finished and the task of producing them neatly into a book has begun. We’ve also been working on our Fair Trade project. We found out about where tea is grown and processed, what poverty means, what the Fairtrade premium is and how we’d spend it if we worked on a tea estate. Don’t forget, our Fairtrade Cafe, as part of the art exhibition, will be happening on the Friday of week 8. The children will need to stay at school to take turns in running the cafe until about 5pm.

That’s all for this week.

Love Louise


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This week is flying past, as they do, and lots is happening as usual.

In Maths, we are focusing on 2D shapes. We had some fun on Tuesday drawing diagonals and some of us used the algebraic formula for finding the number of diagonals in a regular 2D shape given the number of sides.
In English, there are some fabulous stories being written and we have revised the different types of connectives this week, too. We are beginning to prepare for our debate next week, so using our persuasive writing skills there! This week’s vocabulary extension words were exasperated, lucid, affable and diatribe. I wonder if you’ll hear any of those in conversation??

We are enjoying our extras too….Music with Tina, Spanish with Carolina, art with Chris, some Escher type tessellations with Shirley… and many lessons with our student teacher, Vanessa. Yesterday, our Class Meeting was quite quick and we had the chance for some games and an obstacle course.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had our second squash session and some of the children are really ready to play some games. We move on to two weeks of tennis for PE now and so if your child is keen, book a court and give squash a try… all of us received vouchers for free court hire in Birdwood Avenue.

Many thanks to the wonderful group of people who came to work on library books on Monday morning. We are delighted to have covered versions of the Harry Potters and The Recruit series in our room!

Also many thanks again to Tony, who is adding to our classroom furniture each weekend! Greatly appreciated!

A big hug and lots of love for Tui as she finishes up this week. Best of luck for the baby’s arrival. We’re looking forward to meeting her or him…. and seeing Tui again before then, we hope.

All the permission forms for Canberra should now be in. Please speak to me if there are any issues with this.

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Hello Everyone,

It’s nearly time for our gorgeous Tui to take a bit of a rest before the arrival of her baby. She was due to leave on Friday, though as you can imagine, finding someone to fill her  very big boots is next to near impossible, so while we continue to find that special someone Tui will continue to be with us in preschool a little while longer. Stephanie will then be working in preschool most days to give Tui a well needed rest.

We have been extremely busy in preschool this week in preparation for the Nepal stall on Friday. We are planning to start selling to the rest of the school at 11am on Friday, allowing the preschool children to buy first before selling to primary. This week we have been cooking a storm to make sure we have enough delicious treats to tempt even the most discerning taste buds. We would really appreciate anyone willing to make tantalizing delicacies at home to contribute to the stall on Friday.

Our music lessons with Tina have been enjoyed by many. We are very fortunate to have such a skilled musician with such an amazing voice guiding the preschool children through some very creative lessons. You might have noticed the sonic waves children made by drawing their responses to different types on music they heard in our music lesson on Monday. It’s fantastic to see the children enjoying the lessons so much that they are then dramatizing the lessons immediately after returning from the lessons.

We have all been part of some special secret preschool business that we hope to present to a certain someone on Friday! Even the most reluctant of drawers are putting in a big effort for this. In group times we have been doing all sorts of things this week. Group-times are an important part of our day as they allow us as educators to provide implement some intentional teaching and assess children’s development in many different areas. The majority of our group times require children to participate in a reflection at the end involving engagement in drawing to represent what the child has learnt about.

In craft the children have begun making their pieces for the art exhibition and the lighting of the giant lantern social September 8th from 3pm-7.30pm. All children regardless of the days they attend will have the opportunity to complete a piece to display in the exhibition. We are currently seeing some very creative little people in both the making table and the painting area as they experiment with different mediums of painting, creating and drawing.

A family asked this week about the sign in sheet for parent-teacher interviews that Julianna mentioned in her section of the newsletter last week. This was for primary only, however should you wish to have a formal meeting regarding your child at any stage during the year please let us know and we will arrange a time to meet with you.

We look forward to catching up with everyone at the Diddy on Friday afternoon, hope you are able to make it!

Katrina, Tui and Michael

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Hi Everybody!

Well, fingers crossed , we seem to be over the worst of that dreaded lurgy…. I had a FULL class today!!!!!!!! It was so lovely to have them all together again.

In our learning this week, we have started on Fractions…… making some pictures out of halves, wholes, quarters & eighths. We also recognised and recorded fractions within groups and some children were introduced to improper fractions and ordered them from smallest to largest. In Spanish, the children have so far learnt how to say ‘hello’ (Hola); ‘goodbye’ (adios); ‘my name is’ (mi nombre es); the colours ‘red’ (rojo); ‘orange’ (naranja); ‘yellow’ (amarillo); ‘green’ (verde). And they have also been learning some songs.

Coding is going extremely well and with a whole lotta help from Shirley and Miriam (our German student teacher) the children have started to code a dance sequence. The list of items they can choose from within the program is endless. They can select different pieces of music and have the music change within the dance. Different dancers can be chosen and different dance steps. A large selection of backgrounds are available, from a basketball court, to dance floor, to street, to the top of a mountain and you can choose to change the background throughout the piece as well. Once you make your selection and put the code together you can also choose the length of time you want it to play! If you’re not familiar with “Scratch Jnr” it’s well worth checking it out! Apart from learning IT skills, it gives the children a wonderful opportunity to develop patience, perseverance and determination. As we know, a lot can go wrong when creating something!!! For PE, we shared some of the different Hip Hop dance steps we learnt & practiced last week and created written symbols to represent particular steps. The children then got into groups and began choreographing a dance using written symbols to depict a particular step. They will choose their own music and perform their dance next week.

Our building (STEM) challenge this week was to construct a house from straws, tape and pipe cleaners. From the outset, the groups displayed more ability to collaborate and discuss their plan. Overall, the majority experienced greater success with this construction task.

For story writing, we have been writing short stories and making short books. A great deal of children are running with this….. in their own time…. and producing several stories and several little books!

Next Monday, it is our turn to go to Lane Cove Library, so please return all books!

Have a lovely weekend,


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Hi everyone,

Last Friday we had the rat stall and raised $224. The money will go towards the vet bill and other bits and pieces that we need. Thank you to everyone who baked for us or sent in books and toys for us to sell. The children loved the experience and the rats are very grateful too!

This week we have been doing lots of measuring of length in maths. We’ve been using a variety of measuring tools and recording in different units. The older children have been practising converting between units of measure. In English we have been pushing to finish the draft of our stories and some children have started writing them up in neat. The children we also given spelling textbooks. Everyone was very pleased and enthusiastic to start working in them. We did quidditch again on Tuesday which the children loved. They are starting to learn about tactics and identify the position which they prefer playing.

This week we also started our topic on Fairtrade. We talked about what we knew already and where some of our food comes from. We talked about the different climates needed to grow different crops. We watched a video about some farmers in the Dominican Republic and what life was like for them before they became part of a Fairtrade cooperative. We found out how their lives have improved thanks to the Fairtrade premium. We played a game which highlighted the difficulties farmers in developing countries could have. On Tuesday we walked up to Coles, Woolies and About Life. We did a survey to find out which fairtrade products they stocked, the prices and the quantities. This is to help us when we start planning what we’ll make for the Fairtrade Cafe. The cafe will be part of the art exhibition. It is going to be on Friday 8th September. The cafe starts at 3pm when the exhibition opens. It will run until 4:30pm/5pm including packing up and tidying. The children will have to stay to work at the cafe on that day. The plan for the evening is to have a bbq, bar and light the giant turtle lantern that the children made last week. It will be a lovely community event and a great opportunity to see lots of art work that the children have been working on.

Next Tuesday we are going on an excursion to the Australian Museum to visit the Science Festival. We are booked in to three events: a sound effects show, a science mash up and then the main hall which has lots of different interactive science stalls to visit. We are travelling by bus. We are leaving school at 9:15am and will return in time for 3pm. Please make sure your child is at school no later than 8:45am so we can get organised for the day. They will need to bring a packed lunch, a water bottle and suitable clothing. We will have breaks between the science shows where we’ll go over to Hyde Park to eat and play. Daniella’s mum, Nicky, has volunteered to come with us for the day. I’d love another 2 parents to accompany us. Please let me know if you are free and would like to join us.

Please remember that if your child is away from school for one or two days, you need to email to let me know. I save those emails as a written record. If your child is away for 3 or more days then they have to get a medical certificate from the doctors. Either email or give that to me afterwards. If you are planning on going on holiday, you need to fill in the relevant forms in the office with Julianna.

That’s all for this week.

Love Louise

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Hello Everyone!

Parent Teacher Interviews- Have you put your name down for your interview? If not please look at the time schedule on the door of your child’s classroom and fill in a slot.


Excerpt from – Attendance and Exemptions Policy and Procedures

Once enrolled, students are expected to support the school’s Core Values and Beliefs and comply with the school rules to maintain the enrolment. All absences are to be reported to the school by the parents/guardians.

 The Parent

  • will send an email to inform the teacher of the reason of the child’s absence from school
  • will present a doctor’s certificate to the teacher for absences more than 3 days  due to illness, injury or medical treatment
  • will fill in one of the following forms for planned absences of more than 3 days other than those due to illness, injury or medical treatment: Application for Exemption from Attendance/Enrolment at School or Application for Extended Leave- Travel. These forms can be obtained from the School Coordinator and must be completed in advance.  Application for Extended Leave must include details of travel arrangement.


8th Sept Friday 3.00pm – 7.30pm Café, Art Exhibition & Light The Lantern social

16th November Thursday  6pm –  CURRAMBENA ANNUAL CONCERT  at the North Sydney Leagues Club in Cammeray.

 Cheers Julianna

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