The Currambena “Skills for Life – Conflict Resolution for 3 to 6 year old children” DVD was launched in June 2006.

One of the challenges for anyone working with children is the issue of dealing with conflict which is an inevitable part of working or living with others.

The objective of the DVD is to introduce some simple skills and strategies of conflict resolution that can be used immediately in any child care centre or classrooms or life. It is for people working with young children or anyone who is interested in developing some communication and conflict resolution skills.

The video shows specific skills being taught to a class or small group. Children have been recorded working through issues with an adults support. Each area is explained by the people involved and each point is supported with text.

The DVD ends with the idea: This is just the beginning … as each area can be developed and expanded.

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The DVD is available for purchase. Currambena parents should contact the school for a “parent’s price”. For large numbers of DVD’s (eg: 100+, please contact the school to discuss price and postage.)

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Buy directly from the school for payments by cheque, bank transfer or cash (Local Australian currency only). Australian cheques should be made payable to “Currambena Primary School & Preschool” and should include any postage required. Contact the school during school hours for details for payments by bank transfer. DVD’s may also be picked up from the school during school hours.

Online by credit card or paypal – use the Buy Now button above. This allows you to pay by credit card (Click on the “don’t have a paypal account” link at checkout time) or from your paypal account. Your credit card company or paypal will determine the foreign exchange rate that may apply if any.

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