In a world where bullying in schools is a well documented problem, Currambena has a different approach. We actively teach children the skills, strategies and language to resolve conflict effectively.


All children at the school are taught conflict resolution strategies and children are encouraged and supported in this process. Teaching in this area is coordinated and progressive so that children build their skills gradually and practice them on a day to day basis. As it is such a vital aspect of the school’s curriculum, you are encouraged to become involved in this area of education so that you too can learn and assist your children in becoming confident, aware, responsible, capable and articulate individuals.

A vital component of conflict resolution is the acceptance by the children of consequences for inappropriate behaviour. What constitutes inappropriate behaviour is discussed in every class on a regular basis and is formalised at school meetings in the process of making rules. The children will become very familiar with these rules very quickly and they are always willing to advise new students. Some of the rules that the children have made include no physical violence, no weapons at school, no sweets at school and no toy worth more than a designated amount.


Courses on conflict resolution for parents and other interested adults are run at Currambena by some of our teachers on a regular basis. Classes are usually on the weekends and run over a few weeks. Course fees are payable directly to the presenters.


Conflict resolution DVD


If you are a parent or early childhood professional, you may be interested in the conflict resolution dvd.

Conflict Resolution DVD’s are available from the school office. Please send us an email on These are a valuable tool for any one working with 3 to 6 year olds. The DVD was filmed on site at Currambena.

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