My time at Currambena

Hi! I’m Valeria. I’ve been at Currambena for 6 years.

I can’t remember my first day that clearly but I do remember seeing Amalia from across the room and I had no idea that she would be one of my closest friends. I remember Blake asking me what my favorite animal was. After that, I met Sylvie, also one of my closest friends to this day. We met when I was on the old boat and I had just ended a argument with some boys. Then Sylvie came up to me and we started talking about how silly some boys are. We played with each other a lot and then she introduced me to Amalia. We would play with each other every day.
Once, Amalia had to present her project and she was sooo nervous so she asked Sarah if I could come and watch because she was more comfortable around me. Sylvie and I were in Blake’s and Amalia was in Sarah’s and we hated that but when Sylvie and I went to Sarah’s it was HAPPY DAYS. Then I met Kamu and James. It was great, apart from me questioning who I was going to play with.
Then I met Rose. I remember CLEARLY how we met. Sarah wanted to do a personal space thing and Rose and I were partners and a new friendship began. I also met Gillian but then she left to go to live in Germany. When we went to our first camp, I had a cabin with Amalia, Sylvie and Heloise and that was great. Then it was the day when Sarah was going to tell us who was going to Louise’s class.
When I heard Amalia’s and Sylvie’s and my name being called out I was so excited. The first year of Louise’s was great. The second year was amazing too but when the year started to end Louise told us there weren’t enough spots in Wendy’s so some of us had to stay. I was one of those people, so was Rose and James and Kamu and Bonnie and some others. So this meant it was going to be Rose’s and my 3rd year with Louise. Louise had told us that no one had ever been in her class for 3 years and that we would be the first. I wasn’t happy, don’t get me wrong, Louise was a amazing teacher but I did want to go to Wendy’s. We had some conflict with people saying we weren’t REAL year fives but I just brushed it off. Then when some people said we weren’t allowed to go to the sleepover Wendy’s were having I got mad (we did get to go.) I remember going to Canberra and Jervis Bay. Those were fun.
The first day of Wendy’s I was STRESSED. I thought it was going to be REALLY HARD but it wasn’t. I don’t really know what to write next so I guess I should end this but I just have to say thank you soooo much to all my teachers and my friends. You guys are the best and if someone who is in Louise’s or Sarah’s is reading this, I just have to say don’t be stressed about Wendy’s because it’s easier than it looks.
Finally, I would like to say, as much as I don’t want to go to high school, I still have to. I will miss Currambena a lot and I hope I can visit again soon.

That’s my time at Currambena!
From Valeria.

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A drum kit and a number of other drums are available from Currambena, to go to a good home. The Precision Plus kit is missing a few parts, but is essentially in working order. There are other assorted floor and rack toms, an additional bass drum and some other parts available also. Free to a good home, but a small donation to the school wouldn’t go unappreciated.

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There is an ENORMOUS amount of LOST PROPERTY in the boxes outside Marius’s room. There are lots of very new-looking jumpers and jackets, shoes and socks and many, many plastic containers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and check through with your children… and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NAME EVERYTHING THAT COMES TO SCHOOL!!!

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We had an absolutely fabulous time horse riding on Tuesday! The group voted for this as one of our PE activities this term and the place at Belrose provided a wonderful two hour session, one hour of riding and another hour of horsemanship (horsepersonship??) which included grooming and tacking up as well as mucking out the stables! It was great to see the children learning new skills and enjoying themselves so much… quite a few requestfor this to be a regular event!! It was certainly a really great experience. Many thanks to Soula, Nicky and Paul for helping with driving and to Jess and Grant for lending us large size cars!

Also in our group this week, we’ve been listening to PIP presentations, preparing debates, discussing the play for next term, continuing with text books (Unit 25 in both books is due this week) and finishing off our English unit on modes of communication. Ask your child about the short film “The Present”! We’ve done a little on 2D shapes and worked on some fun Maths puzzles, one with Shirley and one from Louise.

It’s hard to believe that term ends next week! Jervis Bay Camp is just around the corner! I’ll be having a meeting very early next term about this camp. It will be essential for anyone who is hoping to spend time camping with us to attend. At this stage, it looks as if it will be on Monday 22nd October, so please pencil in that date.

Huge thanks to the Maintenance team who had the school looking so fabulous on Monday morning! What a treat. Thank you all!

This Friday, Liv will be presenting her PIP to School Meeting… it’s on the topic of “Waste” and highly relevant to us all! Feel free to come and watch!

Have good weeks everyone! Love, Wendy



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Welcome Everyone,

It was such a delight to walk through the gate Monday morning and see a beautifully tidy swept school! Even the kids walking in with me noticed! Thank-you, thank-you to all the Sunday maintenance crew. Later in the morning we had Stephanie McConnell the principal of The Lindfield Learning Centre came for a visit and a chat about Currambena and her school model.

School Holidays. First week-  we have Blue Umbrella.

Second week -  we have the Acacia Tree people are coming on the Monday 8th October to do a clearing of deadwood in all our trees. Please do not come into the school while this work is being done. We will also be having a group of parents cleaning and oiling all our decks so be mindful where you step if are on the grounds

Is anyone able to collect this book?

It has been returned to Stanton Library rather than to Currambena. The item/s will be held for eight weeks until 8/11/18.  Item/s not claimed by this date will be discarded.

Title: Journey to the River Sea

Author:   Ibbotson, Eva


Fees – Please check that you are up to date with all fee payments

Next Council meeting has been changed from 10th September to 24th September 6.30pm. All welcome to the open meeting



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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much to all the parents that offered to help us out with Bike Wise this week. We had a wonderful day. All the children engaged with the activities and learnt something new. The focuses were on controlling bikes, stopping safely, increasing awareness of other park users and how to share the spaces. At lunch time we had a ball running up the big grassy hill and rolling or running back down it.

This week in maths we started doing some inquiry work around volume. We have been making cubes from mini cubes. We still have some follow up activities to do. The children have been working hard to finish their graphic novels and personal project presentations have started too.

During class meeting we had a big discussion about going to Sky Zone this term and we have decided to postpone the excursion until next term. That means we have more time to organise it and the children who have injuries will have time to heal so they can join us.

On Tuesday morning, we have a visitor from The Rainforest Rescue coming in to talk to us. In the afternoon we are running a science workshop. The children in our class have decided that they would like to run lots of different experiments which we have done throughout the term. It should be a fun learning experience for all.

We are having a class party next week on Friday. The children have voted to walk up to the shops, buy lunch and come back for a movie.

That’s all for this week.


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