Hi Everyone,

Another busy week has flown past. We are all excited for the 1980’s Class Ball this Friday, which will be a fun evening.

This week we have explored the language feature onomatopoeia, as we begin a unit on comic books and graphic novels. We have looked at different layouts for these types of text and will continue to look at them in more detail for the rest of the term. The children have had time to draw characters and think about personalities and traits. Our sound for this week was ‘i’ as in igloo. Activities around rhyming words and plurals have incorporated this sound. We have enjoyed listening to our class novel, reading in our own space and free choice drawing.

In Maths we have continued to investigate different strategies for multiplication and examined factors and multiples of various numbers. On Wednesday we viewed a short clip on mazes, this has been of interest in our class. We then completed a simple maze and then used positional language to give directions for this maze.

The children presented their Rainforest Mini Projects on an animal/insect on Tuesday. These were very informative and the creativity in the presentations were very engaging. Our excursion with Sarah’s class to The Royal Botanic Garden is coming up in week 9. The Plants with Bite tour will be interesting and engaging.

We are requesting that all parents that volunteer with the school in any capacity that involves children to obtain a Volunteer Working With Children Check. There is no cost involved, you apply online https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check , and get your identity verified from Service NSW.  Next step – provide your WWCC number and expiry date to Julianna, along with your full legal name and date of birth, so that your clearance can be verified online.

On Saturday I attended the first day of the Conflict Resolution course run by Wendy and Chris. It was a fantastic day with lots of new skills, ideas and information gained. I am looking forward to the next part of the course to further enhance my knowledge and understanding and apply these skills into the classroom.


  • 1980’s Class Ball Friday 22nd March from 5-7:30pm
  • Our Personal Interest Projects are coming along and are due Friday 29th March
  • The Royal Botanic Garden Excursion Tuesday 2nd April
  • End of Term Bush Dance Friday 5th April 6pm Start
  • Any newspaper or shoe boxes for the rats bedding would be welcomed into the classroom

Thank you for the continued support, especially over the last week. It is greatly appreciated.

That’s it for this week, have a lovely weekend.


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Dear Parents,

Week 7… Yes I repeat it is Week 7! Wow, time is flying by.

This week we have spent some time on our personal projects. In this time, I have watched the children build resilience, flexibility and independence. So far the children have chosen a topic, talked about what they already know and thought of three questions they would like to find the answer to. We used our school library to find relevant books and last week attempted to find information using the chrome books. We have spent lots of time reflecting on our questions and where we can find the answers. The children have had moments of frustration and we have discussed how we can overcome barriers such as not finding a book on their topic or finding websites that are overwhelmingly difficult to read. Isn’t learning messy? I’m hoping to finish our projects by the end of term so we can spend some time reflecting on what worked well and what we need next time. Watch this space…

Our class meetings continue to be a highlight of our week, a safe space where the children can discuss ideas, problems and feelings. Last week we were joined by Wendy and the children were keen to share how our class meetings roll out.

We have had a week of making and creating. The children made creatures hotels, they had to think about what all animals need and what specific needs their creature had. Who knew that a ladybird would need a climbing frame? We saw lots of 5 star hotels created and I know some of the children were keen to take their creations home.

We also designed and built our own zip wires like we had seen in our book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. It was great to watch the children problem solve in groups. The language I heard was amazing as they discussed tightening the rope, the weight of the basket and speed. There were some fantastic examples where the basket zoomed from the top of the stairs down to the tree and some fantastic disasters with broken string and falling baskets. All the children were able to have a giggle after and evaluate their techniques and what makes a good team.

In maths this week we have focused on place value and the meaning of each digit. The children have been representing 2 digit numbers with drawings and number sentences, today some children will even have a go at 3 digit numbers.

It was inspiring to see so many children strike for Climate Change on Friday. Lots of the children were excited to share their experiences of the rally with me on Monday. If you have any photos to share with me, I’d love to see them and we might add them to our climate change display. Back at school we made our own bubble blowers and had a go at making ginormous bubbles.


A few requests:

If you have any recycling items like cereal boxes, clear containers or other items for junk modelling please add them to our craft box. It’s the wooden, square piece of furniture next the door inside the classroom. Thanks!

Please continue to check for nits and treat over the weekend.

I need someone to look after the tadpoles over the two week break. I am off to China and I’m not sure they would survive the flight there and back… They are low maintenance and eat boiled spinach leaves. Their tank would only need cleaning once or twice and I can talk you through everything. There’s only 5 of them and they won’t be frogs just yet. Let me know!

Have a lovely weekend!


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Hi Everybody!

From all reports, the children who attended the strike/protest last Friday seemed truly inspired and a lot was gained from them being there. Thank you so much to the parents who took time out of their day to attend. During our discussion about this on Monday morning, children shared things they saw, heard and experienced when one child asked “what was Adani?” Someone was able to answer this – very clearly. It provoked further discussion about what the mine actually does and the effect it is having on the earth and its atmosphere. Later in the day, during ‘tidy-up’ time the children all started (spontaneously) chanting:  “Stop Adani Stop” then “Our Future Our Choice” and “Hey Ho, Hey Ho, Climate Change has got to go”. Thank you so much Gabe – for bringing the strike to our attention! I am sure it will have an overall influence on how the children process our topic on Rainforests. And support what we have looked at and discussed about deforestation and the impact this has on our planet.

Inspired by a lot of what we have looked at and some of the posters seen at the strike and messages they carried – the children are designing T.Shirt logos which they will screen print over the next few weeks.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning a couple of songs. One of the song’s lyrics provoked conversation: “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell. So we looked more closely at the lines from the song and shared thoughts about what they meant. We all felt that it dealt with environmental concerns and also, about taking things for granted and then missing them when they’re gone. Our next song we will learn will be  “Imagine” by John Lennon. I played it the other day and some of the children said they heard it being sung at the strike. So I think it rather fitting!

On Tuesday, Leesa and I split our groups so they could present their mini projects on Insects & Animals of the Rainforest. Information was shared on the life cycles, habitats, diets and survival of butterflies, frogs, cicadas & dragonflies.

For Maths this week, we have been looking at column addition & subtraction using expanded notation. Expanding numbers to add etc supports with the understanding of place value. For our creative writing, some children have moved on to writing their story ie. a sequel to The Lorax. Using their plan and ideas of what will happen in the beginning, middle and end they are extending their ideas, including conversation and more descriptive words to bring it all together.

Events happening:

  • Our excursion to the Botanical Gardens will be on Tuesday, 2nd April. Along with Leesa’s group we will catch a bus to the gardens in the morning, have lunch and then be taken on a guided tour of The Calyx. The tour will focus on learning more about Plants with Bite - carnivorous plants and life cycles. 
  • In preparation for our whole school social on Friday, 5th April our music program for the next 2 weeks will be learning – Bush Dancing!
  • I would love for someone to come and do reading with the children on a Friday. If you are available for an hour or so and have your working with children check – please let me know: sarahm@currabena.nsw.edu.au
  • It is our turn for Lane Cove Library next week, so check if you have any books at home and return them please.


Thank you to Veri (Patrick’s mum) for our diffuser and some gorgeous smelling oils for the classroom. And to Margaret (Zariah’s mum) who has kindly offered to be our class rep.

I think that’s us for this week! Have a great weekend.

Love, Sarah



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Hello Everyone,
The weeks really are flying by now. This week we’ve been busy learning about the beautiful and fascinating octopus! We’ve looked at how it uses jet propulsion to move quickly through the water and how it manoeuvres expertly over rocks with 8 agile arms lined with suction cups. It has meant lots of fun water play and a few children coming home a bit damp!

We have a community bush dance coming up on Friday 5th April. We are planning to begin with a community dinner from 6pm with the dancing to begin at 7pm. For the dinner, if each family could please bring a plate that would feed slightly more than their family that would be wonderful. All the food is then placed on long tables for a buffet style community meal. The children will be introduced to some of the bush dancing routines here at school over the coming weeks so hopefully when the dancing begins, they can teach you how its done. It should be a really fun night.

Just a short note now about morning drop off. It’s really important that children are here at school by 9am and even more important that parents say goodbye with enough time for the children to settle themselves in. I’m finding with parents leaving right on 9.30am, the children are not quite ready to get started and we are losing valuable inside time settling down. It would be wonderful if by 9.15am parents had said their goodbyes and left the children to begin their day. Beyond settling in time, that 9:00- 9.30am time slot is dedicated to play. Peer play is a central part of our learning philosophy at Currambena and when children miss this in the morning, they are often not ready to participate in more explicit instruction that is offered. Thank you for your help with this.

Have a lovely weekend,

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Hello Everyone,

A warm welcome to Ashton and his family who started in preschool this week.

For the next two Mondays we’ll be doing some good old fashion bush dancing in preschool in preparation for our end of term bush dancing social on Friday 5th April. We hope you’ve saved the date as we look forward to seeing everyone there.

The children have been enjoying our Spanish lessons with Carolina on a Tuesday. It’s amazing to see how quickly and confidently the children are understanding the Spanish language and learning to speak it. In just two lessons we have seen children go from reluctant speakers to confidently engaging verbally in the language. All children in preschool currently can spend up to 10 minutes a 10 on the polyglots app. We were expecting the novelty of it to last a lot longer than it has, with many of the children so engrossed in play with peers that they don’t want to use the iPad!

The P.E classes with Eva are also being enjoyed by the children. This week we learnt a new game involving a toilet. Anyone that knows preschool children, knows that toilet humour is big on their agenda of what they find funny, so it was an instant hit. The ball games are also of great interest to the children, we’ve been extending on these throughout our day in preschool.

The Goblins seem to have vanished from preschool. The mailbox has had all remnants of goblin hand prints removed and replaced by decorations more conducive to that of a tree fairy. The children are now making initial plans to decorate the tree, the tree fairy lives in, perhaps to assist her with her recovery from the Goblin invasion? The children have been making wands out of sticks throughout the week. The results are stunning, with lots of fun being had as they turn the teachers and each other into all sorts of interesting things!

In group times we have been extending on children’s social skills. Last week the children looked at different ways you can initiate play with others as well as becoming involved in play with peers. We’ve been looking at friendship, what friendship is and what is means. Boy, do we have some insightful little people on preschool!

We’ve also been doing a bit of pillow fighting. We begin this activity by going over the pillow fighting agreements with the children first. It’s important for children to realise the risks they are facing, the possibility that they may get hurt and the importance of considering others. There are many benefits to pillow fighting. Recent research shows that aggression naturally emerges in children but starts to decrease as children learn to express their emotions appropriately. Children who frequently roughhouse can distinguish between innocent play and actual aggression. Being able to engage in innocent play and taking turns helps teach children leadership and negotiation, both very important life skills for our pre-schoolers!

Lastly thanks to all our washing fairies for washing all our towels. A huge thank you also to Tess, in Wendy’s class for very thoughtfully and generously donating all her my little pony toys to preschool. They’ve been a huge hit and a great addition to the construction area.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah


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Hello everyone,

Many of our children will be absent on Friday in support of the “Strike 4 Climate Change” Our teachers will all be here to run class as usual for those children that are unable to strike. What an extraordinary initiative for the children of our world to be taking on! Let us keep remembering and reminding ourselves of all the little things each one of us can do every day to help our climate/planet. A little ant is only doing a small part, but as a community they achieve amazing results.

Earlier this week we had 30 student teachers from Sydney University here for the morning to learn about our philosophy and observe in the classrooms. This was their first week at Uni, we were the first school visit, and I think that for most of them they were totally amazed and intrigued with our approach to education!

SPOTS AVAILABLE IN PRESCHOOL – We have places on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please let Katrina know if you want any of these or tell other parents if they are looking.



TERM 1 End of Term Bush Dance – now locked in for Friday 5th April.

TERM 2 Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June

TERM 3 Open school Friday 20th Sept with birthday weekend celebrations Saturday 21st September ??

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney North’s Leagues Club 14th Nov, and end of year social Wednesday 18th December

MAINTENANCE JOBS Can anyone please do the following?

  • Disposal of the empty timber deck-stain tins at the front entrance
  • Disposal of used photocopier cartridges outside the office door

REMINDERS……. Newsletter Entries – will only be accepted if they are emailed as an attachment, preferably in a word document. This is for any adverts, notices, canteen menus etc

I am still getting enquiries or fee payments that I have difficulty identifying. Please remember we use your child’s surname as the reference.

Volunteer Working With Children Check.  We are requesting that all parents that volunteer with the school in any capacity that involves children to obtain a Volunteer Working With Children Check. There is no cost involved, you apply online https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check ,  and get your identity verification from https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre.  Next step – provide your WWC number and expiry date to your employer or anyone you provide a child-related service to, along with your full legal name and date of birth, so that your clearance can be verified online.

  •  We are looking to have all volunteers with a WWCC number by the 1st May 2019

Cheers Julianna

BE INSPIREDWith the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Dear Parents,

What a busy week! Our trip to the Aquarium was a huge success! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who supported us, you made the day run so smoothly, giving the children the opportunity to follow their interests and navigate the aquarium. It was lovely to hear the children sharing new facts about rays, sharks, turtles and penguins. We bounced on boats, stroked sea cucumbers and followed fish! After a few hours in the Aquarium we made our way through Darling Harbour to Tumbalong Playground. The children loved splashing in the fountains and exploring new equipment. At the end of the playground is a fantastic water area where the children can direct water through tunnels and dams. Watching them plan and communicate as a team was fascinating! If you haven’t already visited the playground you should check it out!

This week in maths we have been looking at the number zero. We spoke about the importance of zero even though it means nothing! We found examples of zero outside and drew our own representations to add to a class poster. This is the beginning of our place value topic. On Tuesday we represented different numbers using pictures, digits and number lines. We shared facts about the number and used language such as more, less, greater and smaller. Our class challenge asked us to explore representing numbers in different contexts.

In literacy we have been writing a recount of our Aquarium excursion. We looked at photographs from our day out and reminisced on a great day spent together. This week we have focused on sentence structure, using capital letters and full stops more consistently.

Climate change and pollution discussions have continued this week. After watching a video of the negative effects of litter and pollution on our Earth, this week we looked at individuals and projects who are making a positive difference. We learnt about three projects:

  1. Cardiff’s mission to recycle plastic waste collected on the Volvo Ocean Race and turn it into park benches.
  2. ReTuna Återbruksgalleria which is a mall in Sweden dedicated entirely to repaired and upcycled goods.
  3. The Seabin project which creates Seabins that collect floating rubbish in the water at marinas, docks and ports.

Our class love visiting the Bomb Park with Eva on Wednesdays, due to the rain today we spent the afternoon playing soccer and team games in smaller groups on the basketball court. The children have learnt lots of new chasing and catching games and have been discussing tactics and team work.

Thank you to my weekly volunteers Kylie, Meggan, Susan & Elissa. The children love playing phonics games on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Here goes my sales pitch… I have a gorgeous wooden filing cabinet in my room that is free to a good home or business. It is in great condition but I just have no use for it. If you would like it, please come and have a look in my classroom.

A few reminders:

  • Please get your working with children number.
  • Please check and treat hair for lice if needed.

Have a great weekend! See you next week or at the conflict resolution course on Saturday!


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Our new piano teacher, Sarah, has begun teaching on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please always remind your children of the time of their lesson and encourage them to be there promptly.

Tuesday and Thursday guitar groups have been settling in and some of the playing is sounding wonderful already!


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Hi everyone. Lovely to see some rain and luckily it’s not too cold.

I’m hoping it will rain this week and be fine from next Wednesday onwards for our camp up on the Hawkesbury River. We’ve begun talking about the details and will be having a longer discussion tomorrow. Thank you to those who have returned the pink form already. The white one is for you to keep. We still need drivers there and back so please let me know if you can help. It is about an hour and a half away.

In class this week we have begun our Science unit on chemistry and written our letters to the author of “My Grandad is Weird”. In addition, we had a large group of Sydney Uni teacher ed. students on Monday, a wedding yesterday (congratulations to the brides and thanks for the chips and cake!), revision of (and learning) the formal algorithm for subtraction with trading, a challenging puzzle relating to Grok coding (thank you Shirley and Alan), a lovely Buddies session with Preschool, bands working on performance pieces, a gorgeous afternoon swimming at Greenwich Baths (thank you Jennifer and Christine for your help), a class photo for our sponsor child in Uganda (thanks Julianna) and a rather intense discussion about conflict resolution processes and the use of mediation when needed. We also voted to move the Ball to the last Friday of term so that both Sylvie and Hubert can come. I hope the chaperones will still be able to help that night! Quite a week so far!

Tomorrow, three of our students are sitting for the Selective Schools Entrance Test. We wish them the best of luck.Those who chose to do so completed some practice exams on Monday and did a great job writing to a set stimulus and then completing maths multiple choice questions, colouring in the little circles to choose their answers.

And Friday is the strike! Thank you to those parents who responded to the email. It seems that just about all the children who want to go have managed to organise it for themselves and, of course, teachers will be here at school as usual for the day. I thought I might show Greta Thunberg’s TED talk for anyone interested tomorrow at lunchtime. She is the teenager who started the student climate change protests. She is very impressive.

I hope you’re all having good weeks too! Cheers, Wendy

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Hi Everyone,

Another week passes with lots of activities and excitement. We are now half way through the term, where has the time gone?

We have started to create comic strips and books during writing this week. The children are engaged with this style of writing and the ideas and concepts being explored are very creative. This week our sound was ‘d, dd’ as in duck and paddle. We have been learning about antonyms which are words with opposite meanings through our Sound Waves book.

In Maths we have been looking at different strategies to help us with our multiplication. We have learnt that the nine times tables answers add to nine (18: 1+8 =9). On Wednesday we completed a polygon puzzle involving a range of multiplication. This was tricky but the children persisted with the task and learnt a lot from it. We have also had a go at animal symmetry to further develop our skills in this area.

This week in our PE lesson with Eva we split into four teams and rotated around two activities. The two activities were soccer and gymnastics skills. Both activities involved teamwork, collaboration and communication. If you have any 1.25L plastic bottles at home, can you please send them in for an activity near the end of the term.

The children are continuing with their Personal Interest Projects. These are due on the 29th of March and presentations will begin from the 1st of April. The children will nominate a time for their presentation in the coming weeks and this timetable will be stuck on our class whiteboard.

Sarah and I have locked in a date for our excursion: Tuesday 2nd April at The Royal Botanic Garden for a guided tour on ‘Plant Connections – The Calyx’. This excursion links with our current unit on Rainforests and allows us to explore the importance of plants and how insects and animals affect the life cycle of plants.

Our class have decided to have a class ball on Friday 22nd March from 5-7:30pm. The theme is 1980’s with games, activities and dancing to fill the time. If you could chaperone on the night that would be a huge help. Please email me if you are available or come in for a chat. It will be a fantastic night of fun and I’m sure lots of laughter.


  • WWCC – If you are volunteering in the classroom or for an excursion you will need to have a current Working With Children Check.
  • If anyone has spare newspaper or shoe boxes, please bring them in.
  • End of Term Bush Dance – Friday 5th April starting at 6pm.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.


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