Hi everyone! If Sue, Chis and Gabriella were still here today they would no doubt remember me as the messiest kid in preschool, covered in paint from head to toe. Maybe Michael remembers?

I am surprised it’s my time to leave already, 9 years has passed so quickly. I remember in the beginning I found it really hard to let mum leave. I remember the time I was so upset and Chris had to hold me while my mum left.
I came to love preschool, my teachers, the chickens and especially Lucy.

Fran’s class was AMAZING and so was Fran. I remember it felt like the first year of ‘real’ school work, although Fran made it fun. Thank you Fran for making the start of my schooling the best it could have been.

Blake’s class on top of the school was cool even when I had to sit on a blue circle for talking too much. Blake was fun. I remember we would all hide from him and someone would look out. Suddenly they’d yell “He’s coming!” and we would all sit cross legged looking at the whiteboard.

In Sarah’s class the work became harder, Lucy left and I started struggling with friendships. I think looking back if I had been able to be clearer with how I felt, then lots of those issues could have been avoided but I was only young and it was the start of some very big lessons. I also remember how exciting it was when it got to your turn on the fish feeding roster.

I loved Louise’s class, the rats, the rafters and especially Louise. I felt very proud that Louise trusted me so much with the rats.

The next year I stayed in Louise’s class again, it was not a choice and I felt very excluded and not important. I also didn’t understand why I had to stay back when I felt that my learning was no different to any one else. I tried really hard to accept this decision and a make the best of the year but it was really difficult for me. The upside was that I made a bunch of new friends in the younger class, Alice, Alexa, Daniella and Hazel. Thank you to all of you for supporting me through this difficult time and remaining my good friends.

FINALLY, I am in Wendy’s class as a year 6 student (NOT YEAR 5!)
It is challenging and exciting! Thank you Wendy you are AMAZING and supportive. I love everything about Wendy’s class, the ice blocks, the shops, the classroom, the work, the friendships and even my text books.

Crafty, Thank You for giving me loads of opportunities to make AMAZING art and for encouraging me to try new things. I’ve spent hours and hours in this craft room over the years. I will definitely miss the the satisfaction of the pottery wheel, the craziness of everyone trying to get your attention and even packing up at the end of the day…………not.

Last but not least, Julianna. Thank you for doing all the little things, the big things and unnoticed things.

Thank you every single person, teachers, student teachers, students, parents, buddies, chickens, blue tongue lizards, rats and even Sarah’s class fish. You have all helped to make Currambena the school that feels like home to me. I’m sure I will look back and think how lucky I was to go to a small community school where everyone knew my name.

Love Bonnie

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APDEC CAKE STALL- Saturday, 17th November, at Bunnings Artarmon. The Cake stall will run from 8:00am to 5:00pm. (set-up from 7:30am and pack-up from 5pm) .


  • Sunday 18 November from 9am to 12pm
  • Sunday 9 December from 9am to 12pm

HELP NEEDED –Oiling of the deck is now scheduled for Saturday 24th November, 8:30am to 1:00pm. We have some people, but really need another 3 or 4 to get it all done. If you can help, please contact Haydn. Please call the office for his number or email.

CONCERT – 6pm- 7pm 22nd November. This is going to be at North’s Leagues Club again but will be seating only. Families can come early and eat in the restaurant or wait until after the finish of the concert. Cost is: Family $25.00, Single tickets $10.00 which will cover friends and extended family.


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Hi Everyone,

Week 5 already! We’re sprinting to the end of the year with heaps to squeeze in before the end. Thank you to all the parents that have paid for camp and informed me about surfing. If you haven’t done that yet, please let me know so we can finalise numbers.

We’ve been working tirelessly on the play for the concert next week. (How did that sneak up so quickly?) The children are very passionate about the performance, they finished making costumes and props and have learnt their lines. We are now at the polishing stage so hopefully, we’ll be sparkling on the night. You can buy your tickets from 5pm at the door of the auditorium. This year there is no food to be taken in, but you can buy drinks. The idea is we’ll swoop in do all of our performances and then everyone can move on to get food downstairs and socialise. The concert starts at 6 pm but the children need to be there at 5:30 pm at the latest to get themselves into costumes and with makeup on.

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D shapes, learning some new vocabulary and getting to grips with quadrilaterals. We did some challenging problem solving which I’m sure has helped the children become more familiar with the features of different quadrilaterals and how they can look. We also had a coding session from Shirley this week. The children are working on individual projects. Everyone needs to create an app on scratch that can be used as an educational tool. Some children have made times tables games, others have made things sharing information that they learnt when doing their personal projects.

Please make sure your child brings a pair of goggles with them to swimming each week. The pool used to lend goggles from their lost property but they no longer do that so each child needs to bring their own.

That’s all for this week.


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Morning tea 

Lemon and yoghurt cake – $1.00

Mini pizzas – $1

cheese, pineapple and ham toppings

Watermelon slices 50c


Chilli con Carne with rice – $2

Veg option available – $1.50

fruit juice ice blocks – $1

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Hi everyone,

Nothing much to report from this end. Slowly our play approaches theatrical greatness. We’ve done explored different ‘s’ sounds, read a chunk of our adventure novel, practiced enunciating our lines, and done a little guided meditation. But mostly it has been the play. The costumes are really shaping up nicely.

Today a new substitute took the reins while I had an appointment, a lovely guy called Caetano. Sure the kids had a great day with him and gave him a big Currambena welcome.

In other news I’ve booked us in for the ice skating ink on the 26th for a couple of hours, 11-1. If you’d like to come along please get in touch. And I’m also arranging a mystery excursion for the last Monday of term…more to come.

Hope you’re all well.

Warm regards,


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Hello Everyone!

By now, Katrina will be starting to settle into her trip to India and taking part in IDEC 2018. We hope she and Julianna have a great time during the conference with minimal disruptions! Although she is greatly missed by the group, the kids have managed the change splendidly and have been enjoying the many activities on offer during the week and having Niky join us has been great.

The Currambena concert next Thursday is fast approaching and the group’s song practice and preparation is in full swing. We have all the permission notes signed for the excursion to the North Sydney Leagues Club. This is for a stage rehearsal for our concert that will be on that night. If your child doesn’t come on Thursday it would be great if you could meet us there at about 11:20 am on the 22nd. A reminder for those who are wanting to dress up for the performance to please do so. All types of dress-ups and characters are welcome and encouraged! J

We have been making a point of getting out of the preschool and exploring the school, often spending time at the top playground and inviting people to join in moving around the school to less travelled places. We have been making butterfly kites, puzzles, Christmas decorations and a rocket ship which took its maiden voyage around the solar system this week, visiting some of the planets which we learnt about in Astronomy last term. And of course, the continuation of “Baldi’s Basics” which has gained momentum from a number of kids and often morphs into new and exciting versions (or “modes”) depending on who is playing. It’s an odd game that essentially boils down to a treasure hunt, some chasing and a lot of imagination!

We hope all parents have now received an invitation to the preschool afternoon tea. Practising how to serve others and continuing discussions on what will happen during the event has gathered momentum and no doubt lots of cooking will commence once the concert is all said and done! For those planning to come to the afternoon tea on Thursday 6th December, if you could please RSVP to preschool so that we can confirm numbers as best we can, that would be great!

Our invitations to the new starting children for the orientation days have been sent out, with an attached picture from a current preschooler who will be with the group next year! The children have been talking more and more about the changes the new year will bring, with lots of emphasis on who will be preschool elders and who will be moving onto primary.

Have a great rest of the week!

Love Preschool xo

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Hi everyone!

We are having a mixed week, juggling play rehearsals with a huge cast as well as continuing with some of our usual activities! Most performers are doing brilliantly while some are struggling to focus in roles that demand their presence on stage for long periods of time. Our costumes must all be ready by the end of this week. Please check with your child if they need help with this. Most seem fine which is great.

Our final dress rehearsal is on the day of the concert. As we did last year, we’ll be travelling by bus to the venue and practising in the afternoon. Our group has the opportunity for a final rehearsal on the stage at 5pm on the night. It would be wonderful if everyone can make that time… or a little earlier at the venue! It’s a chance for the actors to practice with the microphones which helps so much!

PIPs were due on Monday and I’m still checking through the list. Presentations should be starting this afternoon. Looking forward to them!

We love performing so much that we’ll be having another performance opportunity on Tuesday 27th at 11:30. Several items are already in production!

This week, just one text book unit needs to be completed! Next week we’ll do the other.

I think that’s all for today. We are hoping to go ice skating before the end of term… more details of this later.

Cheers, Wendy

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With the concert happening next week and an increase in practices and the urgency to complete costumes – our nerves are beginning to sizzle and simmer. Excitement is brewing and bubbling and our budding young actors are learning the importance of voice projection and getting into character, expression, gesture, body language and finding themselves in a space on the stage…. phew!!!!!! We’re getting there!

In class, Tamara continued with poetry and introduced the children to the art of writing a Haiku. She had the children brainstorm some ideas of what they could write about and they created beautiful artworks using chalk pastels. The children also did an assessment task on their understanding of fractions!

Thanks to a fabulous group of parents we were able to go bowling on Tuesday. Nothing much to say other than – it was a lot of fun!

It is so wonderful to have the majority of children return to school after long weekends away and some hideous viruses. Let’s hope for NO MORE ABSENCES!

A reminder about the concert: There will be not tables this year, seating only. Please have your children at North Sydney Leagues no later than 5:30pm when they will need to come directly to their class spot! We will have a designated area in the auditorium where the children will need to gather and get ready prior to their performance. This area will be signed “Sarah’s class” and will be positioned on the far right side of the stage area. Once everyone is in costume and the concert has begun children can watch each performance from the floor below the stage. After their performance they will be free to sit with you. It should be a fun night!!!!!!

On that note… have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hello all,

Two weeks until the play and it is battle stations. Abby (Crafty Chris’s wife) who works as a children’s entertainer came in last Friday to teach us about projecting and slowing our voices, so hopefully we’re as clear as a bell. Props and costumes are being churned out at alarming speed. Slowly, so slowly, we inch towards theatrical greatness.

We’ve also been looking at numbers in the thousands this week, discussing their scale, making and ordering them, and learning to read and write them. And in science we looked at amplitude and frequency, decibels and hertz as part of our investigation of sound. We looked at pictures made by sound vibrations, and tested our own hearing. The kids were pleased that they could hear sounds in a far higher range than their incompetent teachers.

Went to the park today to read and had a little play in the sunshine. What could be nicer?

Warm regards,


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