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Hi Everyone,

Concert tomorrow! Starting at 5.00pm. There are a couple of Concert pages with the Concert Blurb and the Run Sheet for the evening

The Diddy Friday 27th Nov.  Please see the flier asking whether you would like to be there to watch the live screening of the concert. You need to book!

Class photos. Thank-you to Jackie Chan who has been coming into the school this week to take our 2020 class photos. These will be available in digital only to buy before the end of term.

“A Picnic on a Blanket” at Currambena Wednesday 16th December! Please see the flier for all the details. Thank-you to Suzie and Council for getting this happening.

Exciting news for me! Now that the Victoria border has opened, I am finally able to take my planned long service leave and hotfoot it down to Melbourne to see my very new little granddaughter, Arlo. I will be gone for two weeks but will be back for the last week of term to finish the year.


50th Anniversary Merchandise. We still have items in stock at further reduced prices. If you are looking for a gift like an original art silk scarf, oatmeal linen tea towels, a cap for sun protection or another shopping bag please drop us an email with your order

With love

Julianna xx

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Hello everyone,

Another busy week in preschool as the year quickly seems to be coming to an end! This week we’ve ramped the discussions up about transitions and change. Who’ll be moving to Jess’s class, who’ll go to another school and what that school is, and who’ll be back in preschool as an Elder. There’ve been discussions about how everyone is feeling about the upcoming changes.

The weather continues to get warmer as we head into Summer. A reminder that the small bar fridge on the veranda is on and children and parents are able to pop lunches and drink bottles in there to keep them cool during the day. If you do put your children’s lunch in the fridge please remind both them and a teacher about it. We’ve been reminding the children about it during morning meeting, with many of the children now choosing to put their drinks and lunch inside here to keep it cool, so if you’re ever missing your child’s lunch or drink bottle it may be in the fridge!

In group time we’ve continued talking about next year and changes. Who’ll be an Elder in preschool, who’ll be in Jess’s class who’ll go to a different school and what they are like. The children have discussed different strategies to make friends. You can ask them to play, ask them what their name is and tell them what your name is too!

We managed to make it to the park on Wednesday this week! We were so proud of the children’s ability to follow directions within a group to ensure the group and their own safety. We’re hoping that the days continue to be pleasant for the next couple of weeks so we can get to the park a few more times before the end of the year.

A big thank you to the families that have been taking preschool washing home for us! Michael and I spent the weekend washing and ironing 60 t-shirts for screen printing that we are hoping to do with the preschool people in the coming week.

A reminder that preschool has pre-recorded their preschool performance for the concert on Friday. We look forward to sharing it with everyone as well as watching all the primary school classes performances.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael, Cee & Krysta


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Dear Parents,

Today’s newsletter will be brief because we have been extremely busy practising for tomorrow night’s concert performance! The children are quite excited.

We had a chat about what sort of clothes to wear tomorrow underneath their performance clothes, so you might find them rifling through their wardrobes and drawers tonight to find something suitable to wear.

Important Concert information

• The concert is tomorrow (Friday) from 5pm (live streamed).
• Children will stay at school from 3pm to get ready.
• I will provide a substantial afternoon tea of fruit and pastries.
• Pick up will be for a 30-minute window after the completion of the live stream.
• Please let me know asap if you have any issues with this timing and call me on my mobile if you are stuck in traffic or running late.

There is plenty of information about the concert in the newsletter, including the all-important link to watch the performance via live stream. There is also the option to watch the live streamed performance at The Diddy (see Julianna’s newsletter post as bookings are essential).

Enjoy the concert! Have a lovely weekend,

Jess xx

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Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a great week.

The concert is finally upon us! The teachers and children have worked exceptionally hard over the term to make the night as memorable as possible. This Thursday, the children are adjusting to a slight room change as we have our classroom set up as an authentic theatre, with lights and curtains along the walls.

This week we have been continuing with our 3D objects unit, looking at where in the class we can find different 3D shapes. We will continue with this topic until next week and will be moving on whole number.

In writing we are continuing to refine our skills, remembering to include punctuation and adding in exciting describing words to engage the reader. This Thursday we are spending the day in the library as we open our class up for rehearsals with each class throughout the day, meaning there will be plenty of opportunity for the children to explore some of their favourite books.

The children’s personal interest projects have been fantastic, with many already finished. Their skills have grown exponentially throughout this term, which they will be able to apply for years in the future.

That’s all for this week, have a wonderful weekend!


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And we’re almost there…….. to the concert that is!!

I hope you have all received the link from Julianna to view the concert LIVE on Friday. We are coming to the end of a rather loooooooong rehearsal period, so the children are VERY excited to perform. This week, we had yet another breakthrough and rehearsal that really ‘popped’. Abi came in to watch and give the children a critique. I think it was terrific for them to hear another person’s response and point of view. Abi reiterated the need to project one’s voice and imagine your character but her words seemed to carry more weight and be exactly what they needed to turn another corner. I think all they hear from me now is “Blah, blah, blah….” So thankyou Abi!!!

On Wednesday we had the curtains delivered and installed in Charles’s room and on Thursday Greg Andresen was in to watch our dress rehearsal. He is doing the sound for the concert and will work with Bill during the filming. So a huge thanks to Greg for your time, patience and expertise.

We’ve had Jackie Chan in this week taking class photos around the gorgeous Jacaranda tree and treehouse. Thankyou Jackie!

A couple of weeks ago we started writing some Aspirations. Everybody decided on something they wish to aspire to do and potentially become later in their life. We talked about goal setting and the steps you need to take before you can ‘get there.’ All the children had a clear idea of a goal and possible career path they feel driven towards achieving. So we have future writers, a graphic designer, marine biologists, a farmer, explorers, an acrobat, teacher, artist, pro skateboarder, ice skater, professional musician, koala carer, a video game designer and vet! I have included pictures of a few of those complete writings in this newsletter. I do hope they transfer into print so you can read them.

Next week on Monday we have our Orientation morning from 9:30 – 11:00 am. Children will spend this time with the teacher and class they will be in next year. I am really looking forward to welcoming a new group of children through our door, and so thrilled there will be some from this year’s group who will be here to help with this transition and make them feel welcome. Also on Monday we will have our Big Fat Spelling Quiz and the last camp meeting before leaving on Wednesday.

I will be away with the elders from Wed – Fri. Vinnie will be here with the remaining group on Wednesday and Thursday and Anika on Friday. Carolina will be doing cooking with ton Wednesday for Spanish and Vinnie is planning some fun activities for the Thursday.

Our final project presentations will begin and be completed (mostly) in week 9. The children have also voted to do Kris Kringle which will begin that same week. Just so you know what to expect with KK …….. each child will be given the name of someone they are to buy a gift for. There is a monetary limit of $15 and the gift needs to be brought in to school before the last day (Wednesday, 16th) wrapped and with the name of the child it is being gifted to written clearly on the outside. Prior to this, children leave messages to the person they are gifting to, making them obscure enough so they don’t guess. This will begin on Monday, 7th. So please check who your child needs to buy a gift for.

I think that’s all for this week.

We truly hope you enjoy the virtual concert and have a nice weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

It’s concert week! We’re rehearsing each day, finishing props and making final adjustments to costumes. The children are super excited to showcase their hard work on Friday. Just a reminder that the children will stay at school from 3pm and have some afternoon tea and then get dressed ready for the concert to begin at 5pm. After the concert has finished streaming, children will be ready to be picked up at the front gate.

Camp is next week!! We’ll have our final camp meeting on Monday to finalise rooms, make agreements and answer any last questions. If you need another list of what to bring to camp, please email me.

This week we’ve continued working through fractions and using these on a number line. Some children have looked at improper fractions and mixed numerals and others have worked with decimals.

The children voted to have Kris Kringle this year. It was decided that the cost of this gift needs to be $15, no more than $20. All the children have received the name of the person that they’re Kris Kringle for, and a list of things that person likes. We’ll be handing out these gifts on the last day of the year which is Wednesday 16th December.

Personal Interest Projects will be presented in week 9, starting on Monday 7th December. Most children are finalising their projects this week however, some may need to work on it at home to finish it on time, due to camp.

We’re hoping to have a Social on the afternoon of the last day of term. Watch this space.

Thank you to Abi Tucker for giving the children some fantastic advice for our play during our session on Monday. Thank you to Jackie Chan for taking our class photo this week and also thank you to Greg Andresen for being in charge of our sound for our concert and all the other jobs you’ve taken on to allow us to live stream this event.

Important Dates:

  • Friday 27th November – Concert
  • Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th December – Mowbray Park Farm Stay Camp

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the live stream of the concert on Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

Leesa x

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The play’s the thing! We are rehearsing every day and it’s all coming together! A few last minute costumes to be finished in Art this morning and Charles’ room is all set up and looking fantastic!
We all hope you will enjoy the show, of course, and that everyone feels proud of their part in each group’s production.

On Friday, all the children will stay at school and we will provide substantial afternoon tea before they get into costumes for the play. They can be collected during the 30 minutes after the performance.

We have managed to do a little ordinary “work” this week, including some algebra and some writing. We have been extremely lucky to have no less that two drama professionals come and observe a rehearsal and offer feedback.. thanks so much to Abi and Bec!

We have also managed to make some decisions about camp food, which is great. I will be putting together the list of things we need help with… and I’m collecting the green permission forms. Please send it back asap if you haven’t already. Please also check that your child has all the gear they will need for this adventure, especially the waterproof raincoat! The lists went home last Friday. This time last year, we were worried about going to Jervis Bay because of all the bushfires and smoke! Rain is not going to be a problem for us at Bendalong!

Please make sure you read Lucas’s My Time at Currambena in this Newsletter. And please also consider going to see our Tess perform in “Seussical” if you can!

Have a great rest of your week. Love, Wendy

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My time: Lucas Blake Kadwell

I don’t really remember what I did in preschool but I met my best friend Rian there.
He has been my best friend since preschool all the way through to Louise’s class. I wish he went to Wendy’s with me but I think he really enjoyed the time that he spent here.

I don’t have very clear memories of kindy but I do remember that one time I took my mum’s phone in to the school hidden in my bag and Sue found it. She locked it in her desk drawer and called my mum. Sue was my second favorite teacher in the whole entire school.

My favorite class of all time was Blake’s class. I have so many good memories of Blake’s class. He threw me around and wrestled with me and any work that we did felt really fun.
Blakes stories were great. He told so many different stories about how his finger came off. Was it a shark, a motorcycle, a fishing line, a bike or a car? I guess we will never know.

I have many memories in Marius’s class. He taught me a song about the 6 times table. I have remembered them all the way through school and still know them now. He was a great teacher and I had a fun time there.

I liked Sarah’s class. We did a lot of plasticine and other very cool projects. Sometimes I played with younger kids. I used to play a lot of tip and other games with them. I also went on my first camp. I was really nervous but I enjoyed it.

I loved louise’s because we could climb on the rafters. We had rats and they were really fun to play with but they were really stinky too. I don’t really remember Louise’s class but I met my best friend Jai in this class and I’m really good friends with him now.

Wendy’s class is a cool class because you are top of the school and You get extra privileges.
We get to go to the shops which I love. Camp in Wendy’s is awesome. It is so much fun but can be a bit stressful because it’s very long.

I am looking forward to highschool because it’s new but I am nervous about the hard work and no free Friday!

Thank you to all my teacher’s for putting in the effort to teach me. I am sure I will be back to visit and be a slave to Wendy.

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1. Purple writing by Wendy.
Two very rude words were painted on some cardboard outside Jess’s room last Friday. Maybe the person who did this could apologise to Jess or to the school. There was quite a lot of discussion in which several people recommended that whoever did this will probably feel a lot better after they admit that they did a wrong thing. Nobody will yell at them. Concern was also expressed for the person who might have been angry or upset when they wrote it.

2. Slide by Noah.
Someone has drawn inside the slide with crayon. Please don’t do that any more.

3. Keepy Uppy by TBU.
Cee and Gina came to the meeting to ask if the Keepy Uppy could be taken down at the end of the term so that TBU can put up their slack line during the holidays for Vacation Care. After much discussion, the meeting voted to take it down at the end of term.

4. Keepy Uppy by Chris.
One of the vertical poles has snapped and is being held up by the Keepy Uppy so we’ll need to fix that at the same time as taking it down. The bamboo dome is also coming down at the end of term so that Preschool can have their space back.

5. Play by Cooper.
Could people please not watch other class’s rehearsals when they’re practising outside?

6. Slide tree house by Peri.
There is a broken part of this tree house which needs to be fixed please.

7. Zeo by Chris.
Thank you to Zeo for coming in and sewing all our costumes. Today is his last day so make the most of his time in the art room. A round of applause showed our appreciation.

8. Last hands by Elsie.
Remember that once “last hands” has been called by the chairpeople, it means you can’t put your hand up on that issue.


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