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Hi Everyone,

Currambena concert today! It always seems so long leading up to the concert and then suddenly the day is here!

Please refer to the emailed that was sent for the link.

We had an excellent Council meeting on Monday. Jason presented the 2022 budget with great clarity consequently Council was able to sign off and so we are good to go for next year!  It is great to have this box ticked off before we sail into the new school year.

This is Emma’s last week and we farewell her on Friday.

We are sending Emma off with a huge thank you from us all for all the effort and energy she has given the school this year especially as it was so full of uncertainty and changes with COVID.


Cheers Julianna

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Hello everyone,

Today is the school concert! Such an exciting event for us all to be involved in. The buzz in the playground is so lovely, with the anticipation not going unnoticed in preschool. Even though we aren’t all performing live at the concert, the children have come up with some great performances that although prerecorded, will be streamed live to preschool children at home today and everyone’s families off-site. We’re so grateful that despite all the restrictions, it’s able to go ahead and that the preschool children here today are able to be in the audience!

On Monday many of our preschool children had their orientation visit in Vinnie and Emma’s class. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with the children during their visit. It was lovely to see how happy and comfortable they all were, a definite indicator that they’re ready to fly the preschool nest to their next adventure in primary at Currambena.

We’ve all been learning about Hanukkah this week, an important celebration in some of our preschool people’s lives. Like Diwali, the celebration is symbolised by lights. Thank you to Tui for sharing a story about Hanukkah with preschool and thank you to Olive’s family for the fantastic resources and the donuts that the children eagerly devoured on Tuesday.

The Pokémon craze has well and truly hit preschool! We’ve channelled this interest by making our own Pokémon cards. We think the children’s handmade versions are more unique and definitely more valuable to us than the commercially made ones. We’ve loved the creativity the children have shown in designing and coming up with very unique names for their characters.

With the easing of restrictions, we’ve learned that singing is now finally back on the table in preschool!  We do however need to sing outdoors, though we can now sing nevertheless! We’ve really missed it, with the children quickly remembering songs we haven’t sung for 6 months or more! Music is such a big part of our day. Holding the speaker and the phone as you march around preschool with the song you’ve requested blaring out from the UE boom is a regular occurrence and has quickly become a tradition in preschool.

That’s it for this week, everyone. As the end of the year is quickly approaching we’re noticing how tired many of the children are becoming, hopefully, children have the opportunity to have some downtime over the weekend. We know this can prove tricky as the festive season is well and truly upon us!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!


Lisa, Michael, & Katrina

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Dear Parents,
Wow – what a big week!

On Monday, our orientation day was very exciting and the children demonstrated a serious approach as they moved into the neighbouring classroom for the morning. We spoke about what it means to be an older child in the school and there were some very mature thoughts from some of the children who spoke about being brave, responsible and kind and about the importance of being a role model for the children in the younger classes. Together we decorated some bunting with some of these values and I will hang this up in the new classroom ready for the start of 2022. We also played a quick game of ’Space Jump” and read a book about learning new things called “Little Penguin”.

On Tuesday, Emma and I were determined to go swimming despite the light rain so we headed out on our first swimming adventure post lockdown. Much fun was had all around and the time in the water seemed to flash by before it was time to get out again. Some very tired little people were delivered back to school for pick-up time that afternoon! Thank you to Celine, Elissa and Abi for your help with supervision.

There has been lots of concert practice and costume making in preparation for our show today and this year we will certainly be working right down to the wire. The children have done a really wonderful job of memorising their lines, finding their positions on the stage, making their costumes and learning how to tell a story with their bodies and faces, and this year they have done all this in half the usual time. I hope you will keep this in mind as you watch our show and forgive the need for whispered prompts and extra safety pins. I’m very proud of every single one of the children and I am so pleased that we could finish our year building this play together.

In other class news, the children have been learning about the two sounds that the digraph oo make (as in ‘boo’ and ‘Book”) and they’ve been making and finding groups of objects in the classroom to help develop their concrete multiplicative thinking.

Next week I will be away on Thursday and Friday as I am going to a family wedding in Bega that has been postponed twice due the COVID lockdowns. Sarah D will be covering the class. Thank you Sarah.

Lastly, I would like to say a very warm farewell to my friend and colleague Emma whom I have deeply enjoyed working with this year. It has been a very strange and difficult year to be a teacher and I feel lucky to have faced these challenges along side such a dedicated and creative person. Best of luck for your next chapter Emma…

Jess x

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Dear Parents,

It’s concert day! I hope you enjoyed “A Crash in the Jungle”. The children loved performing for the other classes and also really enjoyed watching what the other groups had created. Those big kids are so impressive… I found that the process of readjusting after lockdown included building up our “school stamina” and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on them, so we certainly didn’t go overboard with rehearsal time and I think that was a wise choice for our little free spirits.

We were all excited to finally leave school and go swimming on Tuesday and set off in the light drizzle determined to enjoy ourselves. There was so much anticipation after the previous week’s last minute cancellation that I think there would have been an uprising had we not gone! The aim is to go swimming again next week, so please email if you are able to help. A big thanks to the parents who came to help supervise this week. It makes such a difference to have you there and I really appreciated it.

I look forward to my last day with the children tomorrow to debrief about the concert and say some goodbyes before handing over to our trusted friend Vinnie, who will be spending the day with us to ensure the transition is smooth for the children.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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Almost there……

So the most exciting thing we’ve done this week, apart from the concert of course, was start our class Kris Kringle. We took a whole hour to discuss the rules and make agreements (as it is such serious business) on how it was going to work, how much we could spend and when the gift needs to be brought in etc. etc. etc. So, in case all this info hasn’t made it to your ears – and I would be very surprised if it hadn’t – here are the details: there is a $15 limit; gifts need to be placed in our Kris Kringle bucket by the last day of school Wed, 15th when our gift giving will happen; the gift needs to come wrapped with the person’s name it is being given to written clearly on the outside. We have made a list of things people wish for on the whiteboard, in case someone doesn’t know what to buy. The children are writing each other messages and making guesses based on clues they receive. And we have a postie who delivers all the messages to everybody each day. Phew!

The Concert…. as we embark on our final rehearsal and then performance today the excitement and nerves are brewing. We are all so looking forward to celebrating this event and hope you enjoy it whenever and wherever you watch. Special thanks to Greg Andresen for being our sound technician for another year.

As mentioned, next Thursday is MOVIE NIGHT!!! We had a discussion this morning about dinner and movies and permission notes (to watch a PG) will be sent home which are to be signed and returned.  Pickup time will be at 8:00 pm, so we get a little bit of ‘dark/dusk’ in before leaving school. We will all wait in the vicinity of the single gate and either myself or Leesa will call children through when we see you. They will need to bring afternoon tea and any special dietary requirements for dinner. Cuddly toys, pillows and popcorn to share are welcome!

Next week will be our last Spanish lesson, so I would like to say thankyou to Carolina for being such a wonderful teacher of this language and supporting the children throughout the year – on and offline!

And finally, farewell to Emma B who is leaving us this week. Thankyou, for the creative flair, knowledge and experience you brought to your class and school. We wish you all the best for your next chapter.

The curtains now down on this week everyone. Have a lovely weekend.

Sarah x

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It has been a very busy week rehearsing for the play and finalising costumes. The children have done a wonderful job given the short timeframe in coming up with their play, learning their lines and designing their costume and props. The day has finally arrived for them to perform and have their moment on stage. Thank you to Greg Andresen for volunteering your time to do our sound again this year.

The children have completed a range of activities this week including a Mathematics check-up for time, reading, writing, swimming, Spanish and handwriting. Personal Interest Project Presentations have started, with the final ones occurring next week. Topics so far have been turtles, beetles, The Beatles, Banksy, Katrina Nannestad, David Attenborough, COVID-19 and gems.

The children voted to do Kris Kringle this year. For the children who chose to participate the maximum amount to spend on a gift is $20, with a minimum of $15. These gifts will be handed out on our last day of the year, which is Wednesday 15th December. I have requested that all gifts come wrapped on the Monday before, so that we do not forgot to bring them in.

Movie night with Sarah’s class is next week Thursday 9th December. The children will stay back after school and have dinner then watch a movie. We had a discussion this morning about dinner and movies. A permission note for a PG movie will be sent home to be signed and returned. Pick up time will be at 8:00pm from the single gate. The children will need to bring afternoon tea and any special dietary requirements for dinner. The children could also choose to bring a cuddly toy, pillow and popcorn if they wish.

Currently we have 4597 bread tags; we are so close to our target of 5200.

Lastly, I would like to wish Emma all the best with her future endeavours. You have brought creativity and a range of knowledge and skills to Currambena this year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

I am sending emails about camp to my group so there’s not too much to say here. I am so delighted that Council has given the go-ahead. With all safety plans in place, we are off to Booderee National Park next week. Please cross your fingers for us that it won’t be too damp!!

Orientation Morning on Monday was wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing all the children together and starting to get to know those moving to our group from Leesa’s. I know it’s just across the playground but, for some, it can seem a long way! We also welcoming Safi who is returning to Currambena for her final year of primary school. I think we’re going to have heaps of fun next year.

We had a great rehearsal yesterday and we are so grateful to Greg for giving his time to do the sound for us all! We hope you enjoy the show! We’ve certainly had fun creating and practising our play!

Yesterday, our Language groups had their last lessons for the year. The French students made a buche de Noel with Sally. We are so grateful to Sally for all the lessons she has provided this year. The children have really enjoyed themselves and have learned a great deal. My Latin students (who made grape pizza last week!) made a model Vesuvius in the sandpit and did the old baking powder and vinegar lava. You might see a photo in the Newsletter!

Since we’ll be away next week, this will be my last Newsletter for the year. Thank you so much to all of you for your support and kindnesses over the course of the year. It has been a tough one in many ways but we have demonstrated our resilience and come out of it stronger, I believe. Thank you to School Council who have worked so tirelessly to manage the needs of the school and keep us all safe during lockdown. Thank you to my very dedicated colleagues who share the day to day joys of working with the children. And very special thanks to the children, for their enthusiasm and energy, love of learning and the joy of seeing that light in their eyes. Very best wishes to our Year 6 Leavers who are going on to high school. We’ll miss you! Make sure you visit when you can. Carry a little of the Currambena spirit in your hearts wherever you go.

Thank you to Cee for being our class rep this year and best wishes to Emma B who moves on at the end of this week. Good luck for your next adventure, Emma.

I’m hoping to see at least some of you before the break, maybe at The Diddy on the last day of term but if not, have wonderful safe and refreshing holidays. Take care and stay safe.

With love,

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I first joined Currambena in kindergarten. It was the middle of the year and I knew no-one. Sue was the teacher I had at the time and every day I would come into school and just sit on her lap. The second week she told Sienna to show me around. She took me to the sand pit and this big tub of water we started jumping in the water then rolling in the sand. When it was finally inside time, we were both covered in sand and water.
In year one, we had a class pet. It was a blue-tongue lizard called Blizzard. I would always feed him blueberries. I also made a holiday box with Annika for Blizzard when we took him to the park. In year two, I’ll be honest I remember nothing but cleaning Marius’s desk.
In year three, I went into Sarah’s class. I would always draw dragons and horses while Sarah was reading stories.
In year four I was so excited to finally have rats as a class pet. I had been waiting for so long and they were the best. Near the end of the year, they ended up passing but they were still the best.
In year five, I had so much fun. The people were great and even the annoying people were nice. We had to cancel our Little River camp because of Covid but it was still fun. Luckily, we could go to our end of year camp even though it wasn’t at Jervis Bay.
This year is my last year and it’s been a nice way to end my time at Currambena. It’s been the best school I could have gone to and I’m so grateful for what it’s taught me.

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School Meeting 26/11/21

Chaired by Jojo and Ella in Jess’s Class

• Library by Emma
Library is out of bounds until after morning tea as it is being used for interviews.

• Black dot by Louis
Someone in Wendy’s class is going to get the black cushion dot from behind the classroom.

• Rats by Sarah
The school rat problem is increasing. This is a reminder to keep your lunch boxes closed and make sure you don’t leave food out. Plans are in place to make the chicken coop more rat proof. Staff will consider future plans to help the problem.

• Craft room by Crafty
Only a couple of kids at a time in the craft room today. Only costume making will be happening in the craft room.

• Missing things by Soren
Some Chrome book cables are missing. If you have any cables please return them.

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