Hello Everyone,

Our first walking excursion up to Lane Cove Plaza  was a big success last Friday. The children were fantastic, listening to instructions, walking safely to and from the plaza and staying with the group while touring the supermarket. Our tour focused on healthy eating and sustainability and while it was a bit long, the children managed it very well, showing everyone what capable little people they are. A big thank you to Abi, Hazel and Pepper’s Mum and Maye, Jion’s Mum for helping us on the day.

On Monday we walked to Kimberley Playground. The parks play equipment is currently under construction though that didn’t hinder our ability to enjoy the glorious weather and an opportunity for a picnic. We had a great time playing games, enjoying some delicious food and a lovely walk around our local community.

On Tuesday of this week the children in preschool were the opening act for the school music concert. Everyone stood on the stage and took part in the performance, the feedback from others was very positive. We look forward to our performance next week at children’s voices for reconciliation. We will be performing next Thursday 30th May at Lane Cone Plaza on the rotunda. We plan on leaving Currambena at around , if not earlier. We need to be seated at 10.15am, with the event starting at 10.30am. We would love as many preschool children as possible to join us for the event. If you’re child doesn’t come on a Thursday you are welcome to walk with us to the plaza or meet us there!

We took part in an incursion on recycling with Jess and Rosie’s class on Wednesday. It was reaffirming for us to see that we are all aware of what can be recycled, what can’t and how to go about recycling it.

There’s been a great deal of interest in play in the sandpit of late. Lots of exploration and collaborative play involving digging, burying and some vivid use of imaginations. There’s some new sand being delivered to the school this Friday, if you’re available we’d love your help in moving it from the basketball court to the sandpit. Wheelbarrows or any other items that may assist in moving the sand would be also very welcome.

Don’t forget that this Friday is our AGM. The event will start at 6.30pm and should take around an hour.

Lastly thank you to Zahra’s family for the donation of tents and a tunnel and you also to an ex-Currambena family, the Liem’s for donating some dress ups.

Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,
Can you believe we are coming to the end of autumn? Although the mornings are a bit chilly, the days have been beautiful and the children have been taking advantage of the warmth and really enjoying their outdoor play. I had a gorgeous walk all the way to the ‘Mushroom Forest’ with Sarah and the bushwalking group during sport on Tuesday, when lots of fun was had playing in the autumn leaves along the way.

Congratulations to all the children who performed in the music concert in Wendy’s class on Tuesday. It was fantastic! But a special congratulations to our very own Aurelia who performed her piano piece so bravely and beautifully. Well done Aurelia!

In maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of the numbers to ten and brainstorming ways these can be represented in the real world. We have finished off our formal unit on length (although we never really ever ‘finish’ doing maths) and will be moving onto Area next week. Finishing the alphabet has been a major focus this week with the children looking forward to our alphabet party today.

We also had a great session with the ‘Environmentors’ from Lane Cove Council on Wednesday. The focus of this session was to teach the children what can be recycled and in which bin. It was an interesting session for me also, as I learnt about the impact of contamination in our recycling bins and what really can’t go in the compost…

This week in craft, the children have begun building their bamboo structure for our school art exhibition later this term. Our class have been ambitious and have voted to construct a skeleton. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
I’ve also been having conversation with some children about food and lunch sharing. It’s important that children understand that sharing food involves both giving and taking and that there may be some lunchbox items that parents want children to eat by themselves. We certainly don’t want to stop the generous and social act of sharing food, but we need to make sure that everyone goes home satisfied.

Wising you all a restful weekend,
Jess x

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Dear Parents,

This week I’ll start by saying a big thank you to Sarah who joined us on Friday for story time. Sarah started by telling us some stories of when she was at Currambena. We listened to anecdotes about old teachers falling out of trees and stealing doughnuts! They sound like a naughty bunch! Sarah had us all giggling and then surprised us with a whole school sing-a-long. What a fabulous end to the week!

The children have been impressing me with their addition skills and we have been applying these to lots of different problems. It was great to see them very competent with the money problems, they must have full piggy banks at home! We will continue to look at the relationship between addition and subtraction.

On Monday we met a new character in our book, the Dark. First we imagined what the character would look like and following Evie’s lead we wrote a short piece in role as the Dark. “Hello, I am the Dark and don’t worry I’m not really scary.” It was lovely to see the children build their own views of the character. Lots of the children empathised with the character and described the Dark as misunderstood.

The children loved their music session with Sarah on Monday. They learnt about tempo and dynamic (soft and loud). Within the session they learnt a rain song, created a musical thunderstorm and tried out a range of instruments.

A big thank you to Sarah who covered me on Tuesday and Wednesday while I was unwell. I’m pleased to say I’m feeling much better after two days resting. The children had a great two days with Sarah and Sarah mentioned they had been very helpful. On Wednesday afternoon they used Sarah’s musical knowledge to create instruments inspired by instruments from around the world. They loved showing their creations to the class and playing along to different music.

Don’t forget to bring in (or email) photos from places you have visited or places that the children have a special connection with. We are thoroughly enjoying adding the photos to our map… even if France looks more like Spain – oops!

Have a lovely weekend!


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He Everyone,

We’ve had another busy week this week. For our topic on Australian History we looked at the timeline and route taken by the First Fleet when they left Portsmouth in England to when they arrived at Sydney Cove.  We created each of the 11 ships in the fleet, named them and discovered what each were carrying. They have now all ‘set sail’ across our display wall in the classroom. Charlie (student teacher) did some revision of what has been learnt so far in multiplication and division. He then moved onto – where in our day to day would we need to use these strategies? Some (real life) situations and problems were presented which the children needed to solve, using their understanding.

Personal Projects are all well and truly under way. Topics the children have chosen for this term include: Greek Mythology, Halloween, Sea Shells, Don Quixote, Google, Quidditch, NASA, Lions, Mythical Gods, The Solar System, Cheetahs, Art and the Amazon Rainforest.

Thank you to Wendy and all the musical performers who presented at the concert on Tuesday. It is always lovely for the children to showcase and share their prowess in this field.

Cath Ellis (sculptor and friend of Crafty) will be here this week to revamp the Bamboo Turtle and support each class to make another bamboo sculpture which will become part of our end of term Art Exhibition.

At the end of most days, I have been playing songs for the children to learn. Throughout our time together this year, we have learnt “Sing out sing out” by Cat Stevens; “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell; “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars; “Beds are Burning” by Midnight Oil and this week we are learning, “Don’t Give up on Me” by Andy Grammar. The songs chosen all have a message ranging from – environmental issues to friendship, relationships and the importance of ‘just being yourself’.

Another daily activity includes reading pages from the book “Nevermore”. We began this some time ago and I have to say…. I wasn’t sure it would hold ALL of the children’s attention and engagement. It took a while to get into and there are many words we need to discuss the meaning of (for context) and on occasion will need to look up in the dictionary. Like the word: conflagrate which means ‘to catch fire’.

Next week, on Thursday is Voices for Reconciliation up at Lane Cove Plaza. This usually starts around 10 am and goes for a couple of hours. Along with other schools within the Lane Cove area, Wendy’s class and preschool will be performing. If you’re free please come along to support this event.

I think that’s us for the week. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

An enjoyable week experiencing musical performances, a sustainability workshop, reading, writing and drawing our graphic novels, and continuing our personal interest projects.

On Monday we had our first workshop with Sarah for Music. We explored rhythm and beat using our bodies and percussion instruments throughout the session. We will have another workshop next Monday which the children are excited for.

Our first visit to the Lane Cove Library this term occurred on Monday. Lots of graphic novels and books on personal interest projects were borrowed. Our next visit to the Library will be Monday 17th June in week 8.

On Tuesday the performances were a fantastic way to showcase the dedication and persistence the children who performed have towards their musical instrument. We all thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching and can’t wait until the next performance.

A new topic in Mathematics was started on length revising mm, cm, m and km. We have explored the concepts of perimeter and area using formulas which include multiplication and division facts. Our heights have been measured onto a chart and lots of dialogue over the week around how much taller or shorter people are. On Wednesday we were tailors, working in pairs to measure parts of our bodies including our heads, forearms and shoulders.

On Wednesday we participated in a sustainability workshop with Marc from Keep Australia Beautiful NSW. Marc spoke about the different bins we use and what are the correct items to place in each one. Did you know that worms eat hair and fingernails? We all learnt so much in this session and discussions around placing our rubbish in the correct bin (especially Kevin, our soft plastic bin) continues.

Important Information:

  • Currambena’s AGM is on Friday 24th May at 6:30pm. If you are free, please come along.
  • Thursday 30th June at Lane Cove Plaza, Wendy’s class and preschool will be performing at Voices for Reconciliation. Our class will be attending to watch this perform from 10am.
  • Movie Night with Sarah’s Class – Friday 7th June. Children will stay back after school, cook dinner and then watch a movie. Pick-Up time is 7:30pm.
  • Friday 28th June Whole School Art Exhibition and social.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing weekend!

Leesa x

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Hi everyone. I hope you are all having a good week.

We have begun some interesting projects in our group this week. One is making a game of chance as part of our maths topic on probability. In our extension maths on Wednesday, Shirley let us in on the secret that computers actually cannot generate random numbers and that a certain date in the seventies is crucial for this!! Curiouser and curiouser! We also experimented with spinners of different sizes, working out probabilities when two spinners are used simultaneously. The chance games are developing beautifully and are going to be great fun to play. Creating a spinner is this week’s art project in class.

In English, we are continuing with our focus on informative texts and the skill of summarising. We have summarised the main learning from our science unit and now that we are moving on to a Geography topic, we’ll be summarising information about island formation and a host of other geographical concepts. Everyone is going to create an island which will be populated with plants, animals and possibly people as well. Lots of fun here too… and opportunities for creativity and cooperation.

Yesterday, we had a session with an environmental educator about recycling and sustainability. It was a very dynamic presentation with activities and lots of information. I hope your children have told you a bit about it already. I think the educator, Marc, was impressed by how much our kids already knew!

This week, Unit 11 in both text books needs to be completed. It is great to see the children taking responsibility fro this and getting on to it earlier in the week.

This morning we are looking forward to our art/craft session with Chris, Kath and Zeo making cane sculptures which will be part of the art exhibition at the end of term. I must say, some of the lino prints and etchings being done in our group are just fabulous! Such creativity!

Thank you so much to those who came to the mini concert on Tuesday. I was so proud of the children who played… and what a wonderful supportive audience they had! We have been practising singing (and playing) “Solid Rock” for the Lane Cove Children’s Voices for Reconsiliation event next week. It starts at 10:30 in the plaza… feel free to come along.

Hope to see many of you at the AGM on Friday!

That’s all for now. Love, Wendy

PS You might be interested to hear that one of our ex-students, Valeria, is performing in Macbeth with a drama company at Dee Why. It’s on this week and here is the link for anyone interested in going along. https://pointbreakdrama.com.au/live-performances/

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The conference program is now up on the website so please have a look and book for the days that interest you. www.apdec2019.org

By next week, we hope to have firmed up plans for a special event on the Monday night 15th July for which tickets may be purchased separately. I’ll keep you posted!

ENORMOUS thanks to those generous people who have donated money towards helping our participants from countries like Nepal to come to the conference. It is greatly appreciated. Any donations are still most welcome and will be passed on to the people who need assistance in order to get here.

Please also consider volunteering to help us on the Currambena Day! It should be lots of fun to welcome all our overseas visitors to Currambena. We especially need helpers who can speak an Asian language who might be able to assist as translators on the day. We have participants coming from Korea, Taiwan and Japan as well as Nepal and other countries in our part of the world. Please speak to me (Wendy), Katrina, Michael, Julie, Kris or Brett if you can help.   Thanks!

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Congratulations to all the children who performed in our mini concert on Tuesday. It was wonderful to see, hear and share all that musical enthusiasm and skill. Some of the children were performing for the first time so special congratulations to them. It is such an important part of learning an instrument but sometimes the most daunting! Well done to you all!

I plan to run another one next term, so keep practising!!


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Hello everyone,

Currambena Annual General Meeting is tomorrow Friday 24 May starting at 6.30pm so please come. We need your support and attendance to make the quorum number so we can proceed with the meeting. There will be nominations of our new directors, farewells to those directors finishing and presentations of three reports. These are from our Treasurer Jason Yu on the financials, our Chairperson Michael Hare on Council activities and our Coordinator on highlights that have happened with the kids and teachers over the last 12 months. We are very conscious of people’s time and so make every endeavour to keep the meeting to an hour. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Archival photos – Help needed. We have installed the software and set-up a scanner linked to the computer in the little office next to the main office. Our project over the next few months is to get our paper photos from over the last five decades into digital format. Some of these will then be used to make photo loops on the screens in our classrooms to be running on the Saturday of our 50th birthday celebrations. If you have a few minutes when you do drop off or pick up, we would love you to come and do some scanning. Alternatively, you might have time during the day to do an hour or so each week. It will count to maintenance.

Next Maintenance Sunday – please check you emails. Chris our maintenance organiser will send out an email with the date for our next Maintenance Sunday. It was to be last Sunday, but a big contingent of our community were away picking apples so our next maintenance day has been re-scheduled to….( watch for the email)



  • Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June
  • APDEC Conference 15th – 20th July


  • Open school Friday 20th Sept
  • Currambena 50th birthday weekend celebrations


  • Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov
  • End of year social Wednesday 18th December

Cheers Julianna

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. The choice is always yours”  – Dennis Brown


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Hello Everyone,

 Another jam packed week in preschool! The children are really getting into the swing of independently using their journals. It’s lovely to see how proud they are becoming of them, spending time during the day reflecting back on previous work.

 Seems it’s that time of year where there are a few nasty bugs going around in preschool. We’ve had many children off this week struck down by colds, coughs and temperatures. At our end we’ll continue to promote cough and sneeze etiquette, asking children to cough into a tissue or an elbow, blow their nose and sneeze into a tissue and wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them with a paper towel after blowing/wiping their nose and before and after eating. Thank you to everyone that has kept their unwell children off from preschool to help prevent others from becoming ill.

 We’ve spent time  discussing our routine excursion to the park. From next Monday we plan on walking to Kimberley playground every Monday, weather permitting. The children have worked together in writing a Park Agreement and there has been lots of excitement and anticipation about our upcoming visit. Seems Monday can’t come soon enough for some! We need to leave as early as we can as we aim to be back at school at 11.00 if canteen is on so children can buy their morning tea. Please help your child and us, with this by arriving as close to 9.00 am as  you can.

 A reminder to everyone in preschool that we have children in preschool and in primary with life threatening illnesses to all nuts, eggs, kiwi and diary. Whilst we don’t ban any of this foods at school we ask that if they are packed in your child’s lunch box that they are able to manage them and not leave them lying around for children allergic to them to accidentally come into contact.

 We are now completely out of spare hats in preschool and would really, really appreciate each family ensuring that their child has a broad rim hat packed in their child’s bag.

We have our planned excursion to Lane Cove Plaza Woolworths on Friday. They have requested for safety reasons that everyone wears enclosed shoes as we’ll be spending time touring the pack docks and storage areas.

 Next Friday 24th May at 6.30 pm will be Currambena’s AGM. We need a quorum for this meeting to proceed so really need your attendance. You’ll be able to meet Council members and here about your school.  Next Tuesday 21st May from 11:30 till 12:30 there will be a music concert in Wendy’s room. Preschool is planning on performing in this, which will be great practice for our participation in Children’s Voices for Reconciliation the following Thursday. If you would like to come and watch your child perform you are most welcome too!

That’s it for this week!

Katrina, Michael and Hannah


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