Morning Tea

Apple granola bars – $1.50

Mini pizza – $1

Fruit- 50c


Beef casserole with rice – $2.50

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Hi Everybody!
The chickens will be needing a home/care over the holidays. If you currently have facilities and/or chickens at home and would be happy to add to your brood or live close by and could pop in to school to feed and water them. Please let myself or Julianna know.
Many Thanks,

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Hello Everyone,

We have been in a bit of a fluster this morning getting Teddy McCarthy dressed! Then it was a matter of  cajoling him to coming to Currambena on this rather wet and cold morning  for his photo. Silvia in Wendy’s class is doing a project on all Teddies from out Currambena community


Fees. We are getting near to the end of term so please check you are on track with your payment plan.

Maintenance – it is getting closer to end of term and you may need to get a few hours done!

        - oiling all the timber structures If you think you could be part of this, please speak to me in the office or Hayden, Harley’s dad in preschool. We are thinking to set up a cycle of cleaning and oiling all the timber structures around the school like decking, rails, steps and furniture. The decks are our main target to start with. We would like to be oiling these  annually and the deck on top of the classroom twice a year. The idea is to do it in stages over the April, July and October school holidays.



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Hello everyone,
What uplifting weather! We’ve had to retreat inside this week, giving ample opportunity to practice our ‘inside voices’. It’s a long road. More to come.
Our architectural constructions are getting there; we’ve got artificial caves, slides, towers, ventilation shafts and lots of glamourous decks for sunbathing.
In maths we introduced bar graphs, discussing the benefits of presenting data visually for quick impact and to observe broad trends. As well as this we’re looking at tripling numbers and simple number patterns.
We had a classroom debate on ‘All new houses should be built the same size’, practiced writing nonsense words phonetically, distinguished between the soft and hard g sound, and began to learn ‘Hey Jude’. Having asked the kids to lend me their ears for almost six months now, we’re also looking at Julius Caesar this week. We’ll look at persuasive speaking by analysing the famous orations of Cassius and Mark Antony.
And Julia and Shirley finished our computing workshops this afternoon, in which kids programmed Beebots to match fractions, coded binary messages onto strings of beads, and worked on some coding.
Hope all is well with you and I look forward to speaking to all in person soon.
Stay dry,

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Hi Everyone,

What a wet week we’ve had. There’s been plenty of staying inside, keeping warm and dry and playing lots of games. In maths we have continued looking at time. Lots of the children have it mastered and have been doing some peer teaching and also working out tricky problems related to time. We also looked at how to convert between different units of time. We will be moving on to fractions next. In English we did some investigative work around the different spellings of shun words and the k sound. We also did some creative writing for our class topic. We focused on people coming to Australia in the 1970s following the Vietnam war. We looked at images and heard stories about the reality of being a ‘boat person.’ The children have also been working on finishing off their personal projects this week. We will do presentations in weeks 9 and 10.

This week we have been visited by Freya and Odin who are about to set off on an adventure to Norway for the next year. The family have just returned from exploring Australia in a light-plane. Freya and Ragna came in on Tuesday to show us some stunning photographs and tell us about their experiences while they were away. They talked about their interactions with traditional owners of the land both in Australia and on some islands in the Torres Strait. What an experience!

Next week it is our turn for the library. We are a week late going with our books because of the public holiday. The children don’t get fines on their books so don’t worry about that.

That’s all for this week.

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Hi Wendy,

I hope you are well and your busy school term is going well.

I’d like to say another huge thank you for your time, interest and support while working with your incredible school and students on the PhD project - The Impact of Drama-Inspired Exercises on Mathematical Learning.

Currambena Primary School, including you, your staff members, parents and students, radiates a beautiful tight-knit community that has been most welcoming and pleasant to work with.

Your school is a place where every student is intimately known and well cared for. A place where your teachers care and work to make things happen and strive for ongoing success. A place where your school respects the individuality of the child and fosters student self-determination. A place that accentuates co-operation rather than competition. A place where students may develop into all rounded individuals intellectually, physically, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, socially and communicatively.

The nature of this PhD study is fascinating and most compatible with the essence of your school’s environment and purposes.

I look forward to keeping you updated about how this research optimistically progresses. Again, I really appreciate everything you have done to assist with the movement of this project.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Eleni Smyrnis | PhD Candidate and Tutor

Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI)

Sydney School of Education and Social Work



Rm 237, Education Building A35

The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006

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Even though it was a short week last week, we packed a lot in… Pips are now completed and presentations have begun. So far we have learned about Space, Dyslexia, Famous Artists, Natural and Traditional Medicines and Toddlers! They presentations have been on Prezi or Google slides and have included some wonderful illustrations and well researched information. It is brilliant to see how confident the presenters are and how well they engage their audience and share the information they have gained.

In other areas, we are enjoying our story writing and in Maths finishing off fractions, decimals and percentages. We are completing our History topic, doing lots of drawing and reading, coming to the end of our shared book “King of Shadows” and continuing with our regular text book pages spelling lists and tables practice.

Today is Pomegranate Day (as decided at Class Meeting last week!). We will have some activities related to this theme organised by students… should be fun! Thanks Kath for buying pomegranates for us!

On Friday evening we have our Year 6 /7 night… and we’re looking forward to seeing them all again and hearing about their experiences of High School so far. Thanks so much to the parents who’ve offered to make soup for this event. It will start at 6pm and end around 7:30… children must come with a parent and the focus is on Year 6 and 7 students.

Friday, tomorrow, is also TEDDY BEAR DAY so please bring along your teddy for a photo and inclusion in the book Sylvie is creating.

We had a visit from Emily, our student teacher yesterday… everyone was delighted to see her. And our PhD student, Eleni finished her research last week and wrote us a very lovely thank you. I think you’ll find it in this Newsletter.

Have a great week! Love, Wendy

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Hello Everyone,
Only two weeks to go and we’ve still got so much we want to do!

This week we’ve been exploring the Gold Rush era and talking about life in those times. Today we played a fun game where we took on characters who might have been on the goldfields at the time including a migrant from China and policeman. Tomorrow we’re planning a hide-and-seek the gold nugget game around the classroom. Unfortunately the sandpit has been too wet to dig for gold.

In English the children have learnt about the vowels and have been consolidating their short vowel sounds. The children had lots of fun drawing Angry Elephants In Orange Underpants as a way to remember the vowels and then consolidated their knowledge during literacy groups. Vowel knowledge may be something we sit with until the end of term to make sure that everyone has a very solid understanding.

In maths we’ve continued to explore 2D shape and have made robots using regular and irregular shapes we know. We’ve sung songs to remember the difference between vertical and horizontal lines and we’ve discussed how everything we see in the world is made up of line and shape. Some children are working hard to remember the names for 5, 6 and 8 sided shapes.

On Monday we will be heading off on our excursion to Berry island where we will see some rock art. We will stay for the day, use the playground, explore the bush, create some art and generally enjoy each others company. The weather is forecast to be cold but dry so please dress the children warmly. Please also remember a packed lunch, drink bottle, hat and shoes. Thank you to Elissa to volunteering to come with us. If anyone else is available to help drive and supervise for the day please let me know ASAP. I would also like to take some plastic backed picnic blankets as I think the ground may still be wet. If you have one at home you would be happy to lend us, could you please bring it in tomorrow.

On Thursday 5th July we have a whole school excursion to see the Sydney Theatre Company’s production ‘Hamlet – Prince of Skidmark’ at the Seymour Centre Thank you  to Sarah for volunteering to come along and help supervise. I need one more volunteer for this so if you are able to attend and help supervise for the day please let me know. We are travelling by bus so car transport is not necessary.

Please remind your child to bring in a Teddy Bear for the ‘Loved to Bits’ project that Sylvie (from Wendy’s class) is coordinating. It should be a lot of fun on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend,

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Hello Everyone,

Brrrrr…… winter has arrived! Even the most robust pre-schooler is now feeling the cold, with many of them showing a preference for play inside the warmth of preschool.

It looks like we continue to have some special investigations occurring in and around preschool. The spy note pads and magnifying glasses have sparked the interest of some of the children in primary, they’ve have been very keen to join us in some ongoing investigations. The note pads are great in inspiring children to engage in writing experiences. Many of the note pads are now filled with children’s names and words found around the preschool environment.

The giant map of Lane Cove and the wider Sydney community has been completed with everyone’s home in preschool, including the teachers, now marked out on it. The children are discovering how close some of us live to each other or in some instances how far away! This is leading to discussions about organising play dates to each other’s homes.

World cup fever has hit preschool this week. Seems many children were up past their bedtimes last Saturday night watching the nail biter between Australia and France! Many of the children are showing great interest and enthusiasm in playing soccer on the basketball court. They’ve been joining the older children in primary for games of “survivor” soccer. We are always so appreciative to have the opportunity to engage in activities with the primary children, who are so caring and supportive of the preschool children. They continue to teach our little people so much! On Tuesday the gorgeous “buddies” in Wendy’s class organised a great “unbirthday” party for a couple of the preschool children with everyone invited to attend. The effort they spent in organising the event was tremendous! Looks like a few of them may have a great future ahead in events management.

We’ve organised a visit from the Lane Cove Fire Brigade for next Tuesday 26th June. We’re expecting them to arrive at around 10:30am, obviously if they’re called to an emergency we’ll have to reschedule! Then on Wednesday we plan on having a fire and hopefully doing some campfire cooking. We’re also looking forward to a visit from Aurelia’s father Simon who is coming to preschool to talk to the preschool children about fire as well.

As always thank you to everyone that continues to take laundry home to wash for us. Thank you also to Elke in Louise’s class for the donating some dress ups. Thank you to Mackeena for donating a book to our preschool library.

Please don’t forget to bring in your child’s teddy bear on Friday to be photographed as part of the teddy bear project that Sylvie in Wendy’s class is doing. Teddy’s will be safely returned to their owners at the end of the day.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Hi Everyone,
Brrrrrrrrr…. the cold winter wind is now upon us and our Currambena always feels a few degrees colder than anywhere else!
This week is the last and final week children will have to work on their personal projects. Most are on track to get their word count complete and present some pretty fantastic projects on their chosen topics. I have been so impressed with the application ALL have shown to extend and improve themselves. Presentations will begin next week on Monday and continue into our final week. Parents are most welcome to come and watch, however, as I mentioned last term, I won’t be able to adjust our very limited amount of time left to suit work schedules. If you’re free when your child is due to present then please come along.

We continued with measurement and length this week: comparing, ordering, estimating and checking different lengths of different objects. We practiced writing measurements in metres, centimetres and millimetres and noted: how many mm in 1 cm; how many cm in 1 m and how many metres in 1 km. It was lovely to have Odin and Freya Gilmour return to us for the week – before they head off to Norway. So on Tuesday morning, Freya (Odin’s sister) came along with her mother Ragna to present and show us photos of the adventure and trip they have just been on around Australia. Their photos and commentary of this amazing journey had everybody entranced.

We also continued to look at Dreamtime stories and read a book called “Silly Birds” which left us with some very important life lessons: “Always look and listen before speaking. Respect your elders’ knowledge and experience. Only take what you need and never be too greedy. And to always choose your friends wisely, because it is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.”

We looked more deeply into the meaning of Hamlet’s soliloquy…. “To Be Or Not To Be” and discussed what we thought Hamlet was saying. In our last week of term, all classes will gather to give mini performances – something Shakespearean! The children will be given a choice, to perform or not, and will come up with something they would like to share with the other classes. Should be fun!!

This Friday is The Teddy Bear’s Picnic!!!! If you haven’t seen the flyers posted around the school… Sylvie Burke (from Wendy’s class) is keen to organise a photo exhibition/booklet of the Currambena Teddys. So if you have a teddy or soft toy and would like to be a part of this then bring it along to school this Friday for photographing.

I think that’s us for this week.
Love, Sarah.

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