Hi Everyone,

I have taken a couple of snippets from our  Currambena flyer ….

Currambena is an inspiring learning community…

There is a buzz of talking and listening, playing and creating..

Let’s share our thoughts and observations from this COVID journey. Are there   considerations/changes that we can discuss/implement? Keeping Currambena an inspiring learning community…..

We would love to hear your thoughts, so please email to either myself or to Council

Charles – Given this extraordinary year we have postponed any employment of a new teacher and have extended Charles’s employment until the end of the year. Many thanks Charles for accepting this extension. I am sure your kids will be delighted!

NITS are back!

Can we have a big nit blast over the holidays please


Maintenance. Thank-you to all those who have put their names down for a job and to those who have already started.

The first week only of the holiday’s people can come in any day.

Please be aware we will also have tradespeople working on various repairs the first week

Second week Blue Umbrella is operating so there will be the usual limited access for all adults

You can come into the school grounds during any weekend Saturday and Sunday for maintenance

Have wonderful break

Take care, wash your hands, keep distance, cough into your elbow, disinfect and no sharing food

Julianna xx

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Hello everyone,

Another fun filled week in preschool. The children have enjoyed lots of outdoor play enjoying some gloriously sunny days though also not being deterred by the cold and rainy ones!

The challenge of climbing the tree cubby house has been conquered by a few of our preschool people lately. It’s great to see the children encouraging and teaching each other how to do this. The determination and persistence the children are showing while learning to climb the tree house is really remarkable, displaying  once again just how unlimited their potential is.

We’ve spent time in the school library throughout the week, picture books just don’t seem to cut it with many of our pre-schoolers, they’re making a bee line straight to the chapter books! We’ve been practising how to be quiet in the library space and how to handle books with the respect that they deserve. Hopefully as COVId-19 restrictions become more relaxed we’re hoping we’ll may be able to start visiting Lane Cove library again on a regular basis.

In group times we continue to focus on both fine and gross motor skills through exercises and games. We’ve also been completing some 2 or 3 step activities that involved cutting, drawing and pasting.

A huge thank you to all the families that have been sending in family photos and baby pictures of their children. We’re making a compilation of these to display in preschool for the children to share with each other.

In Spanish the children continue to delight and amaze Carolina with their understanding and recall of words she is teaching them. Our Wednesday lesson with her continues to compliment the children’s learning in the Polyglots app beautifully!

In craft the children completed their second self-portrait of the year. This week we’ll be recording the song “The Rainbow Snake” and working with Chris is completing the animation for our video based on the rainbow snakes the children created a few weeks ago.

Next term we have a child returning to preschool who has a life threatening food allergy to eggs, kiwi fruit, dairy and nuts. They’ll be attending on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be sending all preschool families an email in relation to this early next term.

Wishing everyone a safe and restful end of term break. Please take care, we look forward to hearing about your adventures when we return on Wednesday 23rd July, 2020.


Katrina, Michael, Hannah and Cee

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Dear Parents,
What a term! We started with learning from home and then adapted to a part time approach until we finally returned to school full-time. And still things are not quite back to normal with school drop-off at the gate and the cancellation of excursions and other things! With all these changes, the children have again impressed me with their resilience and ability to adjust.

This week we’ve been finishing up some end of term activities including project presentations from the Bull Ants and cleaning out of our book boxes. I’ll be trying to send home any toys, lost property and loose ends that are floating around today – so keep an eye out in your child’s bag.

In English, I’ve been really impressed with the children’s growing independence in their writing and reading. Most of them are now willing to try to sound out and form words independently and embrace their mistakes as evidence of learning. I’m excited to return next term to further build on these developing skills.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the end of term with a movie day. The children have voted to watch “Sing” and are welcome to bring in whatever they want to make themselves comfortable. Some children are choosing to wear pyjamas whilst others are bringing in cuddly toys or special pillows. My only request is to please send in a bag with whatever the child wants to bring. It’s a lot easier to pack away at the end of the day if we have a large bag to hold all the bits in. In the morning, we’ll prepare some fruit kebabs as a snack and I’ll also make some popcorn for the children to eat as they watch the movie.

Lastly – nits are back in the school! The school holidays would be a wonderful time for everyone to check and treat their child’s hair if needed so that we all return squeaky clean.


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday break (with absolutely no Google Classrooms!) and I look forward to seeing you all again next term for a fresh start.

Love Jess xx

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Hello everyone

I hope you have all had a great week.

This week in literacy we have been completing our creative narratives for the term and getting ready to move into our next topic, persuasive writing! We have had lots of discussion around what we would like to learn next term ranging from marine animals and fossils to coding and the human body.

In numeracy we have finished up our area unit where we have looked at why people need to measure area for different jobs, and the different informal units of measurement you can use. This unit has allowed the students to explore their whole number, measuring and shape knowledge using hands on tasks individually and in groups.

In Music, the children had a fantastic lesson on Monday with Abbi (Hazel and Peppers mum) where they engaged with the musical scale through active learning, jumping, and running across a huge felt piano made by Abbi herself.

In science next term we will be exploring the wonders of the physical world, where we bend, twist, stretch, heat and cool all different to objects to observe the different changes we can see, hear and feel.

Have wonderful weekend!


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What an incredible Term we’ve had!!!!!

Firstly, I’d just like to say a huge and massive thankyou to everybody: to the school council and fellow staff who continue to rally and support each other through this roller coaster ride – called COVID!! An extraordinary thankyou to the children for showcasing their amazing resilience during isolation/learning from home and the transition back to school, it hasn’t been easy for everyone. And to you parents, for your ongoing trust, encouragement, patience and support. I do hope it won’t be too long before we can meet and get together on very different terms.

In the class this week, we focused quite heavily on our Heroes and Villains story writing. The children are designing a cover and back page for our class book and also a cover page for their own story. Once the front and back pages are complete we will vote on which one will adorn the book. We have continued with our reading sessions almost every day which the children are very engaged and committed to doing. As i mentioned last week, some are sharing the books they are reading and reading to each other. This is having a flow on effect, on especially those who may be a little reluctant to read aloud to a friend, or me. Now, they are all showing (at least at school) a love of  reading!

We did more measuring this week and got the scales out to look at grams, kilograms and tonnes. We finished the last of our project presentations and did an assessment on this past term’s efforts. It was wonderful to hear their thoughts and ideas of what their next term’s project will be.

Music with Abby this week took place out on the basketball court. She has been focusing heavily on teaching the children about pitch, rhythm, tempo, learning musical notes and now scales. It was a gorgeous morning with the group really engaged in the activity of ‘how one can write their own music’. Thank you Abby!

We also got the skipping ropes out on Tuesday and did some group skipping which was a lot of fun!!

Thursday will see us do our big clean and Friday we will probably end the term with a movie and some popcorn. However, I see someone is bringing this topic up at our class meeting in the morning (Thursday) so I guess we shall see.

I think that’s us for the week – short and sweet. Take care everybody, I do hope you all have a gorgeous break/holiday and that you do something beautiful.

Stay safe! Stay well!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

Just like that, we are at the end of the term and half way through the year. What a unique term it has been! Thank you to the children, parents, staff and School Council for working together throughout the last few months to ensure our school community was safe during this time.

Over the last week we have continued to complete our topics for the term and have had discussions about what topic we would like to learn about for term 3.

During writing this week we revised plots of narratives and the children had a go at using all the knowledge they had gained from our writing sessions to start their own narrative. Some children decided to share their stories with the group and all I can say is WOW! The creativity, vocabulary and imagination shone through.

Over the week we’ve been hands on with two-dimensional shapes and becoming familiar with the features of these shapes. We have made tessellating patterns with shapes and colours and looked closely at quadrilaterals and the three different types of triangles. On Wednesday we completed a symmetry activity to finish a picture that had been started, these included spiders, rabbits, cats, robots, crabs, castles and owls.

The children voted to watch a movie this Friday for the end of term. Notes were sent home on Monday to gain permission to watch the PG movie ‘The Rise of the Guardians’. We have a backup G movie if all notes aren’t returned. It was discussed that the children could bring their own popcorn, chips or biscuits for the movie.

It is with great sadness that we farewell Lochie and Di on Friday. Thank you for your contribution to the school over the many years that you’ve been a part of the Currambena community. We will miss you very much and wish you all the best with your move and future endeavours.

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful two week holiday and I will see you all next term!

Leesa x

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Some of the children were saying yesterday how very tired they feel and I really think the holidays are arriving just in time! What a stressful and difficult term it has been in so many ways and, even though I think all the children have handled it superbly, the many changes to our normal routines and anxiety about COVID has taken its toll. Two weeks rest is feeling like a very good idea indeed!

In our group, we are still having some children away each day with a nasty cold that seems to be doing the rounds. Thank you all for continuing to be so vigilant and for getting COVID tests done to confirm there’s no cause for worry.

Our group voted at Class Meeting yesterday to have pizza and a movie on Friday to celebrate the end of term. Children will need to bring enough money to cover whatever pizza they want and I will handle the order. I have sent a separate email about this and the movie itself.

In class this week, we are finishing our PIP presentations and very much enjoying these. The amount of work that has gone into them is fabulous and the children are obviously so engaged with the content of their investigations it’s great to see. Prezi and Google Slides are the most used presentation modes and we are seeing some very sophisticated visuals and highly skilful use of palm cards. It’s very impressive!

We are also continuing to work on grammar (types of verbs) this week in English and fractions and decimals in Maths. Our study of Japan is definitely going to spread into next term with Geography for the first few weeks at least.

We are starting to build on our skipping skills in preparation for the Jump Rope for Heart event which we will be running early next term. Lots of children can already do double unders and criss cross and some are now doing double under criss crosses!! There are some amazing videos of skipping on Youtube!

We had another great music lesson with Abi about the major scales on Monday this week and we’re looking forward to more sessions with her next term.

So, have a wonderful break everyone. Thank you all so much for your expressions of support during the considerable challenges this term. Thank you to Council, the previous one and our new one, for all the work involved making decisions to help keep us all safe. Thank you to all my colleagues who have worked so well as a team and navigated this time so skillfully and effectively… and very special thanks to all our wonderful children who have proved their resilience once again and even managed to take some positives from this whole experience!

Rest well, have a safe and restorative holiday and I’ll look forward to seeing you all next term.

With love, Wendy

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Hi Everyone,

We are hearing lots of chats and comments about the positives coming from all these changes. I have included a letter from Sarah (Scarlett’s) mum with her Thoughts. We would love to hear how others are seeing these different times and suggestions for moving forward.

Maintenance. Thank-you to all those who have put their names down for a job and to those who have already started

Please remember you can only come into the school grounds during the weekend

We still have the limited access for all parents except those working in Blue Umbrella


The news this morning about Lane Cove Primary closing reiterates our need to continue our vigilance with all our keeping safe from COVID practises.

Attendance. We are back to our normal school attendance requirements. Please remember to email your teacher if your child is not at school.

Drop off and Pick-up. Hope you are still managing to arrive on time. This really helps with the smooth running of this process with minimal confusion for everyone.

Please read the email from your teacher for times and which gate to be at!

Take care, wash your hands, keep distance, cough into your elbow, disinfect and no sharing food

Julianna xx

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Hi everyone,

Wow, we’re almost half way through the year and what a strange year it’s been!

In group times we’ve continued to focus on following instructions within the group setting with a particular focus on fine motor skills that involve pencil grip, drawing, writing and using scissors. The effort, thought and creativity that many of the children have been putting into completing these activities is really astounding!

We’re currently focusing on ways to ensure that there is a connection between home and preschool for children. We’d really appreciate families bringing in or emailing me a family photo and a photo of your preschool child as a baby please. During our preschool day we’re currently having lots of impromptu small group discussions with children about who is part of their family and what they were like as babies. As children are such visual learners we plan on making a display in preschool of all the children’s families as well as photos of each child as a baby to assist the children in learning more about each other.

We had a fabulous music session with Abi who is Pepper’s Mum on Monday. There was so much incidental and intentional learning in one experience. There was a focus on the importance of recycling, a puppet show, patterning, colours, rhythm, melody, singing and much more! We’re all looking forward to our next music session next Monday.

A reminder to everyone that to ensure we can physically distance people at pick up times preschool is currently finishing at 2.45 pm. We ask that parents sign their children out and be out the school gates before 3 pm each day. A huge thank you to everyone for assisting us with these changes.

Thanks to Lilith, a child in Charles class and her Mum Judy for the donation of scarves and a tea set to preschool.

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend everyone!


Katrina, Michael, Hannah and Cee

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