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Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to everyone who was able to zoom into our Currambena Annual General Meeting last Friday. It worked very well. Thank-you to Mikee and Dina for getting it all set-up. We had two nominations accepted, Julie Daley for a second term and Evan Fogarty first time to our Council. We have also seconded Jason Yu for another year. Within Council, the office positions have been taken up by Dina Gohil Chairperson, Suzie Fitzadam Deputy Chair, Evan Fogarty Secretary and Jason to continue as our Treasurer. A big thank-you to, Michael Hare who has finished his time, to Suzie and Kris Egan who stepped down from Chair and Secretary, all your work and dedication was very much appreciated.


Please be mindful about arriving to school on time for drop off and pick-up.

Primary 8.30-9.00am    3.00pm

Preschool 9.00- 9.30am     2.45 – 3.00pm

U-Turns. Our staff at the gate have been feeling very anxious by the number of people swinging round across the double line, in front of the zebra crossing. This is very concerning for the safety of our kids.

Dogs at school – An email needs to be sent to the Coordinator requesting permission to have your dog on school grounds. Dogs on the school grounds must be kept under control by an adult.


Thank-you to Greg Andresen for cutting the grass on the nature strip running up in front of the preschool, it is looking so much better!

Please, please continue to remind your kids about continuing to keep themselves safe at school, about the many times they need to wash their hands, not sharing food, being very mindful of others etc…

Take care,

Julianna xx

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Finally, everyone has returned to preschool and we are enjoying our full and busy days again. We are delighted to see how engaged and eager everyone is throughout their time spent with us. We’re ensuring we have a regular flow to each day which includes morning meeting, group time, intentional small group teaching, pack away time, and end of day whole group activities.

In group times we are currently focusing on motor skills, both fine and gross, with a particular emphasis on fine motor muscle strength and dexterity. Unfortunately, some of the tools we use to promote fine motor strength, namely play dough can’t be used in preschool at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions, so it would be great to make some for your children to use at home. The cream of tartar container has an excellent recipe on, if you’re after one.

A reminder that for those of you that need to contact preschool our mobile number 0491 750 108. As we’re often busy with the children we may miss your call, so, if it’s urgent please call the school on the landline and either Mikee or Julianna can pass your message onto us.

We’re generally heading out and about in the wider Lane Cove community this term, though due to the current restrictions we’ll be staying at school. We’ll review the current restrictions in consultation with our School Council next term and keep everyone updated.

The teachers are definitely feeling the cold at the moment, however, the children seem unperturbed by it. Our underfloor heating is keeping the preschool toasty and warm, even with all our doors kept open for the day due to ensure the children don’t have to continually touch them to come in and out. Throughout June and July are sun safe policy doesn’t require children to wear hats or apply sunscreen to ensure their bodies receive small doses of vitamin D from the sun and also because the UV index is very low in these months. We’ve let the children know about the changes though they are still given the choice as to if they would like to wear hats and apply sunscreen.

We’ve been going over some of the preschool agreements with the children over the last week. Many of these can be found in Story park so families can access them at home to review with their children if they wish.

Lastly thank you to Gina, Louie and Evie’s Mum in Primary for the donation of dress ups and spare clothes for preschool.


Katrina, Michael, Hannah and Cee.

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Dear Parents,

The temperature has certainly dropped this week and the mornings have been a little darker. It has been a lovely opportunity to notice the weather and relate this to the change in season. We have had many discussions recently about weather around the globe with some children sharing their knowledge that when it is winter in Australia, it is summer in America. Our interest in time and calendars continues and we have now added all the children’s birthdays onto our classroom wall calendar.

We have begun to investigate 2D shape in maths and the children have done a wonderful job at learning to use language such as line, side, curved, straight, corner and vertex to describe the regular and irregular shapes they see around them. Some children are even finding ways to remember horizontal, vertical and parallel to describe lines.

News has been a popular activity at the moment and the children are demonstrating enormous growth in their ability to express their ideas and listen to others. It has been lovely to hear the children share the things they have done at home during the remote learning period.

We have continued with our investigation into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and this week we read Boori Pryor’s book “Shake a Leg” as a way to introduce story telling through dance. Afterwards we did our best to copy the dancers we saw on a video to ‘Shake a leg’ ourselves (I’m glad none of you were there to watch my efforts!)

I understand that for many parents and children, saying goodbye at the school gate is different and possibly scary. I can imagine it must be difficult to leave your child without having had the comfort of watching them put their things away and connect with their friends. Please be reassured that the children are settling in very quickly once they arrive in the classroom and the transition into play is possibly more seamless than usual. I’m sure this is partly due to their absolute delight in being with each other again. During the day, we have slotted back into a mostly regular routine in the classroom which I think is providing the children with a sense of security, but I have however extended the break times to facilitate more play that the children so desperately need right now.

As we are now transitioning to a full time return to school, please note these changes to the online platforms we have been using:
• From Monday, Google Classroom will no longer be used by the school to facilitate home learning.
• Prodigy is a free program (with some limited access) and will remain available for your child to use at home if you wish. I will check in to note their progress from time to time, but engagement is entirely a choice.
• Kodable is a free program (with some limited access) and will remain available for your child to use at home if you wish. I will check in to note their progress from time to time, but engagement is entirely a choice.
• Our Wushka subscriptions will finish the end of June. I have made all the books from your child’s reading level available so that you can use it for home reading until then.
• Our Epic Reading Subscription will finish at the end of June. Please continue to use it for home reading until then.

If you have any of your child’s text books or workbooks at home, please send them into school now. They will stay at school from now on.

One last note about road safety: As tempting as it is, please be sure not to undertake U-turns across the double lines outside the school when dropping-off and picking-up your child. Please also be careful not to park illegally including in a ‘disabled’ spot.

Have a lovely loooooong weekend,
Jess x

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Good morning everyone

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, as we move into week 7 Currambena has become full with children, laughs and learning. Next week we are anticipating all children to be back in class full time and for the rest of term 2. It has been fantastic having most children back in class this week to continue their social learning in and outside the classroom.

In literacy we have been continuing with our literacy groups, focusing on reading, sentence structure, phonics and writing. For our writing topic we have continued looking at narratives and how we can write creative stories focusing on the characters, setting, problem and solution.

In numeracy we have been learning all about money, how we can make it, what other currencies there are and how we use it in our everyday lives. There have been many curious questions throughout the week about how we use money and what people used before they could use coins or notes.

Regarding the exciting addition of pets to many families this term, a friendly reminder that children will need permission from Julianna to bring their dog on site in the mornings. The dog must also be accompanied with an adult holding the lead. This is to ensure the safety of the children and animals in the playground.

A reminder that a science demonstration will be hosted via Questacon using zoom this Friday. All the details regarding times and materials you may need have been emailed.

Have a restful long weekend!



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“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of their strength but by the strength of their heart.” - Unknown

Hello everyone!

I hope this sees you all well. How absolutely wonderful it is to be leaving the confines of Google Classroom behind. I am so looking forward to having my weekends back!!

This week we really hit the ground running with the group all ready to ‘get on with it’. We had discussions on both Monday and Tuesday about the history of Sorry Day and why we celebrate Reconciliation week. We watched a video of Kevin Rudd delivering the Sorry Day speech and listened to an Aboriginal – Trevor Jamieson – read a book we have in class called “Sorry Day”. The story explains what is meant by The Stolen Generation. It targets a younger audience and focuses on the day the speech was made, told through the eyes of a young Indigenous girl. It then goes back in time to recount children being taken away and leads up to the actual speech. Needless to say, the children were extremely engaged in the story and horrified to hear the history of what happened. We then decorated hands with colours, symbols and words to represent Reconciliation. On this topic of Indigenous studies we also looked at The Dreaming. We read a couple of Dream time stories and discussed what the moral of a story was. We looked at different morals and then decided on the most significant moral that was applicable to each story.

At home on Wednesday, I had the children research information on an important Aboriginal person. They could choose a person from the list of people I posted on our Google Classroom, or find one of their own. They will present their findings to the rest of the class this Thursday.

Also this week, we have been reviewing our understanding of Multiplication. Some of the children practiced multiplying  a 1 digit by a 2 digit number, using a grid. And others worked on their knowledge of multiplying by 2′s, 5′s & 10′s, also using a grid. We will be doing more revision of this, and division, to prepare for an assessment task on this topic next week.

Everyone also completed a plan for their Heroes & Villains story. The children recorded their ideas for, where the story will be set; who the characters are; how they will start the story – to grab the reader’s attention; what challenges & obstacles will be faced and how this will be overcome. Now that this part is done, let the stories begin!

Just a reminder that this Friday is the Questacon science workshop. You should have received all the details of materials required including the Zoom link. I will also post this again on Friday morning to our Google Classroom stream. One of the things I mentioned to the group this week is that when they join the meeting, Questacon has requested they join with just their first name. I will be present at the meeting and will manage muting & unmuting for questions etc.

Re ZOOM: If you haven’t updated then please do this prior to Friday. A few children were having trouble logging onto our Zoom on Wednesday morning and I think this was due to a recent update that is required.

As we go full-time next week, I just wanted to take this opportunity to touch base personally. We all know how unsettling and trying these times have been. And we have all done the best that we could do with what we had. Now that the children have returned to their school & friends, the telling signs of how resilient and incredibly capable they have been are shining through. It was not easy being thrust into the situation we were in. But there has been and will be, so much to learn from the experience. I appreciate the support I received from some of you, and the patience you showed whilst I struggled to get my head around planning and programming for on-line. It was not an environment I was comfortable in. However, I have learnt a lot. But truly hope that Google Classroom and Zoom will (very soon) be just a memory in time, set firmly in the year 2020!

Stay safe! Stay well…. and have a gorgeous weekend!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

We’ve had an enjoyable week and are slowly getting back into the routine of the classroom. We had our first class meeting and discussed hand washing, social distancing and other topics that were important to the class.

In Geography we read through the dreaming story of Gulaga and answered some questions about why this story would be important to the Yuin people. The children then drew a picture representing the story which involved mountains and an island.

Australia’s First People topic continued with learning about shelters. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People built mostly temporary structures using bark, leaves, sticks, rocks and other material they could find in the immediate area. The children drew a diagram of a shelter and labelled it with the types of natural materials that they would use to construct it.

Our sound for this week was ‘l, ll’ as in lizard and bell. We’re continuing to practice converting pairs of words into contractions, rhyming words, past tense, suffixes and unjumbling words.

In Mathematics we are continuing to practice our times tables through various activities and are spending more time getting a solid understanding before moving on with division. We are learning tricks and strategies to make learning our times tables easier.

We created an artwork called The Strength Tree. We started with tracing our arm/hand for the trunk and wrote things in our tree that we believe are our strengths. We used coloured pencils to bring our tree to life.

I have received information from the Department of Education for applying for opportunity classes for Year 5 in 2021. If you’re interested in applying for this, please send me an email and I will forward through all the information you need.

Reminder: This Friday 5th June at 11:30am-12:30pm on Zoom, we will have a Science workshop with Questacon. The materials needed to participate in this workshop have been posted on Google Classroom and the Zoom details will be posted on Friday morning in the schedule. I’m sure it will be lots of fun!

Also thank you for all the support, patience and understanding over the last few months, while we navigated the online platforms of Zoom and Google Classroom. Next week we are back at school full time. If there are any work books still at home, could you please send them in.

That’s it for this week. Have a fantastic long weekend!

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

It has been a wonderful week with all the children returning to school Monday to Wednesday this week. I’m really looking forward to next week and a return to more normality! Everyone has been working really well and we are getting back into our routines and remembering how to handle classroom dynamics and distractions! It will be very interesting to watch as we all move back towards our previous patterns.

There were certainly some benefits for some of the children using Google Classroom… especially anyone with strong organisational skills who enjoyed managing their own time. I think there are some aspects of the whole experience that we might be able to build on here at school… maybe more self-managed learning time or time when children can work more independently.

In the Google Classroom work for today, I have put the link to the film we watched yesterday, “In My Blood It Runs”, about an Aboriginal boy living in Alice Springs who is struggling with school, identity and disadvantage. It is sensitively told and interwoven with real footage of demonstrations and news reports relevant to the story. Through World Vision, we have access to the film until Friday, so watch it if you are interested. Very relevant with the protests going on at the moment for “Black Lives Matter”.

In our academic work we have been putting some finishing touches on measuring Area, revising division and multiplication and continuing with textbooks and practising times tables. In English, we are continuing to write our stories, learn spelling words from our lists and complete spelling textbook pages (Unit 12 this week!). We have also been learning about Aboriginal culture, in particular, Aboriginal perspectives applied to our current Geography topic. It’s been really interesting for us all.

Thank you so much to everyone for their patience and support over all these weeks. It has made such a difference on some of the tough days, to know we’ve all been working together to make the best of a very new and worrying situation. Thank you to everyone for the words of support and to Council who have worked so hard over the past two months to hold it all together with us. Great job everyone! I know we’re not out of the woods just yet but there is certainly some light between the trees now!

I will be away from school on Friday and Vinnie will be here to do folders and to moderate the Zoom workshop with Questacon between 1:30 and 2:30. The Zoom details will be in Google Classroom for tomorrow. It should be fantastic fun for everyone. Other classes have very much enjoyed theirs.

Next week, we are all back all week! Please remember to make sure your children arrive between 8:30 and 9 because we will be taking temperatures and giving out hand sanitiser at the gate for at least another week. Please also make sure everything comes back to school. A few children this week were saying they couldn’t find certain books or they forgot to bring all the worksheets they had printed off. We’ll need all of those for filing next week and all the books of course, too, including books they are reading.

One final quick reminder, after a couple of incidents in recent years, we have an agreement at Currambena that all dogs on site must be under the control of an adult. This means that, in the current state of things, all those adorable new puppies must stay outside the gate with their adult owners please. It’s also important that someone is holding the lead at all times in case a puppy jumps out of a child’s arms and runs into danger on the road.

Enjoy a much deserved long weekend, and I’ll look forward to seeing all the children again next Tuesday!

Love, Wendy

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Piano lessons and guitar groups with Wendy will begin again next week, after the long weekend. Please let me know if you are not ready to start again.

Unfortunately, piano lessons with Sarah and Amber will probably not be able to recommence until next term.

Please have a practise over the weekend and be ready for your lesson!

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Hi everyone.

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping warm!

We’re having a good week and it’s been lovely to have children here so many days! I am very much looking forward to moving closer to “normal” over the next few weeks. Our class has been allocated Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week for our three days, then, after the long weekend, there will be no more Google classroom and, hopefully, everyone will feel safe enough to come back.

We’ve been working on writing skills including proof reading, using connectives, writing persuasively and constructing narratives. We’re also focusing on improving cursive writing out a short poem each week. Today, on Google Classroom, we will be finishing a poem we began yesterday written from an Aboriginal perspective and we’ll be answering questions about it. Today would have been the day of the Children’s Voices for Reconciliation event in Lane Cove Plaza… of course cancelled this year.

At 10 am, Lane Cove Council is hosting a webinar about issues related to reconciliation and it’s suitable for children from Year 4 on. The link will be in today’s Google Classroom notes.

Questacon is also hosting free web workshops and Leesa has signed us up for one of these through her contacts! On Friday 5th June, our class has the chance to be part of a class workshop led by a Questacon facilitator. There is a list of household items children will need to use if they wish to participate in this. It will be from 1:30 til 2:30pm on that day and the topic is Survival Features of Wild Creatures. I’ll send the list of items they’ll need in an email.

In Maths, we’ve moved on to measuring area now while continuing to practise times tables and tidy up some loose ends in number operations. Unit 11 needs to be complete this week and Unit 10 excellent. Thank you again to all the parents who are helping with marking during this time! I have done a little this week but the majority is being done at home… so thank you!!

In Geography, we are revising Australian state and capital city names as well as learning about the oceans around Australia. We are using our research into other countries around the world to construct our persuasive writing. There are very many countries we are all going to want to visit after this!

Animation is well and truly underway in the art room and we’re listening to some indigenous artists in music.

All on the go!

We did have a Class Meeting on Monday when most of the children were here. It was very interesting to see the children beginning to re-establish their relationships and start to raise issues respectfully again. This process may take some time!

Next week, please make sure all the children bring all their books on Monday. Please only send devices for Wednesday’s Languages session. We never have enough Chrome books for all those who want to learn via Duolingo!

REMINDER! Currambena’s AGM is THIS FRIDAY! First ever Zoom meeting at 6:30 on Friday 29th May TOMORROW! Please join the meeting and be part of the event. We need a minimum of 22 present to hold the meeting. See you there!

And lastly a reminder to keep all our community safe by adhering to the road rules outside the school. I’ve seen several cars make U turns at pick up or drop off time across the double lines and perilously close to the crossing. Even if you’re not worried about the fine and loss of points, this is very dangerous for everyone nearby, as cars sometimes speed down Longueville Road, visibility is not very good up the hill and the risk of an accident is quite high. Julie, our crossing person, says it happens regularly. It is quite easy to just drive around the block opposite the school instead.

Thanks everyone! Stay safe!

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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