Hello everyone,

Many of our children will be absent on Friday in support of the “Strike 4 Climate Change” Our teachers will all be here to run class as usual for those children that are unable to strike. What an extraordinary initiative for the children of our world to be taking on! Let us keep remembering and reminding ourselves of all the little things each one of us can do every day to help our climate/planet. A little ant is only doing a small part, but as a community they achieve amazing results.

Earlier this week we had 30 student teachers from Sydney University here for the morning to learn about our philosophy and observe in the classrooms. This was their first week at Uni, we were the first school visit, and I think that for most of them they were totally amazed and intrigued with our approach to education!

SPOTS AVAILABLE IN PRESCHOOL – We have places on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please let Katrina know if you want any of these or tell other parents if they are looking.



TERM 1 End of Term Bush Dance – now locked in for Friday 5th April.

TERM 2 Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June

TERM 3 Open school Friday 20th Sept with birthday weekend celebrations Saturday 21st September ??

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney North’s Leagues Club 14th Nov, and end of year social Wednesday 18th December

MAINTENANCE JOBS Can anyone please do the following?

  • Disposal of the empty timber deck-stain tins at the front entrance
  • Disposal of used photocopier cartridges outside the office door

REMINDERS……. Newsletter Entries – will only be accepted if they are emailed as an attachment, preferably in a word document. This is for any adverts, notices, canteen menus etc

I am still getting enquiries or fee payments that I have difficulty identifying. Please remember we use your child’s surname as the reference.

Volunteer Working With Children Check.  We are requesting that all parents that volunteer with the school in any capacity that involves children to obtain a Volunteer Working With Children Check. There is no cost involved, you apply online https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check ,  and get your identity verification from https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre.  Next step – provide your WWC number and expiry date to your employer or anyone you provide a child-related service to, along with your full legal name and date of birth, so that your clearance can be verified online.

  •  We are looking to have all volunteers with a WWCC number by the 1st May 2019

Cheers Julianna

BE INSPIREDWith the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Dear Parents,

What a busy week! Our trip to the Aquarium was a huge success! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who supported us, you made the day run so smoothly, giving the children the opportunity to follow their interests and navigate the aquarium. It was lovely to hear the children sharing new facts about rays, sharks, turtles and penguins. We bounced on boats, stroked sea cucumbers and followed fish! After a few hours in the Aquarium we made our way through Darling Harbour to Tumbalong Playground. The children loved splashing in the fountains and exploring new equipment. At the end of the playground is a fantastic water area where the children can direct water through tunnels and dams. Watching them plan and communicate as a team was fascinating! If you haven’t already visited the playground you should check it out!

This week in maths we have been looking at the number zero. We spoke about the importance of zero even though it means nothing! We found examples of zero outside and drew our own representations to add to a class poster. This is the beginning of our place value topic. On Tuesday we represented different numbers using pictures, digits and number lines. We shared facts about the number and used language such as more, less, greater and smaller. Our class challenge asked us to explore representing numbers in different contexts.

In literacy we have been writing a recount of our Aquarium excursion. We looked at photographs from our day out and reminisced on a great day spent together. This week we have focused on sentence structure, using capital letters and full stops more consistently.

Climate change and pollution discussions have continued this week. After watching a video of the negative effects of litter and pollution on our Earth, this week we looked at individuals and projects who are making a positive difference. We learnt about three projects:

  1. Cardiff’s mission to recycle plastic waste collected on the Volvo Ocean Race and turn it into park benches.
  2. ReTuna Återbruksgalleria which is a mall in Sweden dedicated entirely to repaired and upcycled goods.
  3. The Seabin project which creates Seabins that collect floating rubbish in the water at marinas, docks and ports.

Our class love visiting the Bomb Park with Eva on Wednesdays, due to the rain today we spent the afternoon playing soccer and team games in smaller groups on the basketball court. The children have learnt lots of new chasing and catching games and have been discussing tactics and team work.

Thank you to my weekly volunteers Kylie, Meggan, Susan & Elissa. The children love playing phonics games on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Here goes my sales pitch… I have a gorgeous wooden filing cabinet in my room that is free to a good home or business. It is in great condition but I just have no use for it. If you would like it, please come and have a look in my classroom.

A few reminders:

  • Please get your working with children number.
  • Please check and treat hair for lice if needed.

Have a great weekend! See you next week or at the conflict resolution course on Saturday!


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Our new piano teacher, Sarah, has begun teaching on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please always remind your children of the time of their lesson and encourage them to be there promptly.

Tuesday and Thursday guitar groups have been settling in and some of the playing is sounding wonderful already!


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Hi everyone. Lovely to see some rain and luckily it’s not too cold.

I’m hoping it will rain this week and be fine from next Wednesday onwards for our camp up on the Hawkesbury River. We’ve begun talking about the details and will be having a longer discussion tomorrow. Thank you to those who have returned the pink form already. The white one is for you to keep. We still need drivers there and back so please let me know if you can help. It is about an hour and a half away.

In class this week we have begun our Science unit on chemistry and written our letters to the author of “My Grandad is Weird”. In addition, we had a large group of Sydney Uni teacher ed. students on Monday, a wedding yesterday (congratulations to the brides and thanks for the chips and cake!), revision of (and learning) the formal algorithm for subtraction with trading, a challenging puzzle relating to Grok coding (thank you Shirley and Alan), a lovely Buddies session with Preschool, bands working on performance pieces, a gorgeous afternoon swimming at Greenwich Baths (thank you Jennifer and Christine for your help), a class photo for our sponsor child in Uganda (thanks Julianna) and a rather intense discussion about conflict resolution processes and the use of mediation when needed. We also voted to move the Ball to the last Friday of term so that both Sylvie and Hubert can come. I hope the chaperones will still be able to help that night! Quite a week so far!

Tomorrow, three of our students are sitting for the Selective Schools Entrance Test. We wish them the best of luck.Those who chose to do so completed some practice exams on Monday and did a great job writing to a set stimulus and then completing maths multiple choice questions, colouring in the little circles to choose their answers.

And Friday is the strike! Thank you to those parents who responded to the email. It seems that just about all the children who want to go have managed to organise it for themselves and, of course, teachers will be here at school as usual for the day. I thought I might show Greta Thunberg’s TED talk for anyone interested tomorrow at lunchtime. She is the teenager who started the student climate change protests. She is very impressive.

I hope you’re all having good weeks too! Cheers, Wendy

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Hi Everyone,

Another week passes with lots of activities and excitement. We are now half way through the term, where has the time gone?

We have started to create comic strips and books during writing this week. The children are engaged with this style of writing and the ideas and concepts being explored are very creative. This week our sound was ‘d, dd’ as in duck and paddle. We have been learning about antonyms which are words with opposite meanings through our Sound Waves book.

In Maths we have been looking at different strategies to help us with our multiplication. We have learnt that the nine times tables answers add to nine (18: 1+8 =9). On Wednesday we completed a polygon puzzle involving a range of multiplication. This was tricky but the children persisted with the task and learnt a lot from it. We have also had a go at animal symmetry to further develop our skills in this area.

This week in our PE lesson with Eva we split into four teams and rotated around two activities. The two activities were soccer and gymnastics skills. Both activities involved teamwork, collaboration and communication. If you have any 1.25L plastic bottles at home, can you please send them in for an activity near the end of the term.

The children are continuing with their Personal Interest Projects. These are due on the 29th of March and presentations will begin from the 1st of April. The children will nominate a time for their presentation in the coming weeks and this timetable will be stuck on our class whiteboard.

Sarah and I have locked in a date for our excursion: Tuesday 2nd April at The Royal Botanic Garden for a guided tour on ‘Plant Connections – The Calyx’. This excursion links with our current unit on Rainforests and allows us to explore the importance of plants and how insects and animals affect the life cycle of plants.

Our class have decided to have a class ball on Friday 22nd March from 5-7:30pm. The theme is 1980’s with games, activities and dancing to fill the time. If you could chaperone on the night that would be a huge help. Please email me if you are available or come in for a chat. It will be a fantastic night of fun and I’m sure lots of laughter.


  • WWCC – If you are volunteering in the classroom or for an excursion you will need to have a current Working With Children Check.
  • If anyone has spare newspaper or shoe boxes, please bring them in.
  • End of Term Bush Dance – Friday 5th April starting at 6pm.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.


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Are we really past half way through the term already!!!!

A hot topic this week has been the “Strike 4 Climate Change” – happening this Friday at Sydney Town Hall and Hyde Park. I am so pleased there will be a contingent of supporters attending from the Currambena community. Thankyou to the parents who are taking children to this event. The teachers will definitely be there in spirit – rallying for our next generation.

In the classroom this week, we made Save the Planet posters. We discussed ‘what makes a good poster?’ The children then planned a design and created a larger version. Those attending the strike/protest will be taking their poster along with them. We might even get to see some of them ‘show up’ on the News and/or in media???

For Math, we looked at, revised and practised using an empty number to add and subtract. We also recognised that addition is the inverse of subtraction and subtraction is the inverse of addition because the 2 operations ‘undo’ each other.

For our conflict resolution, a large majority of children use the word ‘sad’ as their go to feeling. So we had a discussion about different words we associate with feelings and emotions. And we talked about whether they were the same thing or not? Some children said they could feel hungry or tired and someone responded with “this was a feeling not an emotion.” Another child said “feeling hungry or tired can make you cranky or frustrated and that is the emotion.” More discussions on this topic to come……..

Along with Leesa’s class, the children all finalised their mini projects on animals & insects of the rainforest. Presentations of these will start next week.

In regards to personal projects: my class still have 3 more weeks to complete their project. Presentations will then begin in week 9 and continue until the end of term. Parents are invited to attend these presentations. However, there will be specific days & times that these will happen. I will let you know closer to the time once they are locked in.

If anyone is interested, I am still needing a class rep. It isn’t a time consuming role and may just be organising someone to do the washing at the end of every term – simple stuff like that. Let me know if you can take this on.

That’s all for us this week.

Love, Sarah

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Dear Parents,
It was such a lovely team building experience at the aquarium last Thursday. Although it was busy, the children had a wonderful time making their way through the venue and seeing some of their favourite underwater animals like the dugong, the baby stingray, the penguins, the octopus and the jellyfish. Our time at Tumbalong park was equally enjoyable with the children having the opportunity to climb, run and play together with connections across both classes. It was so fantastic to have planned and undertaken such a ambitious excursion in term 1 together. Thank you to Sally, Margaret, Christina, and Shona for volunteering their time and for being such wonderful and enthusiastic contributors on the day. We’ve put together a bit of a scrap book of photos in the classroom so please feel free to come and have a look.

Tomorrow is the Strike for climate change. Thank you to those parents that have already let me know that their child will be absent from school that day. If you are planning to keep your child home, please send me a quick email so I can make plans for the day. I hope you all continue to have some important conversations about climate change, the environment and the things that your child can do to make a difference.

We have begun some work on conflict resolution this week, looking at some detail at the ‘Angry Iceberg’ and investigating what is going on underneath the anger that is often seen first during conflict. The children have demonstrated some fabulous vocabulary around feelings and emotions and so I’m feeling really positive how things will progress.

In other news around the classroom we are busy reading, writing, drawing, counting and talking. Lots of ‘news’ this week which the children are enjoying and an ongoing interest in wobbly teeth!

Have a lovely weekend.

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Hello Everyone,

Phew……. Thankfully the life size cardboard dog the children made in craft last week scared the Goblins away and the tree fairy has returned to preschool. There’s also been a few treasure hunts around school this week to find the magic spell book, magic feather, goblin eggs and magic orbs! There’s been a great deal of learning involved in this play, as there is in all play that stems from the children’s imagination and interest. The children have been very much engaged in all experiences related to this. It’s really brought our preschool community together, as they run around warning each other of the potential threat of Goblins. Those that have been worried about this have been reassured and comforted by peers. We’ve researched, drawn pictures and enjoyed reading stories that mention anything to do with goblins or fairies.

The children were really engaged in our first whole class Spanish lesson on Tuesday. A huge thank you to Carolina, our school’s Spanish teacher who is also Ana’s Mum, for coming in and running it. The children were then able to extend on what we’re being taught by going on to the polyglots app and practising what we were taught in the lesson.

This week many of the completed autobiographies the children have been working on complete with self portraits have started to be displayed preschool. We hope to start displaying these around the school so the primary children can get to know everyone in preschool.

As you would have read in last week’s newsletter, we require all parents volunteering in preschool to obtain a volunteer working with children’s check. You can go online to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check to do this, there’s no cost involved. You then need to visit a service centre to get your identity verified. Once done, please give Julianna your WWC number, expiry date, and your date of birth so your clearance can be verified online.

Our two class reps in preschool this year are Elissa, Hugo’s Mum and Abi, Hazel and Pepper’s Mum. They’ll be keeping you up to date with all the Currambena Community and preschool events.

Thank you to all the families that have been responding to our story park community posts. We know your days are busy, so we really love reading all your comments and very much appreciate them. Thank you also to Ronita, Gyan’s Mum for the donation of animal magazines. Many thanks also to the families that have taken preschool washing home to launder for us.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah



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  • Spinach and feta triangles
  • Watermelon
  • Wholemeal sugar free date slice
  • Tacos – veggie or meat
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Hello everyone,

  • Working with Children Checks. After much discussion with staff and in our Protection Training with the Australian Independent Schools Association the school is looking to further create a strong overt presence of child safety. So we are requesting that all parents that volunteer with the school, in any capacity that involves children, to obtain a Volunteer Working With Children Check. There is no cost involved, you apply online https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check and get your identity verification from https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre This accomplished, please provide your WWC number and expiry date to your employer or anyone you provide a child-related service to, along with your full legal name and date of birth, so that your clearance can be verified online.
  •  We are looking to have all volunteers with a WWCC number by the 1st May 2019



TERM 1 End of Term Bush Dance – now locked in for Friday 5th April. This will definitely be reminiscing of earlier days at Currambena! We eat at 6pm with a  shared community dinner and then the dancing will begin around 7pm

TERM 2 Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June

TERM 3 Open school Friday 20th Sept with birthday weekend celebrations Saturday 21st September

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov, and end of year social Wednesday 18th December

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in being part of or some of these exciting events or have other ideas/events you would like to run or assist with.  Email is good or pop into the office and have a chat. We need to be getting onto any bookings now!


  • Disposal of the empty timber deck-stain tins at the front entrance
  • Disposal of used photocopier cartridges outside the office door


 I am still getting enquiries or fee payments that I have difficulty identifying. Please remember we use your child’s surname as the reference

Cheers Julianna

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

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