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Hello Everyone!

What an extraordinarily dry term.We have had nearly two week of extreme fire danger in Berowra so hope the rain comes soon!

Thank-you to all those greenies who have diligently kept up the water to all our young and established plants. I am sure you have noticed that with these warmer days all the spring growth is starting to happen

Thank-you to all our canteen people. Monday is always a day of tantalising aromas wafting into our office with all the wonderful foods that are being prepared. The big line up of kids surely tells us, that it is much enjoyed!

Thank-you to all our Blue Umbrella people and the successful management of your registration.

Holiday Building & Maintenance – There will be a lot of activity at Currambena over this school break. Most will be happening in the second week so we are requesting

 that you not be coming into the school this second week unless by arrangement.

 We have painters doing the ceilings in the two rooms of the Blue Umbrella, Acacia Tree & Garden Service will be checking and pruning trees, new bubblers are to be installed, the slide to be put in place  and work to start on the shed.


9th October – Coordination Day

10th October – School Starts

18th October 8.00am – School Photos Exhibit Breakfast

4th Nov  Friday 7.00pmA Spanish Fiesta Night

16th November Thursday  6pm CURRAMBENA CONCERT  at the North Sydney Leagues Club in Cammeray.

8th December – End Of Term



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Hi everyone,

Week 10 already!

The year 5s had a terrific trip to Canberra. It was really busy and we packed heaps in. We visited the government, the electoral commission, the war memorial, Questacon, Old Government House, Australian Institute of Sport and more. Everyone learnt lots and enjoyed the variety of the trip. However, we’re all glad to be back where it’s a lot warmer! The year 4s had fun with Susan. They finished off projects, did finger knitting and did some sport. It is lovely to have both halves of the class back together.

We finished off our project presentations this week. Some of the projects have been very impressive. This week we have been doing a bit more work on measurement – mass and volume and capacity. We’ve also been catching up on spelling and some handwriting. We are going on a bush walk this morning to capitalise on the beautiful temperatures.

Thank you to Bonnie’s family and Hazel’s family for offering to take the rats during the holidays. If you are able to sign up to take them for a week over the summer please let me know asap.

That’s all for this week and this term. I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!

Love Louise





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I might get this in just by a skin……

Unfortunately, I have been off these last few days with this dreaded lurgy!! And so glad to be back behind the ship, however, with a little less force than when I left it. Olivia and Rhonda kept everything running smoothly and managed to get through all tasks set for the children while I was away. They continued with presenting and writing their stories, project presentations went without a glitch, soccer at the bomb park, a game in volume and capacity, spanish and some text book work. Thank you to both Olivia and Rhonda!

Thank you all, for your glorious children and for the support throughout this term. Especially, to Shirley for coming in every Thursday to teach and guide the children with coding and Susan for helping children with maths. Also, to Jane for all for your hardwork and dedication in supporting the children with their work.

I’ll have to leave there to hopefully make this deadline.

Have a fabulous holiday!

Love, Sarah

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Dear Parents,

A lovely afternoon was had down at the ‘Magic Bridge’ on Tuesday. Its is so lovely getting all the children into the bush for the afternoon. Thank you to all those parents who made the huge effort to join us.

A huge thank you to all of you who have helped make this term a fabulous one. Its so lovely to have such a strong and supportive parent body. Thank you to all my literacy group parents, to the washing fairies, those that help with maths lessons, supply art materials, help on excursions and contribute a range of expertise to our community.. Your help is so important!

This week we are tidying up loose ends and consolidating all the work we have learnt over the last 10 weeks. Some of the children are already coming to the end of their various work books and therefore bringing them home. In maths, we are focussing on our teen numbers and playing games to learn about place value. In English we have had a handwriting push and the children are doing really well to remember not just what the letters look like but how they are formed. So far this week we have practiced our ’round the tummy’ letters and ‘rainy day’ letters – ask your children what this means…

Tomorrow the children have voted for an end of term party. If you are able, could you please bring in a small plate of food for the children to share. Please label anything with nuts and any food that is dairy or gluten free. Thank you! Its also going to be warm tomorrow so I’ll probably turn on the sprinklers. Please send in a change of clothes or something to get wet in.

I hope you all enjoy a restful break and I look forward to seeing everyone next term.
Jess x

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick one from me. The end of the term has really snuck up on us. We’ve had a lovely two weeks, enjoying this weather with lots of outdoor learning and games. We’ve been lucky enough to have two incursions, one by the medievalists from the St Ives Faire, who showed the kids all sorts of armour and weapons, and the other from a representative of the SeaSheapard anti-whaling fleet.

On Tuesday afternoon we had our walk down to the magic bridge with Jess’s kids. Thirty little witches and wizards traipsing down the street certainly turned some heads. Thanks to all the parents for coming along; the kids were very happy to have you all there and had a lot of fun.

Our academic focus in the last week has been around counting money and finishing our PIP poster, along with some writing rules and spelling, focussing on double consonant words like fluff, rebuttal or tunnel.

And we finally finished our class novel The Witches, which had the kids spellbound to the end.

Thanks everyone for a great term and I’ll see you after the break.

Warm regards,


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Hi everyone.
Our trip to Canberra was fabulous! I am sure all of you will have heard some of the details by now… we saw Parliament in session, role played debating a bill, learned about voting and role played an election. We visited the Australian Museum, the War Memorial, the Institute of Sport and Questacon. We saw the view from Mt Ainslie and visited the National Capital Exhibition Centre and the Governor General’s house, Yarralumla..a very full three days. Thank you Louise and Zoe for coming with us… and thank you to the wonderful group of children who made it such an enjoyable experience. They all managed themselves well in a completely new situation far from home and were keen to learn and participate in all the programs. Louise and I were very proud of them all. Some of us are still a bit tired… but luckily, the holidays start very soon! Thank you to James and Sylvie for sharing their birthdays with us while we were away!

Because of being away, I really haven’t yet commented on the Art Exhibition and social the previous week which was such a success… great job by both the organisers and the artists! There were some very beautiful works of art on display and the turtle was totally spectacular. A glorious whole school effort. Congratulations everyone.

This week in class we are finishing off topics and text book work, writing thank you letters and generally winding down. We are completing work on 3D shapes in Maths and writing endings for stories in English.. and we’ll be tidying the room and taking art work home as well.The group has voted to buy lunch on Friday and take it to Pottery Green to eat and have a play there as an end of term event. That should be fun.

So it remains to thank all of you for a wonderful term. We have had a gorgeous time in our new room this term. Thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way. Thank you to Shirley for her time weekly presenting engaging maths puzzles and concepts. Thank you to Julie for being our class rep and organising events for us all. And thank you, as always, to you as parents who trust me with your children. It is such a delight to work with them. And it was a delight this term to have our interviews and discuss how wonderful those children are!! Thanks also to my colleagues who are so dedicated to the children and terrific to work with.

Have a wonderful holidays everyone! Stay safe and well. Love, Wendy

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Hello Everyone,

This term seems to have flown by and now we are at the end! What is however most noticeable is how the children have really come together as a cohesive group and how thoughtful and aware they are of each other and the wider Currambena Community. It’s always such a privilege to be part of each child’s and family’s time at Currambena!

As a group we have done some reflections on what the children have enjoyed doing, what they haven’t enjoyed and what they would like to do more of next term. There seems to be a huge interest in learning to write words and learn to read them so we will continue to provide opportunities for children to participate in these types of experiences next term.

This week what started as an impromptu café turned into a regular occurrence every afternoon! This serves as two purposes. 1: To celebrate the end of term 3 making sure everyone in preschool are included. 2: As practice for our upcoming thank you afternoon tea in term 4. Children have been taking turns to be servers and guests, with the guests ordering off the menus that have been written by some very capable children and the servers, serving them the food they have ordered.

There is currently a great deal of interest in creative experiences such as water colour painting, which was an extension of the colour experiments the children were conducting and creating at the making table. The feathers have been used to make fans, wands and a multitude of interesting objects.

Thank you to everyone that has taken washing home this term and to those of you that have put your name down to help with the end of term cleaning. We really appreciate your assistance. Lastly a big thank you to Stephanie for working in preschool after Tui left to have her baby. As I write this there is still no news though who knows, today could be the day! Our new assistant Hannah will begin at preschool next term.

Wishing everyone a restful and relaxing break


Katrina, Michael and Stephanie

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Hello Everyone!

Café, Art Exhibit, BBQ, lighting of the turtle lantern our own fabulous Currambena band and who can say Currambena doesn’t rock!

Many people have commented on what a wonderful social event it was. A big thank-you to all our artistic kids, to Crafty Chris, the teachers and parents, all of who had a part in crafting, preparing, organising and running this fabulous night. A special thank-you to Kath who came in earlier in the term, for a couple of days, to design and help the kids build the bamboo skeleton of our turtle lantern

Thank-you to all those people who helped during the week with extra cleaning, tidying, taking away rubbish and sorting around the school, it is all looking very smick!


Kindergarten 2018 $900 deposit fee. the cut-off date is this Friday 15th September. This locks in your place for 2018

Maintenance Hours Due DateMonday 18th September. Please remember to write your hours in the maintenance book in the front foyer.

WATERING! You are all doing a wonderful job please keep it up. Can I also remind you that we have a row of little trees along the back fence up from the chicken house. There is a tap connection point in the back corner of the preschool roof up on top of the classroom deck


18th October 8.00am – School Photos Exhibit Breakfast

4th Nov  Friday 7.00pmA Spanish Fiesta Night

16th November Thursday  6pm CURRAMBENA CONCERT  at the North Sydney Leagues Club in Cammeray.

 Cheers Julianna

A mindful thought …

 With mindfulness, we have the possibility of bringing presence and a quality of warm, caring interest to that relationship – whether its with the student in front of us, our loved ones at home, or our own thoughts and emotions. As you move through your days this week, see if you can bring a quality of curiosity and care to your moments with others. Teaching, can you return to a spirit of curiosity and care, being open to learning from your students? Talking with a colleague, can you be aware of your body, and really listen?

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