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Hello Currambena!

What a great ending to our year with a fabulous new playground and a wonderful new classroom for Wendy and her kids!

A BIG HEARTFELT THANKS… goes out to the teachers, parents, kids, builders who have been very much part of a huge team working to make our Currambena be the fabulous place it is!

 Also a very special thank-you to Mikee, Tracy & Moira who are such an integral part to the smooth turning of all the wheels that spin along behind the scenes at Currambena


-to all the Build Team we are nearly there!!!

- to all those parents who have helped with so many projects around the school; building planting and maintaining the gardens, constructing new storage units for Wendy’s class, supervising the building of the shed, organizing maintenance days, painting of the shed, weekly sweeping around the school, camps, excursions, helping out in the classrooms, cleaning, tidying, packing & packing……….


First day of Term 1 2018 is MONDAY 5TH FEBRUARY

Have a great festive season!

With love Julianna

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Hi Everyone,

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! We had two wonderful camps away; Mowbray Park and Jervis Bay. Both trips were opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. The children strengthened friendships and made new connections. We had glorious weather and a lot of fun was had by all.

This year has flown by! I would like to thank all the parents for your support and help this year, it has been much appreciated. Craig, thank you so much for being our class rep and for being so conscientious in the role.

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching all of your children. I look forward to a second year with some and I wish those moving to Wendy’s good luck and happiness next year.

That’s all for this year! I hope you all have a restful and fun summer holidays and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 5th February.

Love Louise


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Last Newsletter for the year! It is just amazing how quickly this year has gone. It was a terrific year for us, moving into the new room and loving the space. All the children have worked so well and got along together so well too, it has been a delight to be with them.

Last week at camp was such a wonderful culmination of everything that has happened this year. It is so beautiful and peaceful at Jervis Bay, the place inspires us every time. The children all proved to be excellent campers, independent and cooperative, managing the situation and their own things superbly. We were so lucky with the weather and all our adult helpers were fantastic. Thank you all so very much. The photos are beautiful… thanks everyone and especially to Chris for setting up the Dropbox. Auntie Julie’s stories and talks grounded us in the beauty of Booderee. The ceremony on the beach on Thursday night was deeply moving in many ways… quite a few tears and a true celebration of the wonderful young people we are sending off to high school this year. We will miss them all very much.

There are still a few jobs to be done packing away gear and I hope to get those done this morning before we set off for Tambourine Bay for lunch. Also, if you spent some money for us on camp, please give your dockets to me or to Julianna this week. There were also some chairs and bags left on the footpath late on Friday afternoon. If you are missing anything, it might be in the front foyer.

Yesterday, the Year 6s came up to the bookshop with me to choose their gifts. Kris Kringle is on Friday so presents to the value of around $10 or $15 need to be brought in an placed in the red sack near our little tree.

Please take the time to look through the children’s portfolios when they bring them home on Friday. There will be a letter at the back from me, summarising what each child has achieved in the past six months.

Please remember if you have any time on Friday, many hands will make the light of the work involved in moving furniture and getting ready for the big renovation of the Western building! So exciting!

And lastly, from me, thank you to everyone who has worked with us or helped our group in any way this year. It has been a really wonderful year for our group and for the school.

Have a safe and restful holiday. Our love and best wishes go with those who are leaving Currambena. We’ll hold you in our hearts as you move to the next part of your journeys.

Lots of love,

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Dear Parents,
Its been such a pleasure to have your beautiful children in my class this year. Together we have learnt so many things about the world and ourselves. All the children have shown great persistence and have taken enormous leaps forward in their learning. Well done to them!

Although all the children would have grown without me this year, it has been a privledge to have been part of their journey with them. Watching their unique personalities develop has been so much fun!

Thank you to all of you wonderful parents who have helped make this year a success! Its no secret that a successful school community is one that has engaged and supportive parents, and there is no doubt Currambena is bursting with these.

Thank you to all the parents who helped in the classroom; literacy groups, computers, maths, show and tell, class pet care and mini interest lessons. Thank you to all the parents who helped on excursions; swimming, park visits, bush-walks, the museum and much more, Thank you to those parents who helped with sport, science and art. Thank you to those parents who helped with practical but important matters such as washing, cleaning and packing.

But mostly thank you for your encouragement and support. I was warned that my first year of teaching would be challenging, and I am delighted to say that although it was that, it was mostly rewarding and absolutely inspiring! (I think I’m hooked…)

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful break. I wish all the children moving to Marius’ class a happy transition, and I can’t wait to have those children who are staying with me back next year.

Love Jess xxx

PS On our last day we are having a movie day. The children agreed they wanted it to be a pyjama day (not compulsory of course).

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This being the last post for the year, I would (firstly) like to express my gratitude and say “Thankyou” to ALL the parents who have helped, in and out of the classroom, in which ever way you were able. Thankyou all for your support and entrusting me with your child. It has been a true privilege.

This last week, we completed all project presentations; compared analogue and digital times; did some relay races using a noodle at swimming; were quizzed on 70 words; cleaned, cleaned and cleaned; shared and received gifts; expressed excitement at the end of another year; listened to stories read by others; went bush and spent a day rummaging and running; were taught techniques in sewing; reflected on the year that was and bid farewell to each other. In their own words – a summary of the year: excellent, epic, exciting, best, cool, great, okay, superb, lovely, crazy, amazing, terrific, quick, super, awesome, fun, nice, interesting, adventurous, exhausting, challenging, sad (that it has to end) !!!!!

It has been a year filled with many moments of joy! This group, overall, have been conscientious, considerate, thoughtful, caring, enthusiastic, curious, sensitive, resilient, understanding, accommodating and  generous. I wish time could stand still, for just a little longer, so we could see and appreciate more moments, special moments that are right before us and so very precious and meaningful, for all of our development. These moments are there but are not always overt, nor are they expressed or happen in front of our face. But in an environment such as Currambena – they happen, everyday, in some way. Sometimes, in small, minute ways or ways that may seem too difficult, challenging or upsetting for us to feel they are moments of learning and growth. However, it is the difficulties we need to be more grateful for. In these times, we need to trust the journey we have embarked upon – in being a part of this school. Trusting and understanding that life and learning is not always fun or full with excitement. It’s important they are a part of it but there are also times when learning can be tough and tedious. We may not always be stimulated or excited, by everything we do. Things may be difficult and challenging, and the learning and growth in these times, may come in different forms – like being required to work in a group without your friends and feel out of your comfort zone; understanding that each year there are greater expectations and responsibilities to rise up to; learning how to collaborate, communicate and problem solve – real life issues – social, emotional issues. Teaching children how to read, write and count have their place but they don’t make the foundation of a person who will care and develop empathy or feel empowered to stand up for another (or for themselves), when things are unfair or unjust in their world, and in the one far greater!

I feel so very lucky to be part of a passionate team of educators who strive to impart their knowledge and experience and share who they are, as people. People who are open to learn with and from each other. S0 “thankyou”, Julianna, Wendy, Louise, Jane, Gillian, Jess, Crafty, Michael, Katrina, Marius and Hannah for sharing and imparting your wisdom and care unto others. I feel blessed to be where I am.

“When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts.” Dalai Lama

Have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday. I look forward to seeing you next year!!!!!

Love, Sarah

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Hello Everyone,

Wow, this is it…the school year ends Friday!

It’s been a big year in preschool, with Tui leaving us to give birth and take care of gorgeous Arabella.  Hannah started this term, along with a number of new families! We started the year with a fence around preschool due to the build, making us separate from the rest of the school. This meant that our outdoor play space was limited which is an important part of the learning environment in Currambena. The children were just remarkable in dealing with the reduced space and very inventive in coming up with some very important physically strenuous games to ensure they remained active.

We got to observe the construction of the new underground classroom and play space, the children made wonderful connections with the builders and then we all got to enjoy playing in, on, and around it once the fences came down.

The children organised and ran a fantastic café and stall to raise money for Nepal during the year. They enjoyed it so much that we had many more impromptu preschool cafés.

The new slide was erected this term, which has led to wonderful connections between everyone, not to mention a huge amount of fun! The top decking was a great place to take part in Louise’s dance classes alongside primary during Tuesday sports and we got the basketball court back which led to lots of fun ball sports as well as scootering and riding. It’s wonderful to see how in touch the children are with each other with everyone bringing in something to ride most days towards the end of the year as well as many children often coincidentally dressing identically to each other!

This term we completed our Astronomy unit, spending time with Jess’s class each week for it. We got to go on a special excursion to the zoo with the children’s buddies in Wendy’s class. The preparation for the school concert, the on stage rehearsal as well as the actual night was also an amazing celebration of the children’s development at preschool. We cooked up a storm this term in preparation for our Thank You Afternoon Tea, which was held last Friday. The children did an amazing job in making sure their guests were well taken care of.

Thank you to all our families in preschool and the wider Currambena community for all that you do to support us. The donation of equipment means the children have new resources and we can give them a second life. Thank you to everyone that came to maintenance days, to all the families that carried the huge sandstone blocks around the school and everyone that swept and cleaned. Thank you to the garden team for the amazing edible gardens. To all the families that donated resources, took washing home and helped with end of term cleaning lists.

To everyone who is leaving preschool we wish you all the best in your next step in life, whether that is going to Jess’s or another school.  Thanks for entrusting your precious children to us.

We look forward to seeing you all Friday afternoon at the Diddy!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah



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Hi all,

Well, that’s a wrap. Everything is boxed up and ready to be shipped out and the renovations to begin. For those kids that are staying on, we’ll soon have a fully modern classroom with skylights, electric blinds, new floors, ceiling fans, jacuzzi, underground bowling alley etc etc. Many thanks to everyone who has helped out in the classroom to get things ready.

It has been an unequivocal pleasure to teach this group this year; the enthusiasm they showed towards their learning, their compassion for each other, and their great sense of fun made it a wonderful year for me professionally and personally. We’ve read and computed, played games, sung and danced, planted green things, visited galleries and museums, walked in the bush, researched and presented, told and written stories, experimented, cooked, been serious and silly, studious and playful. I feel all the kids have made terrific social, emotional and academic gains and I’m very proud of them. Thank you all again for your generosity and patience with my leg at the start of the year, and particularly to Susan Hunt for her hard work in setting the class up for success. To the families of those moving on; they are going to have a great year with Sarah, and I wish you all the best. For those staying with me, I look forward to getting to know you all a little bit better in 2018, and seeing the elders mature and grow. And for those coming up, can’t wait to meet you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and break and I will see you all in the new year. Thanks again for everyone’s support, warmth and assistance this year; wonderful to be a part of a community in which so many are active participants in the kids’ learning and growth.

Warm regards,


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Hello Everyone!

The school is very busy with all the end of year stuff happening and thankfully it has not been too hot! It was such exciting news yesterday for everyone when the kids spotted Honey the rat running across the staffroom roof. She had been missing for three days and we had nearly given up hope of finding her.


Many thanks to the people who came on Sunday for maintenance. The underneath of the western building is now all cleared! Parents have already started the packing up process in Marius’s and Jess’s classrooms but we still need more volunteers to help with the pack up especially  the staffroom. The boxes are all in Marius’s room and we are happy for it to start anytime from now.

The Bonza Bin ( our large round in-ground bin in front of preschool) has timber slats around the outside which  are very brittle and need a couple of coats of oil.

Western Wing Renovations –people to contact if you can help and remember it will go to your maintenance hours

Boxing up Jess’s room – Contact Jess

Boxing Marius‘s room – Contact Marius

Boxing up staffroom kitchen – Contact Julianna

PHOTOS – these are now in the office ready for your collection

REMINDER – Please be mindful about nuts/peanut butter at school as we do have children in the school that are anaphylactic. Please remind your kids about keeping peanut sandwiches and nuts contained within their lunch boxes when not eating.


5th Dec LAST DAY TO GET YOUR MAINTENANCE HOURS IN THE BOOK!! The feather duster will be in operation for anyone who forgets!!

8th Dec End of Term

Cheers Julianna









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