Hello Everyone,

With all this lovely rain my garden has transformed from withered browns and oranges to a beautiful hue of tropical green though I am struggling to keep the pool from joining the green look!

We are only three weeks away from the end of term. Please remember to check that you are on schedule with your fee payment plans and have you written your maintenance hours in the book. Due date Tuesday 10th April

On Monday we had 20 teacher students from Sydney Uni who are in their first year of the Master’s teaching programme come to visit for the morning. This was their first school visit and they were amazed at how different it was to when they were at primary school. Hopefully we have planted some seeds about facilitators of learning, collaboration, mindful language etc

Maintenance Jobs

Painting – The end of the lockers outside Jess’s class need to be painted the same colour as the rest of the locker (grey) Please ask me about the paint.

Sand – We are expecting rain tomorrow so we have moved the delivery of sand to Friday 6 April, the first week after Easter. It would be much appreciated, if you were able to come in that morning, to help bucket/wheelbarrow the sand into the sandpits.

Brackets – In Jess’s room she needs a bracket on her wall to hang her guitar and the fire extinguisher bracket has fallen off so needs to be attached back on the wall

Cheers Julianna

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Hello Everyone,

Our week started out as a heat wave though Autumn is definitely in the air now today!

It’s fantastic to see so many of the children embracing preschool as their own and finding their voice. My role of chairing morning meeting is somewhat redundant at the moment as the children are chairing this every morning. There’s now a fortnightly morning meeting roster children are able to add their names to if they wish to chair, spaces are currently filling very fast.

Group times are also being led by many of the children. Last week there was a great deal of interest in running group games and this week children have been dramatising problems in play through role plays to the group. We’ve had intentional teaching experiences based on how to give clear messages to others as well as the importance of listening to peers when they express what they need and why. Developing the children’s language relating to emotions is an important part of learning how to deal with conflict as it provides children with the ability to be able to articulate to others how they are feeling.

We were very fortunate to take part in a whole School circus incursion last Thursday. After watching two talented performers the children had the opportunity to balance plates and twirl fire, albeit pretend. The children’s perseverance led to them achieving some pretty great results!

A reminder that all children should bring a hat and a water bottle each day they attend preschool. Whilst we do put out water and cups every day as well as having access to bubblers, bringing a drink bottle is a much more effective way for children to remember to stay hydrated. We also keep spare hats in preschool though are currently finding we don’t have enough spare hats for everyone to use.

Thank you to everyone that continues to take home washing for us. A special thank you to Judy, Lilith’s Mum who took all the towels home from the craft room on Monday. We’ve also cancelled the sand delivery we had scheduled for this Friday due to the rain.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Wendy is away on camp with her class from Wednesday till Friday this week so there will be no piano lessons on those days and no Thursday guitar group.
Keep playing! Lessons back to normal next week!

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Because Wendy’class is away at camp this week, there will be no ice-blocks sold on Friday.
Sorry everyone!

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Hi Everybody!

Last week, on Thursday we had a visit from some experts who introduced us to their circus skills. This began with a whole school performance which included a demonstration of juggling, plate spinning and acrobatics. We then broke up into class groups for individual workshops, to focus on the practice of these skills. The children were so excited and enthusiastic with the challenge this presented and displayed a huge amount of perseverance and ability to keep trying.

This week, the children used their persuasive writing (from last week) to write letters to Sea World, objecting to Whales (Orcas) and Dolphins being used as entertainment. We looked at how to structure, open and close a letter and include connective words such as: because, and, therefore, consequently and finally. We had a discussion about the message we were sending, the impact that 1 person and 1 letter could have and the importance of this issue. The children then applied themselves to this writing task, demonstrating the seriousness of their intent. They are really proving to be the most beautifully written pieces of writing. Once all letters are finished they will add a drawing to go along with their message and we will post them off to Sea World headquarters in Orlando Florida.

For Maths, we compared 3, 4 & 5 digit numbers and looked at the symbols that represent more than/greater than and less than. We also started focusing on strategies to Add and Subtract and this week used what is called the Split Strategy!! Our spelling words this week include the sounds: ow, or, oke, ch and i_e. Some of our trickier words are: draw, here, juice, Tuesday, sauce, cereal, glorious, congestion, pedestrian and magnificent.

At the end of everyday, we share 1 thing we are grateful for and then I read a story. Due to our topic on “Oceans” we have chosen books that have had an essence of this theme running through them. Books we have read so far include: “Blueback” by Tim Winton; “Storm Boy” by Colin Thiele; “Nim’s Island” and “Nim at Sea” by Wendy Orr. Something we have discovered, since reading these stories, is the strong connection and similarity they all have with each other. That being, about an only child with a single parent, living off the land and by the sea. All the children in the books live an adventurous and free life where they have a massive responsibility of caring for the creatures and environment they live with and in. Each character in each story shows respect for all living things, an independence, maturity and resilience to adversity. They are proving to be hugely inspirational children – to us all!

That’s us for the week. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah.

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Dear Parents,
We’re having a lovely time at school at the moment but I can see that many children are tired and some are struggling with their stamina. We’re taking it very easy in the classroom and rolling along at a gentle pace. Despite this, there is some fabulous learning going on. Many children are making great leaps forward and I’m watching them make lots of connections in their understandings and abilities. It’s so exciting for them and just a delight for me to watch!

With the children’s tiredness in mind, Its very important that children arrive at school on time at 9am. The time between 9am and 9.30am is a crucial period in which the children connect with their friends and settle into our class community. Without that time, I find the children are often unsettled well into inside time and this impacts on everyone. Could parents please make their goodbyes by 9.15am. This will give the children time to settle and give me time to support them in this, if they require it. With parents leaving right on inside time, it is becoming difficult to start the day in a calm and unified way. I certainly still love having parents in the classroom and value the stories, games and conversation that you all bring, but we need time as a group to come together before our learning begins. Thank you for your help with this.

Our unit on insects is progressing beautifully. We have recently begun looking at bees and the important role that they play in pollination and the life cycle of plants. It is a very complex and interconnected relationship which the children seem to be understanding very well. To support their learning, I’m planning an excursion to the Calyx at the Royal Botanic Gardens on the Thursday 29th March. They have a display called ‘Pollination’ on at the moment which is apparently quite beautiful. As Wendy’s class are studying plants, they have voted to join us for the day. It will be lovely to have the company of older children and a great opportunity for children of different ages to learn together. If you are interested in helping to drive and supervise on the day, please let me know via email ASAP.

This week, I am away today and tomorrow on a professional development course. Zoe will be taking the class and I’m sure the children will love her company. On Thursday, Jane will be with the class also.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Jess x

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Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 2.54.51 PM

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1. Front Steps by Wendy. The slate step at the front of the main building has been damaged by scooters and skateboards. Julianna requests that the step is looked after and not crashed into by anything with wheels.

2. Coding Clinic by Wendy.
Shirley will run Coding Clinic today at 1:30 instead of 11:30… just for this week.

3. Helmets by Hubert.
Hubert wanted to change the rule about wearing helmets when you use wheels inside the school grounds. After some discussion, the meeting voted to keep the agreement as it is.

4. People’s stuff by Kamu.
If you borrow someone else’s things, please return them to where you found them.

5. Grinding by Marley.
A reminder that wheels riders can only grind on things that are purpose made for grinding.

6. Ice-creams at the pool by Claudia.
The meeting voted that people who want to bring money can buy either a Slushie or an icecream at the pool in the last week of term.

7. Sticks by Leon.
A reminder not to play with sticks longer than your thumb.

8. Kissing and shutting doors by Tess.
Tess did not think a game of kissing people and shutting doors was appropriate.

9. Lunch boxes by Jai.
Jai has lost a lunchbox. It is silver in colour and if anyone sees it could they please bring it back to him.

10. Locking doors by Louise.
A reminder that doors should never be locked unless you are asked to do so by a teacher.

11. Hand ball court by Zac.
Some handball players are saying that a game is still going from one outside time to the next and so other players don’t get a chance to use the court. After some discussion, the meeting voted that a game ends when it’s inside time.

12. Friday activities by Sarah and Jess.
Today from 11:30 till 12:30, Sarah is running clay modelling and Jess is running a board games session.

Meeting adjourned. Sustaining Currambena. Remember to collect your lost property.

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Hi everyone!

What fun it will be today with a circus performance and workshop! Thank you Sarah for organising this for us all and to Marius for letting us use his room for the day. I expect we’ll have jugglers and tricks of all sorts by the end of the day!

Our group is gearing up for CAMP AT LITTLE RIVER NEXT WEEK. We leave on Wednesday morning at 9am and we do still need drivers both there and back. Please email or speak to me if you can help one way or both. It’s quite a pleasant drive up to Wiseman’s Ferry, some great little food stalls along the way and of course the village at Wiseman’s Ferry is a great place to stop for coffee on your way back!
Please make sure your children pack carefully and that EVERY ITEM THEY BRING IS NAMED. Children must pack their own bags so that they know where things are. Make sure they bring a plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes! The list I sent home is very comprehensive… nothing else will be needed except a snack for morning tea on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, in class, we are focussing on PIPs which are due this Friday. Most of the children are working really well on these and some of the topics are fascinating. I am looking forward to presentations which will begin next week and continue after camp.
In our session with Shirley yesterday we investigated a very engaging puzzle which required some very lateral thinking about planes… of Cartesian and non-Cartesian varieties. Thank you so much to Shirley for her ongoing time with us. Shirley is also offering a Coding Clinic on Fridays along with our other Friday activities, currently embroidery and painting, as choices during Free Friday.
Our plants and seeds are growing well and most of the experiments have now been concluded, results and conclusions written. The plants may well come home to you this week so I hope you’ll be able to find a pot of a garden corner to keep them growing!
We have also been doing some more exam practice, completing stories or maths practice in time limits.
We had a fabulous meeting on Monday night about the possibility of APDEC being hosted by Currambena next year… A proposal will go to Council at its next meeting. Watch this space!

IMPORTANT! If your child is intending to go to a Public High School next year, Expression of Interest forms are due AT THE HIGH SCHOOL by Friday this week ie tomorrow. Check the website or previous class emails about this.

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Hello Everyone,

Skate Boarding

Our skateboarders have been talking to me about places in the school they can grind with their skateboards. Do I have any parents that have expertise in this field and could tell me how we could go about this? The kids have a location sorted.


Early, Friday 23rd March we are having 1.5 tons of Sydney sand dropped on the basketball court. If you are in the school and have some time we would appreciate help to bucket/wheelbarrow the sand into the sandpits.

Thank-you to Shirley who has been setting up the licenses for our five new chrome books. Your time and persistence is very much appreciated!                       

Art Project

Louise has finished her sewing free choice activity but I am still looking to have some colourful, non-fading bunting to string around our garden patches. Perhaps we have a couple of parents/grandparents that could take on this little project. Happy to negotiate maintenance hours.

Cheers Julianna

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