Hello Everyone,

THE ROCK OF AGES PARTY –  Where is everyone? Have you forgotten? It is next Saturday 15th December. This is our big farewell to Louise & Marius and the last end of year shindig with all the teachers coming as well as current and ex-parents. https://www.trybooking.com/ZJWG

So please, buy your tickets today! 

A whole school shared lunch Tuesday 18th December. We are having a sausage sizzle, fruit and ice blocks. A couple of parents have volunteered to manage the BBQ but we still need a couple more people to help with the cutting up of fruit. This is for all the kids to say goodbye to Louise, Marius and Ashley.

Canteen Kitchen – This is to be refurbished over the school holidays. We will be employing tradespeople for electrical, plumbing, carpentry and installing but we need volunteers to dismantle the current kitchen. Perhaps it can be done in an evening after work and you can log the time towards 2019 Term 1 maintenance hours. If you can help please let me know. It will be a big saving on cost

MAINTENANCE this Sunday 9th December 9am-12pm Last chance to get those hours finished!  Please remember to log your hours IN THE BOOK!

Cheers Julianna

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Oh my goodness! I just can’t believe that I am actually leaving Currambena this term! I have been here for nine years and have loved every single moment of it.
All of the fun began in my first year of preschool. I remember not wanting to let go of mum and dad, but I did, and that’s when I met my first friend at school, Lexi. She was always there to grab my hand in the mornings when I wasn’t feeling very strong. Another amazing part about preschool, of course, were the amazing teachers, Chris, Sue and Michael. They always had the funnest games and the warmest hearts. In preschool, I also met my absolutely fantastic friend Heidi. Heidi, Lexi and I were as close as can be until she left to go to Redlands. I remember buddies time on Tuesdays and I had numerous buddies but I specifically remember playing mums and dads with my buddy, Scout.
After two years, it was time to move up to the big class, Fran’s class. Fran’s class was even better than imagined. Fran had the best lap to sit on and best tricks to learning the alphabet, vowels and 2D shapes. Fran’s class was also when one of my close friends started at Currambena, Sylvie.
Blake’s class was up next and I was so nervous to start learning simple two times tables and start reading harder readers. I remember always being so proud if Blake had said to everyone that I had done an excellent job in something we had just done. For instance, when we had our student teacher Paul, we were doing a spelling worksheet and I had finished first. There was a big line in front of Paul because everyone else needed to get theirs checked for any mistakes and Paul told half of the line to go ask ME to check it. I was so proud and I don’t think I ever stopped talking about until Sarah’s.
Sarah’s was now here and I finally stopped talking about that moment. The two years I spent in Sarah’s were two of my most magical years at Currambena. It was when I had my first camp and when we started doing Kris Kringle. Other than that, it was also when I finally came out of my shell. I think Sarah really helped me with that. Sarah’s was such a big step up, you had fish to feed and look after, you stopped readers, and like I mentioned before, there was camp! Camp was in year three, so my second year of Sarah’s. I was so excited for camp, but when it finally came, I felt really homesick, which I do every year, I can admit that, but that year especially. It was at Mowbray Park and there was so much to do and so many things that could have taken my mind off home, but I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about home. I went up to Sarah and she gave me a big hug, which then and there felt like everything, like I had just been given the world. And that was true, I was given the loving world of Sarah.
That same year in Sarah’s was when I was an elder and when I became close with my amazing, ridiculous and absolutely bonkas friend Alice! Ever since then, we have been amazing friends, we have had our disagreements, but we always seem to just end up laughing!
So pretty much, Sarah’s was amazing!
After two years of Sarah’s, it was watch out Louise because I was coming to your class! I felt so lucky to be in a class with Louise, and the rats! I remember being devastated when Grayster one of the rats died and then later on in that year Pepper, the other rat, died. The year I happened to be in Louise’s was the year that both of them died. How unfortunate! But of course, I didn’t let that ruin my year! Louise’s was just so much fun! We had such a great class to go to great excursions with, and obviously, a great teacher. In Louise’s, my year was quite big and there weren’t enough spots for all of us to move to Wendy’s, so some of us had to stay with Louise, not that that’s a bad thing! I remember Louise taking us in to the old chromebook room and telling us whether or not we were going to Wendy’s. I ended up going to Wendy’s with Amalia, Sylvie, Bronte, Liv, Lexi and Lucy.
It was now time for Wendy’s and I felt, and still do, so privileged to be in a class and taught by such an incredibly inspiring person. I just can’t thank Wendy enough for everything that she has taught me. In the first year of Wendy’s there were three camps, and I was so excited. All of them were even better than anyone could have ever imagined. I felt so happy to be in the Wendy’s class play last year too. It was so fun calling everyone up on stage. Wendy’s class was also when I became quite close with my friend Alba, we have so many inside jokes and routines on the monkey bars. Wendy’s class is amazing and I was so lucky to have had two years with her. The next year in Wendy’s (this year) was when Alice and I were in a class together again and when I really started enjoying Spanish lessons with our amazing Spanish teacher, Carolina.
As well as normal classes, I have loved doing craft with the hilarious Crafty Chris, music with the incredible Tina and, like I just mentioned, Spanish with Carolina.
I’ve enjoyed participating in things like things like the mini music concerts. I can’t believe Alice and I did a sequel to “The Lawnmowers”, actually, I can’t believe we even did “The Lawnmowers” in the first place! I have also enjoyed going on excursions with my classes and doing swimming for PE.
I’ve also made wonderful friends in other classes like Rosa, Isla, all of the preschoolers and the amazing Tum Tum (Ira). And my two second mums, Charlie and Priyanka who I love to bits. I am sure that my time at Currambena would not have been as amazing without morning and afternoon cuddles with them.
But of course, I wouldn’t have had any of these wonderful friends or experiences without my very wonderful parents sending me here in the first place. So thank you so much, Mum and Dad!
I have made more friends than I’ve mentioned but it would take far too long to mention all of them. I have made the best of memories here too, like building the tree cubby, (our year six project) and many other things.
I have adored Currambena and I don’t think I could ever forget this incredible place. Thank you Currambena, you couldn’t have given me a better experience here.
Goodbye Currambena and its loving community, and thank you for everything.
Love from Claudia.

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Hi Everyone,

Camp last week was a wonderful success. It started with wild storms and high drama and ended with beautiful sunshine and exhausted children (and teachers!) We did indoor games, giant slip and slide, dodge ball with wet sponges, a fun disco, beach games, swimming, flying fox, abseiling, giant’s swing, ate delicious meals and treats many times each day, played some tennis, hung out in our cabins, watched a 3D movie and generally had a fabulous time! Sarah and I are still recovering!! Thank you so much to those parents who drove us there and back, that was a big help.

This week we have been presenting personal projects and the level has been very high and a dramatic improvement since the beginning of the year. The children have worked so hard to develop their research and presentation skills and it really shows.

We got our graphic novels bound into a class book. That looks really great so come and have a read :)

On the 17th December, the last Monday of the year we are planning a whole school trip to the beach instead of doing the Big Day Out.

Don’t forget to book your tickets for the Rock of Ages party on the 15th!

That’s all for this week.


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Hi all,

As well as refreshing some maths concepts around time, rounding and shape, we’ve been discussing our book and working on our personal projects; the kids are working really well to research and present their findings as posters. I’m learning a lot myself about the litter size of turtles, the body weight of wrens (only 8-20grams!, German torpedo design and obscure corners of Greek mythology.

We started our cooking experiments on Tuesday with some mini-pavlovas. Much red food dye was spilled turning the new staffroom into a gory scene indeed. But the results more than justified these set-backs. Chicken enchiladas are under discussion as our next menu item.

Yesterday and today we completed our design challenge, in which small teams had to make a self-supporting structure that could house one student out of nothing but newspaper. The team-work required is really stretching for them and I’ve been impressed by their ability to cooperate and compromise.

We’re arranging a trip to the beach with the whole school on the last Monday of school. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us as it should be a lovely day.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and hope to see you soon.

Warm regards,


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Hello Everyone,

We can’t believe how incredibly quickly this year is coming to an end, only 2 more weeks to go!

We’ve hit the ground running this week with our last orientation morning for new families starting preschool next year and a parent information night being held on Monday evening. OnTuesday morning all the children making their transition to Jess’s class next year spent the morning with her. We were thrilled to see how much they all enjoyed it and how ready they are to begin primary next year, so much so that  many of them didn’t want to come back when it was finished and seem to set up camp down on her veranda.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks busily preparing for one of the biggest events on the preschool calendar, the end of year preschool thank you afternoon tea. We’ve measured, poured, beaten and baked our way through 200 cupcakes and 200 bliss balls. We’ve had countless practises with the children being more than ready to greet and serve there families when they arrive this afternoon. We’re sure you will be impressed by how skilled everyone is.

Craft is currently of great interest to the majority of the children in preschool. The children have been wanting to make decorations for christmas so that’s what we’ve been doing. Hannah brought in some really interesting beads and stones to decorate the pine cones they collected throughout the year. Piñata making is also something we are in the midst of completing after one of the children became a human piñata earlier this week.

There has been great interest in writing and drawing this term. Many of the children are very astute in using the preschool environment to write words and produce letters for others. Much of this stemmed from one of the children’s interest in making a mail box for preschool last week.

As always thanks you to everyone that has taken our washing home for us over the last week. We’ll be putting up a preschool end of year cleaning list shortly for those of you that may wish to those maintenance hours done for term 1 2019!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Rock of Ages Party this week! Will be a fantastic night.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Hi everyone.

Firstly, thank you so much to Julie, Paul, Amanda and Soula for driving us to Ice Zoo in Alexandria on Monday. We had a fabulous time ice-skating and the venue was great… and not too hard to find! Thank you Jess and Chris for lending your car too!

We are now fully into camp preparation and so very grateful to Tracy, Rachel and Susan who are doing so much organising for us. Excitement is mounting as we talk more about the details and I hope, at home, clothing is being sorted and NAMED, backpacks and sleeping bags aired and drawstring bags with cutlery, plates and tea towels assembled in readiness!
There are still some jobs on the list on the door without names beside them. Collecting and packing the fruit and veg is one of them. This is really important and involves collecting the boxes of produce from Fig Tree Market early on Monday morning and bringing it to school. We also need volunteers to help unpack, sort and put away the gear when we return on Friday at about 3pm. We will all be tired on our return and help will be much needed. Please sign up if you can assist.
Many of the children are tired and not very well. There have been numerous parties, end of year performances for dance or drama groups and family social events…. PLEASE do whatever you can to help your child have lots of sleep in the sleep bank in order to cope with the demands of a week of camping next week. The children do the cooking, look after the camp site and engage in lots of activities so they will need plenty of energy.
A couple of reminders:
Children must pack their own bags… you can offer advice but they need to do the packing themselves so they know where things are.
No electronics except for cameras (phones for this purpose only are OK)
Money for lunch on the way there and back.
Drawstring cloth bags containing eating utensils and named tea towels.
Everyone please freeze 2L milk, bring it on Monday morning and make sure it goes into an Eski.
Pack lightly and tightly… only what is on the list please, small thin mattresses/camp beds, folding chairs etc
Return permission forms and pay camp costs please!!!!
Be at school fully packed and ready to go, with 2L frozen milk each, by 9am at the latest. We’ll be packing the trailers from about 8am so come and help if you can.
If you are coming for the ceremony on Thursday night, we are at Green Patch this year on sites 15 to 19.

This week, we are making our way through the rest of the PIP presentations which are going beautifully! Today we had Manga and Anime, Australia and Bats, the latter presented as a play with costumes and speaking parts for everyone in the class! Stunning! We are also finishing off some small maths topics and completing portfolios.

Year 6 had enormous fun last week working as builders’ labourers on the tree cubby. There will, I hope, be a formal opening on Friday at School Meeting. They are very proud to be giving this to the school! A wonderful parting gift.

It was fun on Orientation Morning on Tuesday to welcome children from Louise’s group who are going to be with us next year. Thank you so much to Charlotte, Olivia’s sister, for taking the Year 6s who were not off at their own High School Orientations! They had fun.. and Charlotte was impressed with their awareness and sensible attitudes. Claudia’s My Time at Currambena today is the last of the 12! A big leavers group this year!

I hope you have all bought your tickets to the Rock of Ages Ball! It promises to be quite an event… and there are a few farewells to say this year! Hope to see you there!

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Due to CAMP with the elders (in my group) last week, I missed a post, so am catching up here………

Concert!!!! Seems a long, long way away now but how fabulous were ALL the children! And what a terrific night!! Congratulations to all the classes for their wonderful performances. I wanted to say a special thankyou…. to those parents who provided feedback. It is always so nice for myself and the children to hear how the play and performance was received.

Despite the wet & wild weather last Wednesday CAMP was tremendous – exhausting but stupendous! There were some rather subdued & weary travellers who returned to school on Monday morning. Still recovering! So we all got together that morning to look at photos of our time spent and the various activities we did. Some of the elders shared things they learnt: Isla said that sleeping in a room with others taught her to cooperate more and share. Leila commented she felt quite nervous about doing some of the more physical activities, like the Giant Swing but was really happy and pleased she challenged herself. Mayur said some of the activities were really scary but when you did them you felt really good. He also added, to those going on camp next year - “to just get out there and give it a go!” The Year 3/4 camp is a right of passage and is something the children work towards. It is an opportunity that comes at the right age and stage of the children’s development and not before. This is the time when they get the most out of the experience. They all face challenges, some in ways they never have before and they see themselves having to cope and be resilient, as individuals, on their own and with their friends. Discussion and excitement about next year has already begun!!!

Thankyou so much to the drivers who transported the children to and from Collaroy!

Caetano, who was here with the remaining children said he had a fabulous time with them. Being a small number they received special attention from Crafty and Carolina and had extra time and opportunity to complete their term project. On Thursday, they spent the day researching and discovering something new. They created mini projects on a topic and will present their discoveries over the next week. Major project presentations have also begun this week and they will continue until next week. The standard of presentations is already high and it is so pleasing to see all the children’s learning come together.

On Tuesday, we had a lovely orientation morning. Each class spent their first inside time with the children and teacher who will make-up that group for next year. Unfortunately, Leesa, who will be taking over from Louise could not be with that group. So Louise organised some fun activities for the children to ‘get to know each other’.

For the remaining time we have together, we will continue to learn about TIME and practice reading analog and digital clocks. Some time will be spent doing our Maths Mentals text book. We may fit in writing another story, doing some art and generally just wrapping things up!

The children have voted to do Kris Kringle. The way this works (for us) is that each child pulls the name of another from a box. This is the person they will buy a gift for. The children thought we should have a $15 limit on gifts – no more than this. They then write messages to that individual in an attempt to keep their identity a secret! On the last day of school, in the afternoon, we have our Kris Kringle gift giving. It is a lovely way to spend our last moments together as the class of 2018.

On Tuesday, 18th we are having a whole school lunch to farewell Louise, Marius & Ashley (our assistant). This is for the teachers and children, however, parents are welcome if you wish to volunteer and help with setting up,  purchasing food, chopping and cleaning up! Please let Julianna know if you are free, wanting and willing to help.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets this week for the grown up party, Rock of Ages.  It’s going to be a fabulous night!

Love, Sarah


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Dear Parents,

By all accounts the children had a lovely time with Rosie during orientation morning on Tuesday and hopefully most of them are now feeling comfortable with the change in class that they will make next year. I’ve reminded them all that I will be just next door and I’ve said I expect lots of visits!

I feel like we are very nearly at the end now. In the classroom we are busy finishing off our work and we’ve spent some time reflecting on how much we’ve learned this year. Next week (week 9), Jane will be cooking with the last group of children for the year and we’ll be having our last swimming and music session with Tina.

Week 10 will be a busy time. On Monday 17th, the school will all be visiting Balmoral Beach together. I’m looking for 3 volunteers please. Vigilant supervision will be required of volunteers for this excursion and will include spending time standing in the sun watching children, applying sun-cream and watching children swim. If you would like to volunteer please let me know via email. On Tuesday 18th all the classes will be having a community lunch. This will be an opportunity for the children to say their special farewell’s to Marius and Louise. And on Wednesday 19th I plan to take the children up to the gelato shop in Lane Cove plaza for an end of year treat from me. There are a variety of flavours the children will be able to choose from including gluten free and dairy free options (but no sugar-free I think).

Please make sure you book your tickets to the Rock of Ages Party this week!

Have a lovely weekend,
Jess x

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Hello Everyone,

What a great concert! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Many thanks to Tracy and Andrew for all your organisation of the venue and stage management. It all just seems so easy when you two do it! Hmmm like staying up late to get music and scripts all synced….

Thank-you to the teachers for pulling all the plays together with lots of discussion and practice, practice, practice. Thank-you to our stars of the show, the kids. You were all just fabulous!

Thank-you to our school Council and the staff for allowing me the time to attend the International Democratic Educational Conference in India. I attended some great sessions and met a lot of inspiring kids and adults. It was a wonderful place to be reflecting, discussing and being energised by like minded people.

A big thank-you to Mikee who managed the office along with Moira while I was away

Thank-you to the group of parents and kids who were here in the weekend to oil the decks. They are looking amazing!

Thank-you to Jackie and Hayden for our lovely 2019 Currambena fridge calendars. If you did not pick-up one at the concert they are here in the office.

Tree Cubby – The year six kids in conjunction with the builders Phil, Gordie and Scottie are in the process of building a new tree cubby wrapped around the big tree down by the chicken house. Please go and have a look!



is Saturday 15th December and what a great way to celebrate the end of the year together.   https://www.trybooking.com/ZJWG

 Don’t forget to buy your tickets to this week!  We need to finalize numbers for catering please.

 “SHARE THE DIGNITY” Last chance to donate for (Women on the streets charity). Please have in by pick up Friday. Thanks and much love. Sarah X

Maintenance Hours – We are very close to the end of term so please ensure you have done your hours and you have ENTERED THEM IN THE BOOK!

Cheers Julianna


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