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Hi Everyone,

Final flier for the Concert. Early next week, I will be emailing this out with everything you need to know from the on-line link to the pick-up time. Remember the Live screening will be starting at 5.00pm!

 The Diddy Friday 27th Nov.  Please see further in this newsletter, the flier about this venue and whether you would like to be there to watch the live screening of the concert.

Class photos. Jackie Chan has agreed to come in Monday 23  and take the primary school class photos and the preschool over the following three days Monday 23, Wednesday 25 & Friday 27.


50th Anniversary Merchandise. We still have items in stock at further reduced prices. If you are looking for a gift like an original art silk scarf, oatmeal linen tea towels, a cap for sun protection or another shopping bag please drop us an email with your order

With love

Julianna xx,

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Hello everyone,

This week we’ve been recording our act for the concert. We’re so proud of all the preschool children who’ve all taken part in the process of deciding what to preform, eagerly rehearsing and then filming the final performances.  We know how difficult it can be for little people to wait, be moved around within a group and then perform on cue.  We think the end results are fantastic and look forward to sharing them with everyone at the concert. At this stage we’re aiming to have 3 pre-recorded performances from preschool on the night to try to ensure that each child is in at least one.

A reminder that as the preschool children voted to prerecord their performance rather than coming to preschool in the evening without their parents, the information sent out to families about children performing on the night applies only to the children in primary. Preschool children will be able to watch the whole concert, including their own performance with their families. For those families in preschool that have older siblings in primary you may like to join other families at the Diddy to watch the performance either on the big screen, if you’re one of the 30 families that are part of Abi’s booking, or from a separate area with your own device.

I’m sure many parents will have already meet Krysta who has been working in preschool since last week covering the vacant preschool assistant position. We’re really pleased to let everyone know that Krysta will remain with us until the end of the year! The children have quickly formed a strong bond with her, seeking her out on arrival at preschool and throughout the day. Michael and I are really pleased to have found someone who works so well within our team.

In craft all the children have all had the opportunity to create something on the potters’ wheel. The children are now under glazing their works before there’ll be fired in the kiln. Next, we are working on some special t-shirts for everyone. We’re hoping that regardless of a preschool person coming on a craft may or not they’ll be able to create their own t-shirt. Learning Spanish with Carolina and through ELLA on the iPads continue to be of great interest to many of the children.

A big thank you to those parents that have continued taking home washing for us.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Katrina, Michael, Cee & Krysta

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Dear Parents,

The weather has certainly warmed up this week. Monday was particularly hot, so I made sure the children had a cool space inside the classroom and I also put the sprinklers on during lunchtime so that the children could get a little bit damp.

The jacaranda tree is now dropping a daily carpet of flowers on the decking which is beautiful to look at, but it can also be quite slippery, so the children have had to be aware when they are running about. The bees are also enjoying the flowers and I’ve had to remind the children to wear their shoes as a way to protect themselves against getting stung.

We’ve stretched NAIDOC week into this week and have been looking at a series of gorgeous little animated short stories, told by central Australia’s First Nations People. They are beautifully produced and filmed on country. On Monday, we watched ‘The Lost Joey’ about the importance of family, knowing your country and your connection to place. On Wednesday, we watched ‘The Bat at Wurre’ which is a creation story of a place called Wurre, also known as Rainbow Valley.

I hope you enjoy the photo of our NAIDOC week banner “Always Was, Always Will Be”. Unfortunately, due to the rain, I couldn’t get it up on the front fence last week, but it hangs proudly outside my classroom. It incorporates nature collage using leaves, flowers, sand, dirt, shells, bark and sticks. After reading a story about Lake Eyre and discussing the importance of connection to land, we had a gorgeous time completing this mini project together with Sarah’s class.

On Monday 23rd November, Jackie Chan (Jana’s father in Leesa’s class) will be coming in to take class photos. On the same day, Abi Tucker (Hazel’s Mum) will also be coming in to help the children with their concert rehearsals.

We are hoping to be able to have a community social on the last day of term but we’re not sure what is possible with Covid restrictions. So please, watch this space and keep Wednesday, 16th Dec from 3 pm free. It will also be Charles’ last day with Currambena so it will be an opportunity for us all to say “thank you” and farewell.

Our silkworms are starting to get much bigger now! The children are astounded by their rate of growth and seem to be enjoying feeding them and cleaning out their boxes each day. Thank you to Ethaniel for bringing in some very juicy mulberry leaves from home, I’m sure I saw one of the worms smile at me before it tucked in.

A huge thank you to Carrie and her family for donating a significant number of beautiful readers to the class. Once I’ve labelled them and got them on the bookshelves, I have no doubt the children will love them.

Thank you also to Annie (Jasper’s Mum) who has donated so many plants to our classroom this year and recently donated a whole tray of basil, which Blue Umbrella has planted in the school’s garden beds.

And of course, I can’t finish the newsletter without mentioning the concert. The children are doing a wonderful job of working together during rehearsals. Remembering lines, making costumes and managing emotions is exhausting work! It’s coming along quite nicely but I’m very nervous as to how it will translate to a live broadcast. Wish us luck!

Important Concert information
Please excuse my bullet points but I want to make sure this information is easy for you to access:
• The concert is next Friday 27th from 5pm (live streamed).
• Children will stay at school from 3pm to get ready.
• I will provide a substantial afternoon tea of fruit and pastries.
• Pick up will be for a 30-minute window after the completion of the live stream.
• Please let me know asap if you have any issues with this timing and call me on my mobile if you are stuck in traffic or running late.

Have a lovely weekend,
Jess x

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week. Our concert is gradually coming together more and more with each rehearsal. We are all very excited about the big day next week!

We have been continuing with our interest projects, with some fantastic presentations already being presented. It has been great seeing how far their skills have progressed throughout the year.

In Maths we have started looking at 3 Dimensional objects and where we can find them in everyday life. We will continue this unit further next week as we investigate more complicated 3D objects.

In Science, we are looking at how First Nations people utilize the Earth’s resources for sustainability and stewardship. This ties in very well to NAIDOC week as we continue to learn about First Nations cultures.

This week we have been looking at First Nations bedtime stories and how they have a moral or a message which tells us about the environment. The children are learning about how to include morals in their stories, including practicing their knowledge of story structures.

As you may already know, I will not be continuing teaching at Currambena next year and want to extend my gratitude to the whole Currambena community for their support during this chaotic year. As a first-year teacher, Currambena will always have a special place in my mind and the wonderful children I had the pleasure of teaching.


  • We have class photos this coming Monday the 23rd of November.
  • On Friday the 27th at the conclusion of our concert, we ask that you pick up your child within 30 minutes of the concerts conclusion. Please contact your class’ teacher if you can foresee any difficulties on the night.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Hello Everyone!

As last week was Naidoc week, we have been watching some gorgeous little short stories, in film, told by Central Australia’s First Nations people. They are beautifully produced and filmed on land, and include animation to support the story and explain it’s moral. As mentioned, last week we got together with Jess’ class to create a banner/poster, “Always was always will be”. We listened to a story about Lake Eyre and had a discussion about the importance of land and the stories which come from it. We then gathered leaves, flowers, sand, dirt, shells, bark, sticks and created a collage. The children had a lovely time mingling and collaborating on this mini project together.

This week is the final week we have Zio (creative fashionista) helping us with costumes. Thankfully, given we have had a bit more time than usual to put things together, it was not such a mad rush – for my group! The children have been incredibly well organised and responsible at getting their ‘stuff’ together which has made it an easier year than most. Cross fingers it doesn’t all fall apart (literally) on the night. As you are aware, the concert will be filmed at school, at 5 pm. The children will remain at school and be provided with afternoon tea. Pick up time will be from the end of the concert. There will be a 30 min window for collection and the children will exit from the same gate they leave from in the afternoon. If there are any problems with this then you can email me prior or call me directly. I will email my phone number to you and would appreciate it is only used if you are stuck and/or running late that evening. We do hope that you all have the chance to watch the concert (somewhere) LIVE!!! But the link which will be forwarded will give you another opportunity to see it along with your child/children until the morning of Monday, 30th Nov.

We have almost completed our spelling program and unit for the year. Next week, we will be finishing with our spelling books and focus on revision and preparing for our BIG FAT SPELLING QUIZ. In week 9 the children will all be assessed on the same 70 words. The build up and anticipation to this can be a fun and exciting experience. We will also be completing our unit on fractions this week and will then be doing some revision on numbers for the remaining weeks of term.

Next week, Jackie Chan will be coming in to take class photos and we have Abi coming to help each class with performances and voice projection.

We are hoping there will be some sort of Covid safe community social on the last day of term. So please, watch this space and keep Wednesday, 16th Dec from 3 pm free. It will also be Charles’ (teacher) last day with us, so an opportunity for us all to say “thankyou” and farewell.

I think that’s us for this week.

Take care,

Sarah x




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Hi Everyone,

The concert is getting closer with rehearsals happening every day. All costumes and props need to be at school on Monday 23rd November for the beginning of full dress rehearsals. On Friday 27th November the children will stay at school to perform in the concert. They will have afternoon tea and get dressed to begin our concert at 5pm. Children will then need to be picked up once the concert has concluded.

During Science we looked at the question, “If I dropped a bowling ball and a golf ball at the same time, which one would hit the ground first?” We watched this experiment being carried out and the explanation of why both hit the ground at the same time.

In Mathematics we’ve continued to explore fractions and decimals. During the week we looked at different ways to display fractions, using a number line, drawings and the formal algorithm. Some children looked at how to display decimals by colouring in a hundreds block.

This week we’ve also looked at the First Nations Bedtime Stories. On Monday we watched ‘The Lost Joey’ about the importance of family, knowing your country and your connection to place. On Tuesday we watched ‘The Bat at Wurre’ about the creation story of a place called Wurre also known as Rainbow Valley. On Wednesday we watched ‘The Two Euros at Angkerle Atwatye’ about two kangaroos (Euro = type of kangaroo that live in the hills) travelling across the land.

Thank you to our volunteer drivers for camp. Next week I’ll send an email through to let you know about times and other important information. All children need to bring a packed lunch on Wednesday 2nd December for camp.

Important Dates:

  • Monday 23rd November – Class Photos
  • Friday 27th November – Currambena Concert
  • Wednesday 2nd- Friday 4th December – Mowbray Park Farm Stay Camp

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

This week is all about play rehearsals… but we’ve had quite a few people away on different days this week, some unwell and others spending days at their respective high schools for next year. Some of us are learning the lines for other characters, filling for those who are away! Some children have many lines to learn and are doing really well. Props and costumes are underway and we’re hoping for a great performance on Friday evening, 27th. I hope you have all organised your viewing venue for the live stream! All pretty exciting. We will be providing a substantial afternoon tea (fruit and sandwiches) for all the primary school kids and they can be collected from school after the performance in a half hour window of time. If you think that is going to be a problem for you, please let me know by email or text. Please also make sure your child knows what the pickup time is likely to be.

Thanks to those who have clarified their intentions re camp and thank you to Susan for helping with this. The cost of camp is $250 per child. Those of you who paid for the Little River camp (which was cancelled) were refunded by Julianna on 9th September so please pay the $250 into the school account giving your child’s surname and CAMP as reference. I will send home the permission page and packing list home today. Early next week, I will send home a list of jobs needing to be done.

We are doing Kris Kringle now till the end of the term… all will be revealed on the last day of term. Gifts should be valued between $15 and $25 please. Definitely no more than that, please.

We are managing to fit in some academic work this week and textbook units 29 are due this week. Most PIPs have been finished and presentations will start today I hope. We’ve been basing our English activities on our shared book and in Maths, we’ve been completing the Position topic… on to algebra next week! We’ve been discussing issues relating to Indigenous Australians for NAIDOC week and we’ve coloured in the poster for 2020, watched some elders telling stories and listened to the song “Brown Skin Baby”. We learned about Bob Randall and his life and we heard about the history of NAIDOC and The Uluru Statement from the Heart. Such important issues for Australians all!

I hope you all have good weeks.

With love,

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Hi! My name is Charlie and this is my “My Time At Currambena”.

Let’s start things off by saying Currambena has been the best thing in terms of school. I’ve been to other schools but they were nothing compared to this school. I’ve spent most of my life here and I am sad to leave but I guess all good things come to an end.

My favourite thing about school is camp and friends. Firstly camp, camp was not only a fun experience but also a break from work. It makes me feel adventurous and active. Friends help me out through tough times, maybe work or injuries. I’ve never felt so safe away from my family.

Work wasn’t that hard and every Friday is a day I’m always excited for because it gives us opportunities for so many things like running school meetings, selling ice blocks and playing.
Every day is a new different day with different things every time like Monday is returning day and Tuesday is sport or exercise day and Wednesday is class meeting day and Thursday is craft day and Friday is relax day.

Classes are the biggest differences each year, new work, new people maybe and a new teacher. Personally I didn’t find any of these differences too bad because you can always chat to them after class but going to high school I know will be a lot harder, that is what I’ve been thinking about for the last two years and that thought makes me a bit scared. I don’t really mind harder work that much. I just find new people difficult.

Different rules have been the strongest thing reeling me in. This is mainly what I see in Currambena, as a fun and different school with endless possibilities, the main thing that separates Currambena from all the other schools. All the different rules makes it feel like a not even a school but it still isn’t a bad thing. I’ve gotten a lot smarter since I came here and I know people who are ahead in high school and that amazes me just how much you can make work kinda fun.

Thank you for a good eight years.

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