Dear Parents,
A huge thank you to all the parents who helped organise, set up and pack away the bush dance last week. Luckily the rain held out and made for a fabulous night of dancing and merriment. Thank you also to the maintenance team that came in on Sunday and swept up all the hay! The school looked beautiful on Monday morning including my sparkling clean windows (minus spiders webs).

What a fabulous start to the year we’ve had. Its been such a joy getting to know all your children this term and establishing the foundations of a very harmonious class. I’m so excited by how far they’ve come and I’m already excited by what next term might bring. I asked the children what they might like to learn next term and the range of topics and interests was vast. Some of the topics included space and black-holes, bodies, health and death, fairy tales and ghosts and of course a wide interest in a range of animals and their various features. Come in a have a look at the full list on the wall. I don’t think we’ll have time to cover all the interests but I’ll certainly do my best!

Tomorrow, after school meeting and ‘Sustaining Currambena’ we will spend the afternoon watching a movie. Some children have expressed that there are parts of “Captain Underpants” that they find scary. We’re going to discuss this at class meeting today and come up with some strategies to cope. They may include sitting next to a friend that you trust, leaving the room or closing your eyes.

And finally I would like to wish Harley, Mel, Haydn and River all the best for their move to the Sunshine Coast. Although you will all be terribly missed here at Currambena I have no doubt your new adventures will be filled with friendship and fun.

Thank you for all your support this term. I hope you all have a restful break and the chance to spend some special time together with your children over the Easter break.
Love Jess

PS And don’t forget to treat your child for nits if needed! Let’s use this break from school as a chance to break the breeding cycle…

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Hello everyone,

BUSH DANCE What a cracker of a night!

Many thanks to all those who helped with the organising, set-up and clean-up at the end. A special thank-you to Susan Hunt as well as helping with the event also drove all the way out to Camden to pick up our bales of straw! Thank-you to everyone for bringing such scrumptious food to share and to the wonderful band who kept everyone swinging! Thank-you to everyone who was able to come and be part of another fabulous Currambena event!

Buy a Bale. We have about 13 bales of straw remaining. If you would like a bale for mulch on your garden, or chicken, mice, rabbit run they are for sale @ $15.00 per bale, which is considerably cheaper than the pet store. Please drop the cash into the office before taking your bale. The bales are wrapped up in a tarp on the veranda outside the Blue Umbrella. Please take care to thoroughly close up the tarp after you have taken your bale.

It is a sad farewell to our two families the Burkes and the Fairbanks. Thank-you from all of us for being so much part of our Currambena community and everything you have given. You will be missed, but we wish you much joy and adventure in your next journeys

MAINTENANCE After our wonderful night of bush dancing the school was looking very messy as in, covered in loose straw!! When I walked in the gate Monday morning, the place was immaculate (well until morning tea!) A huge thank-you to everyone who was here on Sunday to do all those hidden maintenance jobs, like cleaning out drains and gutters and for the massive clearing of the grounds, loose straw, bits of rubbish, leaf & stick litter

Maintenance Hours were due 9th April the book is now closed for Term 1 maintenance hours


TERM 2 Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June

TERM 3 Open school Friday 21st Sept

    Currambena 50th birthday weekend celebrations

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov

    End of year social Wednesday 18th December

 Currambena Rules And Agreements – This is a reminder to all our community; kids, parents, Blue Umbrella, visitors, ex-students, chickens, dogs… that all the Currambena rules and agreements apply 24/7 while you are on Currambena School grounds. If you are not sure please ask

Volunteer Working With Children Check. We are looking to have all volunteers with a WWCC number by the 1st May 2019

Cheers Julianna

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Confucius

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Dear Parents,

Congratulations! We have all completed Term 1! It has been so exciting to watch the children grow this term. Their determination and independence continues to develop. We are learning to take ownership of our learning and enjoy the journey. My first term at Currambena has been fantastic! It has been a pleasure to work alongside such inspiring and supportive parents, thank you for all of your support.

The Bush Dance was a great end to the term. The children’s dancing was magical, they remembered everything they had been taught and embraced the chaos of the dance floor! I think we’ll revisit bush dancing next term and see if we can add our own moves into some of the routines. What great fun!

On Monday morning we were visited by Simon (Joshua’s Dad) who came to talk to us about underwater animals found in Sydney Harbour. I can’t wait to get into the water and try and spot some of the creatures that are right on our doorstep! Simon showed us his diving equipment and discussed the impact of water pressure. The room was full of inquisitive questions that the children wanted to ask. We discussed surveys and why some divers complete surveys. Then we completed a survey of the playground, we had to make sure we didn’t count the same tree or hen twice! Thank you Simon for sharing your expertise.

Thank you to my litter picking volunteers; Gina, Sarah, Elissa, Susan, Genevieve and Monica. The children were horrified at the amount of litter they found! Car parts, broken glass, netting, headphones, metal wire were found in our local community. We are going to sort and clean some of the litter to create an art installation next term. It’s great to see our children making a difference in the local community.

DIY request: If anyone could help me take the legs of the couch off please give me a shout!

I hope you have a restful two week break. Take the time to make new memories as a family, I can’t wait to hear what you have been up to. We are back to school on Tuesday 30th April, don’t forget to put your ready confetti under your pillow!


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Hello Everyone,

 I’m sure everyone that attended Friday nights Bush Dance will agree that it really was a magical night! It’s always so lovely for children to be able to come back to school in the evening and share the magic of Currambena with their family. A huge thank you to Susan (Kai’s Mum in Rosie’s class) and co for all the effort and organization in making the night so amazing. A really special way to end of our first term  together and our first celebration to mark Currambena’s 50th Birthday.

 Thank you so much to everyone that came to the schools maintenance day on Sunday. The school looked amazing on Monday. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you also to all the families in preschool that baked for the recent Bunnings cake stall to raise money for APDEC: Asian Pacific Democratic School Conference, that Currambena will be hosting this year. Michael and I are part of the organising committee so really appreciate everyones assistance with this. The money raised at the cake stall will go towards reducing the cost of the conference for attendees that may be facing financial difficulties and would be otherwise unable to attend. We also spent time cooking in preschool with the children making 300 chocolate crackles and bliss balls for the stall.

 We’ve continued practicing Marrin Gamu and Beds are Burning during music. We plan on performing these at Children’s Voices for Reconciliation in Lane Cove next term. We’ve been discussing the significance of these songs to the children, opening up opportunities for children to think deeply about the lyrics, we’ve been impressed by how thoughtful they are!  We’ve also had some wonderful PE sessions led by Eva our Dutch Intern. This week the children have the opportunity to wrestle. The toilet flushing game has been aninstant hit, the children continue to request that we play it as they love it so much.

 It’s been wonderful to spend some time reflecting on our first term together this week. It’s moved at such a rapid rate and we’ve come so far in such a short time. We’ve the thrilled at how welcoming and thoughtful the elders have been and how quickly the children new to preschool have settled in and embraced Currambena, finding their voices and confidently expressing their thought and ideas.  We spent time in Wendy’s class watching project presentations this week, the preschool children that went thought they were great.

 We’ve had a fantastic first term together. The preschool children have continued to be a cohesive and inclusive group. What privilege for Hannah, Michael and I to be able to be of this. There’s been so many special friendships forming this term, we look forward to be able to watch them continuing next term. We look forward to seeing everyone again for term 2, which will start on Tuesday 30th April. 

Lastly we sadly say goodbye to River and his family as they are moving to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Thank you so much for your contribution to preschool and the wider Currambena community. We’re going to miss you all and hope you come back and visit whenever you’re in Sydney.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and safe school holidays!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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What a fabulous night last Friday! Thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to the Bush Dance being such a success. The dances and the dancers were fantastic and it certainly looked as if everyone was having lots of fun. Special thanks to Susan for all her hard work and to the clean up team and the Maintenance people over the weekend returning the school to neat and tidy for Monday! Great work all round!

This week we are immersed in Personal Interest Project presentations and they are all going well. Some great research skills in evidence and some highly creative styles of presentation. Topics varied as always according to children’s interests of course! Some have already begun thinking (or have even already decided) what they are going to research next term!

Our Ball Committee is getting things organised to the event on Friday and I hope it will be a fun night for everyone. The tiredness factor is something of a worry … so please make sure your children get a good night’s sleep on Thursday night! Each person is being asked to bring a plate of food to share and there is a list of food requirements so there are no double ups. We will definitely need helpers to pack things away at the end of the night…. so please come a bit early to assist with this.

We are all very sad to be saying goodbye to Sylvie and Hubert this week. We wish them and their family and fabulous time travelling and hope to see them for at least a visit or two when they return!

And lastly, many thanks to everyone who has helped in our group this term. We’ve covered such a lot of ground and made a great start to the year. Special thanks to Shirley for the extension maths sessions each week and to Jennifer and Christine for coming with us by bus to Greenwich Baths all those weeks! Many thanks Rowena for her work as our Class Rep, Caroline for her work in the School Library and to our camp drivers too and to everyone who has supported us in any way.

Congratulations to Leesa and Rosie on completing their first terms at Currambena!

Have a wonderful safe and restful holiday. Love, Wendy

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Registrations are coming in from many countries in Asia for our conference in July and it is looking very positive!

Please check out the website and consider booking in for a day or two yourself!

Please also consider recommending it to anyone you think might be interested. That would be a great help to our publicity people.

If anyone you know might consider sponsoring a participant or a speaker, please let them know about the conference or put them in touch with someone on the committee. We will soon have a list of possible sponsorship packages so please watch for this in the first Newsletters for Term 2.

We still need volunteers to help on the Currambena Day… Tuesday 16th July here at school. There will be presentations from some of our students and the art room will be open for conference participants to use. We want to showcase what we do at Currambena and so we’ll need helpers to talk to our visitors and be part of discussions as well as assist with lunch.

Please speak to Katrina, Michael or Wendy if you are able to help on that day! Many thanks!

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Hi Everyone,

We have made it to the end of term 1 and it has flown past so quickly. Tiredness and some sickness have appeared however, we are super excited for our movie afternoon on Friday. The Bush Dance on Friday night was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and participating in the dances throughout the night.

This week we have reflected as a class on what it looks like and feels like when we work together as a team. We have also finished our Personal Interest Projects and have learnt so much from these. The children have done a wonderful job with researching their chosen topic and using Prezi, Google Docs and Google Slides to present this information.

On Monday we finished our Rainforest topic with exploring the map of Australia and colouring in the areas where rainforests and forests exist. We spoke about why these are located on coastal areas and why the Northern Territory don’t have them.

On Wednesday the children completed a handwriting lesson from the whiteboard. They found this exciting as we moved the desks and chairs on to the carpet space. We then revised what we have learnt this term through letter formation and our joins. The children then were given a lined piece of paper to demonstrate a range of letters and words either in print, with entries and exits or cursive writing.

Mathematics has not been lost with our final lesson for the term happening today. We will be completing a mapping exercise pretending to be pirates. The children will draw a map of an island that their pirate will call home and include a key.

We have begun completing some mindful colouring in based around the theme of Easter. These have allowed the children to have some quiet time to experiment with different colours and have conversations about complimentary colours as well.

Thank you to Sabina and Nikki who have volunteered to look after Muffin during the holidays. This is very much appreciated as I return to Wagga to spend some quality time with my family.

Thank you to Sabina for washing our class towels, Jo for organising the Guide Dog talk, Sally for attending our excursion, Kylie for sending out emails, Elise for listening to the children read on Wednesdays and everyone for the support throughout the term.

I also would like to wish the Burke family an amazing trip to the UK and Europe and know that the entire class and myself will miss both Nioclas and Rosa. Have fun and don’t forget to send us a postcard or letter describing your travels.

That’s all for this week. Have an enjoyable Easter break and I will see you all for the start of Term 2.

Leesa xx

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Well, here we are at the end of our first Term together!

So just a shortish post to wrap up the last 10 weeks spent with an absolutely gorgeous group of little humans. It has been a delight to get to know them. And I have been most impressed with all their effort and achievements. However, there have been a few highlights:

  • Observing how their understanding of “what makes a good personal project?” develops and takes a turn: The researching for chosen topics can always be difficult and exhausting at the beginning of every year. But the majority of this group really hit their stride half way through the term and worked diligently towards the finish line – their presentation! At the end of every project, I ask them to reflect and write about how they felt they went. It was wonderful to read their response which demonstrated how attuned they all are – to their own strengths and equally aware of areas they need some support.
  • Rising to the different classroom expectations, structure and routine.
  • Taking responsibility for their learning by completing tasks – seeing them through to the end – without a whinge, complaint or grumble and truly grasping the importance of this.
  • Embracing the “Strike for Climate Change”. They all took this so seriously and felt it their duty to be a part of something that was so much bigger than them.
  • Handball – and the invitations I received from those playing was always a delight to hear: “Wanna play Sarah?” made my day!
  • Singing and dancing together: after class meeting and at the end of the day, along with Gratitude are some beautiful moments treasured.

I would like to say, before signing off, “Farewell” to all the families leaving this term but especially to the Burke family. Sylvie, Hubert, Rosa & Nioclas were an absolute delight to meet, teach and get to know. Safe travels Jo and Tony.

To the rest of you all, have a wonderful break, stay safe and healthy!!

Love, Sarah


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Hello everyone,

BUSH DANCE Friday Nite! – Hope you have all pulled out your dancing Boots! Please remember each family to bring a meal to share, enough for your own family and two extras. It is BYO with your own glasses if needed.

SUPERVISION throughout the evening of all our young people is the full responsibility of parents not our teachers. Please be aware of where your children are and know that all the classrooms and St Elmos are off limits to everyone.

Do come, it is going to be a great night!

HELP! We have many old video tapes about Currambena and would like to get them converted to digital form. So…. we are requesting if anyone has a video player so that we can play these tapes and see what they are and their condition?

Currambena Rules And Agreements – This is a reminder to all our community; kids, parents, Blue Umbrella, visitors, ex-students, chickens, dogs… that all the Currambena rules and agreements apply 24/7 while you are on Currambena School grounds. If you are not sure please ask


MAINTENANCE Sunday 7th April – That’s this weekend to get those final few hours done and written into the maintenance book!

Maintenance Hours due 9th April

TERM 2 Whole School Art Exhibition followed by camp fire and BBQ Week 9 Friday 28th June

TERM 3 Open school Friday 21st Sept

    Currambena 50th birthday weekend celebrations??

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov

    End of year social Wednesday 18th December

MAINTENANCE JOBS – Can anyone please do the following?

  • Disposal of the empty timber deck-stain tins at the front entrance
  • Disposal of used photocopier cartridges outside the office doorSPOTS AVAILABLE IN PRESCHOOL – We have places on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please let Katrina know if you want any of these or tell other parents if they are looking

REMINDERS…….Newsletter Entries – to be emailed as an attachment  in a word document.

Volunteer Working With Children Check. We are looking to have all volunteers with a WWCC number by the 1st May 2019

Cheers Julianna

“Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown” – George Shinn

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Dear Parents,

It’s week 9 and I have some very tired children in my class! We have had a few children away with colds and coughs but we are keeping our spirits high with lots of singing and breathing activities.

On Monday our bush dance session went extremely well. The children had remembered all of the dances from the previous week, including the chicken dance! We were able to begin learning some trickier dances, swapping partners and travelling through the arches. It has been a joy to watch the children so engaged with something new and I can’t wait to dance with them on Friday.

Our projects continue to grow, we started them a little late and so it looks like we won’t display them until the first week back. I’m imagining a gallery full of informative and interesting posters where the children can meander around the room and take in lots of new facts! This term we have decided to focus on researching skills and creating posters for information so we won’t be presenting them. But the children are excited to develop more skills and present their next projects at the end of Term 2.

This week some children have been using their knowledge of number to crack codes. Others have been playing games to deepen their understanding of tens and ones. Next week we are going to look at number bonds. It’s great to see the children working independently during maths and always asking for the next challenge!

Just a reminder about morning drop off. It is really important that children are at school by 9am. I’m finding when parents are leaving at 9:30am, the children are unsettled and it takes us longer to start inside time. It would be great if parents have said their goodbyes by 9.15am so the children have a chance to seek out their friends and have some time to play before coming in. Thank you for your support on this topic.

Thank you to my volunteers this term; Susan, Elissa, Meggan, Kylie and Maura, we had a great chat yesterday about how well the children are progressing and some ideas for next term.

Next Tuesday we are litter picking in the local community. It would be great if the children had gardening gloves (not plastic gloves as this creates more plastic pollution) to protect their hands. I have a few odd pairs but most of them will be too big. If you can bring in any gloves you have from home by Monday I can check how many pairs we have, ready for Tuesday. All gloves will of course be returned.

Have a restful weekend!


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