Next week is Book Week, so watch out for some fun activities! Local author, Aura Parker, will visit on Tuesday and give three sessions for the children over the day. On Friday we’ll be dressing up on Friday as a favourite book character! There may well be other activities too!

Special notice to books lovers! Wendy has a gorgeous box of books from The Bookery, all of which we would love for our school library… please come and have a look and choose one to donate to the school library. (cash please!) You will be able to put a “Donated by …..” label inside the front cover and your child will have first borrowing rights!

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Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.52.02 AM

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Zariah and Zander want to start playing basketball and we are looking for players to join them in an U8 team (kids to be 7yo or younger – can’t turn 8 in 2018) and a Kindy team (kids to be in kindergarten or preschool).

It’s through Northern Suburbs Basketball Association (NSBA) in Crows Nest and games are on Saturday mornings. Starts Sept 8 and runs for 10 weeks.

The coaches will be John (Zariah and Zander’s Dad) and possibly one of John’s former players.

If you and your little one are interested, please let us know asap as we need to register the teams by Aug 20. Email Margaret at for more info.

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Welcome Everyone,

Yesterday we submitted $700.35 to A Fiver for a Farmer Day! It was a wonderful day on Monday with lots of great outfits and those kids in Jess’s were seriously into making money with the fabulous cake stall!

Visitor -Today we have Peter Hutton Future Schools Alliance Innovation Consultant, ex-principal of Templestowe College in Victoria coming to visit Currambena. “This Alliance is a group of like-minded member schools committed to significantly improving the lives of young people around the world by transforming an outdated education system into unique, future focused learning communities.” Checkout the internet, there is a heap of information about what Peter did with Templestowe College and his current Future Schools Alliance.

Book Week - tomorrow, Friday we are starting a whole week of activities around books and storytelling. Please read the teachers pages for more information

2019 CURRAMBENA celebrates its 50thBIRTHDAY! Last chance to put your ideas, suggestions on the large sheet of card on the easel outside the office.


A belated thank-you to Chris and his team for coming in on maintenance Sunday. It always makes such a difference to the school with this continuous care from our community.

 Installing a watering system. With all this incredibly dry weather I have been worrying and thinking about our crepe myrtle tree just outside the Preschool. So, I went to Bunnings in the weekend and bought a coil of agri-line an under surface watering system. I am now requesting if someone can come and pull back all the playbark around the base of the tree, dig a narrow shallow trench, lay the agri-line and push back the playbark. That way we can insert the hose into one end and let it run for an hour to thoroughly soak the tree without unnecessary surface evaporation.

Library help.  Rachel is requesting more helpers in the library on a Friday morning. There is a heap of books to be catalogued and covered, others to be returned to the shelves, general cleaning and tidying the shelves and repairs. This is a great way to get to know other parents and accumulate maintenance hours. Please just come on Friday if you can help even if it is for half an hour

Bubbler – another drinking stand is in the process of being installed just above the bananas. This one is taller to cater for our bigs kidds

2019 school dates – these are now in our calendar


Next Council meeting has been changed from 10th September to 24th September 6.30pm. All welcome to the open meeting

Calling interested community members!

July 2019 APDEC conference

If you are interested in joining us in planning and organising this exciting event for Currambena, or if you have any ideas about possible sponsors, please speak to Wendy, Michael or Katrina (teachers) or Lila, Shan or Di (parents).



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Hi Everyone,

On Monday many of us remembered to dress like a farmer and Jess’ class ran a cake stall for morning tea. The day was a great success and over $700 was collected to help our farmers struggling with the drought.

This week we have been working on planning out our graphic novels. The story lines are beginning to take shape and hopefully we’ll start writing the story next week. In maths we’ve begun our measurement topic. The children worked with a partner to measure different body parts and practised adding lengths with decimals together. We also combined some maths with our science experiment yesterday. This week for science we looked at more forces and how they affect the movement of objects. We made balloon rockets on different types of string and measured how far they traveled. Unfortunately it was very windy and our balloons were a bit unpredictable (randomly popping), but we did manage to get some results which we’ll review today.

We have our class restaurant on Friday. We are raising money for an orphanage in Uganda. Last year the money we made at our Fair Trade Cafe was donated there and it is still being used. All of the children in the class have been asked to make something to donate for us to sell. The restaurant will be set up in our classroom and the children will take on different roles. So far we’ve made posters and menus. Today we’ll finish off our preparations and do some baking at school.

It’s our turn for the library on Monday so any books that came home need to be returned. Talking of books, next week is book week. We have author Aura Parker coming into the school to talk to the children on Tuesday and we’ll have dress like a character on Friday. The children have also requested that they bring in their favourite books to share with the class.

Sarah and I have booked the camp for term 4. The dates are: Wednesday 28th Nov to Friday 30th Nov. We are going to the Collaroy Centre on the Northern Beaches. There are lots of high energy activities booked including beach games. Learning to surf is an added extra if your child would like to do that. The price of the camp is $287 per person and surfing is $28 extra. The camp includes cabin accommodation, all meals and activities. We’ll send out more information nearer the time but we need to know in advance which children would like to do surfing. Please email me with this information.

That’s all for this week.


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Another term is flying past! We’ve been discussing Jervis Bay this week and so the end of the year seems to be creeping up on us!

Because the high school orientation days for Year 7 are almost all on 4th December, we have decided to change the dates of camp. We will now be going from Monday 10th December till Friday 14th December and we’ll be staying at Greenpatch instead of Bristol Point (which was completely booked out for those dates). We have done this before and it has been a bit different not having one large site for all the tents but it worked well and meant it was easier to get to the beach! We bring our own tents for this camp and so now I need to know what size of tents the children are planning to bring. Early next term, I will have a meeting for parents interested in coming along to help. Everyone wanting to come to camp is required to attend this meeting.

Parent interviews have almost all been completed now. It has been lovely to chat with you all about your children and their progress. This is a wonderful group of children and we are having lots of fun each week.

Our history unit complete, we are now into science. Everyone is researching a famous scientist and writing a persuasive argument about why their scientist deserves a Nobel Prize. Next week, we will be experimenting with bubbles… amongst other things!

We have also completed Mass in Maths and will now move on to Volume and Capacity. (Text books unit 21 is due this week.)

There are some fabulous creations appearing during our art sessions on Thursdays. Clay teapots, etchings, soapstone carvings… all looking stunning! And today we will be thinking about our animations.

The group voted to have a mindfulness meditation session each week… and a mini dance party each day during pack away! Now that’s fun!

We are also practising for Jump Rope Day in two week’s time. This involves a fund raiser for the Heart Foundation so I hope you’ll all support it.

Dress like a Farmer on Monday was lots of fun and raised a wonderful total for drought relief. Next week is Book Week, so watch out for some fun activities then too. Dressing up on Friday as your favourite book character and an author visit on Tuesday will be two of them! I have a gorgeous box of books from The Bookery which we would love for our school library… please come and have a look and choose one to donate to the school library. (cash please!)

So, as always, everything is on the go! Have a great week. Love, Wendy

PS Many thanks to Olivia for taking the group yesterday afternoon when I had to be away for a few hours.

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Hello Everyone,

A warm welcome to Artem and his family who joined us in Preschool this week!

We had some gorgeous farmers, farm animals and various characters come to preschool on Monday to help raise funds for drought affected farmers. We’ll continue focus learning experiences on the drought and how it’s important we do our part in conserving water.

We’re now well into our Astronomy program and we’re all learning so much!  The children are posing some interesting questions and coming up with some great theories. Whilst it was initially thought it would take more than a life time to fly to the sun as it was so far away from earth we found out it would take 19 years travelling on a jumbo jet!  This week we are looking at the formation of planets in our solar system and how they all started out as grains of dust! We’ve being enjoying working with Jess’s class once a week. We’re alternating these days so that every day will be covered apart from Friday as this is free play day in primary. Everyone is very comfortable in Jess’s room which is fantastic for those children that will be moving into her class or a Kindergarten classroom elsewhere either this year or the next!

We’re planning some visits around Lane Cove next week. We’ll have our usual park visit on Monday if the majority of children vote they want to go. On Tuesday we are heading up to the Plaza to have a tour of the fruit and vegetable section of Woolworths which will tie in beautifully with our rainbow eating program. One Wednesday we’re off to Lane Cove Library. We’re also taking part in Book week which runs 17-24 August with the theme “Find Your Treasure” We’ve been talking to children about this and discussing how treasure doesn’t have to mean gold or jewels, it can be people who love you and special memories. On Tuesday the Author of “Twig”, Aura Parker, will be coming to Currambena to read to us and took about the books she has written and illustrated. We’re also planning on doing lots of reading activities, with the Elders of the school sharing stories with us. Everyone is encouraged to bring in their favourite picture book next week for the many reading and book activities we are planning.

The end of book week will be celebrated with a book week parade next Friday 24th August, we’re asking that children dress up as their favourite book character. As not every child in preschool comes on a Friday children can dress up on any or every day next week! Louise’s class is holding a cafe this Friday 17th August to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda. Preschool children will have the opportunity to buy for the stall if they wish.

Anyone that knows Zander in preschool will know that he is a mad keen sportsperson and into many different sports. Now that the soccer season is over he is hoping to form a basketball team with children in preschool and kindergarten at Currambena. For those of you that have children that would like to join Zander’s team please email his Mum, Margaret, her email address is,

As always thanks to all the preschool washing fairies!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,
Thank you to everyone for bringing in cakes and money to support the “Fiver for a Farmer” day last Monday. The children did a magnificent job at setting up and running the cake stall. There was a lot of hands-on experience with money and customer service, and it so much fun when we counted the money afterwards. With pack-away and debrief, it really was a whole day experience for my class. With cake sales and donations, we managed to raise $700!

A huge thank you to Kylie and Gayle who brought their sewing machines in last Friday to help the children complete their aprons. The children loved working with you and gained good insight into how an apron is constructed and how a sewing machine works. Some of the mechanical engineers in the group were particularly interested in the machine itself whilst the fashion designers took more of an interest in the fabric colour choices. Some children have chosen to bring their aprons home whilst others have left them here at school to use during our cooking sessions.

Inspired by Australia’s need for rain, we’ve completed our rain sticks this week. We experimented with a range of materials to create the best rain sound we could. Some children chose to hammer nails into the side of their tube, whilst others rolled up foil or plastic to disrupt the flow of rice and beans inside. It was lots of fun experimenting with the children to create the best sounds we could. It was also gorgeous to see how the children chose to decorate their instruments, from the minimalist to the flamboyant. Our final session was with Marius’ group and we finished with creating a rainstorm together. Most children have brought their instruments home now, but there are a few hanging outside the classroom that have been left behind.

Bush walking with Marius’ group on Tuesday was really good fun. We returned to the ‘Mushroom Forest’ and the children quickly settled in to some fun nature play. Next week we’ll walk to the “Magic Bridge”. This walk is a little more challenging but I think the children are capable and will love it.

In English we‘ve continued our focus on sky related themes, exploring a picture book about Nancy Bird Walton who was the first female commercial pilot in Australia. We thought about impossible things that we might want to be the first to do and the children wrote and illustrated some gorgeous stories. We’ve also begun to look at digraphs with our first focus being the ‘ng’ sound. To help us remember the sound we made rings (and other jewellery). In maths we have had a mini focus on numeral formation.

This Friday the 17th, Louise’s class are running a restaurant in their classroom to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda.They will be doing all the baking, serving and customer service and our children, along with the rest of the school, are invited to visit. Their prices will range from 50 cents to $2.50.

Next week is book week and the whole school has a number of activities planned:
On Monday (20th)we plan to have a whole school reading day. I have asked the children to bring in their favourite picture book that that they would like to share with others. We plan to set up some peer reading sessions between older and younger children where these books can be read aloud and enjoyed in pairs or small groups. Please label any picture book you send in so that it has less chance of being lost.
On Tuesday (21st) we have a visiting author, Aura Parker, who wrote the delightful picture book “Twig”. She is a Lane Cove resident herself and so connected strongly to the local community. Thank you to July Daly for organizing this.
On Friday (24th) we will have a school wide dress up day when everyone dresses as their favourite book character. Should be lots of fun!
We will also have some books on consignment from The Bookery in Lane Cove. They will be available for purchase and donation to our school library if you would like.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Jess x

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Morning Tea:

Toasted flatbreads with cheese and Zatar $1

Lemon and blueberry slice       $1

Orange slices with Greek Yoghurt and cinnamon


Pulled brisket rolls served with coleslaw, crispy lettuce and tomato $2.50

Veggie option: Falafel patties with coleslaw, lettuce and tomato $2

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Hello everyone,

Sounds like the kids had a fab week with Zoe. I’m very proud that they adjusted so quickly and of course showed her a very warm Currambena welcome.

As part of our upcoming Book Week, Julie has kindly arranged for a well-known children’s writer and illustrator called Aura Parker to come into the school and read her new book, Twig, to us. Next week please try to remember to bring in their favourite picture books; the plan is to move the couches and beanbags outside and read to the younger kids, so something simple would be ideal. So important to foster their love of reading at this age.

Up In The Air is our theme this term, and this week we listed birds that we knew, and had a look at some unusual species. We investigated the case study of the dodo, and wrote stories about the fate of our dim-witted dodo heroes. Most of them centered around bloody revenge against the Portuguese sailors who were oppressing them. In other literacy we investigated the mm m mb sound, added to our weather journals, corrected a few very dubious paragraphs together, explored what an adverb is, and read some good chunks of Pippy Longstocking. In maths we’ve been revisiting the concept of division and adding up collections of Australian coins. A few budding entrepreneurs amongst us.

We also finished our rainsticks that were started last week and reflected on what was tricky. Lovely to see both Jess’s and our class making mass noise together.

Today we’re experimenting with air resistance and surface area by looking at parachutes. We’ll slow down thrown balls and falling objects and record some information. Another chance to enjoy these beautiful winter days. Speaking of, we really enjoyed Tuesday afternoon’s walk to the mushroom forest, the kids exploring far and wide, often through ponds and waterways. We were certainly quicker on the way there than the way back.

Next week we have a specialist from the Bureau of Meteorology coming into to talk to us about the weather, one of our learning topics this term. We thought up lots of difficult questions today to try and stump the expert.

Hope is all is well with you.

Warm regards,


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