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Hi Everyone,

There have been some ideas floating around about how we can have community connection and continue to look after the school. Perhaps we could think about having small groups of people – teams, mini clubs signing up for designated jobs and they take on the responsibility for that task. We could also think of it as not just a weekend maintenance activity but as a small way we can keep our community connected. Some examples are:

Sweepers & blowers team – clearing up leaf litter, sticks and branches

Carers for your child’s classroom inside and out – sorting tidying, cleaning windows, washing out the lockers, brushing away spider webs in the toilets

Garden club – caring and tending the raised garden beds, general care of all gardens

Library club – sorting, labelling, covering and returning books to the shelves

Gutters & drains team – checking & cleaning of all drains, clearing out all accessible gutters

Chicken team –repair & maintenance of the chook house, cleaning out the house & run

Perhaps we can have an agreement that there be no more than 2-3 families on the premises at any given time. Perhaps it can be coordinated through the Currambena Facebook or WhatsApp

Please email me your feedback or if you are willing to take ownership of any activity and organise a group

Let’s think creatively, taking care & staying safe

Julianna xx

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Hello everyone,

The pyjama day in preschool on Tuesday this week was a resounding success. Thanks for suggesting it Lucy; everyone seemed to have had fun!

It’s really heartwarming to observe how inclusive the group as a whole are being of each other lately. Over the last couple of weeks, during morning meeting, the children have been inviting each other into their play or letting each other know that everyone is welcome to play with their special toys brought in from home. In preschool and throughout Currambena, it’s not mandatory to share your toys or include everyone in your play as giving children the right to decide what happens with their belongings and providing autonomy in their learning are important aspects of our curriculum. It’s fantastic to see children looking outside of themselves and realising how their actions impact others. We’ve been extending upon this through lots of positive reinforcement and activities that focus on looking at situations from other people’s perspectives and discussing how others might feel.

The Jump Rope For Heart event that was led by Wendy’s class on Tuesday has really sparked a huge interest in skipping within the preschool. It’s great to see how persistent many of the children are at developing this very complicated skill, involving lots of thought and coordination. We’ve been bringing lots of skipping ropes up from Wendy’s class so the children can practise. We’re also spending lots of time demonstrating how to skip. We’re sure the children will reap the rewards from their determination in learning this skill.

We’re very happy to announce that ice blocks will once again be sold by Wendy’s class on a Friday. To ensure we keep everyone safe we’ll be unwrapping the ice blocks back in preschool after they have been purchased and after the children have washed their hands. If you’d like your child to be able to buy one please make sure they have $1.00.

Many thanks to everyone for arriving promptly at 2.45 pm to pick up their child/ren from preschool and for leaving the school promptly. We’re working with the children to make sure that their shoes are on and their bags are packed so you can leave the school as quickly as possible. At this stage, parents are being asked not to enter any of the classrooms and not to stay on the school grounds to play.

Please keep sending in baby and family photos. It’s leading to some great discussions and everyone is having so much fun looking at them.

That’s it for this week


Katrina, Michael, Hannah, and Cee

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Dear Parents,

Thank you to Wendy’s class for running a fabulous “Jump Rope For Heart” afternoon on Tuesday. The children were all very engaged and many of them tried out new tricks that were demonstrated by the elders. Even though the event is over, the craze still continues and skipping ropes remain scattered across the playground.

This week, the children have done a great job developing their rhyming spells to go with the wands that they are making in craft. There are some very fun, silly and dangerous spells like the one that will throw danger into a volcano, one that will turn a person into a log, one to make a person talk like a baby (goo goo) or one that will simply grant the receiver all the powers in the universe.

We have also continued developing our understanding of measuring length. The children have demonstrated a solid understanding of how to compare length using informal uniform units. Some children have also explored ways to measure a curved line whilst others have made connections between the terms ‘height’, ‘distance’ and ‘length’.

In class, I’ve been continuing to refer to our ‘Class Values’ poster that we created together. Most of the children are responding well and beginning to name different values like ‘honesty’, ‘kindness’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘fairness’ as behaviours that make them feel happy and safe at school. Of course, we can’t enforce class values like we do rules, but we can label them as ways of behaving that make our class a nice place to be.

Assuming I’m back at school, on Tuesday I am planning to take the children on a bushwalk to The Magic Bridge with Sarah’s class. It’s always nice to team up with another class and I know that the children will have a fabulous time playing together. So, please send sensible shoes, a hat and a water bottle for the excursion.

Today is of course our alphabet party. I’m writing this before the event, but I have no doubt it will be super fun!

Tomorrow (Friday), ice-blocks will return to Currambena. Wendy’s class will sell these for $1 at 1pm as a way to raise funds for their sponsor child.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jess xxx

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week. On Monday the children were busy working on their personal interest projects, with many interesting topics to discover including Fairies, Cows, and Green Tree Frogs. The children also participated in a fun and hands-on outdoor Music lesson with Abi where they were able to get moving and learn about different notes and what a stave is used for.

On Tuesday, everyone was putting their skipping practice to good use with Jump Rope For Heart which was run by Wendy’s class. The children had lots of fun practising all types of skipping tricks, including double jumping and backwards skipping.

In literacy we have continued with our persuasive writing unit. This week we looked at being ‘For and Against’ someone’s opinion or actions. We looked at a book called ‘Hey, Little Ant’ and had a very stimulated discussion on whether we would choose to squish the ant or not, and the reasons. In the end, the class voted overwhelmingly to not squish the ant, thankfully for any ants out there.

In numeracy we are looking at volume and capacity and how we use it every day, why it is important, and what we can find in our classroom to experiment with, including containers, unifix blocks and water bottles.

In science we are looking at marvellous materials and how their different features influence what they are used for. This week our topic is sensational stretching and experimenting with why some things stretch and return to the same place and some things stretch and remain that way.

Some reminders for what is happening this term at Currambena.


Week 4:

Thursday 20th August: Summerhill Day

Week 5:

Parent interviews

Week 6:

Parent Interviews

Tuesday 25th August: Tennis

Week 7:

Tuesday 1st September: Tennis lessons

Week 8:

Tuesday 8th September: Tennis lessons

Week 9:

Monday 14th September: Bush dancing lessons

Week 10:

Monday 21st September: Bush dancing lessons

Wednesday 23rd September: Visit from Boori


Have a wonderful week!


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Brrrrrrr…… haven’t the mornings been chilly – yet lovely! But not for long…. as the weather bureau says, rain is on its way!!

We’ve had another very busy week and another cloudy morning this Tuesday. This time, the children got into the swing of it and flitted between tasks with ease. We began with a quick recap of: What makes a self-managed learner and was there anything we could add to our list from last week? Some suggested you need to have willpower, be strong minded and mindful, take your time to think about what you are going to do, before you do it and be time aware. Those who chose to work on the Maths construction task and Science experiment took there time to work towards the criteria and get it done and others managed completing all the work sheets for both Maths and English areas. There was much enthusiasm and a real buzz in the room.

Having got through the first 2 weeks of our Topic work, I thought it would be helpful to analyse how it had worked for everybody and if we wanted to proceed the way we started, ie. One week of research and the next presenting. Initially, this was the way the children wanted to work it. However, the presentations felt a bit clunky (to me) and the children all agreed. They felt they needed more time and a few extra weeks to research and then plan and prepare for the presentation and lesson. So it was passed in the house, as the way we will move forward, it was Democracy in action!! 

We had a gorgeous afternoon on Tuesday, all skipping for Hearts. The whole school participated in the activity and it was so wonderful to see cross ages joining in group activities and learning new skills. Thank you so much to Wendy’s group for facilitating this. Please sign up and encourage your child to raise money for this great cause. As mentioned, there are some terrific prizes to work towards but it is also an opportunity for them to do something for others who are less fortunate and needing support.

We have continued to focus heavily on our reading and are doing this almost every day. On Thursdays we are doing group reading. In leveled groups children read to each other and answer questions related to the text. There were a few moans and groans when I mentioned we were going to do this. So, we talked about what we could learn from the activity and process: Why might it be important to read aloud to others? What could we learn? For those finding this an arduous task, it helped hearing all the things they could pick up and learn from each other. Also, the school has just purchased some fabulous new readers for those reading more fluently and needing a challenge. Hopefully, the introduction of these will keep them all engaged.

Summer Hill Day is happening in 2 weeks so we have made a list of all the activities the children wish to include: Bush walking, Origami, Slime Making, adding to the Treehouse, Algebra, Cooking, Bead Making, Wand Making, Pottery Wheel, Dance, Yoga, Giant Colouring in, Performance, Aboriginal painting and Basket making/Weaving. Whatever transpires I am sure it will be a gorgeous day.

Tomorrow, I will be emailing you with the timetable for Parent/Teacher interviews. The first spot opens on Monday, 17th. Please have a look and respond to me with your 2 preferred days/times. I will fill the spots according to the time I receive your email and then confirm it with you.

I think that’s us for this week.

With the ever increasing numbers of COVID cases please continue to be safe, diligent, cautious and stay well. And….. have a lovely weekend!!!!!

Love, Sarah


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Hi Everyone,

Another fun filled week has come and gone. We have been reading, writing, learning new sounds through Sound Waves, exploring medicines, skipping, working together, working individually, completing Maths Mentals and so much more.

We started a new topic in Mathematics on angles which we touched on while we were exploring two-dimensional shapes. We have drawn different angles, found them in the classroom, sorted angles into groups and discovered the angles made by the hands of the clock.

Jump Rope For Heart occurred on Tuesday afternoon. Lots of new skills learnt and fun with friends. It was a gorgeous afternoon of skipping and we are continuing to take time to skip throughout the next coming weeks.

Last week we wrote down the complaints of the crayons in the text ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and we have started drafting a letter from Duncan to the crayons in response to their points of view. We have also read the next text ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. Very funny and engaging picture books that we have enjoyed reading and looking at.

Science continued this week with learning about sunlight and facts about the Sun. Next week we are going to do some experiments with objects and sunlight.

The class discussed what they wanted for this terms Summer Hill day. Lots of activities were mentioned like cooking, Just Dance, beading, craft activities, Algebra and many more. We will have to wait and see what is on offer.

Thank you to everyone who has booked in for a parent/teacher interview. If you still need to book a time, please email me with two preferred days and times.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing weekend.

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

Well, winter has certainly arrived this week! How cold is it today??

Luckily, we had gorgeous weather on Tuesday for our Jump Rope event. Congratulations to all of our group for running such a successful afternoon of skipping! The Heart Foundation runs this charity event each year to encourage fitness amongst children and to raise money for its research and support work for people with heart problems. There is still time for children to sign up and ask friends and family to donate money. As a school, we have almost reached our target amount of $2400 for the foundation but it would be fantastic to exceed this! It has been wonderful watching so many children develop new skipping skills… fitness, strength and coordination all developing along with the social skills as they help each other to learn.

In class, we are finishing our work on decimals now and we began some work with angles yesterday in our art project for the week! And quite a challenge it was! We have been writing journal entries and discussing the uses of journals as source material for history. We have almost completed our country studies and today we’ll be digressing from Japanese geography into history for Hiroshima Day. We have (mostly) finished designing healthy balanced meals… the oranges and celery were very popular at the Jump Rope event!

Our Monday music session with Abi was declared the best music session ever! Abi had taken some songs suggested by the group and created a mash-up/medley of beats and lyrics which the kids loved! Thank you so much Abi! It must have been a huge amount of work and was greatly appreciated!

Our group has been asked to begin selling ice-blocks again and we are happy to do this because it will help us to pay our monthly contribution for our sponsor child, Ngarosnang in Chad. Ice-block sellers will hand sanitise first of course and all ice-blocks will be handed over in the packaging. We will be asking all classes to collect their own soft plastics for recycling. We know that some families do not wish their children to have this sugar-loaded treat on Fridays. If that is the case for you, please remember that the $1 can still be contributed to our sponsor child and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the parents who have already responded to my email about interview times on Zoom. Next week, most afternoon and morning times are now taken. Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th at 8am are still free and Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 is also. Please let me know two different days/times and I will confirm by email. Of course, it won’t be the same as talking face to face, but hopefully we will still be able to cover the important issues. Please let me know if none of the available times suit you and we’ll work something else out.

Both piano and guitar lessons will be disrupted for the next two weeks while I complete the interviews.

Due to COVID-19, Booderee National Park is open for visitors only at the moment with no news about when/if that restriction might be lifted. I attempted to book our end of year camp last week and received this very sad news. Of course, they need to protect the indigenous community, especially all the families in Wreck Bay. I talked with the group about this yesterday and, disappointing as it will be if we are unable to go there in December, the kids were able to come up with a few possible alternatives. We’re all crossing our fingers that NSW manages to maintain our low COVID numbers over the coming months.

Next week, in PE time on Tuesday, we have some tennis teachers coming to school. Our group will have one session with the coaches and so please remind your children to wear sensible tennis shoes and clothing that day. It will also be Ryan’s last day with us on Friday next week. We’ll have a party of some sort to say goodbye and wish him and his family a fabulous adveture!

Have a fun week. Love, Wendy

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Chaired by Sophie and Zali

1. Screaming by Xavier

Reminder to not scream around the school.

2. Incident by Sarah

Sarah spoke to the meeting about a group of children playing a prank on another child and laughing at them afterwards. The meeting agreed this was not ok.

3. Scooter People by Sophie

Sophie spoke about sharing the basketball court between scooters/bikes and other games. She also remaindered the meeting about our wheel agreements and more awareness of people around you.

4. Rubbish by Mabel

Mabel has noticed lots of rubbish around the school. She reminded everyone to put your rubbish in the bin.

5. Skipping Ropes by Sophie, Cooper and Harper

Lots of skipping ropes are being left around the school, please remember to put them away.

6. Handball Court by Noah

Noah reminded the meeting about not running through the handball court when people are playing.

7. Jump Rope for Heart by Noah and Lucas

On Tuesday 4th August at 1:30pm we will be completing skipping stations for Jump Rope for Heart. You can still register to raise money.

8. Sustaining by Wendy

Wendy asked for people to sweep near the sandpit during sustaining and to scoop sand back into the sandpit.

Meeting adjourned

Sustaining Currambena

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