Hello everyone,

We received the draft report based on the rating and assessment visit that was undertaken earlier this term by the Department of Education and Communities in preschool. We’re really pleased to share with everyone that we received an overall rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards! It’s great validation that Currambena’s democratic and alternative education philosophy is regarded so highly.

On Monday many of our Preschool Elders headed down to Jess’s class for their orientation into her class. It seems they all had a great time; this has led to many discussions in preschool about the changes that lay ahead for all of us. Some children will be back in preschool as Elders, many will be heading into primary at Currambena and some will be attending schools in the wider lower North Shore area. We’re all enjoying the last few weeks of being a cohesive and close-knit community of learners.

We had our last visit to Lane Cove Library for 2019 this week. The children voted that they would prefer to stay at school, so we won’t be visiting the Library in week 10. We have however lost two Lane Cove Library Books. Can everyone please check at home if you have the following books, please?

Ants in your pants! By Julia Jarman & Tom and Tilly fly away by Jedda Robaard. We’ll have to pay for the books if we can’t find them.

Less than a week to go before our Thank You Afternoon Tea.  We’ve been counting down the days to it, along with how many days until the end of school for this year and how many days until Christmas. Many of the children are excited about the latter! We plan to provide some intentional teaching regarding this based on the children’s requests.

We’ve started cooking for the afternoon tea next week. I’ve been really impressed by the children’s ability to crack eggs, it’s quite a skill though most children can do so with great accuracy. The children are really interested in cooking though for some the concept of not being able to eat the fruits of their labour straight away is something difficult to comprehend.

A big thank you to Louis and his families for the donation of new puzzles. The children have really enjoyed exploring them this week. Thanks to everyone that’s placed their name down to complete a maintenance job. We’ll start bagging up the washing next week. Thank you again to Louis’s family for coming in on the weekend and staining many of the wood surfaces, they look great. If anyone has some recommendations for fences can you, please let me know? I’m currently seeking quotes to replace the front fence to the front of preschool.


Wishing everyone a restful weekend during this very busy time of the year. Please don’t forget the biggest event of the preschool year will be held next Wednesday December 11 at 2pm.



Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Hi all,

I hope we are not feeling too exhausted as we come to the end of term.

The children really enjoyed the orientation morning in mine and Sarah’s room.

We have had lots of fun in our maths activities this week. We tested the probability of dice rolls and looked at mapping our data. We also looked at ‘position’ in our planning and creating of obstacle courses.

Our Bushfire Stall was a great success. The children were great at running the stalls. We sold a lot of toys, books, and Lego. We raffled off large prizes and sold Lego in lucky dips. We also sold bags designed by the children and overall our class raised $130.

We enjoyed our music session this week, I introduced a song in Swahili ‘Jambo’ and the whole class sang along and danced.

We have all our waivers in for our excursion next week Thursday to Climbfit.

I ask that the parent helpers come to school around the start of lunch 12:35. The children will eat some lunch then we will drive to Climbfit. We will leave around 2:35 to come back to school by 3 pm for end of school pick up.

All the best,


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Hi Everyone!

Just a quick one before I head off with the elders on camp………..

We had a gorgeous Summer Hill Day last week AND whole school stall on Thursday. The money raised will go to organisations supporting the animals and people who have experienced and suffered loss in the recent bush fires.

Next week will be a big week!!!!!! On Monday we start our project presentations. On Wednesday we are off to Manly Slip n Slide – thank you to those parents who have offered to drive us there and back. And on Friday, we have our Christmas lunch and Kris Kringle. The children voted to have a sit down shared lunch together and have all nominated to bring something. It will be quite the fare with ham, chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, salad, rice, mince pies, jelly, custard & fruit all on the list of things to be shared. Please check with your child what they have offered to contribute but of course if it’s too difficult then an alternative is fine. A small contribution is all that’s needed.

We have started our Kris Kringle! The children have been sending and receiving messages to the person they are gifting to. There is a $15 limit on a gift and it will need to come into school by Friday, 13th (next week) wrapped and with the name of the child receiving it on the outside.

Thank you to the 2 families who have offered to take care of the chickens over the holidays. This is so very much appreciated. I hope the girls pay you well in eggs!!!!

I think that’s it. Have a gorgeous weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday the school held a fundraiser to raise money for people and animals affected by the bush fires. This was a huge success! Our stall sold more than 150 raffle tickets in the space of one hour. Thank you again to everyone who donated items for this event.

We have continued to complete Maths activities and our personal interest projects this week. Personal Interest Projects are being presented next week, with scheduled times on our whiteboard. On Monday we visited the Lane Cove Library for the final time for the year.

We are on camp this week and will update you all about our adventures next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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Congratulations to all the children for their efforts last Thursday at our fundraising event for the victims of the fires, ongoing in NSW. We have yet to find out exactly how much we raised and we will decide how to allocate the money, to humans and animals affected by the fires. The event was great fun for everyone. Thank you to Alice and Zak for proposing the idea and inviting everyone to join.

On Monday, we had our Orientation Morning, in which everyone spent time in the groups as they will be next year. It was great to start getting to know the children from Leesa’s group who will be joining us. I think ours will be a lively and interesting group in 2020. I was most grateful to Samantha, ex-Currambena student about to start Honours in Medical Science at Sydney Uni, for taking the Year 6s for a session about high school and its differences from Currambena. Sam went to Willoughby Girls High from Currambena so was well qualified to talk about that transition! She said she thought all our Year 6 kids are very much ready and I do agree! I hope you’ve been enjoying the My Time At Currambena pieces each week. Alice is today. Marley is the last of them, next week when we hope to be away at camp.

With the fires and the smoke haze and the awful drought, I am keeping a close eye on the weather warnings as we lead up to camp on Monday. So far things look OK but we will be in touch with Booderee Park Rangers this morning and make sure we know how best to be sensible and safe. Thank you so much to all the parents who have been helping with the preparations. There is a great amount of excitement in the room when we try to discuss the details of menu and tent arrangements! Please make sure everyone has practised setting up their tent and has a truly waterproof raincoat just in case!

We are working our way through PIP presentations this week, doing some final maths and grammar and completing the last of our text book units for the year. So busy! Year 6 is working on getting their Leavers’ Project completed and Year 5 will be contributing to my collection of favourite poems with illustrations. Kris Kringle continues with notes and deliveries… final presents should be named with the recipient’s name and brought in on the last day of term, Wednesday 18th please. $15 price limit please.

I think that’s all for today. I’ll send an email with final driver/car lists and some emergency phone numbers on Friday.

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Chairpeople: Noah and Sienna

Chrome books by Wendy.
A chrome book was found on the floor in the toilet nearest to our room. Please look after them and put them back properly after you use one!

Year 6 Project by Alice and Alexa.
The Year 6s would like to paint a mural on the doors of the shed for their leavers project. The meeting voted that this would be fine.

ScoMo by Noah.
Money has been taken away from National Parks by the current government at a time when it is needed more than ever. Noah is going to write a letter to Scott Morrison and he invited other classes to write also and to create and circulate petitions about this. The meeting thought this was a great idea.

TBU by Cee.
Cee showed a piece of equipment bought for TBU children to play with. A similar piece has gone missing from a box in TBU. If you know where it is, please bring it back and please leave things alone when they’re not yours.

Bathroom by Harper.
Harper reminded everyone that it is absolutely not OK to look in on people when they are in a toilet. Someone climbed onto the lockers recently and did this and everyone agreed that it was a horrible thing to do.The person has apologised and we all hope it will not happen again.

Toilets by Xavier.
Someone has been peeing on the wall in one of the toilets near Sarah’s room. This is not OK and needs to stop!

Chrome books by Xavier.
Another reminder to look after the Chrome books and always sign out completely and plug them in to recharge.

Eggs by Sarah.
Please remember to take your eggs home.

Chooks by Sarah.
Please always lock the nesting box after you check for eggs because one of the chooks spent a night outside recently when the nesting box was left unlocked and this is dangerous because of foxes.

Wallet by Sarah.
Someone had a wallet in their locker on Monday and when they went to get the money out for canteen, it was missing. It was later found on the floor of the toilet without the money inside. This is stealing and is wrong. If it’s not yours, leave it alone!

Meeting adjourned. Preschoolers first. Sustaining Currambena.

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Hi! I’m Alice. I have been a student at Currambena for 9 years, but in reality, I’ve been a part of the Currambena community my whole life. I’ve been coming into the school since I was a baby. I have watched my older brother and sister start and finish school here and always loved hanging out with the older kids (even when I was just in playgroup.) When I began writing this, there were so many different memories I wanted to include and talk about, but I was forced to only choose the best of the best.

One of the funniest memories that comes to mind when I think about my Currambena years involves Michael, one of my preschool teachers when I was little. For a whole three years, I simply just didn’t talk to Michael. I would pull funny faces at him at lunch and ignore him. I honestly have no idea why I did this, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the story I’m about to tell.

Michael always used to push me on the swing and I would say “super high, super-duper high, super-duper-duper high.” Until one day when I said super-duper duper duper duper high, he pushed me so high that I flung off and spent the rest of the day crying on his lap. After this grumpy phase ended, we finally made up and I decided that it would be okay if we continued to do our secret handshake. Now, I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a SECRET handshake. But I can assure you it’s pretty cool.

After finishing preschool, I had Fran for three terms and for the last term that year I had Paul. All I can remember about Paul was that he talked about Egypt A LOT. And he helped us write our play and guess what it was about… ZOMBIES, which was pretty cool as a 5-year-old. At the end of the play, I remember we had a big dance to the song Thriller and we had put powder on our hands so when we clapped it made smoke. Another great memory of that year was the learning of the FAMOUS “cup song” with Tammy.

Now, moving on to ‘big kid school’, in Year One I had Blake as a teacher and one of the most distinct memories I have of him was the crazy stories he would tell about how he lost his finger and I’m still not sure what really happened TO THIS DAY. It was in Blake’s class, around about this time that everyone was learning to climb the treehouse although, unfortunately, It took me a bit longer to learn how, meaning that while my friends ate their lunch in the treehouse I sat on the monkey bars.

I especially remember this one day when they all climbed up and I got on the monkey bars when Alexa got down from the treehouse climbed up the monkey bars and sat next to me. It was in that truly unique moment that I knew she would be a really special friend.

In Sarah’s class, while everyone was getting excited and ready for their FIRST EVER CAMP, of course, I had to be unlucky enough to break my arm bouncing on the trampoline THE DAY BEFORE CAMP. Although this unlucky turn of events was annoying, I received a lot of positive encouragement from my friends and Sarah, showing me the amazing community I had to support me. Even though I didn’t get to go to the camp, I wouldn’t change anything about my Currambena experience and what it has taught me.

It was an April Fool’s Day in Sarah’s class which is also Marley’s birthday (and I am sorry Marley but don’t worry I wasn’t annoyed, this is a funny memory). I walked into school and all of my friends squealed,
“Alice don’t put your bag in your locker!”
I later found out why. He had put water in everyone’s locker as his April Fool’s joke so most people’s bags where soaked and drying in the sun. But luckily I had a warning and was safe from the attack.

I remember being very proud of my reading skills in Sarah’s class, up until the day came when Sarah asked me;
“So Alice what is this book about.”
And I had no idea.
but she helped me work on it and now I understand what I read and enjoy it at the same time.

Louise’s class was my next big step forward in Currambena, I had just moved into Year 4 and two of my friends, Alexa and Daniella, and I were OBSESSED with the board game ‘Trouble’. Every lunchtime and every morning tea time we would sit down to play Trouble and couldn’t get enough of it!. And still, every now and then, when we can spare the time, we go in there to play for a little blast from the past. I hope that all my friends and I never stop playing and always enjoy a bit of trouble.

Now Crafty. Crafty, Crafty, Crafty. He has been one of the greatest teachers I have had in Currambena he has let me and all my whole class express our creativity in so many ways. He has been there my whole time at Currambena through humour, jokes, joy and rushed costume making. I don’t know how I would have managed through my nine years without Crafty there and I hope to keep some of the creativity and skills he has taught me through my high school time, and life. And I will never forget about the home of the flesh-eating turkey.

Now last but definitely not least, Wendy. I remember when I first came into Wendy’s class I was so nervous to be a ‘big kid’ but I got a warm welcome from Wendy and the Year 6’s at the time. I quickly adapted to the friendly faces around me and the amazing classroom environment Wendy creates with her positivity and kindness. I have loved every minute in Wendy’s class and am going to miss our amazing camps including; Little River, Jervis Bay, and Canberra and the memories we had there.
So thanks Currambena, and see ya later!

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Hello everyone,

The school is so quiet today with children from Sarah and Leesa’s classes away to Mowbray Park for three nights. There was so much excitement with the kids yesterday as they struggled and jostled out the gate with all their gear to get into the cars. No doubt, they will all sleep very well come Friday, back home, in their own beds!

Helpers over the holidays. Please see the call out in the newsletter from Dina for to assist with the cleaning and oiling of our decks. Any availability, if only for a couple of hours would be much appreciated. You will see Dina’s contact on the advert


 10th DECEMBER due date for ALL MAINTENANCE HOURS to be recorded in the bookThere will be no adjusting of invoices if you forget!! I checked yesterday and there are still a lot of blank pages?

FEES – please ensure all fees have been paid and or the payment plans are on schedule

WATERING OUR GARDENS – Shona (Miro & Jens Mum) has offered to set up a roster system within the constraints of our current restrictions. If you can help, can you please get in touch with Shona.


18th December – Last Day of Term Social

9th December – Council meeting 6.30pm

Cheers Julianna



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Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone that attended maintenance day on Sunday. We appreciate your efforts In helping to maintain our beautiful Currambena environment.

This week we’ve had 3 orientation mornings for new families starting in preschool next year.  Our children have been so accommodating and welcoming though it always feels a bit strange to be inundated by adults and children that you don’t know.

We had a Summerhill day on Wednesday which led to lots of children in preschool engaging in activities with children in primary and their teachers. One of the special things about being a preschool child at Currambena is being able to interact and learn from older children. It was great to see many of the children feeling comfortable enough to branch away from the preschool and explore primary classes. Experiences like this enable children making the transition into primary whether it be at Currambena or at another school feel seamless.

Our afternoon tea preparations are going well. Children have really embraced serving each other, taking orders, setting up and washing up when we’ve finished. We’ve also decided on the menu and have begun to cook, which is always a lot of fun. There were some grand ideas when it came to decide what to cook, spaghetti bolognaise, tacos, watermelon pie?! We’ve decided that we’ll cook many of these foods which the children and celebrate the end of our year together.

The children’s interest in Pokémon has led to some very creative activities of late. The children have begun making their own cards after we made the agreement that children couldn’t trade or give their cards away for free. The results have been fantastic. They then took this one step further and started making Pokémon books to keep their cards in. So much learning has been occurring throughout these activities. Drawing, writing, numeracy, the list could go on!

We’ve put up the cleaning list in preschool so those of you that are after maintenance hours or would like to help please take a look and add your name next to the jobs you can help us with. Thank you to everyone that continues to take washing home for us. Thank you also to Jane, Harriet’s Mum in Jess’s class for taking back our new meeting table to office works as it was faulty.

Lastly a reminder that next Monday December 2nd, all children in preschool making the transition to Jess’s class next year will be attending an orientation morning. If your child doesn’t attend on preschool on a Monday please make sure you bring them in to start at Jess’s class at 9.30. The orientation morning will finish at 11.00am. In preschool we’ll be holding a parent information night on Monday 2nd December at 6.00pm. All families staying in preschool in 2020 are invited to attend.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,
As I write this, there is a fantastic buzz of excitement happening in the playground as the children participate in our school fundraiser. Thank you to everyone for your extraordinary generosity in baking for our stall and for giving your children money so that they can participate in buying things. Hopefully we make lots of money to send to the animals and people affected by the bushfires.

Thank you to Simon (Aurelia’s Dad) who came and spoke to the children this morning about the work of fighting fires in the national parks. The children loved exploring the equipment and trying on the clothes and it was wonderful to hear their very many thoughtful questions. As Simon said to me, it is unfortunate that bush fires will most likely continue to be part of the Australian landscape and having some foundational understandings of how they are managed is a valuable thing.

We had a wonderful Summerhill day yesterday. The first session I ran was bush walking and it was lovely to get back to nature with the children. The paper art session I ran was also very busy, but gratefully many of the older children showed fabulous independence and supported the younger children when they could. I’ve heard a lot of other great feedback on the other activities offered across the school.

Our excursion to the pet shop on Monday morning was a lot of fun. ‘Turbo’ seems to have settled in into the classroom beautifully and the children are enjoying their responsibilities around caring for him/her. Thank you to Shan, Samia and Cee for driving.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel swimming on Tuesday. The thunder storm that came over was very threatening and I didn’t feel comfortable taking the children on the walk. Instead, we spent the afternoon with Vinnie’s class, decorating drawstring bags to sell at our stall today. Much fun was had!
We also had our final session with Peter Morgan on Monday. It was such a pleasure to have him at the school and I know the children enjoyed his classes.

Orientation morning is happening this coming Monday morning. Please bring your child to school as usual and at inside time, we will help them gather with their 2020 class for some bonding activities. Vinnie will be running the session for Louise’s class. If your child is currently in preschool and they do not usually attend on a Monday, please bring them in at 9.30am to my classroom so that they can participate. Orientation morning will be finished by 11am. This is an orientation morning for children only.

Lastly, I was remiss in thanking Gayle (CHloe and Kira’s Mum) and Meggan (Josh’s Mum) for the sewing that they did for our concert a few weeks ago. With Crafty away and the huge amount of sewing my class needed, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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