This week is the last full week of guitar and piano lessons with Wendy. No lessons next week because we’ll be away at camp and then Week 10 is a short week and lessons will be on Monday and Tuesday morning and afternoons and Wednesday morning only.
Congratulations to all learners for their wonderful progress and performances this year. Keep playing over the break!

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Hello everyone, 

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the art exhibition last Friday was fantastic! Crafty Chris did an amazing job ensuring all the children’s artistic talents were showcased. The evening was magical, culminating when the skies darkened, and all the bamboo sculptures lit up! Many thanks to everyone involved in helping prepare for the evening as well as tidying up after. Another gorgeous community event that makes being part of Currambena so special.

We’ve had another busy week in preschool with a myriad of things happening! We had our first trip for the year to Lane Cove library on Wednesday. Sarah the librarian read us some very interesting stories and then the children had the opportunity to explore the children’s section of the library. Many of the children made a bee line to the Rainbow Magic books, seems they just can’t get enough of them! Our next trip to the library is planned for the second week of term 3. We’ve also been up to our school library a few times borrowing yes, you guessed it, Rainbow Magic books! 

We’ve done a bit of reflecting and planning with the children this week. Seems they want to go on more excursions and have more play about Royalty. They’ve enjoyed playing all around the school and want to do more of it.  Please let us know if you would like us to focus on anything in preschool as we’d be happy to add it to our program.


We’ve been taking part in some whole school sing-a-longs in preparation for the opening ceremony of the APDEC conference over the past couple of weeks. We would love to see preschool children involved in this performance. You would have all received an email on Wednesday titled “Conference Questions”. Please take the time to read it and fill in the spreadsheets if your child can perform or you can help at the Currambena day. Democratic Education Conferences are always amazing and a great way to connect with like-minded people from around the world. We’ve got some interesting speakers from Australia and around the world so please take a look at the program and attend. 

Thank you to Ronita, Gyan’s Mum, for the huge box of gorgeous bangles. Thank you also to Priyanka and Ira (Ira is in Rosie’s class) for the beautiful Indian dress ups and jewellery. We’ve had so much fun dressing up and having Indian Royal balls of late.

Well that’s it for this term, we’re now exactly halfway through the year! It seems to have gone incredibly quickly with a lot of fun and learning taking place along the way. Wishing everyone an enjoyable and restful break! Hopefully we see many of you at the conference.  

Preschool resumes Wednesday 24th July.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah



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Dear Parents,
This last week of term we’ve been busy talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy. We spent most of Monday making a huge batch of vegetable and pasta soup. The children cut up the carrots and celery, helped fry them off in the fry pan and added the stock and pasta. It was a lovely warm treat for lunch on both Monday with left overs to eat on Tuesday also.

Following this theme of staying healthy, on Wednesday, my sister came in and did a Pilates session with the kids. She spoke about how important it is to move your body and to strengthen your muscles in order to stay fit and strong. It was so much fun for the kids to explore some of the fundamental ways their bodies could move and to challenge themselves with balancing on the various balls and rollers. Thanks Rach!

In literacy stations we’ve been working hard to hear and say the sounds ‘sh and ‘ch’ and we’ve been finding these in the books we are reading and the writing we are doing. Discovering new digraphs has seen many of the children really begin to develop their reading skills and I can see lots of excitement and engagement around reading in the classroom at the moment.

We had a lovely session in maths this week that combined ideas of length with addition, subtraction and even multiplication. We counted the number of blocks in tall towers and the number of blocks in shorter towers and found out the difference between the two. We then joined our short towers together and our long towers together and compared the overall difference between the two towers. It was difficult to keep track of our count though and it seemed everyone was getting a different number. Some children suggested we split the blocks in half to count them, whilst others suggested we could count them in twos. In the end we tried putting our blocks into groups of ten and then counted in tens all the way up to 110! Lots of critical and creative thinking all around.

Today will be our final ‘literacy station’ morning for this term. We will pick up again next term however so if you’re interested in helping out for these sessions next term, please come and see me or drop me an email.

We’ll also be doing our ‘big cleanup’ today. Scrubbing chairs, wiping tables and generally getting our space ready for next term. A wonderful way for children to take ownership and pride over their learning space. We’ll also be having some conversations about what we might want to learn next term. Something I always look forward to. Next term, Rosie and I are planning to combine some of our learning experiences. This will provide the children with an opportunity to learn together and to broaden their friendship groups.

Tomorrow will be movie day for the children. We haven’t voted on which movie we want to watch yet, but it will be rated G.

I wish you all a relaxing and peaceful holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and ready to go in a couple of weeks.

Warm wishes,

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Dear Parents,

Wow! What a busy week! An art exhibition, an excursion and project presentations, I don’t think we could have fit any more in if we tried!

It has been incredible to watch the children present their projects this term. They have worked so hard to consider their audience and share their facts. Not only did they have to stand up in front of their peers and myself, but we were also joined by lots of parents and siblings too! They have thought hard about what might support them in their presentations, some children have rehearsed, some used palm cards and others wrote scripts. My favourite part of this process has been listening to the children’s feedback. They have been so kind and supportive of one another, giving meaningful compliments and constructive feedback. The children who have not presented are busy preparing their posters to be showcased and we look forward to seeing those today.

Yesterday we visited Wannabees play centre. The children had a blast doing what they do best… playing! After Camille, our host, showed us a few stations including fighting a fire with real water and a green screen in the TV studio we decided we were ready to explore on our own. The children loved the post office role play, zooming around the town delivering letters. Another favourite was the jail cell, cops and robbers took over the entire town with jailbreaks and inmates on the loose! We had a few performances on the stage, a fashion show and all enjoyed a meal in the role play cafe. Thank you to our four parent volunteers; Olga, Gayle, Kylie and Sarah who helped make the excursion seamless. Today we are going to think about where we could go next term!

Thank you to all of the families who came and brought food to the twilight art exhibition. It was gorgeous to see the whole deck full of people chatting and admiring the sculptures. Well done Chris, the sculptures looked so professional and the children were so proud watching them twinkle. I know our conference guests are going to be blown away. The children loved showing you their pieces of art and sharing their achievements with the community. Friday night was truly magical! A big thank you to Asher, Til and Zavier for clearing the fire pit on Monday, Julianna was very pleased to have such efficient helpers.

A huge thank you to Kylie who has worked with all of the children on a knitting project this term. The children have showcased their strength and gross motor skills using Kylie’s beautiful knitting machine. If you missed our wool creation at the art exhibition do come in and take a look.

Mid-year interviews will begin early next term. I will put a signup sheet outside the classroom today so please sign up to a half hour slot. It’s a great opportunity for us to review the last two terms and discuss how far the children have come in their learning journeys.

As we approach the end of term, I would like to request the lockers to be completely cleared. Please ensure you have had a look in our class and school lost property boxes and encourage the children to take everything home. Thank you!

Thank you for another spectacular term! It has been great to work with such supportive families. If you would like to get more involved with the classroom next term, please come and speak to me about volunteering. This may include; supporting reading stations, a specialist talk, teaching the children a specific skill or helping with some quiet reading. I’m open to all suggestions and love using the skills and knowledge of the wider community.

Have a lovely two week break and I hope to see some of you at the APDEC conference.


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Are we there yet?!!!!!!

We have had a really busy week this week which saw me abandon ship on Monday with that dreaded stomach virus. I love the caring and sharing but really, some things could remain in the hands of the carrier! Any Hoo…… I am back in the saddle for the remaining 2 days to usher the children through the final stages of wrapping up another fabulous term. The children have worked soooooooo hard this term, however, sometimes you don’t see how much until there are presentations, exhibitions or assessments to showcase this. And the showcase from all of them has been amazing.

Speaking of exhibitions! Thank you to Crafty for another wonderful Currambena art exhibition. It was a gorgeous gathering of folk last Friday night. The bamboo sculptures looked amazing all lit up, the food was hearty and the fire was a gorgeous bonus. I thought the children’s work was incredible too! Thanks so much to everyone who help set up, take care of the fire and pack away at the end. Your assistance is so much appreciated.

So apart from busily writing artist statements & presenting projects this past week the children also looked a little further into Data. They developed their own question they wanted to gather information on and then tally and create a graph. They also researched the years 1908 and 1918 in Our Place and discovered the difference in population during these 2 decades. Sarah (casual teacher) did some singing with them and played some games involving Chance.

Unfortunately, on Monday we said farewell to the gorgeous Leon. He popped in to say “goodbye”  and give everyone a hug. We wish Felix, Katja and Leon all the best and hope they come back to visit some day.

So I think that’s about it from us this week. I hope most of you can help support the APDEC conference and school in some way in the 2nd week of the holidays. It will be an amazing event with some fabulous speakers – not to mention a cohort of Currambena kids speaking. Don’t forget we need singers for the opening ceremony on Monday, 15th at 2pm at Nammaroo in Lane Cove.

Take care and have a fabulous break!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

It’s the end of Term 2 and half way through the year. Last Friday night’s Art Exhibition was a fantastic opportunity for the children to showcase their artwork and animations. The bamboo structures looked amazing once the sun went down and the weather was great for the event.

This week we have been finishing off our presentations of our personal interest projects, writing reflections based on these, constructing 3D objects from paddle pop sticks to hang around our classroom and revising language features we have explored throughout the year so far.

On Wednesday our class attended Taronga Zoo. It was a fabulous day weather wise and we had so much fun seeing the animals and trying to get around to as much as possible (we nearly did). I’m sure there were a number of tired children yesterday afternoon, as was I. Our visit started with morning tea around the bird aviaries where a very curious turkey scoped out the group. Next we went to the Koala Walkabout and viewed five koalas all curled up in the trees. Then it was time for our workshop ‘Eyes of a Scientist’ in the Institute of Science and Learning building. We got to explore the woodland habitat room where there were many animals living together. The children enjoyed being so close to these animals, observing their behaviour and also being able to touch a blue-tongued lizard. After our workshop, in small groups, the adventure to explore the zoo started. WOW!! So many animals to see, so little time. From all accounts the meerkats, red pandas and seals were a highlight. I would like to thank Danielle and Kristie (Ryan’s mum) for coming on our excursion and supervising the children with me. A great day full of memories and smiling faces.

APDEC conference is on in the second week of the holidays. Please have a look at the program on the website and if your child could sing during the opening ceremony on the Monday let Wendy know.

Today will be a big clean-up of the classroom and lockers, as we get ready for the holidays. As a class we will be discussing what the children would like to learn next term. I’m excited to hear what this will be as we had so much fun being scientists at the zoo.

On Friday afternoon we will be watching the 2006 movie ‘Charlotte’s Web’ which is based on the novel we focussed on this term. The children would like to bring in food to share while watching this movie (popcorn, biscuits, chips).

This week we say farewell to Mitchell and his family. We wish you all the best for your next adventure and I’m sure you will be taking away many memories of your time in the Currambena community.

Have a fantastic break during the holidays and I will see you all next term.

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

Congratulations to all the children for the fabulous artwork on display last Friday, and still visible around the school. The giant sculptures with their lights all looked stunning and the displays in each room were so interesting and varied. It was a most enjoyable social and I’m sure that everyone who came enjoyed it immensely. Huge thanks and congratulations to Crafty Chris who made it all happen for us!

So we are into our last week of Term 2!

We will have our final PIP presentation tomorrow, just in time before term ends! This week we are tidying up loose ends and we have plans to have a completely free day, if all the work gets itself done first, and watch ‘Shrek’ on Friday. Everyone seems to be planning to buy their lunch up the street and we’ll do this a bit earlier than usual and watch ‘Shrek’ when we return. I’ll buy some treat food to share using the left over Ball money from last term.

The PIPs have been terrific and we’ve all learned lots of new facts! Some in the group have already begun working on theirs for next term! We are finishing off our Geography topic and some fractions, decimals and percentages work in maths. Many thanks to Shirley for all her time this term introducing us to Tinkercad and running our extension maths each week.

Please read about the conference in the Newsletter or in the email sent home this week. It’s in the second week of the holidays and is a gathering of people from schools like Currambena all around Australia, Asia and elsewhere in the world to discuss how we use democratic principles and processes in our schools. It’s a fantastic networking opportunity and a chance to hear some inspiring educators talk about their work. I’d love to have plenty of children at the opening ceremony on Monday 15th July at 2pm at Naamaroo to sing “Solid Rock” and “The Rainbow Snake” as part of our welcome to our international guests. Many thanks to everyone who has been helping or has offered to do so. The sign up chart is still on the front porch if you haven’t got to it yet!

Dates for the diary:

Next term we’ll be travelling to Canberra for a three day excursion to see the capital city of Australia in action and visit Parliament and other places of interest. The dates for this are Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th September.

In Term 4, we’ll be going to Jervis Bay for a week. I cannot book this until August but I’m currently thinking that we’ll try for Monday 9th December to Friday 13th December.

And finally, this week we say goodbye to Chris and his family. We wish Chris and Mitchell the best of luck for the next part of their educational journey. It’s always sad to say goodbye but we thank the whole Ballard family for their contributions to Currambena over the years and hope they will take some of Currambena with them in their hearts.

So, to everyone, have a fabulous safe and happy holiday! Hope to see many of you at the conference!

Love, Wendy

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I hope you have all already seen the email sent out yesterday with a couple of requests for help!

We really need to know two things!

1. How many children will be able to come and sing (and some to play guitar too!) at the opening ceremony on Monday 15th at 2pm at Naamaroo.

2. How many parents are going to come and help on Tuesday 16th at Currambena.

Please fill in the spreadsheet or email me and let me know.

The IDEC/ADEC/APDEC community consists of people, parents, teachers and students from schools similar to Currambena all around the world and they are a fascinating and inspiring group. Currambena is hosting the Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference this year partly to help mark the 50th anniversary of Currambena but also to facilitate discussion and engagement with ideas about giving students choice in their education, including the right to vote in school meetings and make decisions about their own learning. The conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with some passionate educators so please consider joining us for some of the week! has more information.

Many thanks to those who have already offered to help in any way!
We will be in touch with each of you in the coming days and we hope you will be able to come to a briefing meeting on Saturday 13th at 10am. Feel free to email or speak to one of the group if you have any questions.

Many thanks from Michael, Katrina, Di, Shan, Julie, Kris, Brett, Anna, Cecelia, Chris and Wendy!

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Hello everyone,

A great big thank-you to all our young artists, Crafty Chris and all the teachers for giving us such a wonderful Art Exhibit! I thought it was very special, with the classrooms all lit up and show casing the art, the lights in the trees and our beautiful sculptures twinkling in the dark. Thank you to all our families that attended, your help with set-up and pack away and yet again, for providing a delicious spread of food to share.


APDEC Volunteers – please, please add you name to the list in the front porch of St Elmos. We are definitely skinny on the ground for people to help with registration on Monday morning. Even if you can only do an hour or so would be helpful.

Reminder – can everyone make a big effort to ensure all bags, clothes, shoes, art work and bits & bobs are removed from the school tomorrow afternoon! We want the school looking fabulous for our visitors on Tuesday 16th July.

Maintenance day will be the weekend before this visit day. Lots of hands would be very much appreciated to get through all the clean-up jobs. Please take note of Chris McLean’s email.


  • APDEC Conference 15th -20th July It’s happening these holidays!


  • Coordination Day Monday 22nd July
  • Staff Training Day Tuesday 23rd July
  • School Starts Wednesday 24th July     
  • Currambena 50th Birthday Weekend Celebrations – Open school Friday 20th Sept, Birthday festival Saturday 21st




  • Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov
  • End of year social Wednesday 18th December

Cheers Julianna

“To love what you do and feel that it matters –how could anything be more fun”  Katherine Graham

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Hello everyone,

 Time sure flies when you’re having fun! We continue to feel very blessed to be able to spend our days with a gorgeous group of little people learning through play.

 We’ve had another great week in preschool with lots happening. It’s amazing to see how quickly many of the children are learning Spanish. The Polyglots program and Spanish lessons Carolina’s been teaching the children on Tuesdays are instrumental in this. We continue to be astonished at their ability to use the language in everyday occurrences in preschool. Counting, colours, announcing they’re hungry and labelling a variety of food are now often spoken in Spanish.Polyglots has also motivated children to practice writing their names, as children need to add their own name to a list to have a turn.

 Next Wednesday weather permitting we plan on having our first regular fortnightly visit to Lane Cove Library. Please make sure you’ve signed a routine permission form if your child comes to preschool on a Wednesday. We’ll continue to visit the Library for the rest of this year. The excursion to the Art Gallery on Tuesday was fantastic! We weren’t sure if we were going to make, initially cancelling it as when we were about to leave it poured! We did however use the break in the rain and a majority vote to go to the gallery as impetus to go! It was a great experience, the children are to be congratulated on their mindful and respectful behaviour throughout the excursion.

 A reminder that the whole school art exhibition will be held this Friday, June 28 from 3 until 7pm. It’s important to remember that families will be responsible for supervising their own children at the event. It’s a BYO event, including cups. Please bring a plate, enough for your own family and two others. 

 Thank you to everyone that has done some laundry for us in the last week. Thanks also to Priyanka, Jai and Ira’s Mum for the donation of some exquisite Indian dress ups. Thanks to Celine and Poppy for the donation of the little lounge. Thank you to Karen, Emily O’s Mum for washing and ironing a huge amount of calico bags for our upcoming Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference. For families that may be interested in attending the conference the website for this is A couple of notice boards have also been placed up on the veranda of Saint Elmo’s, if you’re able to we’d really appreciate your assistance.

 We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Friday at the art exhibition!

 Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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