Hello all,

Two weeks until the play and it is battle stations. Abby (Crafty Chris’s wife) who works as a children’s entertainer came in last Friday to teach us about projecting and slowing our voices, so hopefully we’re as clear as a bell. Props and costumes are being churned out at alarming speed. Slowly, so slowly, we inch towards theatrical greatness.

We’ve also been looking at numbers in the thousands this week, discussing their scale, making and ordering them, and learning to read and write them. And in science we looked at amplitude and frequency, decibels and hertz as part of our investigation of sound. We looked at pictures made by sound vibrations, and tested our own hearing. The kids were pleased that they could hear sounds in a far higher range than their incompetent teachers.

Went to the park today to read and had a little play in the sunshine. What could be nicer?

Warm regards,


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Morning tea:

Muffins $1
Fruit Salad $1
Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast $1.50

Fried Rice, BBQ chicken drumstick and salad $2 Fried Rice and salad ( veg option) $1.50

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Hello Everyone,

A big thank-you to the many helpers that contributed to our BREAKFAST on the deck and the official opening of our completed Building Project by Mr Trent Zimmerman. It was a lovely morning and so happy the rain stayed away!

Thank-you to the team of very busy kids, parents and teacher who worked on the new palings for the preschool fence. They look great!

WELCOME TO our two new teachers!  They will  starting with us next year with Leesa taking Louise’s class and Rosie will be taking Marius’s.

HELP NEEDED Due to the wet we have still not managed to oil all the decks. We now have it scheduled for Saturday 24 November. We have some people, but really need another 3 or 4 to get it all done. If you can help please give Haydn a call. Mikee will have his number in the office.

CONCERT – 6pm- 7pm 22nd November. This is going to be at North’s Leagues Club again but will be seating only. Families can come early and eat in the restaurant or wait till after the finish of the concert. Cost is, Family $25.00 Single tickets $10.00 which will cover friends and extended family

REMINDER – THE GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to have an emergency callout on Monday to fix the gate because the top hinge had snapped and so was not closing properly. The main culprit is kids swinging on the gate. Please be vigilant about not allowing any child to be standing or swinging on the gate. We need that gate to be shutting!

IDEC – Next Monday Katrina and I are flying to Bangalore in India to attend the International Democratic Educational Conference and will be back Thursday 22nd November just in time for the concert!  Many thanks to Mikee who will be in every day to manage the office.

Feeling very excited about India,

talk in two weeks,


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Lovely to see some more rain this week though it did not come soon enough for some of our little plants in the metal pots outside our door.

It has been a quite a big week! We have finished our script and most performers already know many of their lines. We’ve begun the blocking now and we’re making some good progress. Yesterday’s function officially opening the new and renovated buildings was a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it such a lovely breakfast. Congratulations to all the students who spoke, took Trent Zimmerman and Flynn on a tour around the school or performed at the event. It was fun seeing our MP disappear into the slide!

In class, aside from play rehearsals, we have been writing creatively, reading, revising types of graphs, finding countries in Asia on a map, and completing our angles and 2D shapes topic. We had a Cartesian Number Plane on the basketball court on Monday and we can almost all plot points accurately now. We have also been using adverbs and revising the different types and forms in which they come. On Tuesday, we concentrated on breaststroke at the pool and on floating on backs for a sustained length of time.

Some of our group have been asking me for some practice exams, so I have found some different examples and found time for them to complete these. All useful experience, especially for some of our Year 6 students who are sitting exams for placement within their chosen high schools over the next few weeks.

Please let me know if your child is going to apply for a place at a Selective High School in 2020.
Also please let me know if you missed the JERVIS BAY CAMP MEETING but would still like to come to the camp.
PIPs are now due on Monday next week, 12th November.

Have a great week. Love, Wendy

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Hi Everyone,

We finally finished writing our script for the concert last Thursday morning and so this week we’ve been able to start doing some acting. Some of the children have already learnt  their lines and are putting their drama skills into action. At this early stage, lots of time is going into blocking out the actions and making sure the audience can see faces and hear voices. The children are very passionate and enthusiastic about the story and the play.

On Tuesday we headed to Sky Zone for our sport session instead of swimming. We’ve been talking about it for weeks and we finally made it happen. Thank you to those parents who drove and helped out. It was a really fun way to start the day. The children played trampoline dodge ball and bounced into the big foam pit. They also spent lots of time in the obstacle course where the children had to problem solve, practise different techniques and flex their upper body strength. They seemed to love the challenge and wanted to try and try again to achieve a perfect go without falling off. Everyone was red-faced and out of breath by the end of our session so they definitely got their exercise in this week!

In maths this week we finished off looking at 3D shape. The children have done lots of problem solving around shape which has helped to solidify their knowledge of polyhedra. We are now moving on to study 2D polygons. Some time was also spent this week working on personal projects. The children are interested and self-motivated this term to produce high quality projects. Hopefully all the feedback they have received over the year will mean that these projects will be their best so far.

Yesterday morning’s offical opening breakfast was a great success. It was lovely to showcase our beautiful and unique school. Thank you to everyone who came and those who helped out with the logistics of it.

That’s all for this week.




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Hi Everyone!

The rehearsal’s for our class play have definitely stepped up a gear and we are now starting to block and work out where our characters will stand, move and sit etc. This can be the most difficult and time consuming part of directing ie. getting the children to think about their placement on stage. Can they be seen? How will they move and make themselves heard? Some of our drama games (we have been playing) are supporting this and I can see them thinking about where they are standing and then taking initiative to move to front of stage and say their line. As long and slow as this part of the process is….. we are getting there! Costumes are coming along too and we were grateful to have Zio (Crafty’s friend) with us this week to help with sewing and making and creating.

Tamara has moved the children on with their understanding of fractions and this week has been teaching the group about mixed fractions, also recognising the numerator and denominator and placing fractions in order along a number line. For poetry this week, the children created a ‘shape’ poem. They began by choosing something to write about. They then looked at words they could use to describe it and things that it could do. They then wrote a poem about this ‘thing’ in the shape of the object itself. It was a lovely exercise which required creative thinking and some spatial awareness – when writing the poem around the object.

It has been a quiet week with many of the children away with a nasty virus which is making its way around the classes. I am hoping that everybody will be well and truly over this within the next week and it doesn’t start to claim more victims – closer to the concert!

Camp for the elders is coming up in a few weeks. A reminder that all camp costs need to be paid directly into the school account 1 week prior to leaving. Please use the reference: camp and your child’s name when making the deposit. I will need to keep a record of who has paid, so please email me when you have done this and how much you have deposited ie. whether they are surfing or not. We will be needing drivers to help transport us there and back. So if you are a parent of a ‘camper’ then please let me know if you can help out.

Thank you so much to those who can drive us to “Strike” for bowling next Tuesday. I now have enough drivers!

What a great turnout it was on Wednesday morning. Thank you those who came early and help set up and then pack away. How wonderful that the rain stayed away so we could have it on the deck. And thank you to the performers from Wendy’s class who showcased their singing and musical prowess!

I think that’s  us for this week. Stay well!

Love, Sarahx


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Dear parents,
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our official building opening yesterday with our guest Trent Zimmerman. The community did a marvellous job showing off our beautiful school and the principals of student centred, democratic education.

This week we’ve had a gorgeous time in the classroom working on individual animal projects. The children are doing a marvellous job researching their animals, adding drawings and images and laying out their designs. Project work is a very sophisticated, multilayered skill and the children are doing a terrific job. If the children agree, we’ll have some presentations of their work in week 7. Thank you to Susan for volunteering your time and supporting the children with this work every Wednesday morning.

We’ve also completed our exploration into 3D shape this week with the children having a fun time testing the various ways 3D objects can move. Do they roll or slide and can I stack them? It led to some interesting conversations about what a ‘roll’ actually entails. Do dice actually roll?

We’re also very busy working on our costumes in craft. Some children may come home and ask for particular coloured pants/leggings or t-shirts to go under what they have sewn in craft. Something close to the colour they have asked for will be fine and t-shirts can be turned inside out to hide logos. If your not sure, please just come and ask me and please remember that the concert is an event driven and created by the children and is about independence, participation, creativity and fun!

Next Thursday we have our much anticipated excursion to the zoo. Thank you to Seedorf, Gina, Kristie and Kylie for volunteering to come along to supervise. It’s really important that you remember to send your child to school that day with comfortable walking shoes, sun-cream already applied, a hat, lunch and a water bottle.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Jess x

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