Currambena After School Care Program (CASP) operates 5 days a week from 2:30-6:30pm. It is run by one full-time coordinator and 2-3 part time helpers.


It follows the same philosophy as the school, has its own fee structure and offers children a smooth transition at the end of the school day. The children move into CASP from their classrooms when school finishes. Children in CASP are free to play in the “outside” area of the school, which surrounds the central building in which CASP has two rooms, the art room and the sitting room with sofas. Attached to these rooms is the kitchen where the children can join in cooking activities.

A CASP management committee oversees the running of the program including administrative procedures, budget matters, fees, and staffing. The staff includes a coordinator and several assistants. Afternoon tea is provided.

Children can be placed in CASP on a permanent or casual basis dependent on availability. Permanent places are paid for at the beginning of the term and are a little cheaper than casual places. Currently, CASP has a limit of 25 children per day but only 10 can be preschoolers and access is on a first in basis. Casual bookings can be made dependent on availability.

If you wish to use CASP, complete an enrolment form and a medical form (available from the school office) and hand it in at the office.

Key Points

Key Points

  • Maximum daily number 25 pupils with no more than 10 preschoolers
  • All children from ages 3 to 12 years old
  • Operates between 2:30 to 6:30, and all day on staff coordination days

What happens at CASP

What happens at CASP

The children love playing outdoors with the sports equipment and in the playgrounds. Inside, a different art activity is setup each day in the art room. The children can also help themselves to other art materials for their own projects. In the sitting room, children play board games, do puzzles, drawing,  or read books near the end of the day snuggled up on the sofa’s which have often been turned into “inside” cubbyhouses.

Fruit and drinks are provided and a selection of breads and spreads is given at 16:00. The children (especially the younger ones) enjoy the freedom of making their own sandwiches. We liase regularly with the parents regarding a child’s special requirements and allergies. The children that come to CASP range from 3 to 12 years old. This makes for interesting dynamics and social development where the younger children play with the older children that they look up to. The older children enjoy interacting and helping look after the younger children.

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