The community-managed library is situated upstairs in the main building. All students have access to the library and can borrow books on an honour system. They are encouraged to help take responsibility and consider others when borrowing. Children are shown around the library and how to use it early in their first term. Most classes also visit Lane Cove Public Library regularly.

Music Room

The music room is located in the main building. It contains a variety of musical instruments and equipment used individually, in class and whole school sessions.

Craft Room

The craft room contains equipment used by students in Preschool and Primary during their regular sessions in Visual Arts. This includes a pottery wheel and kiln, woodworking materials, painting equipment and other items. A part-time Visual Arts teacher is employed by the school. Outside of scheduled times, access to the craft room is only available under the supervision of a class teacher.

Children must wear shoes in the craft room.

Staff Room

The staff room serves a number or purposes as well as providing a place specifically for the staff. It has a bed, which can be used by sick children. The first aid kit and equipment are located here. It has kitchen facilities and houses a collection of educational magazines and other material of interest to the teachers.

Primary Classrooms

There are five classrooms in total, each with a capacity for 25 children. All rooms have carpeted and wet areas, and internet access. Each class has its own digital camera with a capacity for still shots and movie clips, a wall mounted projector and Ipads. 
Each room is fully equipped with all the necessary resources needed for the day-to-day learning- academic, social and physical.

Preschool Room

This is one large room divided into various areas that caters for all our preschool children from three years to five years. Currently we are licensed for 25; no more than this number of children participate in the preschool programmes on any given day.
The preschool staff have their own laptops, chromebooks and Ipads with internet access.
They have their own digital camera and wall-mounted projector.
The room is fully equipped with all the necessary resources needed for their day-to-day learning, the majority of which is done through play.
Each day, inside and out, a variety of equipment and resources are set up.


Curambena offers a diversity of play spaces on site. These include a high activity area, a half-size basketball court, and spaces that foster investigative and imaginative play.

School Garden

Students in all the classes and the Preschool have the opportunity to design, plant and maintain a garden including vegetable and herbs. Responsibility for garden plots is decided by vote at school meetings.


Telephones are located in the office and the photocopier room. These are primarily for school use.


The photocopier is located in the staffroom and is linked to all the computers and chromebooks, and comes equipped with scanning facility.

A second photocopier/printer is located in the craft room.This is primarily used by the students for printing their artworks.


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